Infantino Flip Review: An Advanced Convertible Carrying System

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We like

Additional head support

Broad shoulder straps

Machine washable

Four convertible positions

One of the least expensive carriers available on the market

The leg openings are customizable for little children and bigger infants

All straps are adjustable for parents’ and babies’ comfort

The material is breathable so you won’t overheat and the fabric will not collect germs

We don’t like

Some parents do not like the drool bib but it does not affect the usage of the carrier negatively so it may just be a vestigial feature of the carrier

Limited mobility for children inside the carrier

How it works

The Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 convertible carrier is without a doubt a standout amongst the best items available today. Infantino has a distinct notoriety for giving solid but exceptional items for babies and young children, keeping the security and solace of your little ones. Their most recent offering is the Infantino Flip 4 in 1 convertible carrier.

The cutting edge Infantino Flip 4 in 1 is an outstanding and convertible seat that is perfect for newborn babies through young toddler age. Use the narrow seat position that comes padded and includes support for baby’s head to hold your child with ease and comfort. You can change to the open or wide position as to continue giving an ergonomic, inward-facing seat as your children develop.

A great deal of carriers require extra newborn padded inserts and constrain little legs into a horrendously wide position. This best in class convertible carrier from Infantino enables guardians to adjust the seat for their little ones. As your infant develops, you can change the size of the seat to adjust to your child’s size.

The additional padding on the shoulder in addition to the waist belt, evenly distributes the weight of your baby. The incorporated movable lash makes a loose and comfortable fit for fathers and mothers taking all body types into account.

If you need to ensure that your child will be safe and comfortable in a carrier and aren’t prepared to spend on a more costly one, this is the product for you. And spending more won’t be necessary anyway because this carrier has everything you would need. The material is lightweight and breathable. The leg openings are flexible for little children and bigger infants. Each of the four lashes that protect the arms and legs are movable. The two straps designed for the parent are customizable as well.

At the end of the day, the Infantino Flip Advanced 4 of every 1 convertible seat is truly solid and excellent item outfitted with fundamental safety features, style and functionality making it helpful for parents and children too.

Age Range

Age Range

In addition to the various carrying choices, the carrier features an adjustable seating pad that is designed to aid in the development of your child’s hips and does not cause discomfort as other seats might. It can develop with your child since it is so adjustable in almost every aspect. This convertible carrier offers an ergonomic seat for ideal infant hip positioning, a very sturdy midriff belt and customizable cushioned straps for long haul wearability. The four different ways to convey include facing in with the narrow seat for infants, looking in using the wide seat for children slightly older, looking out with the narrow seat for children with more head control and forward facing with the wider seat for older toddlers and babies. For messy newborns, it also incorporates the Clever Wonder cover bib to ensure that the wearer of the carrier is protected from drool or other messes caused for your little one. This seat supports a large weight range so it can be used for years to come. It supports children from 8 pounds to 32 pounds.



The Infantino Flip is an ergonomic baby carrier which can be utilized for babies just as for more children a little older. In this baby carrier, a child can be held in 4 unique positions.

The positions include when the infant is looking in with the head bolster up, when they are looking in with head bolster down and when they are looking in with the wide seat. The final position allows your child to look out in the forward facing position while on your back.

The shoulder lashes of the carrier are additionally cushioned. It can likewise fit mothers and fathers of many different sizes since it is so adjustable. The ties are longer and can be extended to accommodate a larger frame.


What parents adore about the Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier is that it suits your developing youngster and it gives parents peace of mind knowing their children are safe and secure within the carrier.

The Infantino Flip carrier is a one of a kind, convertible seat which makes this the carrier perfect for early stages through toddler child years.

You can utilize the 4 different seat positions and cushioning to hold your child safely and comfortably on your chest. When your child is a bit older, you can change to the wide position to keep on giving an ergonomic, forward facing seat as your child develops. The bearer incorporates the convenient drool bib to keep your garments mess free while your baby is inside the carrier. It safely carries newborn children 8 to 32 pounds and it is machine launderable.

There are simple directions and even a video to show you how to carrier your infant securely in the carrier. The Flip Carrier enables you to restrict the size of the seat for little newborn children, making it a comfortable seat for little infants. As your kid develops, you can widen the seat to give children the appropriate hip position so that their legs are not uncomfortably opened, which can cause improper development in their forming bodies.

