5 Super Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids (and Adults!)

rainy day activities for kids

Rainy days can feel like such a drag, especially during the summer when the weather is warm and you want to be outside as much as possible. However, you don’t have to feel like rainy days are wasted days! Whether it is summer break and your kids are home every day, you are homeschooling your kids, or it is a rainy weekend day and you are stuck inside, you can have a ton of fun at home and inside! There are plenty of rainy day activities for kids out there that are incredibly fun.

In fact, these activities are so much fun that you might just look forward to a rainy day, or you might decide to do these activities on a sunny day as well! Bottom line: Staying inside does not have to be boring. There is so much to do!

How do you entertain kids on a rainy day?

A lot of parents ask themselves this question! It is a valid question, but thankfully there are plenty of answers to get excited about. Most importantly, the thing to keep in mind here is that you want to have a plan. Kids will get excited over just about anything if you phrase it like it is a fun activity that you have planned. 

We all have short attention spans, and that is especially true with kids. Having a plan for a rainy day is a great way to get them hooked right away and excited about the day’s activities. While having some open time for imagination and creativity is always a good thing, not having a plan and asking your kids “What do you want to do?” might not always give you the best results. Your kids are likely just as upset over the rain as you are. Keep them entertained and get them excited by surprising them with a fun list of activities that will make them forget about going outside! 

rainy day activities

Having several activities picked out is also a great idea. No matter how fun any one activity is, after a while, your kids (and you) are likely to get bored. Have a few fun activities lined up along with other usual routine plans (such as having lunch, taking a nap, or watching TV). 

You should also keep in mind that your attitude and mindset will impact their mood as well! If you seem really excited to do these activities, your kids are likely to follow suit. Don’t play up the fact that you can’t get outside, rather, get excited about all the activities that are now an option since you are all staying in! 

What can kids do on a rainy day at home?

There is a lot that kids can do on a rainy day at home! We will get into more specific activities down below, but have no fear, there is a lot that you can do to keep a child entertained even on the rainiest of days. Here are a few general ideas to get you thinking:

  • Get in the kitchen and cook something!
  • Head to the playroom or living room and make a play fort
  • Go back to the classics and play a game like hide and seek
  • Get some exercise by playing an indoor game that requires movement like tag, or dance freeze. Or, just have a dance party! 
  • Channel your creative side and do some arts and crafts
  • Utilize all your household objects by having a scavenger hunt! 

How do I entertain my toddler on a rainy day?

You might think that entertaining a toddler on a rainy day would be even more difficult, but there is still plenty you can do to keep him or her entertained! Many of the activities we listed above could be adapted to work for your toddler, especially if you have numerous kids that could help out! If not, here are some toddler specific activities to consider:

Anything with balloons: You seriously cannot go wrong with balloons! Toddlers (and really, kids of all ages) get so excited about playing with balloons! 

Engage the senses: Sensory activities are a lot of fun (and incredibly important for your toddler’s development!) You have so many options with this, you can turn almost anything into a sensory activity! 

Finger painting: Another version of a sensory activity that is also creative and a lot of fun for your toddler! Just make sure you have a safe space to go that you can easily clean up! 

Play dress up: Another great way for your child to express their creativity! 

Pretend to be an animal: This is a fun activity your toddler will enjoy that will also help teach them about animals. They can hop like a frog or a rabbit, slither like a snake, run like a dog, or waddle like a penguin! 

Top X Super Fun Rainy Day Activities

1. Fruit Stamping

fruit print activities for kids

Looking for a fun and creative activity to enjoy on your rainy day? Why not get creative and use fruit as a stamp? This is an easy creative activity that your entire family will enjoy. This is a great way to make use of any fruit that is maybe slightly overly ripe and you don’t want to eat anymore. Instead, give it a new purpose as your stamp!

All you need is some paper, some cut fruit, and some paint. Dip the cut fruit into the paint and stamp onto paper in whatever design you like! This is great for kids of all ages and makes for some super cute art to display in your kitchen! 

2. Balloon Hockey


Remember what we said earlier about balloons? They are perfect to bust out on a rainy day. Even just hitting the balloons around trying to make sure they don’t touch the ground is a fun rainy day activity for kids that will keep them entertained for hours. But, if you want to kick things up a notch, why not play a game of balloon hockey?

For this, you need some balloons, fly swatters, and a goal. You don’t have to have an actual goal net, you can get creative and use something like an empty storage bin or even an empty cardboard box (who doesn’t have an empty Amazon box laying around these days?) This is best played in a big open space like a playroom or basement. Someone plays goalie while the rest of you grab your swatters and try to hit the balloon around and into the ‘net.’ Entertaining and a great source of exercise! 

3. Snack Creation for Movie Night


We know that for many of us, rainy days inside call for lots of movie watching. And that is okay! There is nothing wrong with turning to technology. Instead of spending the entire day in front of the TV, why not set up an epic movie night? First up, you have to pick the movie. Everyone provides input! Next, what’s on the menu? Come up with some great snack options and get in the kitchen to make them! This gives you something to do with your kids in the kitchen that will pay off later when you get to enjoy your creations. Plus, your kids are also likely to be more invested and entertained since they know these snacks will be enjoyed later during a movie.

Finally, make sure the area where you will be watching the movie is perfect. We’re talking comfy seats and plenty of pillows and blankets. Get everyone in their comfiest clothes, grab the snacks, and enjoy! 

4. Indoor Camping: Bring the Outdoors In!

living room campsite

Can’t go outside? No problem! Bring the outdoors in for a similar experience. This is especially great if you have a large space like a basement or even a large living room so that you can set up a full “campsite.” Pitch a tent (or create one with blankets and pillows!) and if you have a fireplace, light the fire for a full camp experience. And of course, if you are going to go all the way, you need to have s’mores!

We also recommend removing all technology to get a full nature experience. Enjoy the time together without the distractions! 

5. Hallway Bowling


Another fun activity that is great for getting some exercise is to play hallway bowling! The hallway will better mimic the look of a bowling lane but if you don’t have a long hallway, don’t worry! You can set this up almost anywhere as long as you have enough floor space to roll your “bowling ball.”

Create your pins from some empty water bottles. Leave them empty if you are playing with very little kids, but if your kids are older, consider putting some water or sand in the bottom to make them a little more difficult to knock over. For your bowling ball, you can use any type of ball you happen to have at home as long as it is a sphere (a football won’t work!). The larger the ball, the easier it will be. Consider using something small like a tennis ball or even a golf ball for other kids who want more of a challenge! 

Wrapping Up

A rainy day does not have to mean a day with no fun! In fact, you can have tons of fun staying indoors by planning some fun activities. You don’t need a lot of materials to have fun, just some creativity. Whether you create a blanket fort, cook up some snacks, do some finger painting, or blow up some balloons, you are sure to have a lot of fun with your kids. 

We hope that on your next rainy day you are inspired to plan some fun activities that are sure to keep your kids (and you!) entertained all day long. No matter their age, you can plan something that they are sure to really enjoy. 

What type of rainy day activity for kids is your favorite? Do you like to get creative, stay in the kitchen and bake, or do you prefer leaning on technology and snuggling in with a good movie? Let us know!