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We like

The doll is great for bilingual children because it speaks in English and Spanish

Includes a carrier so the child can take the doll everywhere he/she wants

the doll can be purchased with blonde, brunette hair or African American

your child can feed her with bottle included in the package

Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye can say more than 30 phrases 

We don’t like

You have to buy additional diapers for each diaper that Baby Alive gets wet, so this add much to the future cost

The crawling position might be difficult for some kids to manage with especially in the first few times

How it works

Kids love pretend play. Female kids especially like to take the role of mommy and pretend to take care and look after their dolls. If your child is one of them she will definitely be into interactive doll toys that have become popular in recent years because of their resemblance to the real babies. However, baby dolls give an excellent opportunity for both girls and boys to develop fine motor skills, cognitive as well as self-help skills. Kids in their toddlerhood period are careful observes of the world around them so they like to imitate, mimic and repeat what they see.

Now with the interactive baby dolls when kids dramatize and talk to the doll they will be amazed when the doll responds to them. Kids can play in so many ways with the interactive baby dolls, they can feed the doll, bathe her when she pees they can change diapers, dress her and undress her even take her into a carrier with them when they go somewhere. Interactive dolls are the type of toy that will offer your child an opportunity to talk, care for, and listen, so this type of pretend or role-playing contributes a lot for the cognitive development of the kids as well as teaches children emotional skills.  

The interactive dolls are exciting toys for the kids to play with, and now more than ever on the market there is a range of toys to suit the different ages and interests. So, if you are confused which one might be the right one for your child, do not worry because we checked the lists of best interactive dolls and for sure one of the most popular dolls is the Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye so let’s have a look why this is so.

Product description

Product description

The interactive doll of Baby Alive is a 15-inch doll that resembles a real baby based on many reasons. The baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye’s great feature is that she can actually say more than 30 phrases in two languages: English and Spanish. If you want to change the language all you or your child has to do is to press and hold her tummy. Maybe one of the good things that parents will love is that this Baby Alive does not cry but laugh and giggles when kids play with her.

She can even babble back to the child. One of the features that kids really love about this doll is that they can feed her with a bottle that is included in the package, they can change the diapers and she even wets her diapers because when your kid feeds her with the bottle you actually put water in the bottle. While feeding her, the dolls make realistic sounds that babies make when they are fed. The package includes only one diaper and it is important to mention that you cannot re-use the wet diapers so each time she gets wet you will have to buy another replacement diaper.

The package also includes a brush so the child can comb, brush and style the hair of the baby. In addition to the bottle, outfit, diaper and brush there are two other items: a rattle and a pacifier for soothing Baby Alive Baby Go. The package includes also a carrier because this baby doll can even crawl so if you do not want the crawling baby to run away when you travel use the included carrier to carry this sweet little doll with you. If you want Baby Alive Baby Go Bye-Bye to wake up and start interacting with your child you will need 4 AA batteries although the product comes with demo batteries.
Age range

Age range

This product is recommended for children that are at least 3 years old. The accessories that come with the doll including brush, rattle, pacifier and a carrier are small parts and may be a choking hazard for younger kids. Interactive toys are great for playing at this age since there is a great explosion in learning ability.

Kids love imaginary play at this period and fantasize about being doctors, parents, teachers and so much more. The interactive dolls offer a great choice of pretend play that kids at this age enjoy, especially imitating the actions of the people around them. Another thing why this makes a perfect toy for this age is because kids at this period love toys that make real-life sounds and Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye is definitely a toy that can make this by saying more than 30 phrases in two languages.


This interactive doll is made of hard plastic with high quality. There are no cloth body parts because as the name suggests this baby doll has a crawling function and in order for the baby doll to start crawling you should put the doll in the right position. All the limbs must be matched to the marks. She is powered by batteries and the batteries are positioned in the baby’s bottom.

