Best Kids Mountain Bikes Reviewed in 2018

The best part about rugged, rough terrain is being able to ride a fabulous mountain bike over the area. These bikes are special because they can handle the uneven surfaces of wooded areas, mountains, rock formations, hills, grassy areas, and even beaches. What makes them able to glide over these expenses so easily is the large tires and the durable, strong frames on them. With larger tires than regular bikes, these mountain bicycles just roll over twigs, rocks, and thick grass with ease. The strong frames allow the bounce and jolts that occur when going over these obstacles. It is this rough riding that makes such bikes so entertaining and enjoyable.

Kids are fascinated and thrilled to ride these areas with such bikes because of the excitement and challenging terrain. We feature the best brands of mountain bikes that consumers are buying and are very pleased with. The positive reviews are overwhelming on these bikes and we feature them here for you. Popular names in the bicycling world such as Mongoose, Schwinn, Roadmaster, and Northwoods have some of the best bikes in this category. Mongoose has a bike that we highlight that has the popular fat tires that do so well on dirt and sand areas. There is even a folding mountain bike called the Stowaway that has a huge number of positive feedback and reviews online. Let us now show you the best kids’ mountain bikes rated in 2018.

1. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire

This Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike has beach cruiser pedals and frame, plus tires that will easily glide over dirt and sand. It will even bounce over rocks and embankments quickly because of the huge, fat tires. The super-sized, knobby tires are twenty-six-inches in diameter and four inches wide.
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They will ride well on rocks, sand, snow, and any terrain all year round. This item is offered in red or blue and includes a mountain steel frame. All-condition braking is provided by the rear and front disc brakes, plus changing gears is easy and smooth because of the twist shifters. Hills are easy to climb with the seven speeds of the rear Shimano derailleur. This bike has an adjustable, threadless headset and strong alloy rims that are lightweight. It includes nice extras, such as a sports seat and three-piece crank. If you want to ride in a style almost anywhere, then this is the bicycle for you.

Unique to a mountain bike, this one can handle well even in sand and soft dirt because of the large tires. Almost any terrain type will not pose a problem for this fabulous durable bicycle.

What We Like About It
Just the appearance of this well-built, awesome bike makes anyone want to ride it! the fat tires look as though they will easily glide over anything in their path. What fun!
  • Includes a mountain steel frame
  • Tires are four-inches wide
  • Hills are easy to climb with the seven speeds
  • Will ride well on rocks, sand, and snow
  • Has beach cruiser pedals and frame

  • Does not have the holes included to mount on a bike rack
  • Some said it arrived damaged for them

2. Stowabike 26" MTB V

When space is a problem at home, in the car, or on public transportation, then this is the mountain bike for you. It folds up into approximately half of the space it takes up in the form to ride it. The bike comes with an Allen wrench to loosen the joints that allow it to fold up quickly and easily.
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Two colors choices are offered for this bike, and the frame is a twenty-six-inch folding frame. The fork is twenty-six inches of steel, and the tires are the same width in diameter. This bike has V-brakes of steel and dual suspension, plus quality components. It looks great and is built to last. The bike has spring shocks, three-speed shifter, and front and rear derailleur. It includes steel handlebars with a steel stem, grips of black rubber, a mountain bike seat, and a steel kickstand. This bike holds up to 177 pounds.

Although the steel parts make this bike heavier than some others, it is these durable parts that make it the high-quality item that it is for riding in rough areas and over obstacles.

What We Like About It
What is there not to like about a bike that can fold up easily for storage purposes? With just a few quick steps in loosening the joints, this bike will take up half the space it does when it is ready to ride.
  • Has eighteen speeds
  • Brakes are V-brakes of steel
  • Looks great and is built to last
  • Holds up to 177 pounds
  • Comes with an Allen wrench

  • Some said the brakes are not the best
  • Bike is heavy for a portable item

3. Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension

This fabulous dual-suspension mountain bicycle has Rear Tourney Derailleur and twenty-one-speed shifters, plus alloy rims. It includes a brake that is linear pull and front disc, as the stopping of the bike is managed by disk brakes on the rear and front.
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This is a good-looking, rugged, and made for the long-haul bike that is suitable for both boys and girls that love to ride the rough terrain. This bike incorporates a suspension design with a floating beam that is connected to the suspension fork. The durable aluminum wheels feature high flange alloy rims and V-shaped rim profile.

