Best Formulas for Reflux Reviewed in 2018

With almost half of infants in their first year of life, reflux is a major problem. It is also known as gastroesophageal reflux or GER and can cause serious problems in digesting infant formulas. Some of the signs of reflux are gas, fussiness, and crying. Spitting up the formula could also happen if the esophagus is not fully developed. When this happens the food in the stomach comes back up the tube and is spit up. Providing a formula that specially designed to prevent common reflux is the best way to relieve this issue.

We feature the best online formulas from manufacturers on this page that target reflux and its symptoms. Generally, these contain less lactose generated from cow’s milk, so the formulas are less gassy. Many children are lactose-sensitive and are bothered by formulas that are derived solely from regular milk. One formula listed is derived from goat’s milk, while others contain less of the regular lactose amounts to decrease reflux.

These are the best formulas online that the majority of customers loved and would buy again. They have the highest ratings and the most reviews out of all infant formulas for reflux sold online. The most popular brands are of course the best, such as Enfamil, Similac, and Earth’s Best Organics. These manufacturers have created these special formulas for sufferers of reflux because the problem is so common. Although most of these diets are powders to mix with water when needed, a few of them are ready to use straight from the bottles as a liquid. These are perfect for parents on the go and when traveling. We are proud to highlight them for you in an informative way to make your shopping experience great. Here are the best formulas for reflux in 2018.

12 Best Formulas for Reflux Reviewed


1. Similac Pro-Advance

Having the same nutrition that is found in breast milk such as vitamin E, lutein, and DHA, Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula reduces spit-up, gassiness, and fussiness in babies. It does not have any artificial growth hormones in it and is the top choice of parents.
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Doctors recommend it as the number one brand to support the immune system of babies. This product is a 48-count package of two-ounce fluid bottles that are designed to be very similar to breast milk. This trusted formula brand has nourished generations of infants, as it provides support for the baby’s eye and brain development.

Similac has always been a trusted brand of formula for decades for parents. This terrific formula is also the number one recommended formula of doctors.

What We Like About It
To reduce problems of reflux in babies, this is a wonderful formula that will work. It will reduce spit-up, gassiness, and fussiness in infants quickly.

Designed to be very similar to breast milk

Does not have artificial growth hormones

Reduces spit-up, gassiness, and fussiness in babies

Is the #1 brand recommended by doctors

Has the same nutrition found in breast milk


Some did not like the smell of the formula

A few complaints about the color of the liquid

2. Similac Advance with Iron

Similac is an obvious leader when it comes to infant formulas, as even our list proves. This is another winning Similac product that has customers so satisfied with its performance. The Advance Infant Formula with Iron also does a fabulous job at reducing reflux in your child, as it decreases gassiness, spit-up, and fussiness.
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This remarkable formula does not include artificial growth hormones and is a milk-based diet that is nutritionally complete. It has the same nutrition as breast milk and is the number one recommended brand by hospitals and doctors. Loved and trusted by parents, this terrific diet strengthens the immune system. It also supports eye health and brain development, plus does not contain genetically-engineered ingredients.

Reducing reflux for your baby is as easy as using this wonderful infant formula from Similac. It will prevent the problem from occurring with the special complete nutrition.

What We Like About It
This terrific formula does not contain any ingredients that were genetically engineered. Infants do not need ingredients that have been altered because they must have the best start in life.

#1 brand recommended by hospitals and doctors

Loved and trusted by parents

Does not contain genetically-engineered ingredients

Supports eye health and brain development

Reduces gassiness, spit-up, and fussiness


May be hard to open

Some people received damaged packages

3. Earth's Best Organic Iron

Earth’s Best Organics Infant Powder Formula has the most reviews online of any other leading brand. It reduces gas and fussiness in babies, relieving them of common reflux problems. Containing iron, lutein for eye health, and prebiotics for immunity health, this wonderful diet is a gentle formula that is easy to digest.
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It is soy plant-based and contains Omega-6 ARA and Omega-3 DHA fatty acids. Made with non-GMO ingredients, this fabulous formula does not contain prohibited synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. It is a powder formula that is milk-based all-lactose. This is a very close diet to breast milk and is the perfect formula for the first year of human life. It is the number one infant formula in the United States.