She is powered by four batteries. There are demo batteries included which must be replaced soon after the purchase. The arms and the legs straighten out. The hair of the Baby Go Bye Bye is entirely rooted so it is safe for the child to brush and style it all the time. There is an ON/OFF button for the kids to power her off and go to sleep with the Baby Alive Baby Go. All the accessories are with good dimensions for a 3-year-old child to play with.
Different ways to play

Different ways to play

Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye offers so many activities for play. She is a baby doll that loves to be loved. She loves to be tickled on her tummy just like the real babies. When you tickle her she crawls over. When you talk to her she bubbles and can say phrases in English and Spanish. Like a real baby she has to be fed. Kids will enjoy filling the bottle with tap water over and over and will be thrilled when the baby doll gets wet. Baby Go Bye Bye makes satisfying noises when she is being fed and if she likes it she will drink the bottle all up.

When she gets wet you have to change the diaper. The package contains only one diaper and you cannot re-use the diapers. Additional diapers are sold separately at extra cost. Another resemblance to looking after and taking care of real babies, too. Buying the additional diapers for Baby Go Bye Bye is definitely a burden for the budget but many parents find options for this by using cloth diapers. Another option that is available is to use a real diaper if you have for example younger child or a newborn, these diapers also work well with this doll and the kids will also love this too. When you change the diaper Baby Go Bye Bye is ready for play.

What you need is just to shake the rattle and Baby Go will be on-the-go. It is enough for her to hear the rattle and she starts crawling. If you go somewhere you can prepare Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye by putting on the clothes –outfit provided in the package and styling her hair by the included brush. When Baby Alive Baby Go Go is all set and ready just put it in the carrier like a real parent and take this sweetheart with you wherever you go.
Sensory development

Sensory development

This Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye is a doll with many benefits. This Baby doll speaks more than 30 sounds and phrases in English and Spanish so kids can talk to the baby doll and baby doll can respond. Baby Go offers more than just a simple feeding and changing diapers and outfits. If you want to change the language from English into Spanish or vice-versa you should hold the belly button down for some 5 seconds. The package includes instructions that also describe all activities and ways of playing with the doll.

Kids can learn and develop a lot of language through play with Baby Alive Baby Go and can even learn another language like in this case Spanish. Although the baby doll is limited to over 30 phrases still kids can take this opportunity to create scenarios around these pronounced phrases and practice and improve their speech and language skills by asking questions about this baby doll and all actions that she can do. This baby doll with all the actions that she can do and all the activities that the child can play with give a great opportunity for quality time playing with your child when you can discuss feelings, body parts, clothing and so much more.
Social-emotional skill

Social-emotional skill

No matter the child’s gender the social-emotional skill is a valuable life skill to possess. When your child feeds the baby with the bottle filled with tap water, holds the baby in the arms, tickles Baby Alive Baby Go, or shakes the rattle for Baby Alive Baby Go to start crawling, or changes her diapers when she gets wet, puts the outfit on, tries to soothe her with a pacifier and even takes her for a walk in the carrier, you can make sure that besides just simply playing, the children are practicing how to be loving to others.

This Baby Alive Baby Go with the number of activities that it offers is a great way for children to take on an adult role and it gives them a chance to have some control in play in a safe way. Many parents also suggest that Baby Alive Baby Go can be used for young children to prepare for the birth of a sibling. Kids will love shaking the rattle and once baby doll hears the shaking of the rattle she will start crawling.

The bottom line

This is fun active baby doll that kids who love imaginary and pretend play will simply adore. Baby Go Bye Bye can crawl, babble, talk in two languages, giggle and speak more than 30 phrases. When this active baby doll gets tired from all the crawling, babbling and giggling then she will get thirsty. This is just the right time for your child to fill in the bottle that is included with this baby doll and starts feeding her.

If Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye is too thirsty then she will drink all the water from the bottle and then you will have to put the diaper on because she is going to get wet. The real parent experience is increased by the fact that you will have to change the diapers like to a real baby. When the baby is ready it is time for a walk. Style Baby Go Bye Bye with a brush, put the outfit on, pacifier for soothing the baby and just put the baby doll in the carrier because she is ready for a walk. Also, you can tickle the baby and he'll giggle and if you just shake the rattle the baby will start crawling.

Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye is one of the more popular Baby Alive dolls because there are so many ways that kids can play with this doll. It is 15 inches adorable cutie that kids love to take care of. This doll is recommended for use by children ages 3 and up. The Baby is also great for bilingual children and can be purchased in three different models of the version Baby Go Bye-Bye: Blond, Brunette and African American.
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