Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow Review

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We like

  • Better support of the body
  • The spine is perfectly aligned
  • Perfect for pregnant women
  • Fabric covers are very pleasant for the skin
  • Pillow cover is easily washable
  • Replaces 4 regular pillows
We don’t like
  • Consumes a lot of bed space
  • The sham style makes it difficult for applying the pillow after washing the case.

How it works

There are a lot of advantages in using multifunctional pillows. We spend one-third of our lives in bed, so the adequate support of the body while you sleep is of great importance for preventing or reducing the pain in the neck and the spine. One of the solutions for obtaining such body support might be the multifunctional pillows. Pillows nowadays are designed to support the neck and the head, but this can be inadequate for someone who sleeps on the side or in a fetal position. Most of the peoples sleep in these two positions and this design of the pillows can cause them stiffness and pain in the neck and spine as well as the rest of the back region. When you sleep on the side you would probably move your upper leg over the other which will lead to additional rotation of the spine. The perfect solution for those who cannot achieve comfort in the bedroom is the Leachco Snoogle Original Pregnancy pillow which supports the head, spine, legs, and arms. This multifunctional pillow allows you to be more relaxed in the muscles and you will have peaceful dreams. Leachco Snoogle is specific because of its shape and soft materials, which makes it one of the best selling product of this company. The advantages are numerous and once you have this pillow you will not regret it.



Leachco, Inc. is one of the most successful and most innovative designers and manufacturers of products for infants and toddlers as well as comfort items which are especially useful for pregnant moms. The company produces products for feeding, among which there are breastfeeding covers, nursing pillows and covers, baby bibs and replacement covers. It also produces bathing products, bath supports which can be of two types, cushioned or adjustable, bathing apron, baby bather and shower caddy as well as bath pads; and safety and comfort products. It sells its products through online or store retailers, and catalog in the United States. Leachco, Inc. was founded in Ada, Oklahoma in 1988. The founder is a mom and a nurse with very creative and useful ideas for all moms and children. Her name is Jamie. She has been creating products for over 30 years that helped her children, grandchildren, her friends and relatives and people all over the world. Nowadays Leachco is a company focused on producing maternity products with the best quality.

The history of this company is especially interesting. It all started in 1988 when a small accident provoked Jamie to think about creating this famous brand. She fixed her baby son Alex in the high chair with her purse strap because he was about to fall down before. She knew she had to do something to keep him fixed to the chair so that night she improvised and created a safety belt with whatever she could find useful. This was quickly noticed by other parents and a few months later Jamie and her husband Clyde founded Leachco. She uses her experience as a mom and a nurse to create products that helped millions of parents and children in the world. She works with her husband and children to manufacture one of the best products that parents simply love.
Easy to use

Easy to use

There are six basic positions you can put this pillow in, two sleeping positions and four for sort of sitting or reclining. The sleeping positions are back to back and belly basic position. The back to back position is very comfy for pregnant women who love to sleep on their back because it helps them supported in the side position. The back to back supports the entire back because the longer part of the pillow is on the back and it aligns hips, legs, spine, and neck, which is a great relief especially for hip and lower back pain. To position the pillow in this way you should take the top of the pillow and the end of the pillow.

You will notice it curves on its own, so basically you are going to lay with your head at the upper end and put the lower part of the pillow between your legs to align the whole body in the side position. This position is not so much for your belly support even though your whole body is aligned. So, you will be kind of curled up in a C shape. The belly basic position is basically the same thing but facing on the other direction, so your belly is supported by the longer part of the pillow. It is suitable during pregnancy or after surgeries. This is also good for mothers with a c section because it supports the belly, nothing is rubbing against it and you are not tossing and turning, it aligns hip, legs, and belly. You can put your hand below the pillow to kind of hug the pillow. The other 4 ways are not sleeping positions.

The swirl around position is kind of addition to your recliner, it is for reading, watching TV, it is for upper extremity elevation back support. It is kind of swirled around your body. Donut deluxe is extremely comfortable for the lower body, it is also an addition to your recliner and a must have in case of hemorrhoids and special relief in case of episiotomy. So, you should sit on one end of the pillow and you kind of wrap the cushion around yourself, around your belly. It is supporting the belly and helps you sit more comfortably. The nest rest, upper or lower body elevation relieves stiffness swelling indigestion so this is a way for you to be on your back but you can be actually supported by the pillow, it is actually wrapped around, it is similar to the donut deluxe but you are not wrapped around the cushion.