The straps all around are cushioned, yet are not excessively thick. They work fine with your little infant. The straps are in the “H” formation with a strap that goes across your back to secure your shoulder straps much like a hiking backpack. It does not take on the “X” formation which other more costly carriers tend to feature which purportedly distributes the weight of your child a little better.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

This carrier has certainly made life for parents a lot simpler. Parents are tasked with so many different jobs that is is important that their hands are free. With really small, young children it can be very troublesome. This carrier can be put on in less than a moment and you can slide your child into the carrier in less than a few moments. It is a very solid and durable carrier and it was made well. There is a fold that adds a little extra support to your child's head, which is useful for snoozing and napping on the go, and all of the straps are customizable which enables you to keep your infant cozy and secure to your chest. One thing new mothers will especially love is that you can breastfeed an infant while utilizing this carrier and have no issues with that either. WIth other carriers, following a couple of long stretches of consistent use, you may need to take a break as it might stress your shoulders, however that is not something that regularly occurs with this particular carrier. It is a very easy to use device and a lifesaver for so many parents.



This bearer can be placed on in under a minute and you can slide your tyke into the transporter in just a few seconds. It is a strong and sturdy transporter and it was made well. There is an overlay that adds some additional support to your tyke's head, which is valuable for resting and snoozing while you are out and about. All of the straps are adjustable which empowers you to keep your baby comfortable and secure to your chest while you are on the go. One thing new moms will particularly adore is that you can breastfeed a newborn child while using the carrier and have no issues maneuvering that at all. WIth different carriers, following two or three extended lengths of reliable use, you may need to have a break as it may put pressure your shoulders but that is not something that consistently happens with this specific carrier. It is a simple to use gadget and a lifeline for many parents who need to be handsfree. It is compact at only 10.2 x 10.2 x 4.3 inches. It also weighs just over a pound and a half so it is very light and easy to manage.
Price Range

Price Range

There is an apparently unbounded measure of options for these carriers, most with sticker prices that appear to be much more than what something of good quality and good functionality ought to be estimated at. A lot of other carriers boast high prices while only offering features that make it little more than a glorified rucksack. Parents are always prepared to throw down serious money for baby items and that is why the Infantino carrier is such a great find. It is one of the least expensive carriers on the market right now but that does not mean it sacrifices quality or safety. It gives you four different positions to hold your child both in front facing and inward facing positions. You can also carry him or her on your back. The straps are padded and adjustable for maximum comfort for you and your child. It promotes even weight distribution so the bulk of the burden is not concentrated in one area of your body. It also is extremely lightweight at just over a pound. The materials are light and promote good airflow so it does not support the trapping of germs or bacteria and also makes it so you or your little one does not overheat. For all that it offers, it really is a great carrier for the cost and can be used for many years as your child continues to grow and develop.


The Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 convertible carrier is a champion among the best baby products accessible today. Infantino has a particular reputation for giving durable yet stylish items for children and young babies, keeping the security and comfort of your little ones in mind. Their latest addition to the collection is the Infantino Flip 4 in 1 convertible carrier.

A lot of carriers require additional infant cushions that are removable but they position your child’s little legs into unpleasantly wide positions. This stand out convertible carrier from Infantino empowers parents to be able to adjust the seat for their little ones. As your newborn child gets bigger, you can change the width of the seat to conform to your youngster's size.

The Infantino Flip 4 of every 1 is an exceptional and convertible seat that is ideal for infants through toddler age. You can use the seat position that comes cushioned and incorporates extra padding for infants so that you can hold your youngster easily and comfortably. You can change to the open or wide position as to keep giving an ergonomically comfortable seat as your kids continues to grow.

The extra cushioning on the shoulder as well as the abdomen belt, uniformly appropriates the weight of your young child. The adjustable straps makes for a comfortable and agreeable fit for dads and moms considering all body types.

On the chance that you want to guarantee that your kid will be sheltered and safe in a carrier but aren't able to spend on a more expensive one, this is the item for you. What's more, spending more won't be necessary at any rate since this carrier has all that you would require anyway regardless of the cost. The material is lightweight and breathable. The leg openings are adaptable for little kids and newborn children. Every one of the four straps that secure the arms and legs are adjustable and the two straps intended for the parent are adjustable also.

Overall the Infantino Flip Advanced 4 in 1 convertible seat is a really strong and magnificent option for parents equipped with major security highlights, style and utility making it an enjoyable product for guardians and kids as well.
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