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We like

Accessories are included

Batteries are included

Makes over 80 real life sounds and movements

Helps your child’s emotional development

A highly sought after product

Has a long life span when taken care of properly

We don’t like

Batteries may die quickly

The silicone skin may stretch and sag

How it works

Baby Alive Real As Can Be Baby is one of the most sought after baby dolls on the market. Baby Alive is a baby doll that has real-to-life movements and sounds that make the doll seem like you are handling and talking to a real baby. The doll coos when you hold it, it laughs when you tickle it, and it cries when it is ready to eat. The doll is great for teaching your child how to be caring and giving, and it helps give your child that outlet to show their emotions and showing love. The price is high for some parents, but the joy and growth that your child could potentially get from having this as a toy is priceless. The Baby Alive Real As Can Be Baby is a great addition to your child’s doll collection and it could very well last you many years to come.



Baby Alive is designed to move and sound just like a real baby. The doll is capable of making about eighty different facial expressions. The silicone skin that the baby is made out of is stretchable in order for the baby to make as many facial expressions as possible. The eyes of the doll are oversized, however, they blink and move as you talk to the doll and rock the baby to sleep. As the baby is rocked to sleep, the eyes will eventually become heavy until the baby falls asleep. He or she will make a cooing sleeping sound that alerts you to the fact that the baby is indeed sleeping. The baby can also make eating sounds and drinking sounds when you are feeding it, and if you tickle your baby it will laugh and move around.

The Baby Alive comes with several accessories including a blanket, bottle, and pacifier. All of these accessories will cause your baby to make one sound or another as the doll mimics the real-life movements and sounds that a real-life baby would make.

Another great design concept that makes Baby Alive look and feel even more like a real baby is the fact that it has been given a certain amount of weight in its abdomen and backside that makes the doll sit in your arms as a real infant would. The weight is not too much that a toddler cannot hold the doll, but for older kids and adults, the doll will sit and be weighted in your arms just like a real baby, which helps your child experience the toy in the true way it was designed, which is to give the impression that you are manipulating and taking care of a real-life baby.


Baby Alive’s accessories are designed to enhance the experience of taking care of a doll. Because real-life babies need to eat and sleep and be pacified, the purchase of the doll includes several items that are true to life items for any baby. In the box with your Baby Alive doll, you will receive a pacifier, a blanket, and a bottle. With each accessory, your baby will have a different reaction.

With the pacifier, your baby will be soothed and make cooing noises and sucking noises. If the doll becomes fussy and starts to move around with discomfort and agitation, you can simply take the pacifier and place it in the baby’s mouth. At first, the baby may not take to the pacifier, however, after two or three attempts of putting the pacifier near the baby’s mouth, it will eventually take to it and start making the noises that a real-life baby would make. Your baby will stop moving around and will begin to calm down and relax.

When your baby begins to cry because it is hungry or thirsty, you will have the Baby Alive bottle on hand to help feed your child doll. Again, the baby may not take to the bottle right away, but after a second attempt, the baby will begin to suck from the bottle and make the same noises an actual baby would make while eating from a bottle. The best part of the Baby Alive bottle is that the milk that is inside the bottle will eventually disappear as your baby starts eating. Once the bottle appears to be empty, your baby will make a noise that will alert you to the fact that he or she is finished eating and you can then burp your baby and continue to play with him or her as you see fit. If you hold your baby the wrong way or if you pat your baby’s back too hard, he or she will start to cry and you can readjust yourself according. This is another feature that makes Baby Alive appear to be real.

The last accessory that comes with the doll is a blanket. The blanket can be used to not only cover your baby while he or she is sleeping, but the blanket is also a tool in getting your baby to fall asleep. If you take your Baby Alive when they start fussing that they are sleepy, you can lay them down and swaddle them in the blanket. Once your baby senses that they are in a swaddle, they will begin to get tired and fall asleep. To assist in the falling asleep of your baby, put them in your arms and gently begin rocking them. Soon enough, your baby’s eyes will begin to get heavy and eventually close as you see that your rocking and swaddling has put your baby to sleep.

