10 Best Superman Toys & Action Figures for Kids Reviewed in 2019

As kids, we all liked to play with action figures and playing with the classic characters like Superman is still fun to watch our kids enjoy. The first Superman character action figure was sold to what we now know as DC Comics in 1938. So to say he has been around for most of everyone’s childhoods is, to say the least. When you look at Superman the first thing that stands out is the “S” on the chest of the character. This is how most of us recognize him. The symbol has been put on everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs but still one of the best things about Superman is he is an action figure that can be played with and used to fight crime all over the house. Kids love engaging in active play with their action figures and it has many benefits to their development.

Action figures are a great addition to a child’s toy collection. They aid and assist in many developmental stages. The help improves their physical development by getting them actively playing with toys. Moving around the house and also moving the actual character with their hands to play develops both gross- and fine-motor skills. While the development of kids physically is very important, the open-ended creative play time during which they use their imaginations and create scenes with the action figures builds strong cognitive development. These connections created in their brains when playing, create complex thoughts and allow them to work through emotions that they might not normally have every day.

Superman is a very strong and powerful superhero. His character and looks have made him an American icon popular around the world. So, when your kids are begging you for a Superman toy, it can be hard to make sure that you are buying just the right ones. With so many toys on the market, it can be difficult to make a selection. We have created a listed with the best Superman toys and action figures on the market. The list is simple. The choice is yours.

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Superman is one of the most recognizable superheroes on the planet and is also one of the oldest. His qualities and characteristics are ones that children can look up to and admire and strive to achieve themselves someday. We have recently updated this list to include a couple of new products and have reviewed all other product information to ensure that it is accurate and up to date.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Superman Toys and Action Figures

Have you ever been bullied and wish you could fight back or help those weaker than you? Have you ever been overwhelmed by bad guys and wished you could just fly away and be free? Then you know why so many kids and adults alike admire Superman. He has been a mentor and a source of hope for lots of people. It is not just about his superpowers though.

Lots of superheroes can fly and beat up bad guys, but Superman has character. He has human traits and childlike innocence. A huge part of the fascination with him is that he has a secret identity, and that identity is a huge part of who he is. Most of us are far from perfect. We make mistakes or ask silly questions or are clumsy in general and feel uncomfortable sometimes. But wouldn’t it be a perfect dream to have an alter ego who was strong, gorgeous, and kind, which we could turn into just by stepping into a phone booth? Now we see why these toys are so popular. So what do kids look for?

Keeping it Real

The most important feature of the Superman toys is going to be the costume. Any true lover of Superman is going to demand that the toy reflect the true look of the character. Superman is tall with dark hair and lots of muscles. The colors of his costume are basic, bright colors. The outfit is blue with red boots and a bright yellow belt, and a bright red flowing cape has to be included. The emblem on his chest needs to be bright and clear as well, the timeless symbol of their hero.

Toys that Back the Play

Superman toys are almost as old as the Man of Steel himself. When searching for what the market has to offer we looked for items that are durable. Children enjoy having a toy they can play with and still have it as a collectible when they are older. These toys need to be sturdy enough to keep up with your child’s imagination as they become the superhero saving the good citizens of Metropolis.

Finders Keepers

The love for Superman is definitely not exclusive to young kids who like to play with the toys. Older tweens and teenagers, even adults, love finding classic collectibles of their favorite superhero. The toys will become shelf decorations, a costume becomes a favorite Halloween or party personality, or the classic “S” emblem can be added to keyrings, sports gear, school supplies or even clothes. The list goes on and on.

Friends Forever

In later years, Superman became a member of the Justice League. His closest allies are Batman and Wonder Woman, so toys which include his partners are welcome as well. Kids enjoy toys that can let their creativity run wild, where the superheroes can band together to fight off the bad guys.

Kids of all ages love Superman because he is a true class act. He may get pushed around a little like Clark Kent but he does not let it get him down. He comes back as Superman and fights against the evil and darkness. He teaches us that believing in justice, truth and hope is a good thing. Superman may not be all-powerful because he is not perfect, but that just makes him easier to relate to. He is also always a gentleman and always kind, a fantastic image to keep in our children’s mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Superman and Batman friends or enemies?

A: Superman and Batman are close friends, working together to fight against evil. One comic book portrays them saying, “We fit together like hand and glove.” Wonder Woman is also part of the team. They are all like three high school buddies sticking together.

Q: Where did the name LEGO come from?

A: LEGOs were created in Denmark and their name is actually the abbreviation of two Danish words “leg godt,” which literally means “play well.” That is what they try to accomplish with their toys.

Q: What are Superman’s stats?

A: Superman is 6 foot 3 inches tall, weighs 225 pounds, has jet black hair and bright blue eyes. As Clark Kent, he wears glasses but he does not really need them. That is just part of his disguise.

Q: What are Superman’s superhuman powers?

A: He is superhumanly strong, strong enough to lift a bus. He can also fly. His superhuman abilities also include super speed, a super breath that is like a gale-force wind and super hearing and sight.

Q: Why do people not recognize Clark Kent as Superman when it seems so obvious?

A: Well, if the comics were too logical none of the stories would ever have lasted this long. It may be that no one expects Superman to have a secret identity since he does not wear a mask, so they are not looking for another identity. The characters of Superman and Clark Kent are also two drastically different personalities. Spending time with the bumbling, mild-mannered reporter, no one would have guessed him to also be the charismatic, charming superhuman Superman.

Q: Is Superman really a good influence on our kids? Isn’t he too violent?

A: We believe he is a good influence, so, yes. Superman is a superhero with a lot of important human qualities for children to admire and try to copy. He cherishes all life and does everything he can to protect it. He defends the weak, and will encourage kids to “do the right thing.” Superman is also brave and keeps going even when all hope is lost. He is also humble, unselfish and kind.