Best Smart Toys for Kids Reviewed in 2018

Smart toys are fantastic toys that allow kids to explore sophisticated concepts such as programming code and learning how electronics work. These can be in the form of robots, laptops, cell phones, or tablets just for toddlers, little kids, and older kids. Each one of these items teaches in a different way many skills, such as fine and gross motor abilities, cognitive talents, finger dexterity, social skills, language abilities, and emotional skills. Even though they may seem simple in appearance, they are full of activities for children to do and engage in for hours and hours of fun and excitement.

The well-known manufacturers of Fisher-Price, Vtech, and SmartLab are a few of the makers of the items we feature here for you. The age range for these toys is wide because of the skill and activity level of each is varied. There are a few robots for coding and programming, which are best suited for older kids, and also a pretend laptop, cell phone, and tablet for the youngest of toddlers. Each imparts its knowledge onto the child who is willing to engage and learn of this latest technology. These are the best-rated and the most-rated products that have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers. We are proud to bring these great toys to your attention. Here are the best smart toys for kids in 2018.

1. Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App

The Sphero Original BB-8 is a wonderful robotic toy that includes a connection to Bluetooth Smart permitting gyroscopic propulsion within a 30m range. It has a waterproof and tough shell of polycarbonate and moves well on almost any surface area.
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This super toy comes with one Lithium battery to operate it and also free Android and IOS apps that are compatible. This is much more than a simple toy, as it can become a wonderful companion. It will explore its surroundings itself or be guided by you, plus the BB-8permits holographic recordings and Adaptive Personality. This item will perk up and show a whole range of interesting expressions upon voice commands. To control with gestures, it is compatible with Force Band. A single change will allow the fantastic toy to operate for up to one hour, and it has a waterproof and tough shell of polycarbonate.

this terrific robot toy comes with two apps that not only control the device from your phone but are also compatible to permit many commands and possibilities in its operation.

What We Like About It
It is so great to have your own BB-8 from Star Wars! This is a fantastic toy for those that love robots, programming, or just Star Wars. It will keep kids interested in its antics for hours.

Comes with free Android and IOS apps

Permits holographic recordings

Can be a wonderful companion

Comes with one Lithium battery

Moves well on almost any surface area


Some people said it never communicated

Could be hard to control

2. Anki Cozmo

For a genuine robot with a fantastic personality, try this little Cozmo toy. You can challenge it to play games with you and is wonderful for those just beginning with coding because it includes a code lab. The more time you spend with it, the more the personality will evolve.
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The toy is much tougher than it may appear, and it is very easy to control and manipulate this awesome robot. When in the Explorer mode, you can view things from the robot’s point of view. Included for free is the Cozmo app, and it needs a compatible Android or IOS device for the controls. This is a supercomputer with emotions in the hundreds with an adorable personality. It can remember your face, name, and little quirks of yours. This great robot will explore and get curious as it plots and plans. The robot sees you and knows you eventually and does not just play around. The Code Lab allows new coders to practice the skill of coding in a fun exciting way. It is a machine for game playing that can lift the included power cubes or challenge kids to play games. The games include Keepaway and Quick Tap with the cubes. There are constant updates on the games and skills, so it is always thrilling to see what this fantastic robot will and can do next. The durability and security of this toy have been tested. It comes with a charger and three Power Cubes for interactive play and games.

Cozmo has several different modes that allow you to do various things with him. In the Explorer mode, you can see things like he does as he explores and pokes about.

What We Like About It
Kids will love how the personality of this little robot adapts to them specifically. It gets to know the humans it comes into contact with and will become accustomed to them.

