10 Reasons Your Kid Should be doing Yoga

10 Reasons Your Kid Should be doing Yoga

Children are very receptive to what they are taught. From the moment they are born, they are like little “sponges” taking in and absorbing everything about their world. This is a good reason we should teach our children the art of doing Yoga—Yoga is a good form of exercise in which strengthens the mind and body.

Kids-Yoga-Community-Yoga-Kids-Yoga-Blog-Page1. Yoga helps children get to know their bodies in relation to space.

Children don’t really understand what their body is doing at first. However, after a while of doing Yoga, your child will learn not only about looking at themselves from the outside, but to also have the ability to see themselves from within, as they become familiarized with the way their body is positioned.

stardust-yoga-studio-classes-for-kids-kids-yoga-page2.  Yoga helps kids become more patient with others.

New kids will also join the class and your child must learn to be patient as the new kids learn poses already known to the “veteran” Yoga students. Older does not necessarily mean you are better. There can be a six-year-old in class that has been doing Yoga for a while and knows more than a nine-year-old; the children learn how to restrain themselves from showing off as well, as well as have patience for those not so experienced.

Kids-Happy-Yoga-Page-Blog3. Yoga helps kids become more patient with themselves.

Kids learn to be patient with themselves by learning the importance of practice; as well as that rewarding feeling when they are able to finally hold a pose, such as Ardha Chandrasana, after practicing and falling over for several weeks earlier.

Kids-Happy-Yoga-Page-Blog4. Yoga helps kids recognize and appreciate differences in themselves and others.

Yoga is not a team sport; children learn compassion for themselves as well as other kids in the class. Children quickly learn not everyone can do a pose skillfully. What comes naturally for one child can seem impossible for another child.

multiculturalism-world-Kids-Yoga-Page5. Yoga helps kids calm their bodies and minds.

Yoga poses require a great deal of enthusiasm, effort, determination, and focus, which results in a feeling of clarity and peace. Sports and gymnastics are an excellent form of exercise; however, Yoga offers many other benefits. When a child who plays a “team” sport, such as soccer or baseball learns the discipline of Yoga, handling a loss or other defeating event is a lot easier.

Kid-Yoga-Page6. Yoga helps children gain strength and flexibility.

Not every kid can touch their toes to the back of their head; however, by learning and practicing the pose called “Adho Mukha Svanasana” (also known as “downward facing dog”), your child will have a lot better chance at doing it. Just a few seconds of Yoga builds muscle strength in the upper arms. A favorite pose is the “Utkatasana challenge” a pose resembling sitting in an invisible chair, which builds strength, balance, and flexibility.

Kids-Yoga-Strength-Pose-Yoga-Kids-Page7. Yoga is a good form of medicine for emotional and physical health.

A survey by the American Psychological Association has revealed that almost a third of children between the ages of 8 and 17 experience health symptoms, such as headaches and stomachaches, brought on by stress and anxiety, can be almost eliminated by Yoga; even children as young as 8 experience positive results from Yoga. The lessons learned as a child during their Yoga classes have proven beneficial in how they will also deal with stress and anxiety as an adult.

Kid-Meditating-Yoga-Kids-Page8. Yoga is a lot more than just a “fun” form of exercise.

Studies have proven that there are several benefits to a child learning and practicing the art of Yoga. Yoga is known for reducing and even eliminating some of the effects of certain health and emotional ailments as asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, ADHD, and autism.

9. Helping to reduce the pain and anxiety of Cancer in children.

Mount Sinai Beth Israel, in New York City; Boston Children’s Hospital; and even St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis are all starting to use Yoga in their treatment plans for children. The doctors are recognizing results such as decreased pain and anxiety, as well as an increase in endurance, ranges of motion, and strength since starting the Yoga exercises.

Kids-Yoga-Page-Hospital-Yoga10. An overall Success Story thanks to Yoga.

One of the biggest success stories involving Yoga is about a girl with autism. As a way to help her daughter, the mother used Yoga. Noticing how simple deep breathing helped her daughter to relax; as the girl aged, her mother continued Yoga for her physical pain. The use of Yoga exercises decreases pain caused by her inverted hip.

Yoga-Purple-Shirt-Kids-Yoga-PageYoga exercises have been proven to help children with all areas of their lives from getting physical exercise, to learning social skills, and how to have patience with their peers and even themselves.  Not only can children do Yoga in the Yoga classroom, it can also be turned into a family activity getting the whole family involved with Yoga stretches in the living room.