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How it works

New parents will face nighttime challenges with their new baby as very young babies require feeds during the night regularly, as well as regular diapering. This means Dad and Mom will regularly wake up during the night and this can make parents feel very tired as the days stretch into weeks.

Perhaps your baby is finding it difficult to sleep at night using a swaddle blanket or even without one. The Miracle blanket will open up avenues for better and more sleep for a baby. This baby blanket is highly recommended by many professionals, pediatricians and happy parents in so many countries. So far the makers claim that this blanket has comfortably swaddled around three million babies during the last 14 years and that’s a lot of happy comfortable babies. This is a unique patented product and potentially one of a kind. This product offers the features to allow parents to swaddle babies’ arms along the recommended guidelines given out by pediatricians. At around fourteen weeks of age, a baby is less inclined to want, need or accept being swaddled. At this age, parents can consider transitioning the baby to the Miracle Graduate sack which acts similar to a comfortable sleeping bag/blanket with a full-length zip feature built into it for ease of access.

Many parents feel that they are deprived of sleep if their baby is not comfortably swaddled and so this product offers a very happy solution to those long nights resulting in Mom, Dad and baby all getting a very good relaxing sleep. In fact, the makers of this product claim that this blanket can extend the amount of restful sleep a baby will have. This patented triple-arm flap baby blanket is a unique product and it is available in an appealing range of cute baby-friendly products. With some thoughtful planning and the use of this product, baby and parents will regularly get a full quota of restful nightly sleep.



This swaddle has a zipper system for very easy access for those nighttime diaper changing moments when a parent wants to change a baby quickly, quietly and with minimum disturbance for the sleeping child. The snug designed in foot pouch ensure that a baby has comfort around the feet and a degree of protection. There are three comfortable positions which can be used with this item and all positions ensure comfort without overly restricting. Made from 100% high-quality cotton this will surely feel very comfy when against the skin, giving warmth along with a nice level of natural breathability. Many experts have pondered over how the blanket swaddle system is so effective at aiding a baby, soothing a baby and getting the child to relax and sleep soundly. The general consensus is that the method used for wrapping and swaddling a child does gently apply pressure to the abdominal area and this guides a baby into a state of relaxation and deeper beneficial sleep.

The foot pouch gives comfort but it also safely contains kicking feet so that a child remains comfortable and wrapped, the arm flaps subtly secure the arms into comfortable positions, the baby feels snug and safe and a good deep sleep is easily achieved, not only for the baby but also for the parents.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

There are three ways to swaddle a baby, first the blanket is laid flat on a comfortable surface, ensure the pouch is at the base and gently place the baby between the two arm flaps with his or her shoulders just slightly above the blanket. Then pull the over-side slip-pouch gently up over the child's legs, then you can use the arms down method to swaddle the babies arms, pull the arm flap over the outside of a young babies arms and tuck it around behind the back. This first method is very comfortable and effective and this feature has won awards for this blanket. Try the hand to heart position, lay the baby on his/her back, and let the babies arms be free, pull the blanket around the child and again tuck it behind. These suggested positions ensure comfort without overly restricting a child. Being pure quality cotton there is little risk for allergic reactions and the materials feels soothing and nicely comforting against the skin.

This design is unique with two smaller wrap panels for each arms and two longer panels which further wrap the child and can be tucked under and behind the body to stay in place. This means a lot of comfort with natural safe restraint.

This swaddle serves to secure a baby in several positions, arms against the sides which prevents a baby flailing the arms during sleep, another nice comfortable position is hand near to the chest and the final option is to swaddle the baby so it is arms free outside of the blanket. A lot of feedback from parents is very positive regarding how effective this product is for aiding babies to sleep comfortably and for longer periods of time and with the three swaddling options available this means positions can be varied. Though babies only need the functions and features of a good quality swaddle up to around 14 weeks of age, these weeks are very important for development purposes and sound restful sleep is a must for all babies.
The material is good quality cotton with a nice slight stretch to it.

Sometimes we find that a number of babies are really adapt at wriggling out of swaddling blankets even though these help the child get a good level and amount of sleep. Babies have a startle-reflex, this means they can flail a lot with there arms and legs and then wriggle out of the comfort and protection of a designed blanket but with this model, the baby is kept securely in place.

This product have great ease of use for using a choice of three positions to settle a baby into a deep relaxing sleep. For diaper changing there is a zippered closure which can easily be opened without moving the baby around too much and this makes changing the diaper a very quick none intrusive nighttime duty to ensure the baby is dry and comfy.