Rear and front disc brakes will handle all of the braking needs for this bike. Stopping mechanisms are very important in mountain bikes because of the inclines and steep slopes that are usually traveled.

What We Like About It
If you are looking for a bike to take the rough treatment of hills and mountain terrain, then this is the one to get because it can certainly handle whatever you throw at it.
  • Has Rear Tourney Derailleur and 21-speed shifters
  • Includes brake that is linear pull and front disc
  • Incorporates a suspension design with a floating beam
  • Has high flange alloy rims and V-shaped rim profile
  • Is rugged and made for the long haul

  • Rims may break easy
  • A few buyers received damaged parts

4. Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension

Available in two great, bold colors, this full-suspension mountain bike from Northwoods includes alloy rims of twenty-four inches and twist shifters of twenty-one speeds. It has an aluminum frame that is full-suspension with a 50mm crown fork of steel.
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This bike contains a Shimano Rear Derailleur, and the crank is Steel Triple. This is a trusty, lightweight bicycle that is sturdy and easy to assemble. It is equally suitable for boys and girls of many ages and can be ridden in many different terrains, including flat areas, hills, wooded lots, and mountainous ranges. This is a fabulous bike for those kids that are usually very rough with their bikes and have troubles with breaking parts.

This is a sturdy, lightweight bicycle that is very durable. You can trust the high-quality of the Northwoods name brand and feel safe that you are getting a terrific product that will last for many years of enjoyable riding.

What We Like About It
Plenty of times, bikes are very hard to put together when they arrive in pieces in a big box. This one, luckily, is not hard to assemble and can be done within an hour or so.
  • Available in two great colors
  • Has an aluminum frame that is full suspension
  • Includes alloy rims of 24”
  • Contains a Shimano Rear Derailleur
  • Sturdy, lightweight, and easy to assemble

  • Some said the front wheel wobbles
  • The cables were worn for a few buyers

5. 24" Roadmaster Granite

This boys’ mountain bike from Roadmaster comes in three color choices and has twenty-four inches wheels. It is a superior all-around bicycle for rough terrain, especially the mountains and hills in wooded areas. It can be used equally well on paved streets or unpaved rugged paths.
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This bike includes a mountain frame made of steel and a suspension fork in the front. This combination makes the bicycle easy to control and comfortable to ride. The strong tires are knobby tread, so the bike is easy to maneuver on dirt roads or pavement. Alloy rims provide stability and durability. This terrific mountain bike includes eighteen-speed twist shifters and a rear Shimano Derailleur. This allows the best shifting performance on the trail. Roadmaster has been a trusted American name brand for bikes for decades. Their top-quality products speak for themselves.

Twenty-four inches wheels are the perfect size for almost any kind of exploring on a bike. Kids can just ride in the neighborhood on flat surfaces, or take this incredibly sturdy bike in very rugged, hilly country for a fun experience.

What We Like About It
Having a trusted brand of a bicycle can give you the confidence to ride in open territory that is rough and untamed. This bike will do just that because it carried the well-known name of Roadmaster.
  • Is a superior all-around bike for rough terrain
  • Includes a mountain frame of steel
  • Easy to control and comfortable to ride
  • Tires are knobby tread
  • Alloy rims provide stability and durability

  • A few buyers did not like the overall design of the bike
  • Some people were missing parts

