Essential Newborn Baby Care Guide

Read our essential newborn baby care guide.

All first-time parents are very interested in finding out everything they can in regards to newborn care. Some parents might have taken babysitting classes offered by the Red Cross when they were teenagers because it was a good way to earn some extra money before going into the workforce. In addition, some of these kids might have come from a larger family so mom and dad had them take the classes so they knew what to do in case another baby came into the family.

They learned about baby care tips, newborn baby needs, and infant care and most kids became very successful at watching other newborns including their own siblings. Now as adults they are in a new phase of their life and are expecting their first child. There is a lot to learn about newborn care and with the help of your family doctor, reading materials, social media and classes, parents to be, will be able to obtain all the necessary information they need on infant care, baby care tips, and newborn baby needs.

First Child

Don’t worry when it comes to bringing your newborn child home from the hospital. You are not alone and parents from all over the world have the same fears you do when it comes to infant care. You and your partner still are probably feeling insecure about being prepared for the arrival of your firstborn.

There are so many things to remember so it’s important that you prepare in advance by learning baby care tips and newborn baby needs, along with getting yourself and your partner prepared for the challenges and changes your household is going to experience.

Caring for a Newborn

It’s nice to take a class when you are expecting to start preparing you and your partner for the birth of your child. The only difference is you most likely are taking care of a doll during the class which is by far not the real thing as feeding and changing diapers with your own real human child. Don’t be afraid to ask the nurse for help when you are in the hospital and after you have given birth.

Most hospitals have a nurse teach you how to bath your baby for the first time and allow you and your partner to have the hands-on experience that is required to gain a better understanding about newborn baby tips. Learn as much as you can while you are working with a nurse so you and your partner are comfortable going home and understanding infant care.

Practice the Basics 

Take advantage of your hospital stay and start practicing the simple things like holding your newborn and remembering to support their neck. Don’t be afraid to start changing diapers and have your partner help as well. Many moms and dads are swaddling their newborns now so they feel extra secure, so don’t be afraid to learn.

It’s also important to learn that burping is just as important as feeding your child. Their heads are still wobbly so use a burp cloth and put it on your shoulder while you gently pat your baby’s back. Baby’s live on liquids for approximately the first 6 months of their lives, so they get quite a few gas bubbles and it’s very uncomfortable for them. This is why burping your baby is very important.

Don’t forget about the umbilical cord either, because if it’s not cleaned, it could become infected. Remember a sponge bath will do until the umbilical cord falls off, which is usually after a week to ten days. If you and your partner have a boy, ask the nurse how to care for their circumcision if this is the route you chose.

Make sure the area stays as dry as possible and use the prescribed ointment so the area will heal. There are digital thermometers out now so make sure you and your partner learn how to take the baby’s temperature so you know when they have a fever. The hospital staff always has good tips for baby’s and this also includes calming them down.

Going Home

It’s time to go home and both of you are feeling a bit apprehensive about newborn care so ask the hospital if they can send a nurse over to check on your child and yourself as the mother. This can be a godsend for many parents because they have so many questions once they get home. If you choose to breastfeed, moms can request someone who is experienced in lactation to come to their home for good information.

New parents are also more than happy to have family and friends come over who have had a child before to help calm their nerves. Most new parents aren’t getting enough sleep so help from a friend is always welcomed. If you have more questions, the first visit to the baby’s pediatrician is also very helpful and soothing for both parents.

Your doctor will answer all your questions and tell you when it’s important to give him or her a call in regards to your child becoming ill. Doctors also will inform about when your child needs their first shots and what months after that you should bring them in for booster shots. If you and your spouse are undecided about vaccines, your doctor will explain why they are so important.

Vaccines stop the dangerous diseases that children used to die from years ago at the turn of the 20th century and before. Science and health research has come a long way with the invention of these vaccines and penicillin.

Safety Tips

When it comes to giving your baby a bath, this can be fun for you and your child, however, parents still have to be extra careful when your child is in the water. Don’t turn your back on your child for a second because many babies can drown from a simple bath in a few inches of water. Make sure you have a firm handle on your child’s body because they can become very slippery when they are in their tubs and you don’t want to drop your baby.  Make sure you have their towel close at hand so you can keep your baby from getting a chill when it comes to infant care when bathing. 

If your child has been in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and is coming home, this can also be a huge transition concerning newborn care. These children have many challenges so it’s important that you and your partner find out all of the necessary newborn needs. There are many organizations that you can get in touch with and also your doctor will be the main person to go to if your baby has spent any time in NICU. Search the web and you will be able to find lots of information on baby care tips for babies coming home from NICU and how to care for a newborn.