Little Live Scruff a Luvs Review: Rescue & Adopt your Own

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We like

As near to the real thing as it is possible to get

Synthetic construction for durability

A fun toy with needed development learning incorporated into it

Child friendly size and weight

The pets are young, puppy, kitten, bunny, very appealing for children

Made from child-safe materials 

Comfortably affordable

We don’t like

At the moment only three choices of pets

May not looks as fluffy as the pets in the photos

How it works

An adorable pet for children from 5 years old and upwards.

Childhood development has milestones, one of those milestones is to learn to give love, take responsibility and give care while also having fun playing. Only a well-designed toy can meet these requirements in the right combination of actions.

These adorable interactive toys come in three lovable choices, a young bunny, a cuddly kitten and a cute puppy, the color choices are pink and blue. A wonderful unisex toy which allows your child to play while developing whole child characteristics which compliment a child’s self-development. Scruff-a-luvs will instantly get the attention of your child, their fur is matted, they look sad, they need help, they need love, they need someone to take the responsibility and care for them. These adorable little child-friendly toys need to be rescued and your child is able to step in and do the rescue.

Try role-playing with your child when you present this gift. Ask him/her do you want to rescue and help a cute little puppy, kitten or bunny rabbit? Of course, he/she will say yes. The moment your child sets eyes on these forlorn little pets which clearly need a bath and grooming to bring them back to splendor, the bond will be formed, and a new friendship created and that friendship will revolve around giving care, giving lots of love and taking responsibility for the well being of the pretend pet. Mistakes can be made and unlike a real living pet, no adverse effects will occur.

Scruff-a-Luvs look like they have been abandoned, they look sad, they look neglected and they need to be rescued and helped, your child will instantly get busy with the rescue process and the first order of action will be a nice lukewarm bath, a quick towel drying to free up the neglected matted fur so that it can be combed or brushed back to its vibrant, cuddly and fluffy glory.

Once the pretend pet is returned to its cute original form, children will have a safe toy on which they can focus positive regular attention, a bond of caring and responsibility will be formed.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use


The bedraggled pet can’t yet be identified as a puppy, kitten or bunny, play a game of make-believe, explain that the adoption certificate needs to be filled in. This is very important because the pet will belong to your child. First, we need to know what type of pet we have, after a nice bath, we can see which animal we have, we can complete all the name details in the adoption certificate.


Which of the three pets are we rescuing, how can we know? The sad-looking little pet is not yet easy enough to recognize. It’s time for a bath and after the bath, the type of pet will be revealed to your child, this is an exciting moment for children. Help your child set up a nice lukewarm bath for his/her new pretend pet, Mum or Dad can choose the type of bath, ideally, a bathroom sink or standard-sized plastic washbowl will be perfect for the new pet to sit in while being washed.

A gentle soap or shampoo rinse, this will loosen and help remove the manufacturer designed in the residue which has matted the fur. Show how to gently squeeze the pet to get rid of the water before using a hand towel.

Drying the toy pet

A hand towel so that the pet can be dried. You can follow up the towel drying with a supervised final drying out with a hairdryer while also gently brushing the fur. A standard sized brush is good for brushing the fur until it is fluffy and cuddly. Later the child can also use the child-friendly sized brush which is supplied with the pet. After a fun bath, all that uncomfortable matted fur is freed up to become long, flowing and fluffy, a perfect pet to cuddle.

Is the pet fully restored or is some matting still a little bit in evidence? If yes, encourage your child to give another bath if needed, this is all so much fun for children and they are playing a highly interactive role for restoring the pet to a nice condition.

Imagine the look of delight in a child's eye, when, after bathing, the identity of what type of pet gradually starts to appear. Will it be a puppy or a cat? The bunny pet is rare and very popular.

Now it’s time to dress-up the new pretend pet, all the fur has been brushed, it’s soft to touch, long and fluffy. Gentle brushing has removed any tangles in the fur, it’s time to put on the pet collar, choose where to put that special hair clip and give the new pet a big hug. Now we can complete the adoption certificate and give the pet a nice name.


The functions for this toy pet and the child are all beneficial, consider whole child development, the personal characteristic skills which we want children to develop naturally. A sense of doing a kind act and rescuing a young bedraggled animal which can become a pet.

In later years we may well buy a real living pet for our child, this cute cuddly pretend pet puts in place the functional skills for a young child to understand and develop the skills needed later in life for owning a real pet. At the same time, the child will develop positive functional skills which will be called upon in daily life regularly.

Young children can practice, grooming and caring for a pet, they might make a few functional mistakes but the pet is only pretend, no harm will happen. The child is having a lot of fun while going through a developmental learning process. The motivation for a child is very positive when he/she rescues the pet and grooms the pet the identity of the animal will be revealed.

Restoring the pet gives a huge positive sense of achievement to a child, giving the pet a name allows a child to give the pet an identity, this is a big responsibility for a child and a very good character-building process to go through. Taking responsibility for the well being and ongoing grooming of a pretend pet which does become a friend to a child is incredibly good for positive child development, responsibility is very important and learning this through fun is a very good approach.

