Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

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We like

No batteries, the machine plugs into the wall

Sleek design makes it unassuming

Choose from a variety of colors and sounds to soothe your child to sleep

Set timers and alerts so that your child knows when to go to sleep and when to wake up

The sounds are all soothing and unique to sounds found at home and in nature

You can purchase covers or shades to match your home’s decor

We don’t like

The machine relies heavily on the app

How it works

The makers at Hatch Baby have created a night light/sound machine that will help your baby and toddler sleep well. For many parents, getting your child to sleep and getting them to have a full night’s rest can be a challenge. For many children, they have not yet become accustomed to their sleep cycles and circadian rhythms, which is what causes them to have inconsistent sleep. With the Rest Sound Machine and Night Light, you can help your baby and toddler develop a better sleep cycle, which will help them sleep better and become well-rested in order for them to play better, develop faster, and grow healthier with proper sleep. The Rest Sound Machine and Night Light by Hatch Baby contains a lot of features that are accessible through an app on your phone that will make getting your child to sleep better and regularly a breeze.




The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light has a very sleek design that is quite unassuming and can fit into the decor of any nursery or home. The machine is shaped like a rounded triangle and is completely white. The A/C adaptor cord that comes in the box with the machine is also white so that it can be placed anywhere in the home or in your child’s nursery or bedroom without sticking out or disrupting the aesthetic of the atmosphere that you have created for your child. For parents who wish that the machine would blend in more or go along with the decor of the nursery or bedroom, Baby Hatch sells covers or shades that go over the nightlight in a variety of colors and patterns that may work well for your likes. Those shades and covers are sold separately. The machine itself is made of a matte finish so that light can radiate from the machine without it being too bright. The light that will come from the machine will be soothing to your child.

On the top of the machine, you will see a speaker. This is the area where all the sound comes out of the machine. The speaker is not high tech, high def, or state-of-the-art, but rather it is made to be simple since the machine is geared towards and babies and toddlers, and there is no need for there to be any kind of advanced sound system. The generic speaker also keeps the price of the machine down. Around the speaker is a chrome ring that when you touch the ring you can make the machine turn on and off and play preset tracks and lights that the manufacturer has programmed into the sound machine and night light.

If you flip the machine upside down, you will see the rest of the controls. The buttons you will see will be a dimmer switch for the light, a volume switch for the speaker, and a forward and backward button for the tracks that play from the machine. Because all the buttons are hidden underneath the machine, the machine can remain sleek and unassuming in your home.
The App

The App

The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light comes with an app that you can download on your smartphone as long as you are operating the IOS or Android systems. The app is a remote control for the machine, so that you can work the machine through your phone and set timers and playlists for you child.

When you open the app you will have two main controls that you can work with. The first control is the dimmer switch that allows you to raise and lower the amount of light that shines from the machine. Underneath the dimmer switch is the volume control. With this, you can raise and lower the volume of the sounds that are coming from the machine without having to touch the machine or go near your baby’s crib and potentially wake them up. With the remote control feature through the app, you can stand in your baby’s doorway and adjust the settings accordingly.

The app also allows you to create a playlist for your child from the already set sounds that come with the machine, and you can put those playlists on a timer so that they go on and off in the amount of time that you determine. There is also an “okay to wake” function on the machine that you can operate through your phone, and that function is to let your toddler know what it is okay to get out of bed. The machine will stay red until the “okay to wake” time, which is determined by you, has come and then the machine will turn green letting your little one know that they have been in bed long enough and they can get out and start their day. You can also set the machine to not respond to touch so that your toddler cannot change the settings on their own.
The Colors

The Colors

You can set whatever color you choose for the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light. The preset colors are yellow, green, blue, red, orange, purple, and pink. Through the app you can choose the color and the machine will illuminate with that color. If you go even further into the color option, a color wheel will appear and you can slide your finger around the color wheel and come up with whatever color you choose. Whether it’s just your favorite color or the specific color of your nursery, you can choose from an infinite number of colors through the color wheel. There is also a rainbow function that allows all the colors to shine from the machine one at a time as the colors ever so slowly rotate around and the machine lights up with the colors. Experts state that putting the red or yellow color on the machine will help your child sleep better.
The Sounds

The Sounds

The next option on the app is to choose which sounds you want your baby to fall asleep to. There are eleven sound options to choose from. The first option is nature sounds. With this selection, your baby will hear the sounds that one would hear if they were going on a nature hike. It’s all the sounds that are found when alone in the woods.

