Should you Dress Twins Identical

Read on to find out if you should dress your twins identically.

Parents should choose how they want to dress their identical twins and not worry about what the public is expecting. The norm of the public is that in the past years, many identical twins always were dressed and expected to be dressed alike. In recent years parents have become more sensitive about how they should dress their twins. Parents wonder if dressing their twins alike is something that they should do or not do because it might hinder their development. Parents should never force twins to dress alike and many don’t have the same personalities. Some twins might just like to dress differently because they have a different style as young as age three. Usually, if parents do dress their twins alike, it’s when they are babies and toddlers and this is just one of the issues that are faced by parents with identical twins.

Why do parents choose to dress them alike

Some parents find that it’s much easier to dress them alike. Just as some parents with larger families buy all the same kind of socks because socks disappear fast and it’s easier to pair socks up with identical same brand socks. Face it, parents of twins are dead tired and they don’t have the time to sit there and pick out different outfits 3 times a day so it’s easier to have many jumpers, onesies, and pajamas that are all look alike because babies tend to spit up constantly. Most parents of twins find that it’s fun to dress their twins alike. Twins do have a special bond and they look adorable dressed alike in pictures.

Identical Twin Research

There really hasn’t been any research found that says dressing twins identical is negative. The only thing parents might want to think about is that if parents are looking for more of an individual emphasis with their twins, they might want to dress them differently as they get older. The early years are very important because the child’s cognitive abilities are developing. Some researchers have argued that dressing identical twins alike blocks their identity, even at a young age. Most twins didn’t mind when they were asked. Some found it annoying, others weren’t bothered and all of them said it didn’t affect them as twins emotionally.


There really is no right or wrong answer to this question. By the age of three, as said before children begin to choose who their favorite character is, some like jeans, some like dresses, boys might like jeans, some boys might like sweats and t-shirts. They are able to express themselves and their opinions. Some may still want to dress alike because they both like the same clothing lines and styles. They might also know they are different because they are twins and want to dress identically. Some might be creative and choose their own unique style. Whatever works for you and your budget is what most parents choose.


You can choose the same styles and different colors. Parents can choose matching outfits for pictures of special events and then dress their twins differently for school and playtime. If people are having a problem recognizing your twins, you might want to dress them differently when it comes to other people being able to tell them apart. An example is a babysitter, teachers, relatives, friends and other people like their dentist and doctors that are involved in their lives. The main point is raising multiple children is hard for many to comprehend. The first few years are a blur because parents are so exhausted and busy. Choosing the same outfits reduces stress and make things more efficient. A good tip is to pick out your twins’ outfits for the week on Sundays.


You definitely will need two of everything. The cost to dress twins is twice as much as it is for once child. Sometimes you can find deals that are two for one or buy one and get 50 percent off of the other. You can also ask any sales assistants in children’s clothing stores if they have discounts for twins.


Twins get more attention than people with one child. People are drawn to babies but also much more drawn to children from multiple births so they automatically get a lot of attention. Dressing your twins identically attracts more people and you find your twins have become instant celebrities wherever you go. Some parents love all the attention, so enjoy it while you can.

Twins are fun

Many moms love to dress their daughters when they are babies and dressing two of them is even more fun. Parents tend to buy more outfits for girls in doubles than twin boys because of the fun they have dressing them. Of course, parents love their twin sons the same and can have just as much fun dressing little boys. The only difference is boys don’t wear frilly ruffles and headbands with bows. Shop early for school supplies and hit the winter sales around March. You are more likely to find 90 percent off of clothes during mid-season than you are at the beginning of the season.

Think about safety

The nice thing about dressing twins identical is if you lose track of one in a store or a mall, you will know what outfit to look for. You can always find a security guard or clerk and use the other twin as a copy of the one that drifted away. This is one of the parent’s biggest nightmares is losing a child in a store, but most often they have wandered off and are looking at toys or in most cases are crying and looking for you. You can always purchase safety wristbands for your twins and children.

Telling Identical twins apart

The negative thing about dressing twins alike is that it may be harder for you or other families to tell them apart. It’s harder as time goes on and you look back at pictures and you may have problems telling them apart. Most twins are not always exactly the same height or weight or have the exact same texture of hair. It might be wise to style one of their hairdos differently for pictures. Another idea is to have them wear a different pin on their outfits. Pins are very fashionable for children. You can buy some cute ones in any jewelry store for a good bargain.

Parents of twins only will have a short time of choosing their twins clothes because as they grow and get older things change. They might have different styles and taste so enjoy this while you can and enjoy the status of having twins for as long as you can. Someday they will be on their own and they will enjoy the status of what it is like to be a twin.