The accessories are not capable of being replaced on their own, so make sure there is a safe place for the bottle and pacifier so that neither of these items goes missing.
The On/Off Switch

The On/Off Switch

Finding the on/off switch for Baby Alive can be a bit tricky. Obviously, finding the on/off switch is crucial because if the doll is not on then the doll will not work. The on/off switch is located on the baby’s backside inside of their diaper.

To access the on/off switch, you must take the baby’s onesie off. You will not have to completely undress the doll, instead, you will have to just take their legs out of the clothing. When you have taken the legs of your doll out of the outfit, you will see a Velcro opening on the baby’s backside. When you open the diaper, you will see the battery door and the on/off switch. Simply switch the baby from off to on and immediately he or she will begin to make noises and may even begin to cry as they realize they are being held upside down. As you close the diaper and put the baby’s legs back into their clothing, the baby may even giggle a little bit as the touch of your fingers on their feet will tickle them, and they will begin to react accordingly. This is all part of the magic that makes Baby Alive one of the most sought after baby dolls on the market.
Age Range

Age Range

Baby Alive is recommended for children three-years-old and older. A child under the age of three-years-old may not have the dexterity to hold the baby or take very good care of it. Before three-years-old, many children are still in the stage of wanting to throw their toys and put their toys in their mouths as they begin discovering the world around them. By the age of three-years-old, a child will be more comfortable in the realm of role-playing and fully mimicking what they see from adults. For older siblings, at the age of three-years-old, their parents may be bringing home a baby of their own, and the child will be able to see firsthand how Mom and Dad take care of a child. A child over the age of three will be able to coddle the child, make cooing noise to the child, and fully understand that a baby needs to be taken care of. This helps a child with their emotional development and feeling part of a family.
Emotional Development

Emotional Development

One of the perks to having a Baby Alive is that it helps your child develop on an emotional level. Where many toys are meant to entertain or develop motor skills or other skills that are more keen to the physical realm, Baby Alive works on the emotions of a child and helps them develop the need to care, be compassionate, and think about the feelings and needs of another human.

By taking care of Baby Alive, your child will put another before themselves and learn how to fully care for someone else. When a child’s emotions develop in this kind of way, this will help them when they are in school to be more compassionate for their classmates and even help them build better relationships with others because they will have the emotional maturity and experience to be a good friend. This type of caring is also good within the family where your child can be a more loving child and a more loving sibling.

Baby Alive provides a great outlet for your child’s emotional needs, and observing how your child takes care of the doll will be a great indicator for you as a parent to see exactly how far your child is developing emotionally and if there are any warning signs to if your child is not adjusting well. All of this can be seen simply by having your child take care of the doll in a role-playing atmosphere where a child truly shows what adult behaviors they have observed, which are the same behaviors they will mimic.
Batteries Included

Batteries Included

Baby Alive runs on four AA batteries. The doll comes out of the package with the batteries included and already placed inside of the doll. All you have to do when you open the packaging is to find the on/off switch and turn the doll on to start your child on their way to taking care of their baby. It is always a good idea to have fresh batteries on hand in the event that the batteries lose their charge after a short period of time since the batteries have been inserted into the doll for an undetermined amount of time.

To change the batteries, locate the battery door inside of the baby’s diaper on the backside and unscrew the door to change the batteries. Once changed, screw the door back on, redress the doll, and then you are good to go.
Nap Time

Nap Time

Baby Alive is a great way to get your little one to nap. When it’s time for Baby Alive to take their nap, your child can lay down with the doll as well and treat the doll as a stuffed animal that your child can feel safe napping with. When Baby Alive is asleep, your child can be asleep too so that your child feels that Baby Alive is truly under their watchful eye and parents who have a hard time getting their child to sleep can use the baby as a tool to get toddlers napping regularly and on a schedule.


Baby Alive may be out of the price range for some parents as the doll leans more to the expensive side. For those parents that can afford the doll, it is a purchase that is totally worth the price as it has so many emotional benefits for your child that will help them become more well rounded as they interact with other kids at playdates and in school.


Baby Alive is a great toy purchase for the parent that wants to give their child an emotional outlet to grow. Taking care of the baby helps your child learn how to care for another person and can even help older siblings adjust to a younger sibling coming home for the first time. Although it leans more towards the expensive side if you can afford the Baby Alive Real As Can Be Baby, buy it and give your child the ability to grow in a healthy way.
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