6. Schwinn S29 Men's 29"

This fantastic mountain bike from Schwinn has twenty-nine-inch wheels and an eighteen-inch frame. It includes an SR Suntour suspension fork and rear and front disc brakes. This bicycle contains SRAM 3.0 trigger twenty-one-speed shifting and SRAM 3.0 rear derailleur, which gives it excellent shifting when changing gears quickly.
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It comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and includes SR Suntour alloy three-piece cranks. This mountain bike is made by a trusted, well-known company with many decades in the business of making high-quality bikes. This bicycle has many performance features that will benefit the mountain rider. The durable aluminum frame and the larger wheels will allow the rider to easily roll over sticks and rocks in the path. It will be easy to stop quickly in dusty areas with the rear and front disc brakes. The twenty-one speeds will permit the rider to climb difficult hills or gain some speed during fast descents. The ideal age for this bicycle is fourteen-years-old and older.

Several unique features of this bike will allow children to handle the rough surfaces of hills and mountains well. With the twenty-one speeds and the larger wheels, rugged terrain is not a problem to ride well in.

What We Like About It
The Schwinn name is one you can trust for high-quality and durability in bicycles. They have been in business since the late 1800’s so they do know a thing or two about making excellent bikes.
  • Has twenty-nine-inch wheels and an eighteen-inch frame
  • Gives excellent shifting when changing gears quickly
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • Made by a trusted, well-known company
  • The 21 speeds will permit the rider to handle difficult terrain

  • Front wheel was wobbly for a few buyers
  • Some received damaged or missing parts

7. Finger Ten Cycling Gloves

Biking gloves make riding bikes much more fun and enjoyable, and these all-purpose kids’ riding gloves are perfect for children aged two- to ten-years-old.
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They are available in three bold, vivid colors of green, red, and blue and are made of comfortable, stretchy Lycra material with a fun design on it. these work well when riding in rough areas or on the road, cruising in neighborhoods, and on the way to school. The palm of the glove is perforated for breathability and moisture evaporation, plus a large microfiber patch is on the top of the gloves. These gloves include a gripper anti-slip foam padding for durability and comfort, and they are half-finger to provide good grip and ventilation. A silicon tab secures the glove around the wrist, making it easy to get them on and off. These mountain bike gloves feature Cool Technology that allows moisture and hot air to leave the glove and also for the cool air to enter.

Having half-fingers and perforated palms, these wonderful gloves will keep hands dry and cool even in the warmer climates and during rough riding. The microfiber patch will help keep down germs.

What We Like About It
Cycling gloves make riding a mountain bike all the more fun and exciting. Kids can wear professional-looking gloves in fantastic colors just like the adult bike masters do in the championship competitions.
  • The palm is perforated
  • Includes gripper anti-slip foam padding
  • Has a silicon tab to secure the glove
  • Features Cool Technology
  • Made of comfortable, stretchy Lycra material

  • Sizes run small – buy large
  • The seams came apart for a few kids

8. 24" Mongoose Ledge 2.1

The 24” Mongoose Ledge Mountain Bike has an aluminum frame and fork with full-suspension that smooths a bumpy ride. It also has twenty-one speeds and Shimano rear Derailleur, which can handle a variety of terrains from rough to smooth.
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This bike has alloy linear pull brakes that provide strong stopping power and alloy rims that are lightweight and strong. The three-piece crank allows reliable gear support and aids the bicycle in transitioning easily from one gear to the other. The large wheels are a full twenty-four inches in diameter and the bike comes in a red and silver combination that most children will love. Included is a mountain-style athletic seat that is nicely padded for those rough rides in rugged terrain.

The twenty-one speeds of this bicycle and the large tires will help kids manage the rough areas of woods, hills, and mountains where there are plenty of rocks and sticks in the paths.

