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We like

Adorable Disney design with charming Minnie Mouse details

Machine washable seat cover made of durable fibers for a long lasting colorful shine

Sizing makes both rear-facing and forward-facing positioning comfortable for all passengers

Simple and effortless buckle up system equipped with LATCH

Center Front Adjustment mechanism for 5-point harness

5 easily adaptable harness heights

3 different buckle locations keep the baby secured

2 cup holders integrated within the toddler’s reach

The baby is protected with Side Impact sheltering system

We don’t like

The Minnie Mouse cushion is not latched so it can fall off

The buckle can be hard to release sometimes

How it works

Picture this scenario: You and your adorable toddler finally leaving the house to go on an adventure, driving around while listening to Disney songs and sharing lovely memories together. It can be an enchanting quest to explore the world and see it through the eyes of a child however to get anywhere you probably need to drive and make sure your baby is safe and secured during the ride.

We live in an era where a lot of people are distracted by texting and driving and drivers get in the car intoxicated or go beyond the speed limit. Unfortunately, accidents happen, so precaution measurements are crucial especially if there is a fragile little companion in the back of your vehicle while you are navigating in traffic.

However, babies are often scared to get in the back of the car and can get cranky if you try to put them in their baby car seats. That is why designer car seats made of colorful and shiny materials can make them feel as if you are placing them on a whimsical throne and this observation will undoubtedly ease your efforts to secure your child with the seat belt.

There is an ultimate magical comfort zone for every child in the world, and yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the magical land of Disney. Kids love the animated characters that bring them joy and comfort and one of the most recognizable of them all is the lovely Minnie Mouse. There are so many versatile products on the market with her cute ribbon and ears, it is almost impossible to stay indifferent to her charm.

That is why Disney have created a special chair for every toddler that wants to stay close to this mesmerizing character. Meet the Disney Baby Minnie Mouse APT 40 Convertible Car Seat. Musketeers used to ride on horses to fulfill a noble quest, so babies who ride in cars while sitting in a Minnie car seat and are heading to a joyful mission to explore the vast universe, can be officially crowned as Mouseketeers.



This is undeniably one of the sweetest baby chairs out on the market since its made of fashionable detail including a black Minnie silhouette with a polka dot ribbon on it. It even has Minnie’s name embodied with pink hearts on the black surface surrounding the sitting spot.

This particular model is called the Mouseketeer as an adorable wordplay from the words “mouse” and “musketeer”. The word itself has appeared as part of the 1950’s television show The Mickey Mouse Club when each child from the group that joined the program was called a mouseketeer. Boys were granted a cute little hat with mouse ears on it while the girls had also a ribbon attached to the hat as a tribute to the charming Miss Minnie Mouse.

The manufacturers made sure the design is cleverly made so that when your child sits in it seat, there would be lovely mouse ears and a ribbon sticking out it the back so they can get into character more easily. However, don’t let these captivating components question its most significant purpose which is the baby’s safety. The car seat is LATCH equipped and made of very high-quality and durable components in case an accident takes place. It is very reassuring to have your child secured by Side Impact Protection system built directly into the baby seat and the chair will be easily installed in a correct manner within seconds.

It comes with 3 buckle locations so the child stays secured and doesn’t fall off or slip out of the chair. It also has 2 cup holders integrated near the seat since toddlers’ love snacking during long trips and appreciate having their favorite food nearby. You can also use this space to place some of the baby’s favorite toys and plush teddies so the whole experience can seem like a cute Disneyland ride.


The size of the car seat is extremely important since you want a seat that is large enough so it’s comfortable for your toddler yet not too big so it doesn’t fit smaller vehicles. The dimensions of this product are calculated as 24 x 21.5 x 23 inches which means that it can easily fit even the back of a Mini Cooper and still provide enough commodity so the baby doesn’t feel trapped during the ride.

It has 5 different harness heights so you can adjust it at the most convenient point since toddlers seem to grow and develop pretty fast. The cups are 19" to 43" in height which is pretty convenient for baby bottles and treats. The whole system is cleverly made in order for the product to allow enough space for parents to have room for their legs when its rear-facing thanks to the built-in side-protection.