The whole pillow is rotated and just pushed back so you can lay on it. You can lay your back on it or you can use it to stretch and lift your legs a little bit. The swirl position is perfect for watching TV, reading it relieves back, neck pain, it is the same as the nest rest but a little bit more refined in the way that it is folded. It is folded but flat, unlike the previous position. One of the biggest pros of using this pillow is that you don’t have to use 4 pillows while you sleep it is all in one now.


The dimensions of this pillow are 60 inches long 25 inches wide and seven inches in height. The height makes it a pretty firm pillow. Things to consider before buying this pillow is that it is a large pillow, so think about the size of your bed and if you have enough room to keep it in your closet when you will no longer need it. It is the size of half of another person in the bed so if you have a queen sized bed and you sleep with someone beside you it may take up a lot of room and make things tighter. However, you will never feel the benefits of this pillow if it wasn’t as big as it is. It is suitable for short and tall people. It is very important especially in the last trimester of your pregnancy when you are primarily sleeping on the side. It not only supports your knees to keep your hips aligned but it helps curve around your back or your bump, depending on your preferences and then curls all the way up. It is full body support that everybody loves.


Leachco has a lot of different varieties of Snoogle’s. However, all of their fillings is the same. It is 100 percent polyester fibers. It is stuffed into like a snake. The outer cover is what differs from all pillows. The original is a removable cover made of polyester and cotton. It is a sham style which means that it is an easily removable cover, there is a place where you can just stretch the cover and easily pull the inside out. The cover is easily washable because of its material. There are some which have zippers or some pillow which don’t have removable covers so just think about what would be the best fit for you. You can choose a cover which is 100 % cotton for additional softness, however, it is your choice and you have that option with Leachco. Another thing to mention is the sham-style which is a little tricky because you will try to stuff the whole pillow through this small section. So this could be annoying so you can consider the covers with a zip which are much easier for applying. There are a lot of fabric options for cases such as mixtures of polyester and cotton. You cannot throw the whole pillow in the washing machine you can only wash the cover so you will not be able to wash the whole thing if you spill a coffee or you something else happens.

The cases can be in different colors, so you can pick a color that suits your room or bed mostly. The material of the pillowcases is of great importance for your sleep. The fabric and material of the pillow you sleep to determine the quality of your sleep. After a stressful day, all you need is a nice rest. Many people would swear they cannot sleep if they sleep without their favorite pillow, but the pillowcase is also very important in this case. The safety and softness of the material of the case are equally important as the pillow itself. Leachco Snoogle’s case is soft, light and smooth. No matter if you are working in an office, if you are a student or housewife, the back and the neck are mostly imposed to external influences and you need to feel comfortable during your night sleep. If the cover material is not suitable for your skin it might cause you itching and discomfort that will wake you up during the night. The conclusion is that you cannot put your sleep at risk and you must choose the right pillow and the right pillowcase with it for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Therefore Leachco Snoogle is the right choice.

Price Range

There are a lot of multifunctional pillows on the market. They can be pretty big to pretty small and everything in between. The Leachco Shoogle is definitely the most popular among parents because it meets some specific pregnancy needs. It is a unique shape, it is basically a C-Shape and it is a full body pillow. It can replace multiple pillows because it is very long and it can be curved from your ankles all the way up to your head to provide neck support. One of the best things about Snoogle is that not only you can use it while pregnant but you can also use it after. You can find the Snoogle pillow for a pretty affordable price. Anyone who craves for peaceful dreams would want this pillow. Many other people who suffer from back pain would find their solution in this pillow. It can be used as a baby shower gift, you will be definitely sure that it will be useful for the mother. Athletes can use this pillow to relieve their muscle pains. Older people can use it also to diminish pain issues. Patients who are recommended by their doctors to sleep on the side can use this pillow to align the spine during the night.


Sleeping during pregnancy is no longer a mission impossible. The solution is called Leachco Snoogle pillow. It can provide peaceful dreams during pregnancy, it relaxes the muscles and it is also used as support for both the mother and the baby during breastfeeding.
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