Calico Critters Adventure Tree House

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A toy-set which can be expanded through collecting

Very popular among children

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Very functional

Great designs

Versatile play scenarios

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Above average price in return for high quality

How it works

When Calico Critters seek out a place to hang out they are very picky they will only choose the very best, so this means their first choice option is, of course, going to be the Calico Critters Adventure Tree House. Children will love the huge range of Critters, they are all very convincing and lifelike animal figurines in many sizes, shapes, and colors.

The Treehouse offers luxury galore, a log cabin so they can sleep safely during the night or shelter from the weather, a lovely sundeck where critters can play and relax, a wonderful slide which goes from the very top balcony all the way down to the grassy ground. Check out the amazing swing and we know the critters are going to be swinging on this all day long, when they need food, goodies or want to haul up little friends they can use the pulley to bring them all the way up to the tree-house.

The house is held up by a solid chunky tree which sits safely on a grass base for security, two very useful tree branches for hanging toys and climbing, balconies with safety rails, and two nice sturdy ladders for critters to climb down and up while they play and chase each other.

Three critters have been quick off the mark and they have tried to book space in the treehouse, they heard about the wonderful treehouse and quickly reserved a place for themselves, but they need children to invite them before they can come. So when the treehouse arrives. Invite them as your first collectibles then you can say hello to Luke ( Hazelnut) Chipmunk,  Sarah (Hazelnut) Chipmunk and Faith (Silk) Cat, they are all ready and eager to play with imaginative children and they know many fun games to play.

The types of wonderful play can be greatly extended as there are many more critters eager to come and live at the tree-house, there is plenty of room for so many and the more you collect the more types of amazing games can happen. So children need to get in on the fun, get the tree-house built and start having countless hours of laughter and fun while creating so many wonderful imaginative games.

<h2>Creativity & Features</h2>

Creativity & Features

Creativity is sparked from existing features and the potential of so many more critters and their toys ( features) which is almost endless.
Children will be creative through this.

The tree-house set comes with everything to set up a nice fun home, two ladders which critters are certain to climb up and might even be tempted to do some risky ladder sliding downwards. Wait till they see the pulley system and the baskets with mega carrying capability, it’s going to be easy to hoist their belongings and toys up into the tree-house. They know their belongings will be very safe because the sturdy trunk holds the tree-house safely high away from the ground but not too high for brave fun-filled critters. If any of the critters get over playful while playing upon the two balconies they are safe because the railings will prevent them from accidentally falling. There will be a line of eager critters waiting for their turn on the swing and children will need to push them to get them swinging.

Children will be in control of this long-lasting durable tree-house and can collect furniture of their choice to kit out the log cabin, some for the balconies and some for the play area on the ground below the tree-house. There are so many extra accessories which can be gradually collected to provide more opportunities for limitless imaginative fun games. When collecting furniture the treehouse has a lot of space and also many semi-hidden nooks, this gives so much opportunity for rearranging furniture to suit the playful moods and the rest times moods of Critters.

Don’t forget to collect the Bar B Que because critters play so much that they get very hungry, collect a few books because when critters are relaxing they like to read. While children play with critters who come to live in the tree-house they can also consider the highly collectible miniature dolls-house which critters will love to play with.

This great gift comes with impressive features and the door is wide open for so many more adorable fun extras and more critters, the features potential is nearly limitless.


The buzz word for positive child development is whole child development and the tree-house home and critters are perfect for so many fun home activities and games. The toys are so convincingly life-like and the huge long list of potential fun and games do promote creativity and imagination, these two character traits are very important for developing young children.

Pretend games are known to promote positive cognitive child development skills, the critters love to play with children and role-play or act out endless fun and interesting routines and stories. When children role-play and act through stories they develop critical thinking and narrative skills. Playing with critters and the many accessories will fine-tune dexterity and motor-skills as children manipulate the fascinating playful environment to ensure critters have lots of opportunities for fun and lots of places to hang out and relax during breaks from playing.

Children will delight in collecting little toy animals, some can be pets for Critters and children will learn and develop an understanding of the positive roles animals can play in the lives of people. Collecting the different types of critters creates a nice extended family with so many different interesting characters and allows children to develop the concept of family values.
<h2>Social Functions</h2>

Social Functions

The tree-house is filled to the brim with functionality with so much opportunity to add and increase so many more playful functions, the Critters come in so many choices of animal figurines and each different critter has a different playful imaginative fun function to fulfill.

Incorporated into this amazing product is a working swing, a pulley system with carry basket, functional ladders and the chance to collect so many extras all of which offer and contribute interactive functionality through which children can creatively imagine up endless fun and games. Bring in the furniture and it will be functional, Critters will at times want to relax and they need chairs, beds, a Bar b Que, kitchenware, their own pets and toys, and so many more functional accessories.

The tree-house is a functional home for playful endearing Critters and has a lot of functional space for an ever-growing collection of Critters.
Bring into this wonderful scene the functionality of children's imagination in which they can create so many games, role plays, and narratives.