Is a supercomputer with emotions in the hundreds

Can remember your face, name, and quirks

New coders can practice the skill of coding

Has constant updates on the games and skills

Durability and security have been tested


Some people had to keep reconnecting the toy

A few had issues with battery charging

3. VTech Little Apps Tablet

Brightly colored and exciting, the VTech Little Apps Tablet teaches matching, number order, counting, and letters. It has a color-changing screen, piano, keyboard, and letter buttons and promotes electronic play. Included are twelve learning activities with learning levels in progressive order.
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Kids can interact with the cute Smart Cub Cody in the pretend camera, piano, and calendar activities. It develops motor and physical skills, emotional and social abilities, and cognitive and language talents. To save the battery, the tablet has automatic shut-off and volume control features. This item is perfect for kids aged two- to five-years-old, and batteries come with the tablet for demonstration purposes.

Many skills and abilities will be developed and exercised with this lovely little tablet for toddlers. The skills they learn with this simple toy will carry them far in school when they have to use a real tablet and computer.

What We Like About It
The automatic shut-off mechanism and the volume control are great aspects of this cute tablet from VTech. Parents will love this because kids are always leaving electronic toys on and running the batteries down.

Promotes electronic play

Teaches matching, number order, counting, and letters

Includes twelve learning activities

Has automatic shut-off and volume control

Develops many skills and abilities


Item does not light up

The volume does not turn off

4. VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone

Children can pretend to talk and play just like adults on the VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone. It features ten phone apps that are realistic including games, photos, a clock, and music. With the exciting games and apps, kids can learn and practice time concepts, letters, and numbers.
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This terrific phone has a pretend phonebook that holds up to five numbers of family and friends for pretend talk and call. Children can talk with the animated friendly little bird on the screen with the voice activation feature. This item can be personalized with five various ringtones and is best for kids aged two- to five-years-old. The Chatty Parrot can ask questions of the child when the chat button is activated, and it will respond to voice inputs. Batteries are included but just for demonstration. This lovely phone encourages exploration and supports developmental goals, plus has fifteen app buttons and a cute chat button to keep children busy for hours.

There are many skills children can learn from this adorable phone. their fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and finger dexterity will certainly be exercised by just playing with this neat device.

What We Like About It
Kids can learn the basics of cell phones and their abilities with this lovely little colorful phone. They can pretend to chat, make a call, store real numbers, and play games.

Colorful, exciting and interactive

Gives practice time concepts, letters, and numbers

Item can be personalized with five various ringtones

Encourages exploration and supports developmental goals

Has fifteen app buttons and a chat button


Not advanced enough according to some parents

The mature male voice of the bird bothered a few buyers

5. SmartLab Toys Human Body

The Squishy Human Body from SmartLab Toys has been quality and performance tested, plus it is educational and fun. Kids of all ages will love this toy, and it will be hard to keep adults away too. It makes an adventure out of science and will engage and satisfy a child’s curiosity of the human body.
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The package has everything children need to explore, know, and understand science mysteries. This toy takes the child on a fantastic tour from the inside out of the human body. The included book shows what happens when a bite of pizza is eaten and as it travels all the way through the body. A three-dimensional puzzle of the human body is included that has hard bones and squishy organs. This kit contains an organizer mat, tweezer, forceps, twelve plastic muscles and bones, and nine squishy vital organs. The 24-page illustrated book of anatomy shows children how the organs function. The stomach and intestines are in full color and described well including their function and purpose. A science teacher explains in the book how our nine vital organs function together to digest our food.

This toy provides hands-on experience in putting the organs and bones in a body and then being able to take them out again. The exciting body puzzle will provide hours of learning enjoyment.

What We Like About It
This is a genius idea to teach kids about the human body! They can learn how the organs work and even follow a bite of pizza as it travels through all of them for our digestion process in the book.

