Hasbro Don’t Step In It! Game Review

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We like

Versatile entertainment activities

Unconventional action and skill game

Mischievously cute and witty design

High quality playdough included

Convenient for diverse age groups

Beneficial for physical and sensory development

Easy to use, understand and maintain

Affordable price for a durable product

We don’t like

The size of the mat is found rather small for individuals who take bigger steps

How it works

Here’s a fun game that most dog owners unknowingly played in their backyard. Dodging the smelly surprises your pet has left around the property. Even if you don’t own a pet, you are probably familiar with the gross feeling of accidentally stepping on a dog’s poop while walking in the park. It’s gross, sticky and unpleasant which makes it even more tempting for a child to try it. Parents everywhere have constantly been repeating the dreadful warning: Don’t step in it!

Children love running around and they can get really messy in the quest of exploring their surroundings. It’s almost as if they are blindfolded by the adrenaline rush and they never seem to avoid coming back with muddy soles who often smell really weird. Yes, you guessed it, as they stepped on animal excrement and now it’s your job to help them clean it.

However, what if there is a way in which they can practice dodging little smelly accidents in a safe and entertaining way? We assume this was Hasbro’s motive when they created the humorous game Don’t Step In it! It is a skill and action game inspired by every parent’s worst nightmare: Having their child step on a dog poop!



The toy-makers really took every component of these unfortunate situations to make it seem realistic and entertaining. Poop accidents have been so traumatic for parents everywhere that almost anyone who opens the fake poop play-Doh, immediately smells it. To some of you wondering, no, It’s not doo scented, yet we bet you will check anyway.

The Hasbro team managed to simulate a park environment in your home by providing a green plastic tablecloth which will keep your floor and carpet intact during the messy endeavor. The mat has cute little dog paws, colorful flowers, white bone treats and doggy toys. It is a charming doggy park indeed that is about to turn into a minefield of tiny poop bombs.

The most fun component of all is actually the brown surprises you get to prepare by yourself. You will find 4 cans of doo colored Play-Doh and a plastic poop shaped mold to help you get the perfect poop results. The design of the teal shaped mold is quite adorable actually and it even resembles an ice cream sundae delight which makes it even more hilarious.

There is also a circle-shaped spinner that comes with an illustration of a dog and his glorious smelly surprise surrounded with flies. The dog is shamelessly laughing and waiting for you to make the wrong step. Once you connect the plastic black arrow with its matching base, you will be able to spin the needle and pray that the poop roulette will reward you.

A blue blindfold with a white pair of eyes drawn on it is included in the box. It looks really silly when children put it on and even funnier when adults try it since it gives away a looney cartoonish vibe. It is effortlessly attached and removed from the head with safe Velcro tape and the material is light and gentle on the eyes. There is an instruction manual included in the package to help you understand the rules of the game. This colorful guide is filled with simple words and photo content that can be easily comprehended by children who can read and follow directions.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

This game is almost as someone took the traditional Twister and gave it a naughty twist. It’s unconventional and different from the others but that’s what makes it so amusing and wacky. Children enjoy seeing someone doing something they are not allowed to, such as stepping into a smelly dog poop even if it’s fake. They will burst in laughter every time someone does it and even secretly hope to feel the weird gooey sensation between their toes.

To set up the game, you will first need to use the 4 cans of compound and the silicon mold which prepares the play-Doh to get its perfect form. After creating the shape, place it on the mat and take off your shoes and socks to really feel the icky effect on your skin. The spinner actually gives you instructions on how many steps you need to take on the mat. It also grants you poop priorities, like removing, adding or rearranging the poop. This creates an environment of anticipation and trills for the audience and the contestants while they are slowly walking towards what might be a sticky fail.

It can be even more fun as a group activity since they get to compete and cheer for each other. The more kids the merrier, but the real fun part comes when they get to play with their parents or grandparents since there is always a certain rush when a blindfolded adult is trying to miss the poop and fails miserably. And in this game, one man’s misery is another child’s fortune so whoever steps in fewest poops will the crowned as the winner.
Physical Developement

Physical Developement

It comes as no surprise that children love games in which they are blindfolded. Whether it’s hitting the piñata at a birthday party or trying to place the tail on the donkey, the anticipation to make the correct move will keep their adrenaline build-up for hours. Every little step can mean they are about to find themselves stuck in a messy situation.

