Best Juices for Kids to Drink in 2019

As parents, we all want our children to be healthy. One way to start is by monitoring what products you give your child when it’s time for a drink. In order to have a healthy body, your child needs proper nutrition and hydration to help grow big and strong. Children play hard and need plenty of energy to fuel their growing brains. Fruit juices and other healthy drinks can be a terrific addition to your child’s diet and even help provide them with certain kinds of vitamins and minerals that they’ll need to help gain a stronger development. While of course, whole fruits are often preferable, fruit juices or fruit-flavored waters all have a good place for your child when it comes to a healthy diet.

We came up with a variety of drinks for you and your children to help provide quick snacks or a tasty treat with a meal for any age. With organic juices, they also add an extra measure of assurance that parents are giving their children the best possible nutrition they can. When choosing organic products, parents don’t have to worry about any additional sugars or preservatives. Original fruits and vegetables are of an organic origin and we can be sure we’re not adding any hidden toxins.

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This update included a little bit more information about the organic world and we narrowed down our list to the best organic juices for your family.

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Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Juices

With kids’ juices-–parents know that these are a favorite item when it comes to snack or lunch time. Juices are also a traditional treat and a good addition to childhood nutrition, but modern manufacturing and the popular market have turned most of these juices into sugary waters with dozens of chemical preservatives and flavors that doesn’t exist in nature. Organic juice is the best and most nutritious drink to serve, and you can’t taste the difference. Perfect if you have a picky eater.

While supplying your kids with whole fruit is ideal but not always practical, organic juices with real flavors and no additives can be a great substitute or alternative than giving your child something that’s basically pure sugar. Active children need hydration and juice can supply them with that, along with lots of vitamins and minerals, maybe a little protein, fruit sugar for energy, and even a small amount of fiber.

It’s best to introduce juice in stages. For children from the ages of 1 to 3, it is recommended that the limit of juice that parents give their child is four ounces per day. From ages 4 to 6, it’s said to be limited between four to six ounces each day. An eight-ounce serving per day is plenty for children from ages 7 to 18. You can also use pure water to dilute juices and make them last longer without losing the original nutritional value. Parents always need to make sure that their children drink plenty of water.

While definitions of organic vary around the world, we looked for products that can legitimately claim to be USDA-certified organic, complying with standards of organic farming. Not all “natural” products are actually organic, but we looked for those that are non-GMO and free of pesticides or artificial flavorings, as well as additives colors.

Nutritional Values

When it comes to nutritional values, we looked for juices that have a lot of potassium in and very little sodium because this is the right body fluid balance needed for any active bodies for proper hydration. It is a necessity for muscles and nerve functions and maintaining any kind of proper blood pressure as well. Most juices provide a good dosage of vitamin C which is important in developing a terrific immune system, healthy blood vessels and growing strong connective tissue, teeth and bones. Some of these juices also bring along vitamin A, magnesium, folate and calcium too. A juice product with iron helps oxygenate tissues in a healthy body. Protein is also enormously beneficial, and we found a few juices on our list has this too.

Good Juices and Bad Juices

We already know that sugar-laden sodas and carbonated drinks are an extremely poor choice for healthy children and even trying to maintain keeping our children healthy. Avoiding these is tricky, and juice companies have capitalized on this awareness to make their products the “healthy” alternative, the “wise” choice that parents can make. Sadly, however, many people fail to find similar but infinitely better products that their children can enjoy without the additional additives and food coloring used to lure consumers.

The worst juices for children contain the highest amount of added sugars and the least amount of real fruit. Companies spend millions of dollars advertising, trying to draw children to these products and they’re becoming more and more successful at it. By using cartoon characters, cute names and kid-friendly packaging all goes into the marketing to try and recruit your child into the sugar water clan of quick tooth decay and poor nutrition. Toss that healthy eating lifestyle out the window.

Fruits are commonly higher in sugars than vegetables and other foods, but they’re paired with pectins and dietary fibers. This allows the human body to metabolize the fructose more slowly, releasing that energy evenly over time. When fruits are juiced, the fibers are often separated from the drinkable product.

For just that reason, dietary fiber is highly desirable and just a bit rare, but we found a few products that made the grade. Juices that are low carb, lower sugars are the best choices to make. Most of our selections were made with no sugar added though a few used a touch of organic cane sugar to boost the sweetness.

In all, the products on our list are the cleanest, healthiest juices we could find with a variety of flavors that kids seem to enjoy. Because if they don’t like the juice, they aren’t likely to drink it and they would be missing a real treat and some terrific nutrition.

A Look at the Nutrients that Kids Need in Their Juices

Nutrition is very important for the survival of any organism, humans included. We won’t be here if not for these very small microscopic substances that form the very foundation of our existence. While grown-ups can derive their nutrition from a variety of sources, children are a different matter simply because they haven’t been exposed yet to a variety of tastes and flavors which can affect their nutrition. There are nutrients that all children must consume as these are considered to be the basic building blocks of their development. Understanding these nutrients for the growing years is essential to our caring for them. Here are some of them.

  • Protein – All cells in our body require protein as this macronutrient is the fundamental building block of all things. Without it, cells will not be able to produce daughter cells and tissues will not be formed. That’s why it is always a good idea to get juices or any food item that is rich in this macronutrient to help ensure optimum growth.
  • Calcium – Part of growing up is playing. Whether it is running or jumping or hopping or simply walking, we all need sturdy and strong bones to help minimize the effects of compression. We need a strong skeleton to support the muscles and the other organs of the body. And this is where calcium can be a very particularly great addition to our kids’ drinks. While milk is the best source of this mineral, there are now many juices that have been fortified with calcium.
  • Iron – Not your Tony Stark kind of mineral but iron is a very essential mineral necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin, a molecule that carries oxygen in the blood and brings this to the different cells. It is also the same molecule where carbon dioxide sits in on its way outside the body. All cells require oxygen. Without iron, it would be almost impossible to deliver oxygen to the cells.
  • Vitamin A – Kids first learn about their world through their senses. And one of the most important senses is vision. It allows us to see everything around us so that our brains can try to interpret these visual cues. Vitamin A is thus crucial for the optimum development of children’s vision.
  • Vitamin C – There are many benefits of vitamin C. Aside from a boost in the immune system, it’s also important in strengthening the different cells of the body as well as in the establishment of stronger teeth and bones.

These are just some of the many nutrients that kids need to grow healthier and develop more optimally. It is our responsibility to make sure they obtain the right amounts of these nutrients on a daily basis.

The Bottom Line

Juices come in a variety of flavors and formulations. However, if we are to make sure our kids stay healthy while having a go at their favorite drinks, we might as well give then any of these 10 best juices for kids to drink in 2019.


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Q: Why are some of these so expensive?

A: Some of these are pricier than others, however, some simply have a higher price because of the amount that is being offered. It’s important to check how many bottles/boxes are included in a product listing to avoid overspending or over-ordering.

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A: Yes. For simplicity, straightforwardness and flow reasons, we have omitted the entire list of flavors that each product has in the titles. Most of them, however, do have it listed under their mini-reviews. The best option to find out more information is to click on the links to find a full product listing that is being offered.

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