This product weighs around 12 pounds which means that it is heavy and sturdy enough to protect the baby from potential accidents yet it is still light enough to be picked up and transferred from one vehicle to another. The maximum weight that it can withhold is 40 lbs as recommended by the manufacturer while the minimum is 5 lbs. Since the chair offers both front-facing and rear-facing positioning modes, the manufacturers recommend the rear-facing positioning for babies from 4 pounds and up to 40 pounds in weight and 40 inches in height. When placed into a forward-facing mode, it can be enjoyed by children who weight 22-40 pounds and are 43 inches high. It is important to follow the weight and height instructions since you want your little one to feel comfortable without its safety being compromised at any given moment.


Even though the design of the chair is undeniably cute, the purpose of a car seat is to provide safety and protection during the ride so Disney made sure that babies are not only infatuated by the looks but also secured and guarded in case of a car accident. It comes with a LATCH system which means that straps and hooks are built in directly on the safety seat as well as the anchor hardware in the car. This is very important since it has been estimated that approximately 3 out of 4 vehicle seats are not positioned accordingly. LATCH means Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children and it is a system which was specifically developed to ease the process of installing child car seats correctly without the interference of seat belts.

The ergonomic design also provides support to the baby’s neck, back and hips. This truly is a safety measurement in case there is a rear collision accident and could save your baby’s life since the structure is specialized to absorb the impact of the crash by keeping the backrest in a sturdy position and making sure the seat belt is connected at all times.


You might want to take you little one to a family trip or visit the relatives who live few hours away from you, so comfort is essential in order your baby stay calm and enjoy the ride. Infants can feel even the slightest signs of stiffness which might leave them cranky and irritated so a well-made seat is crucial for a pleasant trip.

This chair is made of soft and cozy materials, practically combined to keep the baby in its most convenient posture. Since their sensitive little bodies are just starting to grow and develop it is important that they keep they posture in the proper position especially when they are supposed to be seated for hours. This adorable Minnie Mouse chair was created by engineers who made sure they have an ergonomic seat which would adapt to the skeleton’s natural shape in order to relieve stress in the muscles and provide a relaxing yet healthy environment for back resting.


Minnie’s personality is cute and playful so no wonder the materials used to complete the final look of the design are incredibly enchanting and soothing to correspond with its character. In fact, her face silhouette is placed right on the infant’s head made of a soft velvety fabric that is very gentle on touch and will not irritate your child’s skin. It is positioned in a very cute and clever way to make sure her ears and ribbon compliment your baby’s face as she's wearing a cute Halloween mask. Manufactured with high-quality fabrics that will not fade by the cleaning process and will retain its original colors so you can keep the charming vibrant look for many years to come. The whole product is made of durable and sturdy components since car seats have to be resilient to potential damages and be used by the next addition to your family as well.
Price Range

Price Range

Car seats for babies are notoriously expensive and considering that you will also have to invest in a baby crib, a stroller, a swing and other baby products, you really want to look for a more affordable yet fashionable design. This Disney chair is fairly priced considering it pretty much fulfills its purpose as a safe and secure chair to place your baby while you’re driving and it provides comfort and joy due to its intelligent and genuine blueprint.

Almost every parent will thank you if you decide to buy this product as a baby shower gift or a birthday present. It truly is a basic necessity since you need to be mobile while not compromising the safety of your child. Its durable components make it pretty reusable in case there is a new addition to your family and you can rest assure that the Minnie character is iconic and will never fall out of fashion.

It is very convenient that the Disney chair comes with a one-year warranty which assures the customers that they will have support in case something wrong goes with the car seat which is always a plus when it comes to investing your money in a product you haven’t tried yet.


Sooner or later, you will need to leave the house and as a parent you have to make sure the ride from home is safe and comfortable for your little one. Babies love car rides and it often makes them calm down and explore the surroundings through the car window however no one want to sit in an uncomfortable chair. It is important to grant your child a chair made of soft and cozy materials since trips can last for hours and hours.

You really can’t go wrong when purchasing any type of Disney product for your little ones. They are instantly mesmerized by its characters and they tend to be emotionally attached to them as they have the role of their first imaginary friends. And why not give them a glimpse of the magical land of animation. After all, aren’t children supposed to dream big and unleash their creativity?

There are many expensive designer car chairs on the market however children don’t care about brands and fashion. They want objects that they can relate to emotionally so this Minnie Mousketeer chair will be something they will look forward to using. Many children even want to take it in the house and pretend they are sitting on a royal Disney throne or place their dolls in it. Soon before you know it, this car seat will become one for all and all for one indeed!
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