9 Best Fireman Sam Toys & Figures for Kids Rated in 2019

Fireman Sam is a popular British children’s show that follows the adventures of Sam, a fireman, and his fellow firefighters in the village of Pontypandy. The children’s show is a well beloved and long-running show that is aired in 155 countries and 35+ languages.

Whether your child is a longtime fan of Fireman Sam or new to the show, Fireman Sam toys will bring great joy to their lives and develop a love and respect for firefighters. Plus, the problem solving and adventure nature of the show will help to stimulate the development of your child’s imagination and cognitive skills when playing with Fireman Sam toys.

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Our Top 3 Picks

Born To Play Fireman Sam Set
  • Born To Play Fireman Sam Set
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Born To Play Fire Engine & Figure
  • Born To Play Fire Engine & Figure
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  • 3 Years and Up
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Born To Play Rescue Helicopter
  • Born To Play Rescue Helicopter
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Criteria Used In Evaluation of The Best Fireman Sam Toys & Figures for Kids 

Fireman Sam toys are a very niche selection of toys and are a brand of the children’s show Fireman Sam. The first thing we looked for in choosing Fireman Sam toys is authenticity. There are plenty of fakes of Fireman Sam and do not live up to the quality of real Fireman Sam toys and are much likelier to break, come apart and even injure a child. In choosing Fireman Sam toys, we make sure to choose toys that are only sold by reputable Fireman Sam resellers. Such resellers are usually based in the U.K.

Another criteria for choosing Fireman Sam toys is the variety the toys can offer. Since this toy is a brand, there so many varieties to choose from so it’s important the variety falls under the specific theme of playable toys. The variety of playable toys include the different kinds of representation such as Fireman Sam figures, rescue vehicles, and themed playsets such as the Fireman Sam fire station. Action figures should represent different rescue jobs and multicultural figures, the rescue vehicles should represent different operations, and the themed playsets should represent different environments. This can help keep a child from boredom and help inspire a child into respect and admiration for the real-life jobs and people the Fireman Sam toys represent.

Lastly, the interactivity and easy hands-on ability is an important criterion too. Most Fireman Sam toys offer a basic level of interactivity that is easy for a child to perform such as pressing buttons, grasping and moving pieces, putting Fireman Sam figures together with rescue vehicles such as the Fireman Sam helicopter or playsets and operating any accessories. This interactivity and hands-on ability will help develop fine motor skills, teach object relationships and even hand to eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

Even though Fireman Sam toys are very niche, they are just like other toys when being judged for our lists. Fireman Sam toys have to pass safety and quality standards and promote playtime that encourages the development of the child. All Fireman Sam toys on our list must represent the same highest standards that the show itself has.


Toys need to be safe and toxic free. Any toys made of fabric need to be flame resistant or flame retardant. Painted toys need to be painted with toxic free paint and any stuffed toys or fabric toys, in general, need to be washable. Fireman Sam toys usually meet these quality standards and most parent reviews give them a thumbs up in the safety department.


A quality toy can last a very long time if not a lifetime. Any toys made of durable, sturdy and strong material are quality toys. Quality can also be intangible and a toy that can contribute to a child’s development, personal growth and imagination is a quality toy. Fireman Sam toys encourage make-believe and interactive play which is a great quality for a toy to have.


Toys that are functional are practical and useful. A practical and useful toy can be used and played in a variety of ways and can easily take care of and stored. Fireman Sam toys can be used as play items but also as collectible items and decor for a child’s room. Fireman Sam toys are also easy to care for and sometimes come with their very own storage box.

Ease of use

Toys need to be easy to use and play with. Any toy that’s hard to figure out or too much work to play could end up frustrating the child. Toys that are easy to play with have a minimum amount of functions and simple steps to operate. Fireman Sam toys usually require little to no operation and any operation needs is very easy for children to learn and perform.


A toy should help enhance a child’s development. Toys should encourage the development of cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, motor skills, numerical and language skills, sensory skills and imagination and creative skills. Fireman Sam toys will help to develop a child’s fine motor skills as the majority of the toys are operational and poseable. Fireman Sam toys will also help to develop a child’s imagination and creative skills as the toys are made for pretend play.


Toys that stimulate are exciting toys that will keep a child excited for a long time to come. Stimulation can include touch and feel, sounds and lights, colors and images and interactivity. Toys that involve hands-on pretend play will help stimulate a child’s brain. Fireman Sam toys are very interactive and encourage hands-on touch and feel play experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Fireman Sam?

A: Fireman Sam is a popular British children’s show that follows the adventures of Sam, a fireman, and his fellow firefighters in the village of Pontypandy. The children’s show is a well beloved and long-running show that is aired in 155 countries and 35+ languages.

Q: What can children learn from Fireman Sam?

A: Fireman Sam is an adventure based rescue show. Children will learn important qualities such as teamwork, friendship, problem-solving and critical thinking, violence-free communication and respect for fellow humans. Children can develop an excitement for rescue adventures and respect for real-life rescuers.

Since Fireman Sam is a branded show, there is a large variety of selection that can be quite overwhelming. The most common Fireman Sam toys, however, are action figure, rescue vehicles, plush toys, puzzles and toys that simulate real-life firefighting equipment that Fireman Sam uses. Some Fireman Sam toys come in sets which give more than one option and are perfect for birthday or holiday gifts.

Q: Can Fireman Sam toys be purchased in the U.S?

A: Fireman Sam is a British show and the majority of its toys are sold in the U.K. It’s quite hard to find Fireman Sam toys in the U.S. and most parents have to purchase Fireman Sam toys from U.K. based sellers and resellers.

Q: Are branded toys okay for children?

A: While there’s a debate if brand advertising hurts children, it’s accepted that it will never completely go away. As a parent, it’s important to limit your child’s exposure to brand advertising and have them understand that every product their favorite brand offers doesn’t need to be purchased. Since Fireman Sam is a show, it’s best to teach children that enjoying the show is more than enough and just one toy from the show is all that’s needed for enjoyment.

Q: How else can I discover Fireman Sam toys?

A: You should start with the Born Cute “Best Fireman Sam Toys” list: Click the link of the Fireman Sam toy that interests you and when you arrive at the Amazon page for the Fireman Sam toy you selected, scroll down to the “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed” OR “Customers Who Bought This Brand Also Shopped For” lists. Those two lists can give you a great starting point in discovering other Fireman Sam toys.

Another option is to stay up to date with the Fireman Sam official website and news related to Fireman Sam as that can help give notifications of any new Fireman Sam toys that are released. Speaking with parents of children who love Fireman Sam is a great option as well.


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