Gentle formulas like this one are easy to digest and reduce fussiness and gas. Eliminating reflux is important in a healthy happy baby.

What We Like About It
This is the best organic brand of infant formula in the U.S. it is made with non-GMO ingredients and does not contain harmful synthetic chemicals.

Is nutritionally complete and easy to digest

Made with non-GMO ingredients

Reduces gas and fussiness

Is a gentle formula that is easy to digest

Is the number one organic infant formula in the U.S.


Has corn syrup solids in the ingredients

Made some babies have harder stools

4. Kabrita Non-GMO Goat Milk

To decrease reflux and spitting up for your baby, try this Kabrita product of Non-GMO Goat Milk in a powder form. Protein from goat milk forms a looser softer curd in the gut than protein from cows, and this product meets the infant formula nutritional requirements.
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It is easy to digest and is good for babies that are sensitive to cow’s milk. This terrific powder made from goat’s milk has a smell and taste that is fresh, sweet, and mild. It does not contain GMO ingredients and is nutritionally complete. Twenty-two minerals and vitamins are in this formula including iron, ARA, DHA, and folic acid. It does not contain artificial flavors or colors, preservatives, growth hormones, or antibiotics.

With twenty-two minerals and vitamins in this baby diet, complete nutrition is simple and easy. It has all the nutrients that an infant needs to be healthy and happy.

What We Like About It
Sometimes infants cannot tolerate cow’s milk and need another formula that can be digested. This product of goat’s milk is milder and will decrease gas, reflux, and spitting up.

Decreases reflux and spitting up

Does not contain GMO ingredients

May be good for a baby that are sensitive to cow’s milk

Has a smell and taste that is fresh, sweet, and mild

Is nutritionally complete


Caused constipation in some babies

Did not relieve the gas for a few infants

5. Enfamil Nutramigen Infant

Enfamil is the number one formula that pediatricians recommend, and it is such a trusted brand that we feature four of their top products on this page that help fight reflux in babies. This formula is lactose-free and hypoallergenic.
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It provides relief from gas, reflux, and spitting up of formula. Proven to reduce future challenges of allergies, this fantastic diet will manage colic with the first feeding. It helps infants consume a milk protein without having an allergic response and supports the digestive health of the baby. This Enfamil diet provides the complete nutrition for the first year of life for your child.

This great formula will actually help babies not develop allergies later on in life. It aids in the digestion of a milk product with the omission of the adverse reaction.

What We Like About It
Relief from gas, reflux, and spit-up is a huge relief for parents. Formulas such as this one strive to decrease this from occurring in infants so they can maintain their proper nutrition levels.

Is lactose-free and hypoallergenic

Provides relief from gas, reflux, and spitting up

Will manage colic with the first feeding

Proven to reduce future challenges of allergies

Supports the digestive health of the baby


Some did not like the cornstarch ingredient

A few babies did not like the formula

6. Similac Sensitive with Iron

Similac Sensitive Infant Formula is a diet that is milk-based and designed especially for lactose sensitivity. It will decrease gas and fussiness that is common in babies using regular formulas. This has no artificial growth hormones and is the number one brand hospitals use for infants.
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Parents have rated Similac as the top brand they prefer according to ratings. This terrific diet includes OptiGRO, which is a blend of the nutrients Vitamin E, lutein, and DHA. It supports eye and brain development like the nourishment found in breast milk. This strengthens the immune system of babies and is a complete nutrition for sensitive tummies. This great formula does not contain GMOs.

OptiGRO is included in this diet for optimal nutrition. With this formula, your baby will receive the ideal nourishment that a healthy body needs.

What We Like About It
This is a special formula to relieve babies of gas and fussiness. It is lactose sensitive for those infants that cannot tolerate regular formulas that upset their delicate systems.

A formula designed for lactose sensitivity

Decreases gas and fussiness

Includes OptiGRO blend of nutrients

Strengthens the immune system of babies

Is complete nutrition for sensitive tummies


Caused constipation in some infants

Did not relieve the gas for a few babies

7. Happy Baby Organic Stage 1

Designed particularly for infants with sensitive stomachs, Happy Baby Organic Stage 1 Infant Formula will relieve gas and fussiness. This is because the lactose included is reduced by 75% compared to other popular brands.
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It is a delicious organic option for your infant’s nutrition and is a complete diet for the first twelve months of life. This is a milk-based powder with prebiotics that does not contain corn syrup solids, gluten, or GMOs.

