10 Best Toy & Model Soldiers for Kids Reviewed in 2019

If you’ve got little ones playing with action figures, it’s a pretty solid bet that at some point (if not most of the time), those action figures will be engaged in a dramatic, sound-effect-heavy battle. Much of creative role-playing revolves around conflict and conflict resolution, and what is more emblematic of that than actual, physical fighting? Kick your kids’ creative game up a notch with a set of toy soldiers to really bring those battles to life.

Toy soldiers are a staple in any movie about toys. The Toy Story saga features little green men hopping in a line and parachuting onto the scene. Small Soldiers is an entire feature dedicated to what would happen if toy soldiers actually came equipped with artificial intelligence and military-grade technology. Kids have been playing with toy soldiers for centuries, and continue to do so even know, in an era of flashy, tech-heavy products. Something about toy soldiers feels classic and timeless. Little ones love a toy that is straightforward and purposeful.

If you’re scanning the field for top-quality toy soldiers, we’ve got the groundwork for a plan of attack. Below, you’ll find the 10 best toy soldiers and toy soldier sets currently available on the market. We’ve got historically significant sets, classic little green men, action figures with great articulation, and tons more. A-ten-hut!

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Toy & Model Soldiers for Kids

As stated earlier, kids have probably played soldier and war games since the beginning of time. It’s hardwired. It’s what most little boys–and a lot of girls–are into. Before there were craftsmen or toy manufacturers, there was always something to make a sword and shield out of. In fact, according to the data we have, toy soldiers can be found in ancient Egyptian tombs. The model of a uniformed soldier that we currently have is more rooted in a tradition established in Germany around the early 18th century. They recounted the military adventures of Frederick the Great of Prussia. Later, in the 19th century, toy soldiers were mass produced in England through a cheaper and lighter process of manufacturing.

The incarnation that evolved in the United States, known as the Army Men, is by far the most popular and familiar with the last three to four generations. They were, and are, by far the cheapest to make. They reached their zenith in production around 1968. The plastic is cheap and durable. You can afford to lose a few because they’re easily replaced.

Now that the technology and skill sets have become more accessible for higher-quality dollmaking, we’re finding more realistic figures with joint articulation. This ups the ante for both kids and adult collectors alike.

In conclusion, we find that engaging in the simple activities of playing make-believe when it comes war games, deeply aids children in their cognitive abilities. This is especially the case when it comes to strategy and problem-solving skills. It sparks curiosity and ought to be used in conjunction, or correlation, with a historical foundation supplied by teachers and parents. This is what typically leads to a lifelong passion for learning and societal engagement.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are these items available at a discounted rate?

A: Our website gives the best prices for your money–and top quality, as well. Not only can you purchase directly through Amazon, but there’s also a wide range of sellers worldwide that are affiliated with Amazon to give you the best offer. While, Amazon will, and does, do its best to protect you as the customer, it is highly suggested that you purchase from an Amazon warehouse directly. With that option, there is a greater guarantee that there won’t be any mix-ups if you aren’t happy and need to make a quick exchange or refund.

Q: If I wanted to buy the entire Elite Force Series, how expensive could that get?

A: Depending on how many toys the series include, it could cost around $250 and or more. That said, it could be a good investment for the future, even if your child eventually gets sick of them. These days the quality of craftsmanship on many of these items can bring a fairly high resale value depending on the condition they’re in. You can tell how much work has gone into making the Elite Force Series, too. The detail of the design is phenomenal.

Q: Are there any drawbacks to buying my kids toy weapons and letting them play war games?

A: Yes, there are drawbacks. On a deeper level, your child could possibly learn that war is a good thing no matter what the cost. They could also learn that violence is always an option when it comes to settling the conflict. But, it is shown that we humans have innate aggressive tendencies. Children are undeveloped emotionally, still carrying around these tendencies. It’s the job of parents to guide, supervise, and help them to harness these impulses and tendencies. Play fighting and war games are beneficial in developing a healthy sense of competition and cooperation if supervised and with set rules and standards placed from the beginning.

Q: Are there any accessories you can recommend to go with these products?

A: As we hinted at earlier in the review, a few of these items are part of a series of toys and accessories that perfectly complement the items that you’ve already purchased. There are plenty of options out there. One of the classic ways to engage in healthy play is to get your kid to be more interactive with their figures and accessories. It’s cool to watch TV and play along or simply imagine in their rooms but, it’s always much better to be out with the super soakers and water pistols with some friends in the backyard. This is one of the times to get some use out of that Army man costume. There are cardboard forts to be made and toppled.


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