The second sound option is rain. Your baby or toddler will be put to sleep with the sound of rain gently falling in a calm environment onto the ground, into the grass, and onto the pavement.

The third sounds option is television white noise. This sound is the sound of the TV being put on a channel with no reception and all you see and hear is snow. The scratchy soothing sound of television white noise is one of the most popular with parents as it gives your baby more comfort as if Mom or Dad are in the room watching TV.

Next, comes the sound of birds chirping in the trees. The birds chirp is soft and soothing as it gives off the feeling of serenity and peace in the room.

The wind is the next sound option that is a gentle breeze blowing through an open meadow or between trees. It’s a soothing, lulling sound that will help your baby stay calm and feel soothed as they are sleeping.

The next sound is the sound of waves crashing upon the shore. The beach sound is great for adults as they lay themselves down to sleep as well. The waves give a forceful hit of peace and restfulness that is great for when they are first put down and trying to settle and sleep.

The running stream is the next sound that is a constant flow of gently babbling and bubbling water that will not only soothe your baby to sleep, but will also help them stay asleep as the night progresses.

The final sound that is available through the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light is the most favorite for parents because it is the truest to life. The last sound is that of a dryer running as it dries clothes. The constant soothe of the dryer drum and the clicking that it makes as it dries clothes is a sound that your baby will already recognize as many parents have their child near when they are doing laundry. Many parents have found that familiarity with the sound has made it easier for their baby and toddler to fall asleep because the baby feels safer and more comfortable with a sound they already know.

Lastly, there are three lullaby sounds that you can choose from for your baby that are not popular standards, but they are engineered in that same style so that your baby can associate them with popular lullabies and feel a sense of calm and peace as they fall asleep.


The best part of the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light is that it is completely portable and can be taken with you anywhere. Whether you are taking a trip to visit family far away or if you are going on a family vacation, you never have to leave home without the Rest Sound Machine. It’s a great way to keep your child on their sleep schedule no matter what and help them fall asleep anywhere they go no matter what because they can travel with their machine and always have what they need at hand at all times. Since the Rest Sound Machine does not run on batteries all you need is an outlet to plug it in and then you are all set to go.


The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light is not that expensive considering you get a lot of technology and perks with what you buy. It may be slightly out of the price range for some parents who may think it’s too expensive, but since the machine does not encounter a lot of wear and tear, it can last you a lifetime. Since there are no batteries to consider, you will never not be able to use the machine when you want and where you want, and through the free app you can control the machine and set timers and playsets with ease. The price tag should not be a deterrent for any parent who wants to ensure that their child gets a good night’s rest and gets on a successful sleep pattern. This machine should be considered by all as it is more of an investment than a quick solution.


The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light is a great purchase for the parent who wants to ensure their child stays healthy through proper and regular sleep. With a night light feature that keeps your child feeling safe coupled with sounds that are found in nature and around the house, the machine makes your child feel at ease while they are learning to sleep through their various sleep cycles. With remote control access and the ability to set your own personal settings through an app, you never have to disturb your child while they are sleeping or even enter their room to make sure they are getting the most sound and restful sleep. With a price tag that is not incredibly high, most parents can afford to bring this machine into their homes and see if their child gets a better night’s sleep with the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light. Helping your baby sleep is the number one concern for tired parents and any help is welcomed help, and the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light is the help you have been looking for. This machine was made for the parent who wants to make parenting easy and fun.
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