14 Best Ride-On Toys for Toddlers In 2018

Ride-on toys & Push cars for babies are one of the most useful types of playthings when it comes to developing the motor skills including balance, coordination, strength, and endurance of toddlers. These toys require absolute concentration as toddlers need to maintain stability while riding on these toys. They also need to learn how to coordinate their body movements. Many ride-on toys provide excellent opportunities for introducing toddlers to vehicles and occupations that use such machines.

The endpoint of all these experiences is that toddlers learn to appreciate these things that represent real-life objects and circumstances. This helps toddlers become more emotionally stable, psychologically healthy, and socially responsible individuals. Such is the role of ride-on toys as well as other toys that parents should be very careful in choosing what to buy for them.

Last Updated: April 10, 2018
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This page was recently updated to ensure we have the best products available today and that they are still in stock, as well as still meet our criteria to be considered the best. We also made sure all information is up to date and correct.

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Cozy Truck
  • Cozy Truck
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Step 2 Coaster
  • Step 2 Coaster
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Choosing the best ride-on toy for toddlers may be overwhelming especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We are optimistic that our list will somehow help you make that decision for the welfare of your child. For your reference, we have organised our top 14 into a comparison table

Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Ride-On Toys for Toddlers

Finding the perfect toy for your child is not an easy task to do. So, when you’ve finally convinced yourself to find a toy for your toddler, then comes the daunting task of researching. To help you pick out the best products for your child, we did thorough research to find the best products that have the highest benefits for your child. A good rule of thumb is that the younger your child is, the simpler their toy should be.

Safety Features

As with any other thing concerning your child, safety is the number one priority. Most toys that are on the market can pose a form of risk to your child, including tipping over, colliding with obstacles, or even falling. However, you can minimize these risks from happening if you know the safety features of the products before you purchase them.

Most simple toys (non-motorized) won’t require or feature brakes, as they are mostly stationary or children are able to stop them. Motorized toys, on the other hand, are generally faster moving than younger children are used to. These toys, including motorized scooters, bikes, and ride on cars for toddlers, should come with safety features to make the toy safer for younger children. These features include seat belts, hand brakes, or pedal brakes. The toys should also pass safety standards for toddlers, which includes their speed.


If a toy has any risk of tipping over your child, it is not a safe toy. So, for that reason, you should choose products that have a low center of gravity. There are several ways to check the balance of a toy. The rockers or the wheels should be wide enough to support your child’s weight. The wideness of the rockers or wheels gives stability to the toy. Another test is by slightly pushing the toy from the side to check if it stays upright.

By doing this, you will be able to check the safety and balance of the toy before your child plays with it.

Battery Versus Manual Power

Ride-on toys are either powered by a battery or require the child to pedal/push the toy. The motorized ride-on toys are better suited for slightly older children, as they are better able to control and handle a motored toy. Self-propelled toys have a tendency to wobble or tip over your child if they cannot balance themselves while steering.

On the other hand, there are battery (motorized) toys that only have your child steer to move the toy in a direction. No matter which type you choose for your child, they should still be supervised throughout the use. This will prevent them from driving into any obstacles and avoid any mishaps.

Age Appropriate

The age appropriateness of a toy is vital while picking a toy for your child. Some toys suit younger children better, while others are best for older children. On top of that, you should consider your child’s balance and coordination skills while purchasing and researching a toy.


Generally, the quality and the price of a toy are correlated with one another. So, the higher the quality, the higher the price. Some riding toys for toddlers that you might encounter have a tendency of being on the higher end of the price scale. Therefore, it is important for you to research the toy fully and deeply before purchasing it.

By viewing it as an investment, you’re more likely to buy products that will have a use for a multitude of years, rather than simply being used for a couple of months. You should consider products that your child gravitates towards, including the color, style, and functions.

Classic Toys

No matter how advanced toys get, classic toys have proven to be timeless. Though these toys are generally not known for their complexity or their functionality, they are still able to provide your child with endless hours of fun.

For younger toddlers, wagons and rocking horses have proven to be a favorite throughout the generations. For the slightly older toddlers, bicycles and tricycles have been a favorite to play with for hours.

Correct Sized Toy

Aside from the stability of a toy, the size is the next important thing. A child won’t play with or ride a toy that they cannot reach or feel stable on. It’s important for your child’s feet to be able to reach the floor comfortably. This will encourage them to try to get on the toy themselves as well as feel safe getting on and off.

With battery/motorized toys, your child’s knee should not touch the steering wheel. The toys that can be adjusted are perfect for your child to continue playing with as they get older. All in all, you should consider your child’s height when choosing a toy.

Benefits of Motor Development

One of the developmental tasks of toddlers is related to their motor development. By the time they reach 18 months up until 3 years, they need to be able to show proficiency in their gross motor skills as well as other related bodily movements. They need to know how to maintain balance and make full use of their senses to coordinate bodily movements.

The physical development of toddlers is so important that their mastery of motor skills can have an impact on their emotional, social, and psychological health. It is therefore very important to choose toys that help toddlers develop and master their motor skills.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where Can I Find These Ride-On Toys?

A: As with most of our lists, we strive to ensure that the products that we recommend that accessible to you. As such, all the products that are listed in the list above, are available for purchase on Amazon.
If you wish to find the best deals for a specific toy, we recommend that you do a thorough search so that you are able to find the best prices. The first step to finding the best prices though, is to know what your budget is. After you know that, there is a large range of baby ride on toys that are available at different price points.

Q: What Is the Maximum Weight Capacity of These Ride-On Toys?

A: Though each of these kids ride-on toys have different weight capacities, the average weight limit is 50 lbs. For more information on each different toy’s weight capacity, either look above on our list for the information or visit the company’s product pages.

Q. How Can I Ensure That the Product I Purchase Is Authentic?

A: We try our hardest to only list products that have great reviews and ratings. If you are looking elsewhere, the best place to look for the authenticity of a product is through the comments and reviews made on the product page. If all else fails, the best place to buy if you are unsure is to buy the toy from its own manufacturer’s website.

Q: Why Do the Motorized Ride-On Toys Only Go a Slow Speed?

A: The slower speeds are to ensure your child’s safety. If they go any faster, they become a hazard to your child. They would also not pass safety standards if they were higher.

Q: Why Is There Such a Difference in Price Between These Products?

A: As these toys are all from different manufacturers, the price points are also all different. The price also varies depending on the quality of materials that were used or how/where it was made. The higher the strength, durability, and supply costs are, the higher the sale price of the product.
This also means that there is a wide range of price points to suit any budget. So, no matter what your budget it, you’ll still be able to find a toy that suits your needs and your budget.

Q: What Do I Do If I Need Replacement Parts?

A: The availability of replacement parts for these products solely depends on the manufacturer. If the parts are available, they will be available on the manufacturer’s own website or through third party sellers. Buyers only need to research to find the best quality and priced replacement


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