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We like

It fits to all types of strollers.

Connectors can be applied to any kind of chassis

It is easy to fit and easy to remove

You don’t need a toll to install the Buggy Board

The platform is wide enough for taller or bigger kids

The platform is high which is comfortable for the parents to walk freely without bumping the board all the time

The platform is extra safe, because the surface is not slippery and there are side borders as well

We don’t like

Have to be removed every time you are storing the stroller

Your stroller is noisy with extra plastic wheels on it

How it works

If you are parents of two children, or more than two, your stroller is just not enough to keep them together. You probably have a hard time when crossing roads and you find it difficult to manage them in shopping malls or on your way to the park. In this case, you should definitely consider buying the Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi, Universal Ride-On Stroller Board. Buying a second stroller will just take too much space and will be hard to handle, but this product is a lifesaver when it comes to desperate situations when you have a baby and the other kid tries to hide in the zoo or the park. Not to mention a situation with three kids. While you can still manage the first two kids in the stroller the third kid can ride on the stroller and it would be the perfect solution to your problem. It is suitable for older kids who are old enough to ride in a stroller but still too young to leave them walking beside you. With this board, you are turning your stroller into a double stroller. It is universal which means that it can fit on any stroller.



Lascal company is a well-known brand among parents because it provides many solutions to childcare and diverse nursery equipment. They are famous for manufacturing products of high quality that meet the requirements of every parent and contribute to happy and peaceful parenting time. They have a network of 48 distributors worldwide. Each of them is an independent company with the same quality and customer service as the original Lascal company. One of their top products is the Kiddy Guard, M1 Carrier, and M1 Buggy. They sell 878 products on a daily basis. The Buggy Board is one of Lascal’s best products. It can fit any riding platform and it is the only board that you will ever want.

They have sold around 3500000 Buggy boards so far, which makes this one their favorite products among parents. Whether it is attached to your pram, travel system, pushchair, buggy or something else you will definitely find comfort and relief of using this product. There are a bunch of buggies this board fits on, your job is only to adjust it. It is much different than a double pushchair, it is easier for storage than pushchair as well. The Buggy Board is not only practical but also safe for your child. It makes your life easier when your toddler is tired of running around because you no longer have to hold him/her in your hands while pushing your stroller with a baby.


The most amazing thing about the Lascal Buggy board is that it fits 99% of the pushchairs. You don’t need a special tool to put it together. You can do it with your bare hands. It can fit up to 3 wheelers, double 3 wheelers, travel systems, prams, strollers, buggies, double buggies. This is what you get in the box. The manual is of two arms with two arm extensions, two casters, four plastic screws with a plastic screwdriver, three friction pads and two strap connectors and a hook strap for hooking up the board. The board assembly process is not challenging and you should be able to get it fully operational within 10 minutes. First, you simply click the casters into the slots and then screw the arms on the sides of the board. It should fit two main chassis. The maximum height should be 35 cm (14 inches). Avoid breakers, moving parts and wheels. Some posters will require using the arm extensions. It is used in the cases when the posture is designed for twins and it is slightly bigger than the regular ones.

The first step is to stick the friction pads in the area you intend to attach the strip connectors. Tighten the strip connectors and you are ready to screw the longest red screw you get in the set and you are ready to attach the board to the posture. Just click the board arms into the connectors and the installation process is almost complete. Now check if you can fold your value with the board on it and make necessary adjustments. If you cannot, check if the up strap does the job. If not, you will probably need the extension that is not supplied in the box. The manual says that the straps should be trimmed when installing but you can leave them on in case you will need to use the board on another buggy. When you are all set it is time for a board ride test. You can test it immediately with one of your kids, to make sure everything is fine.


It is simply a brilliant design for something that is universal. It is designed to be installed quickly. Adjusting and tightening the fasteners on the board is very simple, and it can be easily changed. It is an awesome feature because it can be used for different strollers if you have more than one. However, if you need to replace the buggy board to another stroller you would have to purchase another set of fasteners because you should not remove them once they are assembled. Taking the board off and putting it on is a very easy process. The board can simply be put underneath the stroller in the basket in case you don’t need it attached all the time. The only issue parents should consider is the height of the kid and the location of the stroller handle.

