10 Best Teething Necklaces in 2018

Teething can be an extremely painful time in your infant’s life. They have yet to fully grasp the concept of their mouth for anything other than eating when suddenly its full of sharp, hot pain! Inflammation and discomfort go hand in hand with those precious pearly whites breaking through and while we know that this too shall pass, your baby does not. Infants have a skewed concept of time. In fact, it is not until somewhere between the ages of 4 and 6 that your child will begin to understand things like “we’ll leave in 10 minutes” or “it will only hurt for a few days,” so it’s not surprising that a baby might believe that tooth pain will last forever.

Typical infant teething is only part of the equation when it comes to oral needs. Autism, ADHD, oral fixations, PICA, sensory-processing disorders….the list goes on and on. There are dozens of reasons why your toddler, older child, or even teen may need some extra help with oral stimulation. Repurposing an adult-style teething necklace or purchasing a more child-friendly design may be the best alternative to keep your little one from chewing holes in their blankets or shirts.

Teething necklaces today come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. While size and design are very individual choices for your unique child, the composition of the chewable part of the necklace tends to take one of three forms. Wooden necklaces are the OG of teethers, dating back to prehistory. They provide a solid chewing surface made of all natural components that will not harm your child if chewed apart and/or swallowed. Most necklaces on the market today feature some form of silicone beads or pendants for your little one to chew. This food-grade chewing option is better-suited for infants than wood as it prevents damage to their delicate gums. Silicone can also sometimes withstand the rigors of more aggressive or strong chewers as well, helping it to maintain its shape for a much longer period.

The new kid on the market is amber. Recent reviews and studies have suggested that amber necklaces can provide additional soothing benefits. It is believed that as your child chews the amber, it warms and begins to release succinic acid. This acid is then absorbed into their bloodstream and creates an anti-inflammatory effect. Science does back some of these facts–Baltic amber (the recommended kind for teething) does contain succinic acid and this type of acid is beneficial for treating pain. It has not been proven, however, that your child’s body heat alone is enough to cause this acid to exude from the stone in the first place. Many doctors are also cautioning parents to the potential choking and strangulation hazards that can come with many amber teething necklaces. Whether this material is suitable for your child is a personal decision.

We have gathered several teething necklaces from across the internet featuring all three of the materials listed above. Each necklace comes with its own pros and cons for use from style to length. We hope that one of these Top 10 Best Teething Necklaces will be able to give your little one some pain relief…and you some piece of mind.

Last Updated: September 26, 2018
By Amanda Milewski:

Although these necklackes are primarily made for teething infants, children with oral fixation issues will find them useful as well. In addition to adding new products, all product details--dimensions, materials, cost and availability--have been reviewed and updated where necessary.

Our Top 3 Picks

Blue Dolphin Silicone Necklace
  • Blue Dolphin Silicone Necklace
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Gender Neutral
  • Price: See Here
Rainbow Silicone Necklace
  • Rainbow Silicone Necklace
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • For Mom & Baby
  • Price: See Here
Baltic Amber Teething Necklace
  • Baltic Amber Teething Necklace
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • + Gift Set
  • Price: See Here

Criteria Used in Evaluation of The Best Teething Necklaces

Teething is just the first of many milestones for your child, and it may seem endless and overwhelming while in the midst of it–a restless baby makes for a restless parent! Not to mention how some of the symptoms and some of the cures can be quite confusing at times. This is why not only do we try to cover the basics of our products as far as functionality is concerned, we also look for products that include additional tips and advice from experts!  Whether it’s what doctors suggest for pain and inflammation, or how high the rating might be for the material that the teething product is made out of!

In these product offerings, we wanted to take the extra effort to consider the lifestyle of moms who may not be feeling that noticeable since they had a child: always wearing the same old outfits that they’re not afraid to stain and so on! At least two of our products are manufactured by a company that is run by “mom experts”–women who have been in the exact same position and know all of the concerns that come up with the health of the baby and the emotional life of the mother. The rest just gives way to design.


Teething toys are the best way to get through this short but rough period in your child’s life! The research to all of this is very simple! A baby will reach for anything to put into his or her mouth to relieve the inflammation caused by a newly erupting tooth! Later, this could possibly turn into an oral fixation of another kind, such as thumbsucking, or other compulsive habits.  We understand what the doctor’s remedies typically are–some sort of over-the-counter medication to reduce fever, pain and inflammation. Our offerings are for when you don’t want to medicate your baby and be as natural as possible in your approach.  This is why we sought the holistic properties of amber and why we’ve highlighted material such as silicone. And, most importantly, understanding the most basic tactile and sensory triggers that can calm a teething baby–the relief of a cold refrigerated object and a colorful pallet of wonder to gaze at!

