6 Ways to Keep your Baby Safe on the Beach

Read about the 6 most effective ways to keep your baby safe on the beach.

It’s summertime and parents are wondering if it’s safe to take their babies to the beach. Babies need fresh air and sunshine just as much as older children and adults do. Now there are many sunscreens with an SPF as high as 60 and above for babies and people with sensitive skin. If you do decide to take your child to the beach, make sure they are in the shade and covered with sunscreen. If your baby is a bit older, you can always put a sun hat on them and let them play near the water with you. Never leave a young baby unattended at the beach. Baby’s can get sunburn and tan in the shade depending on their skin type, so make sure you put sunscreen on them before you put them outside and expose them to the sun. Babies enjoy the beach even if they can’t walk yet. They see a whole new world and listen to other children laughing and swimming. Many families enjoy the beach and there are many beaches that have lifeguards that you can bring your children to. Some beaches have a sign that says “swim at your own risk”. Whatever your family decides to choose, enjoy your first experience with your baby at the beach.

The beach can be a really fun place but it can also be a dangerous place because kids aren’t paying attention when they run and play, so here are 5 good tips for keeping your baby at the beach. Sunscreen is good but not recommended for babies under 6 months old. If your baby is older then 6 months old, choose a sunscreen with a broad range of coverage but look for the toxins in the sunscreen ingredients. Test for sensitive skin before you use the sunscreen on their whole body. Use their arm and test a bit. Never use spray-on sunscreens around babies or small kids because they could breathe in the fumes.

Keep your baby out of the sun

The best sun protection is to keep everyone out of the sun, however, in climates that only see summer for 2 months out of the year, sunshine is a good natural source for vitamin D. You can also use an umbrella or a baby tent. Baby hats now have SPF material so look for some sun hats that contain the SPF protection. Dress baby in long and loose clothing and follow the shade throughout the day. Make sure your baby isn’t too warm. A sunsuit won’t hurt them just as long as you watch the shade and keep them covered by an umbrella and under a tree.

Keep them hydrated

Make sure your baby stays hydrated in hot weather, if your baby is on solid food, make sure they drink enough fluid and extra fluid at the beach. In addition, make sure the whole family including yourself drinks plenty of fluids.

Sand cleaning tips

Sand is fun but on a windy day, be careful. Sand can blow in your baby’s eyes and irritate their skin. Make sure your baby sleeps away from the edge of your blanket so they don’t roll on the hot sand. You can buy water shoes and use them to protect their feet. If you decide to let your baby play in the sand, be careful they don’t start eating sand. If you find sand in their mouth, rinse out the mouth as best as you can and use your fingers. Don’t hit their gag reflex so they start vomiting. If your baby gets sand in their eyes, rinse out their eyes as best as you can with water and don’t rub their eyes to irritate them. Sand in the mouth or eyes is going to make the baby cry.

Never leave the baby alone in the water

Be careful around the water at the beach, it can be a great experience the first time your baby puts their feet in the water, but watch out for riptides if you’re at the ocean. Rivers and lakes can have strong currents so never leave a toddler unattended on a pier because they might fall in and drown. Tides can easily knock a person over in as little as two feet of water and carry an adult out into the ocean, so when it comes to a baby, never ever leave them alone along the shore.

Bring light clothing

So remember if you are going to the beach with your baby for the first time bring light clothes, a hat, there are baby tents or a canopy you can find online to protect baby from the sun. Buy a fan for the stroller if it’s a hot day to keep your baby cool. There are many safe fans for kids that have soft blades made from foam in case your toddler decides to grab at them. Just clip it to the stroller or their car seat and walk to the beach.  Muslin blankets are light and good for swaddling and a great choice for very warm weather. Muslin is breathable and helps to shade your baby. Make sure your baby isn’t covered too much because you don’t want your child overheating.

Don’t leave the baby alone in the car

Be careful of leaving your baby alone in your car on a sweltering hot day because babies overheat fast and many a tragic story has gripped our nation every summer in the news. If your car is dark and the car seat is as well, make sure it’s not burning hot so baby gets hurt when you put them in or transfer them back to their car seat from their stroller.

You can also buy a nice baby pool for under ten bucks and this is also a good way to let your baby splash around in the pool in the backyard with your supervision. You can also take the pool to the beach. You can purchase these pools at department stores, large pharmacies, toy stores, and hardware stores and online or out of a catalog. They have some great shaded pools on Amazon if your baby is under 6 months old and you can hold them up and cool them off. Make sure you place these in the shade because if your baby is under 6 months, sunscreen is not suggested.

These tips should help you with your new baby to have a relaxing and fun time at the beach. Remember to take pictures of the memories, because they only are small once. Kids love to see their baby pictures when they get older. It shows them that you took a big interest in them as children. Now you can beat the heat with your baby and relax together.