Sometimes your kid might get tired because the position of the handle is not suitable. Maybe you should first measure the above before you purchase this board. The platform of the Buggy Board is 6.25 inches high. Compared to other boards this one allows you to have normal stride. Many other producers of this kind of products design very small wheels. The good thing about this one is the bigger wheels and the built-in suspension which makes it very easy to push and comfortable for kids and parents. It is designed for kids from 2-5 years of age and weight up to 66 lbs. It is a secure place for your kid when riding through crowds or simply passing the street. The label on the side is illuminated in dark places which is extra safe because you will be easily noticed when it is dark outside. The frame on both sides is for additional protection, in one word it is perfectly designed for both parents and kids.


This board is definitely a five-star stroller board mainly because nothing else compares to it. What makes it better than the other boards of this kind is that it fits every kind of stroller, it is truly universal. It can be attached to the stroller with a wider frame or at one with a tiny square frame. It can also be used double strollers as well. The turning mechanism of the hook is great, it pivots about 360 degrees so it can be used on angled bars as well. The strap system is designed to be able to attach to small or large frames. Both attachment arms can adjust just the way you need it. They can adjust an inch apart to the full length of the board and at any angle. The shorter the arms the easier for you to push the stroller with the board attached.

The pegs that are found into straps bring about stable board and easier attachment and removal. It has a high weight limit which allows children who outgrow their strollers to still ride next to their little brother or sister. Its size is bigger which means it can accommodate kids who are bigger but it also allows your feet to move freely under it while walking instead of hitting the wheels all the time. The height is great because your kid will be higher and the canopy will not be in its face. The price of this product is justified because of the useful features of this board. Once you have it you will definitely find it useful.
Age range

Age range

This Buggy Board is designed for children from 2-6 years old and can endure 22 kg. (48lbs). With the help of this board, your child is positioned between your arms, it is safe and secure even in the biggest crowds. You will no longer be slowed down when it is time to move and your toddler still wants to run. Toddlers are excited and happy to ride on the board. The surface of the Buggy Board is not smooth which makes it even more safe for them, because it is no slippery at all, so there is no chance they can fall or hurt themselves. You can put some stickers on it to motivate your toddler to stand still on it, while you are in rush or moving through crowdy places. The kids should only be careful where they put their fingers because all strollers are different and some might have places they can stick their fingers at. It would be nice if they can see in front of them while riding because it would keep them still while riding if the stroller is high, the kid might not be able to see ahead and it might result in discomfort. This rarely happens because this board is set really high, but still take this fact into consideration and measure before purchasing it. So, there must be enough headroom for the child behind the stroller.

Sometimes you would have to remove the cup holder from your stroller in order to make your toddler feel comfortable while riding. Another fact that concerns age of your kid is the weight. Having your toddler ride on the back of your pushchair does change the weight of the whole pushchair so it might be harder for you to manage it. You might find it difficult to turn as well as moving up and down. It is easier if you are moving on flat ground. The weight will also make your riding noisier when moving on the streets, but you will get used to it within time.


The Lascal Buggy Board is simply a lifesaver for parents with two or more kids. If you have a toddler and you are expecting a baby the buggy board is a valuable investment. It is very simple, you just pop the baby into the stroller and your other kid rides on the buggy board standing. You no longer have to worry about your toddler running away in the middle of a crowd or in the middle of traffic. You don’t have to hold them tightly while they are trying to play hide and seek. You no longer need to tell your toddler to speed up. You no longer have to explain to your naughty toddler that you are exhausted and can’t hold them in your hands because you would need your hands for the stroller. The greatest advantage is that you keep both kids closer to you when using public transport or when you are in a supermarket. You can even attach it on a stroller for twins and you can accommodate three kids. You simply can’t rely on your toddler when you are out with a baby in your stroller. The buggy board is your solution to many problems and it will provide you some peaceful moments with your family.
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