However blindfolded games have also been proven to help children get in touch with their sensory respond systems and connect with the environment by using their mind. Trying to hold balance while walking blindfolded also helps children activate their cognitive problem-solving skills and practice their posture.

It is important to note that blindfolded exercises also help individuals develop team-building skills and communication since they require following instructions and trusting your surrounding companions. They have been used as therapy methods for children to face everyday challenges using visualization tactics and intuition in order to grow in touch with their bodies.


This game seems to be a gross version of the twister since it requires action and skill to make the proper move in order to get more points and win. However, it also has the blindfolding element which a lot of other games use and it includes the never-ending fun of the Play-Doh craft. Even if you get bored playing Don’t Step in it! you can use all of the components to create your own scenario. Children love playing with the brown Play-Doh to create chocolate cupcakes and use the blindfold for hide and seek or guessing games.

The mat can be used for many coloring and molding activities since the synthetic material is designed to keep your floor undamaged or just for a regular walk in the artificial park with your pretend pet toys.


The size of this product is calculated at 2.2 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches and it weighs around a pound so you can easily place it on a shelf next to your other board games or pack it in your suitcase as a vacation activity. It is made of materials that are light so your children can carry it by themselves to a friend’s sleepover or pack it for summer camp.

There have been mixed feelings regarding the size of the actual mat since some parents claim that children and adults who are taller take bigger steps and they end up at the other side immediately. It is worthy of mentioning that children will easily figure this out and intentionally make bigger steps which has been the case in almost every stepping challenge game.

It is however proportioned appropriately to allow the contestants to walk slowly and carefully and pay more attention when stepping rather than just rush out of the plastic cloth. The mat is conveniently sized so it can be big enough to allow steps yet not too big so it doesn’t fit your average living room area.


This product is created with high-quality materials which are tested as child-friendly. The mat is made of synthetic cloth which means it will be more durable and it will not lose its original colors no matter how many times you step on it. It is easy to maintain since you can clean it with a sponge or a wet wipe in order to remove any leftover Play-Doh.

As most of the instruction games, the spinner is made out of cardboard and it doesn’t require any special maintenance. As long as you keep it out of wet surfaces and take good care of it, it should have a long life span and keep its original colors. The Play-Doh seems to be very soft and high class which really helps the fake poop to seem more realistic. It won’t be as durable as the other components since play-Doh in general somehow manages to lose its original shine, however it is easily replaceable.

Unlike other interactive games, such as monopoly or board games, this product doesn’t have a lot of tiny objects that can be easily lost in the chaos of your child’s room. Therefore, it is safe to say that if you take proper care of it, it could be something that you can constantly come back to and relive your childhood memories.
Age Range

Age Range

The manufacturers claim this game is appropriate for children above the age limit of 4 years old. After all, your children need to be able to walk or move by themselves and not be scared of the blindfold. Adult supervision is advised and you want to explain to your children the rules in case they don’t know how to read yet.

It will not be appropriate for younger toddlers since they might want to try and taste the play-Doh however you can include them in this family activity by helping them walk on the plastic mat and even letting them squish one tiny poop with their baby feet. It is notoriously famous for being popular among adults as well, therefore, it will be a lovely family activity you can do during the holidays. In order to make this game fairer, the toy-makers advice for adults to turn the spinner 2 or 3 times before stepping on the mat so the challenge of avoiding the poop trap can be greater and funnier.
Price Range

Price Range

The toy is conveniently affordable and since it’s a fun game for the whole family, you can spare some money on buying separate gifts for your children this holiday season and invest in a gift which can be used by all family members.

Board games, card games, and skill games have greater worth since they allow a space for social interaction and forming a bond through entertainment, learning, and laughter. It does not require batteries or using electrical energy so your only further expanse should be replacing the play-Doh required for the fake poop creation.


Potty humor seems to be everywhere and it’s hard not to be obsessed with it. It’s mischievously witty since parents have been struggling changing diapers, cleaning potties and picking out smelly pet doo. This game creates a safe space to make fun of those issues and bond over them rather than just argue with your family members every time a sticky surprise enters your doorsteps.

This game with generate a lot of giggles among children while they struggle to dodge the Play-Doh poop. Even adults burst in laughter after playing just one round. It is a great gift for the holiday season when the whole family is gathered together and you need to come up with fun group activities.

We dare you not to laugh hysterically of the sight of your blindfolded grandma stepping on fake dog poop? It’s truly an unforgettable gaming experience you never saw coming. Why not ‘doo’ it!?
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