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Nothing can aid in soothing a baby faster than a warm, nice bottle of food. Locating the ideal temperature is not always straightforward. If the food (milk) is overheated, the tender mouth of your baby may get burnt leaving you with unnecessary and unwanted complications. In light of this, making use of a bottle warmer can make the process easy. This is because it works faster in warming your baby’s food to the right/specific temperature. It works better than using a kettle to boil water or waiting for the tap water to get hot.

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Making the decision as to if you require a baby warmer is not usually the issue. The issue is that there are lots of brands on the market producing this product and selecting an ideal bottle warmer that best suits your precise requirements might be tedious. Also, budget and lifestyle further influence your choice in bottle warmers.

That said, to ensure that selecting the best warmer is easier for you, we have tested and researched a broad variety of bottle warmers to provide you with 10 of the best ones on the market today.

Benefits of Using a Baby Bottle Warmer

Simply put, the main single benefit of a bottle warmer is to aid the consumption of food on the part of your baby. A competent baby bottle warmer like the ones above will heat up your baby’s food whilst maintaining all the nutrients. This ensures that the food isn’t hot nor is it cold that it will cause complications on the part of the baby. That said, the products listed above will easily help you attain the perfect temperature that’s needed for easy and convenient consumption of food for your baby.

How We Selected the Best Baby Warmers/Selection Criteria

Making use of a baby bottle warmer is a seamless way to suitably feed one’s baby regardless of the time. Therefore procuring one is a wonderful idea. Nevertheless, questions remain as to what other services should a bottle warmer offer other than just warming the baby bottle, as its name implies?

To respond to this query, one’s needs, as well as the baby’s needs, must first be identified before proceeding to procure a baby bottle warmer. The following are a few of the deciding factors we considered after carrying out extensive research in selecting the best baby warmers.

Health and safety

In the hopes of avoiding the possibility of overheating, the heating system coupled with the technology employed in warming up the bottles must be considered when buying a baby bottle warmer. The majority of the widespread bottle warmers use either water or steam bath. Usually, overheating results in damaged or ineffective crucial nutrients in baby food and breast milk. The correct device is one that heats the bottles to temperatures akin to body temperature such as 37 Celsius. Any device with an abnormally high temperature (100°C for example) is one that should be steered away from, as breast milk, and baby foods are unsafe after being heated at that temperature.


This is the capacity of any prospective baby warmer to rapidly and consistently warm formula, breast milk, or baby food. Situations often arise, mostly in the dark of the night where the baby is hungry and breast milk or formula must be warmed quickly to placate the baby. The bottle warmer chosen must be able to warm up the milk quickly and continue to do this on a consistent basis. In that regard, the products above can be used.

Ease of use


The selection of baby bottle warmer is one that should also be founded on its operating simplicity. It should be one that is not only easy to use but also easy to maintain. In summary, it should not be tedious nor time-consuming to understand, and thus, operate any time of the day, or at night when one is most likely a little groggy and sleepy. This condition should also be applicable to the cleaning of the bottle warmer.


If varying bottle types and sizes are used, then versatility should not be left out when considering a bottle warmer. It’s very ideal to get a bottle warmer suited to both wide and narrow mouth bottles consisting of different materials. A material limitation may suggest certain bottles are not compatible with a specific bottle warmer. So, we ensured that the products above can easily hold bottles of different sizes/types.


How easy is it to carry around and exactly how much counter space it takes up? This is an important factor to consider when procuring a bottle warmer. If it is a bottle warmer that is going to be for stationary use, perhaps in a nursery, then portability doesn’t matter. Alternatively, if it is one that will be travelled with, portability is crucial to comfortably use the bottle warmer.

Water Bath vs. Steam Heat Technology

There are typically two comprehensive groups of bottle warmers to ponder upon. This is based on the kind of heating technology used to warm baby foods and breast milk, namely; water bath and steam heat technology.

Water bath

Bottle warmers employing the water bath technology are typically endorsed as the best baby bottle warmers to be considered. Notwithstanding the fact that they have the tendency to be slower heaters, they do heat uniformly and consistently with no need for the extremely high temperatures often required in steam heat technology. Baby bottle warmers that use the water bath, heat formulas, baby foods, and breast milk gradually, with warm water dispersed around the bottle. This ensures critical nutrients and the necessary maternal antibodies are not damaged and are retained. Summarily, a little bit of patience is needed to use warmers that use water bath technology since they’re slower than the other option.

Steam heat

Baby bottle warmers that employ this heating technique do this by having water inside a reservoir heated to extremely high temperatures by a heating element such as a hot plate to provide steam. This is then used to heat up the formula or breast milk in a bottle.

As the steam heat technology is faster to heat than water baths, the temperature of the exterior of the bottle is sure to rise to extremely high levels thereby needing a cool down period before being handled. High temperatures as such frequently come with certain risks which include burns, spillage of contents on the skin, as well as destroying important nutrients in breast milk. It is thereby important to note that steam heating doesn’t always result in the even warming of the bottle’s contents. In other words, temperature isn’t consistent throughout the baby food. This result means thorough mixing and inspection is necessary to extricate occurrences of hotspots that are sure to hurt the baby.

Auto shut-off and timer features

When purchasing a baby bottle warmer, it is important to consider one designed with an auto shut-off feature that allows it to automatically switch off when the set temperature or time is exceeded. This is vital to evading the contents of the bottle overheating and thus, voiding some benefits on the part of the baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need a baby bottle warmer for?

A baby bottle warmer can be used by you to adequately and conveniently warm your baby’s food. This is far superior to using a microwave or even heating it by the use of boiling water where overheating can easily occur.

How can I pick my own baby bottle warmer?


You can peruse our “Selection Evaluation” section to better understand our methods, and ultimately use it.

Is the number one product here the best?

No, it isn’t. We can’t ascertain as to the best product of any category. Still, what we can do and have already done is to provide you with various products (the 10 above) that you can check out and then, pick a personal best from.