The treehouse is very versatile and can be built, dismantled and moved, re-arranged to accommodate a growing Critter family, all their collectible accessories, there are all types of extra collectibles which can extend the functionality and versatility of the tree-house and the very versatile and broad range of Critters.

Further versatility is there for connecting the treehouse with other amazing critter play-sets, the Lakeside Lodge would fit in so well sat in the shade of the tree-house, Critters can have so much fun, sometimes staying in the tree-house and other times having a holiday in the lakeside lodge. All needs for critters can be met by collecting the available range of furniture. The games which can be imagined in and around the tree-house allow a versatile imaginative mind free scope to create new games every day.

With a child's fertile imagination which is aided by the functional versatility of the critters and the tree-house, this gift set offers the versatile possibility of inventing limitless games and scenarios. The versatility can be expanded when for each child's birthday Mom and dad may well gift more collectibles into the scenario including other Calico playsets. They are all versatile and can work together, who knows, a lucky child could eventually end off with a village and an amazing community.


The materials are designed to be reasonably childproof especially when factoring the robust exciting playful scenes which children can imagine up for the tree-house and the Critters. Robust synthetic materials and molded plastics ensure a good amount of durability for toys which will be subjected to daily play. Some of the very small accessories which are strong plastic might get damaged if they are regularly dropped or thrown but the likelihood depends on how much punishment they are given. The makers have gone for robust strong materials because they know how imaginative some children's games can become.


The design of each individual Critter figure is highly impressive, articulate workmanship has been put to good use in creating so many Critter designs so that children have the chance to collect as many Critters as they want.

The tree-house design is very impressive, the log cabin is modeled to look like the real deal, the ladders are designed to be used and so is the pulley system. The tree trunk is designed artistically while also being very realistic. From the largest items right down to miniature collectible items, serious thought has been given to designing these to look very close to the real thing.

The designers even ensured that the cabin door is functional, looks real and even opens and close. The balconies are so well designed that adults would like the real version built onto their own homes. All designs in to every aspect and item in this playset is of the highest levels, very impressive and gives a combination of cartoon appeal for children with the appearance of looking like the real thing.
<h2>Ease of You</h2>

Ease of You

The whole playset offers ease of use for functional imaginative scene-setting and games, all Critters and items are easy to move and manipulate. The setting up of the tree-house is enjoyable and fun for children and easy to do. If a child wants to move his/her tree house and all the Critters and extras which can be collected he/she can dismantle the set and reassemble it in a new location for a new environment along with new games.

All accessories are easily moved and this means that children can easily re-arrange how the accessories are laid out for the purpose of creating imaginative fun. The tree-house is functional, the door opens and shuts, the slide can be used by Critters and the pulley set easily works in the same way as the real thing.

Defining ease of use is in the hands of an imaginative child they can easily create so many scenes and fun activities. The collectible picnic sets are easy to set up for use, The tree-house can be lifted away so that little fingers can get inside and re-arrange furniture. Easy to set up, easy to rearrange and this ease of use opens the door for so many fun-filled games.


Though strong sturdy plastics are used, the making of this play set in terms of the treehouse and the tree trunk, and the accessories, the weight is balanced nicely to ensure the set has stability but it is not over heavy. The weight of the playset is only 4.4 pounds in total while the set dimensions measure in at 15.5 by 9.2 by 13.5 inches.


Portability requires dexterity and patience and some planning, there are many small and large parts fitted together, to try and carry the tree-house will mean the slide will be the first to fall away closely followed by various other fittings. The answer to portability is to get hold of a nice big box, quickly take the set apart, carry all the parts safely in the box and rebuild the set elsewhere.


There are a lot of small pieces especially when children expand their collection and it is wise to restrict children under three years of age from playing with the set it is better to be safe then filled with regret as the small pieces could choke a very young child.
<h2>Age Range</h2>

Age Range

The suggested age range is from 33 months old up to around 15 years, very young children should be under reasonable supervision or observation especially if the set collection is expanded with collectible miniatures.
<h2>Price Range</h2>

Price Range

The price sits above average because of the high quality, amazing design work, durable pieces and figurines. However, this is a very good toy set which has so many positive benefits for children in terms of play, stimulating imagination and serving towards whole child development.

Bottom Line

This is a playset which gives quality in every possible way, children will love this because they will be able to play while using their imaginations, they can create scenes, experiment with narratives and they can come up with limitless possible fun activities. For whole child development, this toy set scores high on a good amount of child development needs, creativity, dexterity, cognitive, imagination, inventiveness, and general positive fun.

This is the type of gift which allows growth, a child can gradually expand the play-ability of this toy-set through collecting so many very interesting and functional extras and a broad range of Critters all of which are unique and different. A child can play alone or with friends, while they interact with the toy set and this toy-set has the potential to amuse and entertain children for many years because it can be expanded with so much and can even be added interactively with a nice range of Calico playsets.
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