Being made from a quality sourced cotton this baby swaddle is durable while also offering a nice amount of soothing contact, there is enough stretch for this to give a little but not so much that a baby will inadvertently exit the comfortable and safety. The fittings such as the foot pouch and the arm restrainers are professional fitted into the overall structure so there are not any potential seam problems. This can be washed on an average machine cycle and can also be dried in machines if they have designed in dryer functions. Offered in different colors and reliably color fast to avoid over fading after regular washing.

Cotton is an original and natural durable fiber which gives warmth and comfort but also allows a comfortable level of breath-ability for the babies body. This product is for use for an infant up to about 14 weeks of age and customer reviews are clear that durability is very reliable and consistent.


Safely tuck the feet into the pouch area in a similar way to how a sleeping bag is used, for further safe comfort, a small built in panel for each arm, an out medium sized panel for wrapping and an extra long panel for the final wrap. After wrapping these will not work loose and this means that the occupant is snug, safe and secure. There is not a need for velcro tabs to secure this because the various different length arms do the job and all that is required is some thoughtful wrapping around and strategically tucking away the end and the whole swaddle is safe and secure for a good nights needed sleep. During the night there will be times when the diaper needs changing and access via a zip system means that it can easily be changed with minimal fuss or disturbance to a sleeping child.


A unique and patented product designed to give secure swaddling for babies without the use of Velcro or other fasteners. The design means a choice of three sleeping positions and all are fully secure simply by wrapping the baby comfortably. The designers took design further through the access area for diaper changing, just a quick tug on a zipper and a diaper can quickly be changed. Using cotton which is a great environmentally friendly fiber and very kind to young skin means that there are not any fibers used which might cause skin irritations. The arm fitting come in a set of lengths which put a parent in easy control for how they wrap up a child, this can be with arms by the side, hands near the chest area or even wrapped to leave the arms free for movement. The arm free option is very good because there are some babies who insist on having their arms free, especially as the weeks move by and the baby becomes older.
What makes this product so unique is the innovative design for a triple arm fittings which gives a lot more efficiency and flexibility for wrapping. Cotton is good for allowing a level of stretch in it so that a child does not feel tied but instead feels wrapped and secure and the level of pressure actually soothes and relaxes a child.


This unique design offers a versatile experience when it comes to wrapping, soothing and comfort capabilities and the method and features are different to a Halo sack in that a baby will not wriggle out from this product but stay comfortable and secure. Great for those that have shown they wriggle out of swaddling, the versatility of how to use these features designed into this product do ensure that once the child is nicely wrapped she or he will be able to drift of into a nice deep sleep free from moving around a lot during sleep and ending up cold because the wrap has been undone. Though a Halo sack is good it does not stop an active child wriggling out of it but the Miracle blanket wraps around in such a strategic way that it will hold secure. The wrap gives a comfortable level of pressure which causes a child to feel safe and secure and able to enjoy restful sleeping.
Age Range

Age Range

Suggested age ranges up to 14 weeks though this may well at times depend on the actual child. This blanket can be the base for another blanket laid over an infant while not presenting a suffocation threat. Very young babies are known to flail and move a lot during sleep and this product has been designed very specifically for very young babies who are presenting a broken sleep pattern due to being restless.


The origin idea is new and the key features in this cleverly designed blanket are patented so those parents looking for a good product with a unique styling can turn to this item and be confident that it has been tried and tested on around three million babies around the world in many different countries. The functionality is evident through the secure foot area, the varied arm lengths which easily and secure wrap a child without causing discomfort while also retaining a secure wrap. They key to the success of this product are the triple arm flaps which are unique to this brand.

Price Range

A highly popular product which sells well in many countries and this high sale ratio surely impacts on an ability by the makers to offer this at a very nice buyer friendly price. High quality cotton and a combination of patented design features ensure that this is a durable cotton based product with a record for reliability and good performance.

Bottom Line

So many parents learn that a cute newborn can be incredibly active during what should be sleeping hours. This is all normal of course because babies move a lot during sleep unless they feel safe, comfortable, soothed, protected and secure. If parents can create this situation then they get a long nights restful sleep and so does the child. Swaddling has been around for as long as records were written and it has real purpose for settling babies. This brand came up with a unique design which millions of parents conform does actually work, even the most overactive children stay comfortable, warm and secure.
Those parents with dark rings under their eyes have simply not realized that correctly settling a child wrapped in the correct way can actually promote a child's development because she/he will get good beneficial regular long bouts of needed sleep which is incredibly important in those early weeks of a child's development. The designers of this product knew they were onto a unique successful product with excellent functionality so they patented the miracle blanket to be as efficient as possible, it even has a zip system to give access to discrete diaper changing without overly disturbing a sleeping child. Around about three million babies have used this item and this has resulted in millions of happy parents. This is easy to use, has top functionality, is comfortable and beneficial and certainly tried and tested at a global level.
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