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We like

It is fun, exciting and involving toy.

It communicates with the child.

It plays games, changes colors and thus expresses feelings.

It can say the kid’s name and you can record many other things.

It is soft, fluffy and cuddly.

We don’t like

The batteries can easily run out.

How it works

When parents search for the right toy for their child, besides having dozens of questions about toy’s safety, durability and the possibility to learn from it, they are also looking for a toy which will keep kids’ attention for more than five minutes. Such a toy is the Hatchimals Hatchibabies, a toy which offers interactive play and is designed to keep kids’ interest.

It is an egg speckled in various colors that will eventually hatch into a baby. Kids love it and it has been one of the most top-on- the- list presents for a while. This is no wonder since it is a highly interactive and entertaining toy. The best part is the moment of anticipation the kids experience before the egg cracks and the surprise they have inside since they can’t know in advance if the Hatchibaby is a boy or a girl. It goes with four different accessories and a highchair for the baby. The baby imitates the gurgling of real babies and could learn to say the kid’s name. The very big eyes of the baby turn into different colors to show their needs and feelings and the kids need to respond accordingly. The flashing lights of their eyes glow into the night and can be fun to play even in the dark.

The baby can sing and dance, and the toy inspires the feeling of responsibility at children because they need to respond to the various needs of the babies, including feeding, burping, hugging and tapping, putting them to sleep and entertaining them. Shortly said, they behave like real babies and entertain your kids. So, knowing that the holiday season is coming, we are more than certain you would be interested in checking our review for this toy.

Product Description

Product Description

It is a very innovative and popular product. It comes in the form of a speckled egg which will crack after a while. The hatching process is an experience that kids never forget since it involves them into it. In order for the baby to hatch, the kid needs to be actively involved into rubbing, tapping and cuddling the egg. The egg “gets to life”, meaning it will produce some sounds and will show flashlights from the inside to show response to the cuddling.

The time needed for the egg to crack varies from 20 minutes to more than an hour, depending on the time your kid spends on the toy, how much the egg is tapped, cuddled, and rubbed. While waiting for the egg to crack, the interplay will actually provoke the egg to rock back and forth and create some sweet sounds for the kid’s pleasure. Once the egg shows rainbow eyes, it means that it is time for the baby to be hatched. When it cracks, it needs the kid’s help to have it open and have the baby out.

The moment of excitement is at the highest level then since it is the moment when kids realize whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Depending on gender, there are various accessories included in each egg. They all get a birth certificate for the baby and a hidden message for the kid, a highchair for the baby, a brush, a bottle for feeding the baby, a rattle and a cuddle buddy for the baby.
Interactive Play and Sense of Responsibility

Interactive Play and Sense of Responsibility

This toy is not considered to be an ordinary toy. It is a toy that communicates and responds to stimuli such as cuddling, hugging and tickling. It shows various emotions through the color of their eyes, i.e. the eyes flash differently in accordance to their mood. Thus, kids need to interactively play with it and by doing that they develop a sense of responsibility. How does that happen though?

Well, bearing in mind that the toy is created to imitate the basic babies’ needs, it reflects them through the color of the eyes and the sounds it plays and in that way, it provokes the kids to respond to them. Kids need to feed the baby and after the feeding process, the Hatchimals HatchiBabies need to burp. Kids feed the baby with a bottle that comes with the toy. In this way, children learn what real babies are like and what are their needs.

The Hatchibaby has its own toy which can be given when the Hatchibaby may not feel well and there is also a hairbrush to brush its hair. Kids seem to love responding to the needs that the baby displays, even though there are some reports that sometimes they are just fed up and leave the baby in off position. However, the extent to which the children will play with this toy depends on the children’s own preferences and interests rather than on the toy itself.

The best way this toy to be used is when kids are informed in advance on how to play with it and what their responsibilities are. In that way, they could develop a deeper attachment to it and the sense that ‘their baby’ needs them. Once the egg is cracked and the baby is born, they have to name their baby and write its name in the birth certificate which gives them the ‘right of ownership’ and responsibility that goes with it. But what they need to do is to love ‘their little one’ and play with them.
Age Range

Age Range

The manufacturer recommends this toy for children aged 5 to 7. However, there have been many satisfied customers whose children or grandchildren happily use the toy below or above the age recommendation. Since there are small parts, it is not recommended for children younger than three since there is a risk of choking. It is for children who are willing to play with this kind of toys and who have the patience to wait for the cracking moment since that’s the moment of ultimate excitement. It is advisable to tell your child in advance that they will have to be patient for the egg to crack and the impatient children need to be specially instructed for that. Otherwise, it might lead to disappointment or frustration because we know how impatient some children can be.

As stated in the instructions, the cracking does happen on its own but the peeling of the egg require help, so that’s another thing that children need to know in advance. Anyway, that will create a sense of achievement, knowing that it was them who helped ‘their baby’ to be born. The toy is thus designed so that it becomes a daily companion for your child. However, it is up to your child that will have the final say on how long it will be their interest. Some parents claim that their children never leave them out of their hand, but some say that the interest was gone once the egg had been cracked.