What We Like About It
It really helps to have a comfortable seat to ride on when crossing rough areas of land and rocks. This terrific bike has a wonderful seat that is very comfortable because it is padded.
  • Features full-suspension and 21 speeds
  • Includes an aluminum frame and fork
  • Has alloy linear pull brakes
  • Comes with lightweight alloy rims
  • Has a mountain style athletic seat that is padded

  • Some said it was hard to shift
  • A couple of complaints about assembly

9. Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er

The Blackjack Mountain Bike does equally well on rough gravelly paths as it does on smooth pavements. It has twenty-four speeds and a rear and front derailleur. The Shimano eight-speed shifter will control the higher speeds of this bike along with the brake lever.
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This bicycle contains alloy double-wall rims and a suspension fork with lockout. The wheels are twenty-nine-inches in diameter. The Blackjack includes a butted, hand-built hard-tail alloy frame, and has disc mechanical brakes. This is a good beginner bike for those kids just starting out with a mountain bike or one who is building the skills to perfect their form.

With twenty-four speeds, bikers can feel comfortable that they can roam almost anywhere and be able to go fast, especially down embankments and hilly areas.

What We Like About It
This mountain bike will easily glide over rough terrain because of the large twenty-nine-inch wheels that can handle almost anything in their path. Large wheels are one of the best features of mountain bikes.
  • Has twenty-nine-inch wheels
  • Includes a butted, hand-built hard-tail alloy frame
  • Has suspension fork with lockout
  • Has Shimano eight speed shifter and a brake lever
  • Does equally well on paths and pavements

  • Bike chain broke easily for a few people
  • Some had missing parts

10. Mongoose Stasis Comp 26-Inch

Mongoose is a well-known brand in the bike world and for good reason. They make some of the best, durable bicycles on the market. This is one of the two that we highlight on this page. It has an eighteen-inch frame and twenty-six-inch wheels.
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The model is only available currently in red and includes front fork suspension. It has a full-suspension aluminum frame and contains rear and front disc brakes for the best braking power. This bicycle allows quick release front with the alloy wheels and is agile and lightweight. It has a rear Shimano derailleur and SRAM twist shifters for the higher speeds. This bike can handle the trickiest moves and includes three-piece alloy rims and crank for the best durability.

This bike has rear and front disc brakes for the most braking power available on such bikes. When you are going down an embankment or hill at a fast speed, this feature will really be appreciated.

What We Like About It
The large twenty-six-inch wheels will allow this bike to roll over almost any surface and debris in the way. Large tires are a huge plus and a main feature of mountain bikes.
  • Has a full-suspension aluminum frame
  • Contains rear and front disc brakes
  • Allows quick release front with the alloy wheels
  • Can handle the trickiest moves
  • Includes a three-piece alloy rims and crank

  • Front forks came out of line for a few buyers
  • Comments on being hard to assemble

11. Merax Falcon Full Suspension

Available in three terrific color combinations, the Merax Flacon Mountain Bike has an aluminum frame with dual-suspension that can handle the bumps and increase speed control. It includes Shimano twenty-one speed shifters and derailleurs for simple and reliable shifting, plus it has linear brakes for wonderful stopping power.
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It is an entry-level mountain bike that is the most economical and the most fully-featured in its category. The weight capacity of this great bicycle is 330 pounds and it has twenty-six-inch wheels. This bike has a frame that is made of heat-treated alloy and includes a full-suspension designed fork. The wheels and fork are certification approved. It has linear pull brakes and a frame of seventeen-inches, plus the tires and pedals are anti-skid. The bike comes 85% assembled, but purchasers will have to install the front wheel, pedals, and handlebar. The tires will require additional air as well.

One of the biggest complaints online about bikes is having to put them together and not having good instructions to assemble the items. This superb bike comes with simple instructions that can be followed easily.

What We Like About It
For any entry-level mountain bike, this one is one of the best that kids can use to start and build their riding skills on. It is a fully-featured model that gives plenty of control to the rider.
  • Has an aluminum frame with dual-suspension
  • Has linear pull brakes for wonderful stopping power
  • Is an entry-level mountain bike
  • Wheels and fork are certification approved
  • Tires and pedals are anti-skid

  • Some received flat back inner tubes in the tires
  • The brakes wore out fast for a few kids

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Kids Mountain Bikes

Top-rated and most-purchased mountain bikes online

Each item we feature has received the best reviews and the most reviews of all online purchases of mountain bikes. These are also the most-bought products of this category as well. We sort through the positive and negative reviews to bring you only the best products that customers would buy again because they were fully satisfied with their purchase. We save you time in your shopping experience to find the best items for your child.

