Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home

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We like

  • Three stage levels grow with your child
  • Four possible languages are available to learn
  • Develops your child’s gross motor skills
  • Educates your child on colors, numbers, and letters
  • Compatible with the Fisher Price 3-In-1 Smart Car
  • Great for learning through role playing
We don’t like
  • Batteries not included
  • Wiring can be weak and faulty

How it works

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home is at the forefront of learning and development in small children. The smart learning home is intricately designed to the very last detail to be able to give your toddler or baby a realistic role-playing experience. The smart home comes with sounds, songs, and pieces that replicate a real home and give the baby the opportunity to develop gross motor skills and listening skills. As with a lot of Fisher-Price toys, the toy will grow and develop with your baby as they transition from baby to toddler. The smart home has three different settings that can be adjusted according to your child’s age giving the home the opportunity to teach in different ways. Your baby will be crawling, standing, and walking as they work their way through the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home.



The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home has various stages and areas for your baby to play in. The house itself weighs about 30 pounds and is sturdy enough to withstand the leaning, pulling, and pushing of your baby. There is a front door that opens and closes with sound effects that your child can crawl through. Also on the outside of the house, is a waterspout that your baby can put balls down, a mailbox that contains real mail, a doorbell, porch light, charging station for the Fisher-Price electric car, and a shape sorting recycling bin.

Once inside the house, there is a full kitchen where your baby can cook, wash dishes, and dry dishes. Also in the kitchen is a shape sorting refrigerator, and across from the kitchen is a smart home hub where baby can turn on the lights, check the weather, and turn on the thermostat. The newest technology included in the house is that parents have four languages to choose from when the house speaks to the child. The language choices are English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. The house also comes with a switch where parents can choose the development level of their child. Starting with level one and going to level three, parents can choose at what level they want the house to teach.


As with all Fisher-Price products, the Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home is completely safe for all toddlers. None of the pieces are big enough to pose a choking hazard and all the pieces are made of durable plastic that won’t hurt or harm your baby.

Most of the pieces are oversized, which not only allows for your baby to learn the skills of using their hands to pick up and put down objects but it also allows for your child to see the details of the pieces that mirror and mimic real-life items like the mail, dishes, pans, and utensils. It is recommended that parents place the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home in a safe area on a soft surface because the child playing in the home will be crawling and standing and will need a soft surface to play on.
<h2>The Smart Home Hub</h2>

The Smart Home Hub

The main hub of the Fisher-Price Smart Learning Home is the smart home hub where baby can communicate with the house. Your child can hit several buttons that will start the house communicating. One button will check the weather, the other will sing songs, while other buttons check the calendar, start up the kitchen, and turn on the lights. There is also a chunky oversized light switch that when flipped on will turn on the interior light. Above the window in the hub area is a clock.

When your child’s hands move the hands of the clock, the clock will start counting the numbers from one to twelve depending on where the hands are pointing on the clock face. There is also a thermostat in the hub area that will allow your baby to know when the temperature is too cool, too hot, or just right. The office area of the home has a day planner agenda book that helps teach your baby the ABC’s, numbers, and colors.
<h2>The Kitchen</h2>

The Kitchen

The kitchen area of the Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home is across from the smart hub area. In the kitchen, your baby will be able to sort shapes in the shape-sorting refrigerator. The front of the refrigerator has two openings for a square and a triangle and your baby can use their motor skills and visual development skills to put the proper shapes into the proper openings. The other shapes, which also represent food, can be placed into the smart refrigerator for storage or they can be placed into the respective holding areas on the wall.

The front of the refrigerator is designed to look like a real smart fridge with WiFi buttons, music buttons, and temperature control. The front of the fridge also gives your baby and toddler the opportunity to learn numbers as the fridge has a number chart on the front. Next to the refrigerator is the stove and sink. Above the sink is a hook where your baby can hang their utensils or their pan. The pan can be placed on the stove and the blocked food can be placed in there to simulate cooking. There are plates and utensils for your baby to play eat with when they are done the cooking, and after eating they can place their dishes in the sink where they can be washed and placed in the drying rack area to dry.
<h2>The Outside Area</h2>

The Outside Area

The outside area of the house is also loaded with plenty of areas for your child to play. There is a shape sorting recycling bin on the outside where your child can take some of the food shapes from the kitchen and place them in the recycling bin through the shape openings. The bin can then be opened and the shapes placed back into the shape holders in the kitchen. Above the recycling bin is a thermometer that your child can slide up and down allowing for them to choose their pretend temperature.