Ownership comes with responsibility, we can role-play with a child, help her/him to complete the adoption certificate, this is a blend of formality and fun which guides your child towards taking care of her/his new pet. Functions here do cover duties which a child will play-through doing a pet rescue and taking care of a new pretend pet friend, a bond is created between both and the bond is underpinned by a need to be functional and take good care of the pet


Safety standards apply through the materials used to make the toys. Brand name companies put a lot of investment into creating toys which cannot harm children, especially when the children are very young and still developing the ability to identify materials which are friendly or unfriendly. An equal amount of research is applied towards not only identifying safe child-friendly materials but also the durability and safety life-span of the materials.

Scruff-a-Luvs pets are safely designed, soft, cuddly and attractive while being made from durable materials which will not fall apart or show signs of wear and tear too quickly. It would be incredibly disappointing for a child to adopt and rescue a pretend pet, take responsibility for grooming and caring for it only to see it fall apart due to low standard materials being used in the making of the toy.

The suggested age for this pet toy made from well thought through safe materials is 5+ plus years. Perhaps a year younger with supervision. These toys are not suggested for children younger because the toys contain marbles/small balls for the eyes, a collar and these can represent a choking hazard for very young children.


The pet toy is constructed from very durable child-proof materials. The use of synthetic materials takes into account safety and long term durability, these attractive pets are built to go the distance.

The fur-hair is stretch and tug resistant synthetic fiber which stays attached to the toy pet so that the child does not play with the pet and find themselves holding a handful of long fur style hair.

Synthetic fibers do not absorb moisture so there is no risk of a damp toy becoming a breeding source for harmful bacteria/germs. Cotton sourced toys can get wet and drying them out is a long process and wet cotton can invite or give germs a breeding foothold. Such problems are prevented though using materials which do not absorb and retain water in the fibers.

Using synthetic strands for hair or fur means that grooming is easier and quickly shows results and encourages a child to maintain regular grooming. Unlike natural fibers, synthetic materials do have a higher level of durability, tend to be heat resistant, reducing any potential fire hazard and retain color for much longer than natural fibers.


The design of these cute pets are enticingly cuddly, soft and appealing, even adults will feel like hugging the kitten or puppy. The initial design plan is to present a bedraggled forlorn-looking little pet which needs help, this will attract a positive response from children and invoke in them a desire to help.

Through innovative designing and a smart use of materials which are child-friendly, the design is featured to enable a bedraggled sad-looking pet to be restored through positive grooming, the design also allows that if grooming is neglected, the synthetic fur/hair will start to become tangled and matted and the pet's appearance will signal to the child that it needs to be taken care of to keep it looking cute and cuddly. The toy designs stay close to unisex apart from the color choices which are pink for girls and blue for boys.

The design size for the pet is very important, it cannot be so small that it appears unrealistic, and it cannot be so large that it is cumbersome and difficult to groom or play with. The dimensions for these pretend pets are at a size which is very child-friendly and close enough to the size of a real puppy, kitten or young bunny.

At a nice size of 8.66 by 3.15 inches by 7.09 inches and a child-friendly at less than a pound in weight, the pet toy is as close to the real thing as possible.

The clever design means that these pets can be sat anywhere, the very good central balance has been included in the design. They won't fall over, just like a good obedient pet, they sit and wait for their owner to come and groom and play with them.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

When a young child rescues a Scruff-a-Luv pet toy, something special happens, it is like a learning milestone for a child. They go through a semi-formal process of filling out an adoption certificate during which they name their new pet and put the name on the pet collar.
They lavish care and attention on the pet to rescue it from it’s a messy and sad looking condition, they can brush and style the hair/fur into different appealing styles and this is all about positive learning. It is the closest way to get to owning and caring for a real pet, the only major difference is this pet does not need a Pet Mess-Scooper, no surprising puddles on carpets or in room corners. This is also a great opportunity for not only teaching a child about what pet rescue entails but also a chance for a child to learn ownership and responsibility.

Parents can guide a child through the first process of washing and grooming a new pet, especially when using a hairdryer, this process will reveal an understanding a for a child in the importance of regular grooming and taking care. Children at young ages learn through play, this is a fun way to learn while contributing towards your child's whole child development.
Price Range

Price Range

The good news is that a Scruff-a-Luv pet will not break the bank, these innovative toys offer a combination of fun, developmental learning, enjoyment and pet-owning responsibility at a very reasonable price.

The cost is standard but the positive returns are high, the price alone justifies the look of sheer joy and pleasure on a young child's face and yet this product is not just about having fun and playing even though that will happen, a child gets to learn important things at a comfortable pace and enjoyably.


All of us wanted our own pet when we were young children but for very young children, a real living pet is just not practical, there are a lot of responsibilities for which a young child is not actually ready. They need to develop the character traits to carry the responsibilities of owning a pet and this toy gives a child this learning process.

Made from child-safe materials, a child-friendly weight and built as near as possible to the size of a real pet these toy pets have features which will instantly appeal to a young child.

This toy takes your child through a set of learning milestones, rescuing an animal, taking formal ownership ( adoption certificate) and taking on responsibility for grooming and care.

A durable and very attractive toy which will stay with your child for a very long time and gives lots of pleasure and prepare him/her for that day in the future when they might get a real pet.
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