Are specifically for riding in mountainous and hilly areas

All of these mountain bikes are for rough terrains where there is rocks, twigs, dirt, sand, and mounds of dirt. The large tires on the bikes and the durable frames make them suitable for these rugged areas where kids love to ride and test their skills. Each has their own special features, but basically, all of them can handle mountains, rock formations, hills, wooded areas, beaches (the fat tire bike), and grassy plateaus. They ride equally as well on flat pavements and yards.

Durable, long-lasting, and well-built

Made of steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber depending on the item, the materials used in the construction of these bikes is the most durable, so they can take the punishment from the terrain and the child that rides on it. These bikes should last for many years of interesting, fun riding for your child. They are all well-built and most of them come from well-known names you can trust, such as Mongoose, Northwoods, Schwinn, and Roadmaster. These manufacturers make only high-quality products that you can trust and depend on for greatness.

Easy to assemble and handle when riding for kids

Every bicycle on this page comes to you partially assembled. With the simple instructions, you must finish putting the parts together, such as the handlebars, kickstand, pedals, and for some, even the brakes. Tires must be inflated more because they arrive only partially inflated. It should only take less than an hour to assemble any of these mountain bicycles and have them ready to ride quickly.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are these bikes for girls or boys? Are there any for both sexes?

A: Most of the bikes states that they are for boys, but girls can ride these as well. It is important to make sure that the bike is not too large or heavy for them to handle as they ride or try to stop. If their feet can touch the ground when the bike is not moving, then they can probably handle the bike well in rough terrain too.

Q: How old does a child have to be to ride one of these bikes well and be able to handle it themselves?

A: The recommended age for riding these mountain bikes greatly depends on the size of the bike chosen and the size and handling capabilities of the child. Sometimes very small kids can maneuver bikes very well, even if they are too big for the bikes. It is best to start with one of the smaller mountain bicycles and let kids build their skills gradually of riding in rough areas where there are sticks, rocks, and uneven ground. Once these skills are mastered with flexibility and dexterity, the ages and size of the child will not matter much.

Q: Do these bikes come full-assembled?

A: No, all of the bikes must be assembled when you receive them. The best comments we have seen about assembly from reviewers is for the Merax Falcon that comes 85% assembled. The instructions are clear and simple to follow according to buyers. Other bikes must be assembled in more detail than this one, so it can get a bit complicated.

Q: Is there a choice of colors when choosing one of these bikes?

A: There are usually a few choices for different colors with some of these bikes, but it is just normally one or two choices for a variation in color.

Q: What is the best feature to look for in a mountain bike?
A: These bikes should have large, treaded tires and steel or aluminum frames that are quite strong. Make sure the size of the seat and the bike is one that the size of the child can ride comfortably.

Q: What makes a mountain bicycle different than regular bikes?

A: Mountain bikes are smaller than some regular bikes, but they have stronger frames and tires. The tires are large, so they can ride smoothly over rocks and sticks that are usually encountered in rough areas off of paths. Tires and foot pedals are usually heavily treaded to give extra traction when needed. These bikes also have at least twenty-one speeds to help kids with inclines and steep drops in surface areas. The brakes are much stronger too for needed quick stops.

Q: Do kids need to wear the riding gloves when they ride the bikes in the rugged areas?

A: It is beneficial for kids to wear biking gloves to protect their hands from blisters and sores from gripping the handles. The gloves can also help their hands if they fall off of the bikes and have to protect their face and head in the fall. The gloves are perforated and half-finger, so they will keep the palms well-ventilated and moisture-free.