Having 75% less lactose than regular formulas on the market, this diet will reduce the gas and fussiness that most infants experience due to being lactose intolerant.

What We Like About It
Only great ingredients go into this infant formula. It does not contain GMOs, gluten, or corn syrup. These are not needed for optimal nutrition in a formula for babies.

Does not contain corn syrup solids, gluten, or GMOs

Is a milk-based powder with prebiotics

Designed for infants with sensitive stomachs

Lactose is reduced by 75% to relieve gas and fussiness

Has four times the prebiotics than other formulas


Some infants had diarrhea with this formula

Constipation was a problem for some

8. The Honest Co. Organic Non-GMO

Carefully molded and balanced after breastmilk, this fabulous infant formula from The Honest Company will decrease fussiness and gas from reflux. It is gentle on the tummy and has 74% less lactose for better and easier digestion.
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This is an organic and non-GMO diet with iron that includes prebiotics for great immune function. It is nutritionally complete with folic acid, choline, calcium, vitamin D, iron, and quality ingredients. This fabulous diet does not contain DHA because the available supply does not meet the quality standards of The Honest Company. The company offers a superior supplement for this nutrient. It does not include corn syrup solids, carrageenan, gluten, ARA, or rbST treated cow milk. This wonderful infant formula for reflux is made with grass-fed cow milk, plus it is USDA-certified organic and supports the practices of organic farmers.

Because it is gentle on the tummy, your baby will have less or no gas and fussiness due to reflux. This formula is specifically designed with this purpose for infants who are lactose sensitive.

What We Like About It
Plenty of ingredients are omitted from this formula to make it much healthier for your infant than some other popular diets. A happier healthier baby will result from the use of this terrific blend of nutrition.

Decreases fussiness and gas from reflux

Is carefully modeled and balanced after breastmilk

Is gentle on the tummy

Is organic and non-GMO with iron

Has 74% less lactose for better and easier digestion


Contains some added sweetener

Some babies were constipated with this formula

9. Enfamil A.R. Infant

Proven clinically to reduce spit-up in one week by 50%, Enfamil A.R. Infant Formula is recommended by top pediatricians. It meets the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics to reduce reflux in infants and is the best-selling brand of infant formula for common reflux and spit-up in healthy babies.
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This terrific diet contains thirty total nutrients for diet complements, vitamins, and prebiotics for immune health, and DHA for brain development known as the Proprietary Triple Health Guard Blend. It is complete gentle nutrition specially blended for the first twelve months of life.

Doctors recommend this formula and Enfamil for the best start in nutrition for a baby’s life. It has loads of vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced diet.

What We Like About It
Enfamil is a leading brand of baby formulas, and this one is the top brand for spit-up and reflux in babies. These are common problems for infants, but this formula will help decrease them.

Proven clinically to reduce spit-up by 50%

Is a complete gentle nutrition blend

Contains thirty total nutrients for diet

Pediatrician recommended

Is the best selling brand for reflux and spit-up


Some parents said this is a foamy formula

May have a few lumps when blended

10. Enfamil Premium Non-GMO Gentlease

This Gentlease Formula from Enfamil has been proven to reduce crying, gas, and fussiness within twenty-four hours of feeding. It contains proteins that are simple to digest because they are broken down partially.
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This is the only and first diet for infants to contain DHA and inositol similar to breastmilk. Included are thirty nutrients that are known as the Proprietary Triple Health Guard Blend from Similac. It has double the Omega-3 DHA than other brands and promotes immune health. This is a convenient formula already mixed that can be used right from the bottle. It is perfect for busy moms or feedings late at night with the ready-to-use packaging. Pediatricians recommend this fabulous formula as the top brand for infants.

For the problem of reflux, this great formula could help by easing the gas, crying, and fussiness that it creates. It should work within one day of the first feeding.

