Hassle Free Pets for Families with Young Kids

There comes a time in every parent's life when the kids ask for a pet. Here are a few hassle-free pets for families with young children.

All kids eventually ask their parents if they can get a pet, or two or three. They might not be old enough for the responsibility of a puppy because dogs need plenty of attention. Cats are something that cares for themselves, however; parents still have to make sure they are neutered, get their shots, eat and have clean litter boxes. In addition, parents have to see if their child might be allergic to cats. There are other pets though that can be easier to take care of. Freshwater fish with a few snails, a small tank and a filter. These fish and snails take care of themselves, they just need to be fed daily and the filter also has to be cleaned to make sure the water circulates clearly through the tank. Saltwater fish take more care because of the size of the tank and sometimes, many keep breeding so the parents try to protect their babies from other predator fish in the tank. There are also reptiles, ferrets, rabbits, hamster, gerbils and more different types of pets in pet stores or for sale by owners. Parents should discuss this and come up with a decision to see if they think their children are responsible enough and ready for a pet.

There are only so many people that have the time, money and space for larger animals like dogs and the good thing about owning pets are a really good experience for everyone. There are pets that are very low maintenance and this might be what you are looking for. The pets are great if you want to try a low maintenance pet for your family.

Hamsters, mice, and gerbils

Hamsters, gerbils, and mice are small rodents and are friendly and fun to have around. They are easy to care for and need food and water daily. They also need the right cage with a safe place for them to sleep and a toy so they can get some exercise. You can buy a round wheel and these pets use the wheel to run around on for hours. A few toys don’t hurt either.


Little Birds really don’t like human interaction except there are some friendly parakeets that do talk if you work with them. They love mirrors because they like to preen themselves. They can be messy if they kick their seeds around but birds are easy to care for. They just need a cage big enough so they can fly, food, water and someplace to sharpen their beak. Finches and canaries like to be left alone and cockatiels and parakeets need to get out of their cage to fly around and take time to socialize.

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are great for younger children because they are friendly and make a small noise. They too are social animals who love humans to pay attention to them but are still very low maintenance. Guinea pigs just need a cage, some straw, water bottle and to be fed every day.


Rabbits are very low maintenance and all they need is a cage, fresh veggies, and some space to jump around in. The floppy ear rabbits have a potty of their own they go on and are potty trained. Rabbits also drink water too. They are happy animals and do enjoy human contact. They have a very long life span.


Cats are very low maintenance if they are domesticated. Cats take care of themselves. They are happy to have a warm place to sleep, food, water and like their scratching pole and this is what keeps cats happy. They love to play and some are very friendly and will sit on your lap or sleep on your bed. If they are small kitties, they like to sleep curled on your neck until they grow bigger. They love to knead and are happy if they are kneading and purring.


Goldfish are extremely low maintenance and much lower maintenance than much other fish. Just make sure their water is clean, change the water regularly or get a fish tank with a filter. Make sure you feed them and put some colorful stones in their tank or bowl with a few decorations and they are happy to see you.


Insects may not be a very interactive pet but can be low maintenance depending on what you decide on. There are stick bugs called walking sticks because they look like a stick, praying mantis, hissing cockroaches and crickets and all they need is a warm tank, a bit of foliage and feed them regularly. Spiders need more attention but are also very interesting creatures.

Sea monkeys

The Sea Monkey is a small aquatic creature and they live in saltwater. They are very low maintenance, need a very little cleaning and are great to watch for long periods of time. Feed them with their special food or human food that is approved and you are good to go.


Snakes make good pets but not all of them. You don’t have to feed them very often and they need a warm tank with foliage and a few rocks. They are easy to feed if you don’t mind feeding them live mice. You can also give them frozen mice or rats to eat. Snakes are very low maintenance and certain species of snakes love to be picked up by humans.


Reptiles are low maintenance and some certainly are not. Scorpions, bearded dragons, geckos and terrapins all make great pets. They just need to be warm and have a safe place to sleep. Keep their tanks clean and they make a great pet. Make sure you research reptiles before you buy one. A pet store is the best place to get any information on pets that you need. Not all reptiles are good companions but if you do your research and understand what you’re getting yourself and your family into, your small kids should be fine.

There are many other pets as well to consider like iguanas too. They love to bask in the sun but you have to be careful because even the young ones can use their tail to harm you if they get out and they definitely need a warm tank to stay alive when they are young. They can live very long if you care for them correctly and can get very large. They have feelings like people do and will get depressed if they lose a mate. They also can lose part of their tail if they are scared or stressed out. Have fun when you take your family to the pet store and pick out the right pet for your family.