Educational and fun

Quality and performance tested

Makes an adventure out of science

Is a guided tour of the human body

Includes a well-illustrated book


The organs break very easily

Bones do not go together well

6. VTech Touch & Teach Word Book

With twelve pages that are touch sensitive and detailed, the VTech Touch & Teach Word Book is interactive and engaging. It teaches the ABCs and more than 100 words from six categories. This terrific book for toddlers includes four play modes with Find It, Music Time, Letter Fun, and What’s That Word.
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It is perfect for early education for pre-K as the pages react with words, music, and sounds to the touch of the child. Kids are guided through exciting interactive play with the Tech Smart Cubs named Cora and Cody. Perfect for kids eighteen-months-old to four-years-old, their vocabularies will be expanded with new words and the ABCs. Batteries are included for demonstration purposes. This wonderful toy includes ninety sounds and fifteen melodies and will develop and exercise exercises emotional and social skills, motor and physical abilities, and cognitive and language talents.

The numerous abilities children will gather from this enchanting toy are fine and gross motor skills, cognitive abilities, finger dexterity, social skills, and vocabulary building among several others.

What We Like About It
Toddlers will start their educations of right with this lovely Touch & Teach Word Book that is interactive, fun, and engaging. They can spend many hours discovering all this book has to offer.

Teaches ABCs and more than 100 words

Interactive, engaging, colorful, and bright

Includes four play modes

Perfect for early education for pre-K

Vocabularies will be expanded quickly


Was too simple for some toddlers

A few were disappointed in the size

7. Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spinning

Featuring the technology of Vtech, this remarkable Spinning Spiral Tower Playset from Vtech is great for kids aged one- to five-years-old. The track is built by kids to create four levels and two courses. A car wash and gas station are included for interactive role-playing. Fine motor abilities are strengthened with the colorful interchangeable track pieces and manipulative play.
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Fun music and phrases are activated with the Smart Point vehicles at the six specific locations. This set includes a lovely little van that through pretend play teaches the name of the vehicle and the letter V. The van comes with batteries for operation, and like all other collectible vehicles of this type, they are the perfect size for toddlers’ hands. All Smart Wheels playsets come with one Smart Point vehicle and kids can add to the collection of vehicles by purchasing others separately.

Kids can collect the Smart Point vehicles that are made to be on this track and other related toys. The set of separately purchased vehicles consists of about twelve adorable cars that are perfect for little hands.

What We Like About It
Children can learn about letters, numbers, and songs when playing with this toy from Vtech. Just the regular play with the vehicles will give them much practice in learning these new skills.

Colorful, engaging, and interactive

Fine motor abilities are strengthened

Features the technology of VTech Smart Point

Fun music and phrases are activated

Includes a Smart Point Van vehicle


Track pieces are not as durable as the vehicles

A few people received duplicate track parts

8. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Tablet

This outstanding toy from Fisher-Price introduces animals, letters, first words and more to the child. It includes plenty of fun sounds, phrases, and music, plus features the technology of Smart Stages whereas the child grows, the learning is adapted.
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The Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Tablet comes with three play levels where the screen will twinkle and light up when the phrases and songs are activated. Level one is for kids twelve-months-old and older in which the first words are taught, and the ABCs are introduced. In level two, toddlers eighteen-months-old and up are taught objects and how to find certain letters. Children twenty-four-months-old and older can use level three to use the toy just like a real tablet that promotes imagination and initiation. This wonderful item is available in the four colors of gray, gold, blue, or pink.

With three levels of play, kids will be able to use this tablet on a level they are most comfortable with. Depending on the child’s age, the activities will be different for each stage.

What We Like About It
Getting your toddler their own tablet will take their interest away from your own tablet. Besides, this one is much more fun, colorful, and educational for them than a real tablet.

Introduces animals, letters, and first words

Includes plenty of fun sounds, phrases, and music

Features the technology of Smart Stages

The screen will twinkle and light up

Three levels of learning and excitement


Buttons don't light up

Some said it was smaller than expected

9. Oregon Scientific Smart Globe

From Oregon Scientific, we feature this fabulous Smart Globe that speaks and talks about many fun facts. It has more than 2,000 pieces of information that are contained in the digital memory. Kids can hear the history, capital, or national anthem of the countries, which is activated by the Smart Globe pen.
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Using digital touchpoints all around the globe and stand base, children just point the pen where they want to learn about a certain area. It runs on batteries that are included, making this toy very portable. Also included is an app to explore dinosaurs and animals brought to life. The Smart Globe features nineteen different games to capture the interest of your child and teach them about facts of the world.

