What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

Other than the stress brought about by choosing the perfect gift for baby shower, it is also challenging to figure out what one should write on a baby shower card. Thus, the following are tips and examples on how you can go about writing a good one.

Although you want to convey the perfect message, most of the time, people often fail in expressing when they mean to say. It would be helpful if one starts with a simple outline on what it should contain. The usual baby shower card is composed of three parts which are the opening, body, and closing or concluding statements.

  1. Opening – Of the three sections, this is of most importance with regard to impact. Being the first part to be read, the opening section sets the tone of the whole baby shower card.
  1. Body – This section is the juiciest section among the three major parts. This part is dedicated to saying the best message ever. And this is also the most stressful part because one needs to be able to construct the most pleasing and sincere words together into a meaningful message.
  1. Closing – This section is what makes the recipient remember you. The ending of the baby shower card should be significantly hitting to the reader that it will never be forgotten. It may be a quote or an advice or whatever the writer feels like saying to the recipient as of the moment.

Below are some phrases one may opt to use in a baby shower card divided into the respective sections one may use them in.

What to write in the opening for a baby shower card

The opening portion of the baby shower card is where the writer addresses the letter. In other words, where the name of the recipient is placed. In writing so, the following are some considerations. First, is the event formalized? If so, the recipient should be formally addressed through the use of either or both the parents’ name. Second, the name presented in the card should also be written on the envelope for it. It adds a more dedicated taste for the card. Last, let us not forget to place the name of both the parents especially when they considered the baby shower as the so-called “couple’s shower.”

The suggested content of the body for a baby shower card

Figuring out what to write on a baby shower card may be a tough job. But when the message flows out of the heart with ease, the dedication would be created as easy as pie. It does not necessarily have to be long. A short concise one is better than a lengthy meaningless text. Listed below are some of the generic yet catchy messages which you may opt to use as a basis for your own baby shower card. Remember that in writing this, you may address the parents or the baby to come.

  • All the best to you and the blessing that is to come
  • Brace yourselves for a whole new chapter in your life
  • It’s going to be a bumpy and messy once the little one arrives!
  • You will be given a new definition and level of happiness when the new arrival comes.
  • New baby? No problem! Congrats to the both of you!
  • I am as thrilled as you are waiting for that little guy.
  • We were overjoyed by the news that a baby is in your tummy! I know you will be a great mom.
  • We hope the kid inherits the good genes from the two of you!
  • A princess fits a queen and king. Congratulations!
  • I am so excited to see your baby!
  • The experience of being a parent is tiring. But I assure you it is something you would cherish!
  • I’ll be praying for a healthy pregnancy. As for the father, good luck!
  • Here comes… the baby! God bless the both of you.
  • Don’t overthink about the things that would change. Rather, embrace the new tomorrow and new life brought by your new baby!
  • Get your earplugs and patience ready!
  • Never mind the noise! Just love your baby boy!
  • You should now bid farewell with our constant nights out. You wouldn’t be having one for years to come!
  • Be the most wonderful parents a baby could ask for.
  • Trust me, you would not love anyone more than your child. Congratulations!
  • Kiss your shopping spree budget goodbye as you will be mandated to spend those on toys and milk!
  • Cherish the moments you have when your baby comes. Time surely flies undeniably fast!
  • Looks like a new bundle of happiness is coming!
  • Praying for your safe delivery.
  • I am nothing less than excited for your baby.
  • Hang in there little guy!
  • May you child be as healthy as possible. Congratulations!

Perfect ending words for a baby shower card

The ending of a baby shower card produces the same impact as the other two sections. This portion is where you can convey your love, happiness, or assurance that you will be there throughout the journey of having their baby. It may be a quote from a song or literary piece. Or it may just be as simple as signing your name with a perfect identifier or attributor. The following are some phrases to place before your name.

  • Wishing you all the best,
  • Full of love,
  • The best aunt to be,
  • Sincerely yours,
  • Hugs and kisses,
  • Regards,
  • Yours truly,
  • Your best friend,
  • Forever your sister
  • Love,
  • Extremely happy,
  • Always beside you,
  • Nothing but the best,
  • God bless,

Hopefully this article threw away your stress and worries about writing a baby shower card. However, the above-mentioned suggestions should not restrict you from creating your personalized baby shower card. Remember the three main sections and you will definitely do good in writing. Do not forget to be sincere and witty at the same time. If it would be of greater help, there are other articles and websites you can visit for extra tips not only on writing a baby shower card but also in buying the perfect gift for the event.

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