10 Best Baby Mobiles for Infants in 2019

You might not guess it right away, since they can’t communicate on our level, but babies’ minds are always whirring. Thrust into consistently unfamiliar environments, they’re like tiny computers, processing everything around them as they explore. That’s why baby mobiles are one of the most popular and iconic toys on the market, and have been for some time: mobiles are meant to aid in baby’s mental development. Some mobiles are meant to stimulate little ones, while others are meant to soothe them to sleep, so choose accordingly as you browse our top ten. Whether you’re looking for a gentle lullaby, a flashy lights show, or just something cute and engaging, hang around: we’ve got you covered.

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In our continued effort to keep our guides as up-to-date and accessible as possible, we’ve recently revised the following list of products to ensure that all out-of-stock and unavailable mobiles were replaced with qualified alternatives. These mobiles have all been assessed to confirm that they meet or exceed our guidelines regarding both ratings and reviewed content.

Our Top 3 Picks

Tiny Love Take Along
  • Tiny Love Take Along
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Pleasant Music
  • Price: See Here
Fisher-Price Precious Planet
  • Fisher-Price Precious Planet
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Includes Classical Lullabies
  • Price: See Here
Fisher-Price Rainforest
  • Fisher-Price Rainforest
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Polyester and Plastic
  • Price: See Here

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Baby Mobiles

When evaluating these mobiles for this top 10 lists, we like to keep three key aspects in mind. As always, our most pressing concern is safety. When judging a mobile’s overall safety, we like to look at the mobile’s sturdiness and weight to gauge its potential risks. For more on the safety of mobiles, go down to the safety section. We then like to look at the development, these mobiles can offer infants and toddlers. Typically, we look at the auditory and visual development a mobile should offer. For more on the developmental aspects of mobiles, go down to the development section. And, finally, we like to look at the entertainment values of the mobile. This is typically measured by how engaged a child is when playing or engaging with a mobile. For more about the entrainment aspect of mobiles, go down to the entertainment section.


As we said earlier, safety is the most important aspect of any product we review for our top 10 lists. But mobiles need to be especially safe because they literally hang over a child while they sleep. For these top 10 mobiles, we made sure they weren’t too heavy and very sturdy so that they had the smallest possible chances of falling over. We also made sure that the assembly of these mobiles was easy to understand and follow so that the smallest chance of error was possible.


It’s important that you begin developing your child’s sense of sight and hearing now because it’s these senses that allow your child to communicate with the world. Mobiles with both a musical and visual component took precedence over those that didn’t because they had more to offer in the developmental department. We also found it very important that the mobiles had a moving component to help with children’s hand-eye coordination.


Finally, what use is a mobile if it doesn’t entertain and engage your child? We wanted to be certain that the mobiles on this top 10 list appealed to children of all ages and kept them entrained from the moment they went into the crib to the moment they fell asleep. To gauge this, we looked at numerous parent reviews to order and chose the best mobiles for this list. Only mobiles that were extremely engaging and entertaining to children between infancy and the age of three made it onto this list.

What Determined The Top Infant Mobiles in Our List

Just like choosing the best crib or even the best sleep essential for babies, the process for selecting the best cot mobile to be included in our list is pretty straightforward. We just utilized the same formula we have been adhering to ever since we embarked on this mission to bring you only the best products that you will find invaluable in caring for your children.

To choose a crib mobile to include on our list, we looked at the developmental appropriateness of the product. While these can be classified as toys, they are more geared towards one very particular aspect of a young infant’s development – his or her sensorimotor development. As such, it is imperative that a baby musical mobile or even a lights-up kiddie kinetic structure should fulfill this very fundamental requirement. Now, if the baby soother comes with another feature that will help address another aspect of a baby’s development such as his or her cognitive abilities as well as a beginning sense of self and social awareness, then we’d give that particular product an extra point for each feature that has a developmental benefit to infants.