This side of the house also has the rain gutter where your child can put balls into the drop-through gutter where they will fall into the ball holder on the bottom. The front of the house has a front door that when opened and closed makes a funny sliding noise that will make your child laugh. There is a real doorbell that rings inside of the house for when your child’s friends come to play. The house numbers light up as does the porch light.

On the far side of the house is the mailbox that when opened contains real mail for your baby to take in and out of the mailbox. The back of the mailbox can also be accessed from the inside so that your child can sort through their mail in the office area. There is a solar panel located on the outside of the house that has a slide mechanism where your child can choose whether it’s daytime or nighttime. Next to the mailbox is a charging station for an electric car. The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home is compatible with the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn 3-In-1 Smart Car. Your child can hook up the car to the charger and the house will recognize the car and greet it as it and your child come closer to the house to come home and recharge.
<h2>Motor Skill Development</h2>

Motor Skill Development

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning House exercise all the important areas of a child’s early development. First and foremost, the house exercises your child’s development of gross motor skills. By pushing buttons, taking items off of hooks, and pulling items out of cubbies and placing them into shape sorting openings, your child will be using their skills at using their hands with their visual skills.

These exercises will also help your child develop balance as they use upper body strength to move items around and place them into specific places. The smart learning home also requires that your child walk or crawl into the house and then stand up as they work in the kitchen and the office. This way, your child is also working on developing leg muscles and balance for walking and running.


The Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home does an excellent job of teaching children listening development, language development, and early learning skills. The house will talk to your child allowing for them to listen and make out everyday words and phrases. This will help your child expand their vocabulary and learn new terms especially those that pertain to the weather.

The house will also introduce your child to new sounds like the ones that come from the kitchen. The house also teaches colors, the ABC’s, and numbers, which are an integral part of any child’s early educational development. These skills are the basis for higher learning, and your child will get to experience all of this learning while playing through role-playing. Parents and adults can play with the child and further encourage them to repeat sounds and phrases and move to the music in an attempt to enjoy learning and developing through interaction with the parent along with the house.
<h2>Assembly Required</h2>

Assembly Required

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home comes out of the box in several pieces. You will need a screwdriver to screw together certain parts of the house. The assembly of the home is relatively easy and many parents have found that it doesn’t take any more than 20 to 30 minutes to put the entire house together. The instruction manual is picture only, and many have found it to be quite easy to follow. The sounds and lights of the house operate on battery power, and you will need four “C” batteries to get everything going.

Note that the batteries are not included with the house, and you will have to purchase those batteries separately. There is also an area of the house where you can find the wiring system that makes everything light up and make sounds. Some parents have found that the wiring can easily be faulty preventing some of the aspects of the house to work. It has also been found that you can fool around with the wires by tightening them in a wire harness that will help them operate better. Other parents have had experiences where the plastic construction has shown up a bit warped making assembly a bit difficult and the mailbox sometimes has issues staying shut. These are items to be on the lookout for as you play with your child.
<h2>Language Learning and Level Skill</h2>

Language Learning and Level Skill

In the home hub of the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart House are two switches, one for language and one for learning level. The language switch allows parents to choose one of four languages for the house to speak. The options are English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. Depending on what language you speak at home or what languages you want your child to be exposed to depend on what switch you want to use. This is a great method to expose your child to other languages and cultures.

The learning level switch comes with three stages. Depending on the stage your child is learning at will determine what switch you want to use. Level One is Explore that allows your child to explore the house and learn the basics like numbers, colors, and letters. Level Two is Encourage, which gives the house the capability to play more songs, speak more, and learn more numbers with the clock, days of the week with the calendar, and the weather through the weather button. Level Three is Pretend, which has the house give your children commands like “answer the door” or “get the mail”, and the house will also go to its full capabilities of having your child fully role play in the house.


The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home market price is at the higher range. However, this price seems fair considering the house is meant for children from six months to three-years-old. For that price, you are buying an extremely advanced educational toy that will last you three years; therefore, the price seems reasonable.


For the price and level of education available through the house, the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home is a great find and must-have toy for your child. The house expertly hones in on the skills needing to be developed for children six months to three years and fosters those skills through role-playing, motor skill development, listening, and lights and sounds. All of these traits are essential for early education development. The toy is also reasonably priced and easy to assemble. If healthy development is important to you as a parent, purchase this smart home.
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