The product is packed in a luxurious packaging revealing the top of the speckled egg, instruction manual and a birth certificate for the baby. The packaging does not state if the Hatchibaby is a boy or a girl, so it comes as a surprise for your kid. The instruction manual contains instruction on what to do when the baby’s eye flash different color. The inside of the egg contains a soft, fluffy toy with extendable wings which is great for cuddling and big eyes that change color.

When you remove the toy from the egg you will see a high chair for your baby, accessories (a bottle to feed the baby, a brush, a rattle and a cuddle buddy the baby). The toy requires two AA batteries which are included. There have been some reports that the batteries came faulty, so in case your egg does not react properly before it is cracked (no changing colors, no tapping, no panting, no reaction whatsoever, report this to the store or the manufacturer and do not try to crack the egg). You can request a manufacturer’s warranty from the customer service.


Since this is an interactive toy your kid must be engaged with it so that the toy is fully used. Before the egg cracks it tries to communicate with your kid. It plays baby sounds and the egg rocks back and forth. The baby changes colors while inside and each color means something, for example, if the eyes flash red color, this means that your kid will need to rub the bottom of the egg, orange means it should be patted or tilted, yellow means that it is happy, green means it needs to be rubbed on the bottom or tilted, blue tells the kid that it is cold and he/she need to tap it, white means it needs to be put to sleep, grey is off and when the eyes flash the color of the rainbow, this means it is the hatching time.

When the hatching time comes the kid needs to help the baby. This means that when it taps, your kid should tap back. If your kid holds the egg on its bottom, he/she can hear its heartbeat, if the kid hears panting that is a signal to hold the egg and keep rubbing and patting the egg.

When the egg cracks, your child needs to peel the eggshell and take the baby out. When it is out it sings Hatchy birthday song. The baby mainly communicates with its eyes, so this means that it changes the color of the eyes after it is hatched too. Thus, purple color tells you that it is hungry, so you need to feed it with the bottle. In case you lose your bottle you can use your finger and it will be fed. While it is being fed its beak moves and it simulates real feeding. After it is fed you need to raise it up, tap it gently on its back and burp it, just like a real baby.

If you want to use the rattle you need to gently touch the toy’s chest facing the H shape front part of the toy towards you and it will start singing and dancing, or you could tap its feet to be jolly. When you want it to stop, just touch the baby’s back of the head. When his eyes turn blue, or if you want to put it to sleep just hold the baby’s pet to its chest with the H facing you. The baby knows when it is in its nest, i.e. the wings and the feet show you in which position to put him in his nest (the half of the eggshell).
Educational Value

Educational Value

You can play with the rattle while inside, it will sing a song, or he will go to bed. You can sit the Hatchibaby in its highchair. Your kid can play various games with the Hatchibaby, such as Peekaboo, or to say his/her name, or to record whatever your kid wants by pressing its feet, or if your kid holds his right feet for three seconds, its eyes will turn blue and then the music will start playing and your kid should start bouncing the toy, when the music stops, the bouncing should stop. Play this 3 times in a row to get the winner. If for example, you hold the left feet, then it will start saying animals’ sounds. Touch its nose when the sound matches the animal color, for example, white stands for sheep ‘ba-ba’. The child needs to get eight correct answers to win. Once kids understand what they have to do they will be challenged to play games and compete against the Hatchimals HatchiBabies.
Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

If the Hatchibaby starts to change the eyes color into red and orange and snores while sleeping then it needs new batteries. In case it gets dirty you should not put it in the bath or soak it wet, instead rub it with a clean cloth. When you use the rattle and the cuddling toy, make sure the H is facing you and they are touching the toy’s chest. If you lose the cuddle buddy it is still ok since you can comfort the baby by patting its head or rocking it to sleep. If you lose your rattle it can still sing and dance by pressing its left foot and tapping its head. If you lose the bottle you can feed the baby by putting your finger inside the baby peak.

This toy differs from all the other toys on the market because it offers various options and possibilities for entertaining your kid. It stimulates interactive play, teaches kids what a real baby needs are and stimulates kids engagement into real play. Having said this, the price, even though a bit higher than the other toys on the market, reflects everything that this toy has to offer. This includes the quality of the product and its uniqueness.

Bottom Line

When you have tried everything and still feel that your kid deserves something unique and different than everything he/she has ever had, Hatchimals Hatchibaby can be a great option to consider. Not only does it provide lots of fun and entertainment, but it also communicates with your child. It stimulates a child’s feeling of responsibility since he/she is the one who needs to take care of it and at the same time engages him/her in a long-time play.

Your kid will hatch it, teach it to say his/her name and play various games with it, such as Peekaboo, the music game, or guess the animal sounds. The toy is soft, cuddly and light, which makes a perfect companion for your child. What is really important for this toy in order to be adequately used is parents to read the instructions carefully and learn what the toy does and then tell that to their kids. Otherwise, there is a risk of not experiencing this toy completely.
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