25″ Black Bear
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Reviewed by Cindy
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Why we like it:
  • Affordable price
  • Child-Friendly Materials
  • Comes in a comfortable size
  • Helps children identify animals
Why we don’t like it:
  • Not recommended for children with allergies
How it works

Cuddly and comfy to say the least! This adorable, yet massive black bear holds a special place in your heart. This 25” Black Bear stays close to kids and soon becomes a bestfriend.

Now, there are a bunch of huggable teddy bears around, but this bear from Adorable World is changing the way you cuddle with these cute beasts. Stuffed with beans that you can actually sit on steadily without falling, and they are sure to keep you extra warm.

The best part is how affordable it is, and you can save at least 11% if you purchase a pair of them. They come in a family and like to stay that way.

So what are you waiting for? Bring one of these bears to your child, and watch the glow on their faces as they carry this guy around wherever they go.