The touchpoints are activated with the included pen, so children can learn about many places in the world. Their interest will be peaked in learning of all the countries and continents that make up this planet Earth.

What We Like About It
This globe would make a fantastic gift for a toddler or small child. They can learn all about this planet, the countries, continents, states, rivers, and oceans, plus much, much more.

Speaks and talks about many fun facts

Includes more than 2,000 pieces of information

Contains touch points and a Smart Globe pen

Features nineteen different games

Includes an app to explore dinosaurs and animals


Can freeze up on occasion

Is very loud when it first starts

10. Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot

Botley the Coding Robot promotes STEM skills early in a fun engaging way and teaches coding with screen-free active play. He promotes problem-solving and critical thinking and is ready to go right from the box. No phone or tablet is required for operation or set-up.
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It has a remote easy-to-use programmer to send the toy rolling and to transmit the commands. This superb toy can detect objects in the way and avoid them, follow paths of black lines, perform in obstacle courses, and be guided in looping commands. Botley comes with a starter guide that includes coding challenges, 27 building pieces for obstacles, six tiles that are double-sided, forty coding cards, detachable arms, and the remote programmer. This terrific toy is good for kids five- to eight-years-old and includes unlockable hidden features. Batteries are required, but not included.

Kids can learn the skills of coding early with this engaging fantastic toy. With the simple instruction booklet, young children can master these abilities and enjoy the cute robot too.

What We Like About It
Not many coding toys work without a smartphone or tablet these days, but this one does. Everything needed is included, and the toy runs on batteries.

Teaches coding and STEM skills

Ready to go right from the box

No phone or tablet is required

Has a remote easy-to-use programmer

Includes unlockable hidden features


Book may need more challenges

Not ideal for very small kids

11. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop

With three levels of play and more than thirty phrases, tunes, and sing-along songs, the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop is an impressive toy. The technology of Smart Stages is featured, so the content grows with the child.
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A manual switch can change the levels also, and the baby’s actions are rewarded with the phrases and songs. This magnificent product has a colorful and adorable screen and buttons, plus it is available in the colors of pink/white, blue/white, and gray/white. It teaches numbers, colors, and letters in the three various levels. Level one is for kids six-months-old and up and teaches simple words, colors, shapes, phrases, and songs. With level two for twelve-month-olds and older educates with prompts, opposites, shapes, letters, and numbers. Then, level three is for eighteen-month-olds and up and engages them in chatting, sending mail, and imaginative play. Includes a slim design and handle for play on the go and easy storage. the LED screen shows fun patterns and images.

There is so much to learn and experience with this toy laptop that babies and toddlers will be busy for hours. The content changes as your child ages, so the fun never stops.

What We Like About It
This little colorful laptop will start your toddler off right in the world of technology. They will be a professional by the time they are three in manipulating a laptop keyboard.

Includes more than thirty phrases, tunes, and sing-along songs

Features the technology of Smart Stages

Has three play levels

Teaches numbers, colors, and letters

Has a slim design and handle


A few buttons are hard to press

The instruction booklet was not helpful for some people

12. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle

The Think & Learn Smart Cycle has three play modes of racing, gaming, and driving and is made of steel kid-tough construction. The play experience is enhanced with a TV screen or tablet using Bluetooth technology. It includes exciting learning and racing games by using the Smart Cycle Mission to Tech City app download.
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There is a comfortable adjustable seat and handlebars that can steer and are movable. They include a joystick and input controls for the games. This great toy contains an adjustable holder for a tablet in the front and is compatible with most Android tablets, Apple TV, Apple iPad, Android TV, Amazon FireTV, and Amazon Fire tablets.