What Determined the Most Amazing and Most Stylish Teething Necklaces on Our List

Safety was a very important concern for us in our search for the world’s top 10 teething necklaces. It simply didn’t matter if the baby teething necklace looked luxuriously stylish yet failed miserably in terms of its safety. Since these baby gadgets are designed to be “chewed” on by infants, these must not leach any harmful chemical into our kid’s system. The materials used in the construction of the device or, in this case, the infant accessory, had to be certified to be safe for babies. Emphasis was placed on the appropriateness of the safety features specifically for babies, not adults.

Once the safety issue has been addressed, we then focused on the aesthetic qualities of the product. This is particularly important for items that are to be worn by moms. These must be stylish enough to be used as a fashion accessory or jewelry so that moms will be more confident wearing them around their necks and still feel pride about being able to care for their babies.

Other factors that were considered included the item’s rating in consumer reviews, the credibility or reputation of the teething necklace’s manufacturer, and the soundness of all other features that have been built into the design of these baby teethers.

Tips to Caring for Your Baby During the Teething Period

One of the developmental milestones that we all anxiously await is the eruption of our baby’s first tooth. While different kids will exhibit different baby teething timelines, experts say that the first tooth eruption should typically occur within the first 4 to 8 months of life. It can be earlier or it can also be later, often depending on other factors. If you’re wondering about the remedies for teething symptoms, here are a few tips you can observe.

  • Cold compresses can help numb the pain, bringing instant relief. You can get a clean washcloth, moisten it, and then put it in the freezer. Once it’s hardened enough, you can take it out and apply it against your baby’s gums to help soothe swelling and alleviate pain.
  • Massaging the gums can also help, especially if the tooth is still embedded deep in the gums. Wash your hands and carefully massage the area. If you’re concerned about safety, you can wrap your finger with a clean washcloth.
  • Try to distract your baby’s attention by offering him or her plenty of interactive toys or simply talking with him or her. Distraction refocuses your baby’s attention from the painful experience. Most of the time, your baby simply needs a hug or a cuddle and your scent and smile will already be enough to distract him or her from the discomforts of teething.
  • Choose teething toys and accessories like the necklaces we have featured in this article. These provide all the benefits we have listed above while also giving you a fashion accessory.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I believe most of these products are made in China, how safe does that make them?

A: While they may be made in China, they have to follow the safety regulations established by the FDA and other international organizations to be used here.  Your concern is legitimate, but we’ve made every effort through research and reviews to get the best-quality products for you and your child!  Occasionally, there are a few bad reviews and complaints, but we tend to be drawn to the products for which those are few and far between!  As for the rest, do your own research!  If you find that there is a product that has been recalled before for any reasons, take that up with the company itself and some other third-party consumer organizations.

Q: How did you come up with amber as a cure for teething?

A: People have known about the healing properties of amber for thousands of years!  It’s always been seen as a preservative, especially when we think of fossils.  And, people have worn the jewelry for a long time as well.  Science has just now discovered why people have been so attracted to it over the centuries. It is due to succinic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory and has mild sedative effects, which bring on a calm and peaceful state.  The whole idea is, rather than rely on an OTC medicine such as Children’s Tylenol, why not allow the exposure to amber and it’s inherent pathogens do it’s work in boosting the immunity and reducing inflammation!

Q: I’ve heard a lot about silicone, just how safe is it?

A: Silicone is a very durable and malleable substance that’s a great alternative to plastic!  And, unlike plastic, it can withstand higher temperatures. The products that we have on our list are made of high-end medical-grade silicone. Typically, this grade of silicone tends to be used in medical facilities in Japan and is rated at the highest standards possible.  Food-grade silicone is known to be chemically inert and stable. It is guaranteed not to leech or have harmful side effects.

Q: How important is the designation, “designed by moms?”

A: That all depends on who you ask! The company that has the slogan, Itybity, simply wants to relate to women who are struggling to cope with family issues and image. They want them to know that they aren’t isolated and alone in their experience. The point is to raise the level of awareness, while at the same time bringing in technical expertise to provide practical solutions to whatever comes up. The same company also prides itself on handcrafting its goods, thereby making them unique and one-of-a-kind! This is something else that can make the customer feel valued, even if the stocks aren’t as highly available as always desired.

Q: Can some of these necklaces be “too busy” with the number beads and colors that it has?

A: In our book, nothing can be too busy for the mind of a child! It can be a different scenario for a parent and their convenience!  A child’s motor skills and cognitive function are paramount to later social development. That feeling of “overwhelm” that we tend to get as adults, simply doesn’t exist for them. Life is simple, something is in front of you or it is not!  So the more colorful the better! It will help the child to understand quickly differentials in the color spectrum! The more textures and sizes, the better! It will enhance the tactile ability and give more subtlety to kinesthetic learning!

The Bottom Line

Teething is one of the most anticipated developmental milestones of any child. However, it can be quite frustrating since your baby will be fussy and restless most of the time. With 10 best teething necklaces to choose from, you’re now more than capable of addressing your baby’s teething concerns.


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