We did not stop there. We also had to scrutinize the design of the playpen or crib attachment. These must be fully constructed of only the safest materials available. It is also imperative that there are no small parts that can be easily removed or detached as infants have this very fierce reputation that any object they can put their hands on can be moved straight to their mouths. While they don’t necessarily think of it this way as the action is more reflexive, it nevertheless poses a threat to their safety. Dangling cords are also examined as too long a cord can wrap around the baby’s neck. Such little details can mean a lot if it’s all about your baby’s safety.

We also read quite a number of customer reviews and feedbacks that gave us an idea of the personal experiences of parents and their babies regarding the use of such baby soothers and kinetic structures. We wanted to make sure that when we included a musical cot mobile on our list, parents have the same views as we did.

And with these, we were able to complete our list of ten truly amazing baby mobiles any infant will love.

Developmental Benefits of Infant Mobiles

We all know that baby cot mobiles are important for their development. But did you ever wonder what aspect of their development we are actually helping? Here are the developmental benefits of these types of baby gadgets.

  • Stimulate the senses – Mobiles for babies make excellent tools for the development of their senses particularly their visual perception. If the gadget comes with additional features such as music and textures, then auditory and tactile sensory perception are also developed. This serves as the foundation for your young child’s cognitive abilities.
  • Develop motor skills – Babies will naturally attempt to reach for these gadgets as they get stimulated. In some devices, they will be pressing buttons and feeling on plush toys. These will require the coordination of motor movements which can help in the overall expansion of their motor skills.
  • Helps soothe and relax babies – Musical mobiles provide superb soothing benefit for young children. Those with projector features and night lamps can all provide a more relaxed environment for young kids. These will help them feel more relaxed, secure, and safe in their cribs or nursery room.
  • Helps babies learn – The animals, shapes, and colors that are hung on the cot mobile can be great learning tools for children. They learn colors, shapes, patterns, and even animals and other things. They also learn different phrases and sounds. All of these can help in their cognitive development.
The Bottom Line

Baby cot mobiles are more than mere attachments to our kids’ cribs, playpens, or bassinets. These are important tools for infants’ development. Our top 10 baby mobiles will help you choose the best one for your baby.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of a mobile?

A: The purpose of a mobile is to relax and lull your child to sleep. The mobile is also used to help stimulate your child’s overall growth and development. Many have light, sound, and moving components to give your child a stimulating, and overall beneficial experience.

Q: When will my child stop needing a mobile?

A: Typically, children stop needing mobiles once they begin to sleep in beds. This is different for all children as some mature faster than others, but that’s usually when they stop needing mobiles.

Q: When should I get a mobile for my child?

A: Most professionals recommend getting a mobile for your child as soon as they are born. The faster you can begin to develop their visual and auditory senses, the better. And, because newborns have very difficult sleep schedules, the mobile will help them sleep through the night.

Q: If my child has special needs, what kind of mobile should I get?

A: Well, that depends on the kind of special needs your child has. Most special needs children are very sensitive to light and sound, so buying a mobile with either soft light and sound, or no light and sound, might be the best move.

Q: Are there different kinds of mobiles?

A: There are mobiles that strictly play music, ones that strictly rotate, ones that do both, and ones that project images. Depending on your child’s needs, any one of these mobiles will work. Usually, mobiles that both turn and play music are the most popular, but for children that get overstimulated rather quickly, a mobile that does one or the other might be best.

Q: What can I use instead of a mobile?

A: If you’re worried about mobiles because of certain safety issues, then a music box will work in a similar fashion. A music box can play soothing music to help get your child to sleep, but, unfortunately, cannot entertain your baby the same way a mobile can.

Q: How often should I get a new mobile?

A: Depending on the kind of mobile you get, you might never need a new one. Specifically look for mobiles that can be used from infancy all the way through toddlerhood to avoid buying multiple mobiles.

Q: What are the safety issues with mobiles?

A: The biggest safety concern with mobiles is them falling on top of your child. If a mobile isn’t properly clamped onto the crib or is too heavy for the crib, it can fall and seriously harm your child. Always follow the setup instructions precisely when setting up a mobile, and always keep a baby monitor handy so you can hear if it falls.