By using the included app on a table tor TV screen, kids can enjoy the several modes of play with this bike. It is compatible with many devices for enhanced fun and excitement.

What We Like About It
This adorable little bike will get toddlers in practice with riding without the worry of them falling down with a real bike. The best part is that it can be used safely and quietly indoors or outdoors for maximum enjoyment.

Has three exciting modes of play

Is made of steel kid-tough construction

Has a comfortable adjustable seat

Contains an adjustable holder for a tablet

Handlebars can steer and are movable


Games are limited

Small toddlers may have trouble reaching the pedals

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Smart Toys for Kids 

Top-rated and most-purchased

These items are the best products in the category and have received the most positive feedback from customers and the highest reviews. They have also earned the most reviews and would be purchased again by consumers because the majority were overwhelmingly pleased with the items. We search for the best items to feature on our pages, to enhance your shopping experience by looking for the top products for yourself and your family. We provide all of the details of each product in a short concise format that is easy to understand and fact-filled.

Developmental Benefits

Advanced skills and talents will be developed in your child if they play with these toys because although they are fun, they do have this purpose to educate. Even the smallest of toddlers can learn something with the cute laptop, tablet, and cell phone. The abilities will sink in slowly as they participate in the games, songs, and activities.

Entertaining and engaging

The robots in this list provide children with the opportunity to learn how to code, set up a programmable toy, and then program it to do the available tasks. These are for the older kids, but the younger kids can benefit from some of the simpler toys in the list. The Vtech and Fisher-Price items all entertain toddlers and little kids with songs, phrases, letters, numbers, and colors as they learn how to navigate and operate the toys. They will be busy for hours working with these toys to get the most out of them.

Innovative technology

Children today are expected to know and understand the latest advances in technology because they are the future programmers and coders of tomorrow. This information and skill must be learned at a very early age, so to purchase such toys as these will get them on that road to successful learning much more quickly. Each of these great toys imparts to the child a skill or talent that will hugely benefit them in the near future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What ages are these toys intended for?

A: A few of these such as the Fisher-Price toys are for toddlers in the one to a three-year-old range, while others are for kids a bit older, such as the robot toys.

Q: Which of these toys are best for girls and which are best for boys?

A: None of these great toys are more suitable for a girl or a boy in particular. They are all perfect for either sex and most ages of kids in the toddler to big kids range.

Q: Must they all connect with a smartphone or tablet for set up and operation?

A: No, some of the ones that do not require a connection to such a device are the SmartLab toy, Botley the Coding Robot, and the Smart Globe.

Q: Which toys are robots?

A: The ones that are robots are Botley the Coding Robot, Sphero BB-8, and Cozmo. These can be programmed or used for learning coding techniques. They all come with simple instruction booklets to make the processes easy to do and understand.

Q: Which of these can a toddler or baby play with by themselves and be entertained yet not destroy the toy?

A: All of the Vtech and Fisher-Price toys are quite durable and will entertain a toddler alone, such as the laptop, cell phone, and tablet. Even the cycle and the spiral tower can be used by kids without supervision because the parts are not small enough to cause problems and they are super entertaining.

Q: Do any of these require batteries?

A: Yes, some of these toys require batteries such as Botley the Coding Robot, the Fisher-Price toys, and the Vtech items. These include the Vtech Little Apps Tablet, Vtech Touch & Teach Word Book, Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels, and even the Smart Globe. A few of them include batteries, but some of them do not.

Q: Which are the most interesting and odd items in the listings?

A: We think the most interesting items are the non-conventional ones of the SmartLab Squishy Human Body and the Oregon Scientific Smart Globe. These have much to teach the child that is interested in the human body and how it functions and geography. The wonderful globe is a talking magnificent invention that makes geography thrilling. With squishy organs and hard bones, the SmartLab toy makes learning about the human insides engaging and informative. These are both hands-on interesting unique items for your child.


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