What We Like About It
For parents who are always on the go, this ready-to-use formula is terrific! It can be fed straight for the nursing bottles that it comes in to make it that more convenient to use.

Contain DHA and inositol similar to breastmilk

Reduces crying, gas, and fussiness

Contains proteins that are simple to digest

Includes a blend of thirty nutrients

Is a convenient formula already mixed


Some said this is bitter to the taste

A few claim the formula was sour

11. Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease

This Gentlease Formula is very similar to the liquid version of Gentlease in the bottles but is a powder formula concentrated on immune and cognitive development. It relieves gas, crying, and fussiness within one day due to common reflux and is doctor recommended.
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Backed by a hundred years of scientific studies, Enfamil provides total nutrition for the first year of life. The proteins are easy to digest, plus this terrific formula has dual prebiotics great for immune health. It includes a protein-fat blend of DHA and MFGM for the best diet.

To decrease the problems of reflux for your child, this Enfamil formula is one of the best. It will relieve the common signs of this problem to make your baby healthy and happy.

What We Like About It
Enfamil is a well-trusted brand of infant formula that has been around for decades. During this time, they have conducted many scientific studies on the best formulas for babies.

Promotes cognitive and immune development

Relieves gas, crying, and fussiness within one day

Has dual prebiotics which is great for immune health

Proteins are easy to digest

Provides total nutrition for the first year of life


Has corn syrup as an ingredient

Did not work long-term for a few infants

12. GoodSense Gentle Non-GMO

From Good Sense, we highlight their Non-GMO Milk-Based Powder Formula that reduces crying, gas, and fussiness in babies suffering from reflux. It digests easily and is made with non-GMO ingredients.
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This is a great formula rich with iron that contains choline and DHA that occur naturally in breastmilk. It promotes brain development, social skills, motor abilities, and communication. This wonderful diet meets FDA requirements and provides complete nutrition for the first year of life. It contains a reduced amount of lactose that is in regular milk-based diets.

Reflux is a major problem that occurs in almost half of babies in their first year. This formula will reduce or eliminate it and the symptoms such as gas and fussiness.

What We Like About It
Much like similar formulas, this diet can be given to the baby for the first full year of its life as a complete nutrition. Nothing else is really required to give your baby the best vitamins and minerals for proper growth.

Reduces crying, gas, and fussiness from reflux

Digests easily

Made with non-GMO ingredients

Meets FDA requirements

Provides complete nutrition for the first year of life


Did not relieve gas for some infants

A few developed constipation with this diet

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Formulas for Reflux

Top-rated and most-purchased items

All of these infant formulas are the top brands chosen by online customers. They have the highest ratings and the most reviews of any products in this category. Consumers overwhelmingly were satisfied with these so much that they would buy them again. We search out the best items to showcase for our buying guides to enhance your shopping experience. For your convenience, we list what customers liked best and the details of the product in a summarized form. In this way, you can make the most informed decisions about the right formula for your baby.

Reduces reflux, gas, and spitting up in infants

Because gas, reflux, and spitting up happens to about half of healthy newborns and infant each year, manufacturers have created these formulas to reduce that. Each one of these products is particularly designed to decrease this problem when feeding the infant. The ingredients that each company uses is slightly different with some of them being organic and some not. Make sure you choose the one that is best suited for your baby. It is mostly a reduction in lactose from cow’s milk that contributes to the reduction of gas and fussiness in babies. These formulas have that quality in common.

Provides complete nutrition for the first year of life

Each of these diets is perfect for the whole first year of the baby’s life as a complete nutrition. All of the vitamins and minerals are included to ensure your child is getting all he or she needs for the full requirement of health and happiness. Whether it is a powder to be blended with water or a bottled liquid formula already blended, these are all complete diets perfect to be the sole nutrition for your infant.

Is a trusted brand and doctor recommended

As you will notice, the well-known brands that are so popular today are the ones on this list of best products rated by consumers. This is not a coincidence because they are truly the best that is currently offered online now to reduce or eliminate the problems of fussiness, gas, common reflux, and spit-up in babies. Most of them are a pediatrician, nurse, doctor, or hospital recommended as leading brands in infant nutrition to decrease these issues. You can trust these brand names of Enfamil, Similac, Earth’s Best Organics, Kabrita, Good Sense, The Honest Company, and Happy Baby Organic to provide the best for your infant.

