Parenting a Toddler While Pregnant

We can offer some tips and tricks on parenting a toddler while pregnant.

Parents that find out they are expecting another baby when they still have a toddler have to step up their toddler’s independence. Parents should start as soon as possible because it’s going to be a struggle if both children expect to be held at the same time. In the house, it’s okay to have both children near you but outside and in public places, carrying two children can be difficult on your back. When your first child begins to walk and is good at it, the best thing to do is teach them to hold your hand and start walking next to you. Some parents just say “hands” and their child understands it’s time they walk while mommy is carrying their sibling. The more independent your child becomes before your new child arrives, the easier it is to manage the two of them. Some toddlers can become insecure if a new sibling arrives before age two or three. This happens because in a way the toddler hasn’t been able to be a baby long enough. Some parents have children that are under a year apart and that’s when it’s a bit more difficult on parents as well. The first child doesn’t exactly have the best sleep pattern established and might wake up easier when the new baby cries. These are all things parents have to realize when planning their families.

The hardest part is the first trimester because mom is very tired and her hormones are changing. In fact, her whole body is changing and morning sickness is another thing pregnant moms have to contend with. Mother’s find themselves really pushing themselves but it does help to try and fit in some swimming and exercise. Most facilities have daycare places in gyms for parents. Some moms seem to have more energy than others and women wonder how they can achieve so much in one day. The answer is motivation. You have to have that ride or die attitude in order to parent and maintain a house while pregnant and working. Women were built to be strong for working and childbirth from the beginning of time.

You can’t let too much slide when you are pregnant with a second child and are raising a toddler. You might feel overwhelmed but make a schedule and stick to it. The chores won’t get done by themselves so stay organized and if you can take a power nap if you can’t try to get enough sleep at night. Here are If a few ideas for raising your toddler while pregnant.


If you know you are more sluggish in the morning and tend to have morning sickness, try and get more done during the afternoons and evenings. Some women suffer from insomnia while pregnant which is common. If you are one of these women then plan to get your work done at night. Some pregnancies are different than others and insomnia creeps in and it can be frustrating because you drag all day. It’s important to schedule your day around how you are feeling and better for your mental health.

Don’t be hard on yourself

You are going to be very busy and being supermom is hard when you are pregnant with a toddler. If you let some things go it doesn’t mean that you are lazy, you are carrying a new life. It doesn’t hurt you to put a few things off if you aren’t feeling up to it. It’s not the end of the world if you get a little behind with housework.

Change your thought process

Your toddler is probably old enough to start watching a few educational shows on TV. This will give you a bit of a break because most kids now have an attention span when they hit the toddler stage. You might find you have 30 minutes to get some things done. You could also rest near your child while they are watching their show and this will definitely give you more energy.  

Use resources

You might want to think about getting some help to clean your home and wash some clothes. You could also send laundry out because it’s not really that expensive. Most places charge by the pound. That might be a nice luxury for you to keep up and not have a few extra chores on your list while you are parenting your toddler. Sometimes your friends and family are great for asking for help a few days a week. It gives them a chance to see your toddler and also allows you some more time to rest. In addition, there might be a teenager in the area who loves toddlers and needs an after-school job a few days a week, maybe the teen can play with your child and take them outside and this too will give you more freedom to nap or get things you are behind on done. There are also many maid services that are available for bigger chores, like floors and rugs and some dusting. This too, helps you to spend time with your toddler or take a nap. This helps you keep everything in order in your home so your house doesn’t feel like it’s become too cluttered.

Be Creative

You can become quite creative when you are expecting and raising a toddler. You learn to balance housework, your child, yourself and the new baby. Some parents have problems staying organized but the most important job is to take care of your health first. Do something for yourself and go out with a friend, try some yoga or get away for a while. There are many things a parent can do that doesn’t cost much. Going to the library is free and so is walking through the mall. Pregnancy might feel like it lasts forever, but it doesn’t. Time goes very fast when you have a toddler around and a spouse along with your other responsibilities. You will have up and down days and don’t be afraid to ask for help and take care of yourself.