Reflux in Infants and Suggestions to Avoid It

Commonly known as reflux, babies often have gas or fussiness after they consume their infant formulas. It is technically known as gastroesophageal reflux or GER. What is physically happening in reflux is the food that the baby has in its stomach comes back into the esophagus causing the gas or reflux. The tube that carries the food to the stomach is known as the esophagus. The valve at the end of the esophagus is not fully developed in babies who suffer from reflux, so it allows the formula to come back up the tube and into the mouth. This valve or muscle should relax normally and close to create a barrier between the stomach and the esophagus to keep the food in the stomach. Once it is fully developed it will do just that. When swallowing, this muscle allows the food to go down into the stomach. It closes when the food is in the stomach.

This is a fairly common problem even in the healthiest of infants and occurs in almost half of all babies in the first few months of life. This problem should end when the child is about a year old. The most common symptom of reflux is spitting up of formula, but other signs could lead to the diagnosis of reflux. Infants could arch their backs right after eating, cough, gag, have trouble swallowing, vomit, wheeze, lose weight, refuse to eat, not eat enough, be fussy, or act colicky.

Besides giving your baby a special formula to reduce reflux, you can try these suggestions to relieve the problem. Holding the baby vertically for about twenty to thirty minutes after feeding will help with digestion. Don’t overfeed the child. It is best to give smaller feedings more often than a few large feedings in a day. After every few ounces of formula, be sure to burp the baby to help the liquid go down and relieve any gas. Adding rice cereal in the mix can also give the formula some substance and help it stay in the stomach and not be regurgitated.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all of these powders that must be mixed with water to make a formula?

A: No, a few of these are liquid formulas that are already mixed and ready to be used. Look at the ones that are in small bottles with about two-ounces to a bottle. Those are the ones that are liquid.

Q: Which products have the highest ratings? Which has the most reviews?

A: Enfamil NeuroPro and Similac sensitive have the highest customer ratings among all the products, and Earth’s Best Organics has the most reviews online from consumers.

Q: At what age does reflux begin?

A: Reflux can begin at day one of an infant’s life and can last for a couple of years. It is basically the intolerance of lactose, which affects plenty of healthy babies born each year.

Q: When should spitting up and gas stop when these formulas are used?

A: Sometimes the problems can be stopped with the first feeding and sometimes it may take a couple of feedings. Within 48 hours, the symptoms should decrease noticeably, or some changes should be apparent in the digestion and stool.

Q: Should you still feed the baby this formula if constipation or diarrhea occurs?

A: No, if these problems occur, then stop using the formula and try something else. You may want to consult a doctor if this happens, so they can recommend a diet that will not cause any of these issues.

Q: At what point do you consult a doctor for reflux or gas in a baby?

A: Always use the recommended formula from your doctor to feed the baby. If the child develops the reflux problem, check with the doctor for recommendations on a formula to help with the reflux. After trying a formula for gas and reflux and it does not work, then consult a doctor. They will be able to recommend a formula that should work for your baby. You should never switch formulas without checking with the doctor first. Frequent switching back and forth of formulas could cause major problems of diarrhea or constipation for the infant. Finding one formula that works that can be used throughout the first year is the goal.

Q: What makes these formulas better for common reflux than regular formulas?

A: The condition of reflux is soothed by a formula that contains less cow’s milk in the form of lactose. Less gas will be present in these diets that are particularly aimed at reducing common reflux. Until the esophagus muscle develops to prevent the backup of the formula in the tube, these formulas can decrease the symptoms of reflux. The Kabrita product is made completely of goat’s milk to combat the gas problem, as it is more gentle on the digestive system than cow’s milk.

Q: What are the signs of reflux and how will I know that it is reflux that my baby suffers from?

A: When your baby spits up its formula after eating, it is most likely reflux from the underdevelopment of the valve muscle in the esophagus. The infant can also exhibit signs of common reflux as gas, fussiness, and frequent crying. Gas and reflux can be a painful or uncomfortable experience for an infant, so they will show signs of distress in these forms.


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