Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

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We like

Supportive high back of the floor seat for baby’s back

Upright seat that offers opportunity for the baby to explore the world from sitting position

Wide base for stability of the floor seat

Removable and machine washable seat cover

Easy to be folded and when folded it is flat and with compact size

Two toys that reinforce gross development

We don’t like

There is no tray like in similar products

Getting the babies out can be a little challenge

How it works

Sit me up floor seats are always a great option for parents who would like to help their kids to sit up and leave the kids to do the things they love doing the most, that is to let their kids play in a safe area while they (the parents) take a quick break on the floor next to them or on the nearby comfortable sofa. In order the baby to sit at least for a short time, it has to be entertained and this is why the majority of these sit me up floor seats come with an abundant array of amusing toys and accessories. In addition to the fun part, the sit me up floor seats usually have a functional part, too -in a form of a tray, which can be used for feeding the baby or for the first attempts of the babies to eat by themselves. On the market, there are plenty of brands and plenty of seats and it is definitely not an easy choice to make. Fisher-Price is a well-known brand, reputable for its impeccable quality and dedication to produce toys that help kids develop through play. Among their products, they also offer sit-me-up- floor chairs which are a great option to nurture kids independency from an early start since the best thing for this kind of chairs is that they provide a safe and secure place for the baby to sit in an upright position by itself and play independently or interact with the surrounding. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is a bestseller in the category of Infant Bouncers and Rockers and this is what makes it interesting for us to take a closer look at all its features, provide a good overview and find out what makes it bestsellers and popular choice among parents.

Age range

Age range

The Sit me up floor seat is a product that is intended for babies who can hold their heads upright on their own, babies who cannot walk around nor climb out. There is no minimum weight recommended but the maximum weight is 25lbs, which is standard weight for 12 months babies. However, this product is mostly recommended for babies from 2 months to 8 months but it is a fact that it really depends on the individual physical development of the baby itself. The seat is compact with dimensions at 21x6.2x16 inches and it is a comfy seat positioned low to the floor and for use on the floor. It is a gender-neutral product, which makes it even more appealing since it can be re-used for siblings or other kids in your family.


The package provides instructions for assembling the products and if you follow the detailed instructions about the assembly it is super easy to put the product together. The pieces are big and you just have to snap them together. The fabric comes in one piece and there are some little button holes for the seat pad to be secured around notches that are positioned in the plastic parts of the sit-me up floor seat. The process of assembling literally takes 5 minutes to complete and after 5 minutes you have a great and comfy floor seat for your baby to sit in and play.


The Fisher-Price Sit me up Floor Seat features one froggy style upright seat that supports the head and neck of the baby. The seat is placed in a sturdy and wide base that provides stability of the seat positioned on the floor. The seat itself is covered by a soft and gentle fabric that also can be fully removed and it is machine washable. The fabric is all around the seat area except for the base and the supports that are made of plastic.

The comfy and cozy seat designed in adorable froggy style offers a great supportive area for the baby to sit upright in a proper position and at the same time to play with two linkable toys that include a butterfly with soft wings and a flower teether. Babies enjoy the upright position that the seat provides because they can sit and see what is happening around them which and it promotes interaction of the babies with the surrounding world. They are also intrigued by the pattern of this floor seat and usually, in these months they are trying to touch things and figure them out so this comfy seat is a good and safe place for this.


The sturdy plastic base and supports can be easily folded and what you get is a fully flat product. The seat weighs 5.3 pounds and this size is typical for this type of products so when it is folded it represents a compact seat that can easily be carried around. Since the seat can be folded as a completely flat and compact package it is an ideal parenting tool to use it on-the-go and brilliant for travel. It is a product that is age and weight limited so until the next use because of its size it is convenient for small storage places.

The seat foldability, compactness and size make it a great product for families who are frequent travelers. No matter whether you are heading to a holiday, trying to send an email at home, or leaving your child for a couple of hours at grandma’s home, you can just grab the handle of the folded seat and take it with you for your kid’s comfort and convenience.


The seat is styled in pleasant and eye-catching colors in green and blue nuances. The colors and textures of the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat are bright and colorful and designed with a purpose to encourage the child's senses. Kids love the adorable and super cute froggy seat. The linkable toys also reinforce the baby's development since you can help your baby learn about colors, and link the words with the actions through play while being sat in this comfortable seat.

The first linkable toy is a butterfly with soft wings that reinforce the sense of touch of the babies and the second one is a flower teether that is on hand of the baby who sits in a comfortable and pleasant seat and this chewable accessory can help the baby on teething relief.

The material around the seating area is easy to wipe and the seat pad can be removed fully to be washed in a machine. It is a simply designed floor seat whose function is practical as well as entertaining. The froggy seat brings much joy to kids because the bright colors of the attached toys reinforce the baby’s curiosity. The toys are detachable and after being removed they can be used as a nice touch for the stroller.
Physical development

Physical development

The Fisher-Price Sit me up floor seat is useful equipment for parenting that besides the practical and entertaining use, offers development for the baby based on the upright seat and the two linkable toys. The upright seat that supports the baby’s back makes the baby able to observe the surrounding environment and interact with the people and the surrounding nearby.

This makes the baby feel safe, comfortable and secure but at the same time, it encourages the baby’s curiosity that is also motivated by the attached toys on the floor seat. When seated in the Sit-Me-Up-Floor Seat babies are eager to reach for the toys and try to pull them up. This is a good practice for the gross motor development of the babies.

The seat is recommended to be used once the babies have developed reasonable head control and strength of the neck muscles but it also gives babies the self-support. It is a nice option for a safe place for your baby to be seated and feel like part of the world and develop core muscles instead of laying the baby flat on the back all the time. This seat is also a great way for exercise since babies when seated move around with the legs and there is enough space raised from the floor for this kind of activity.


As the name tells the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is a comfortable seat that is to be used on a floor surface. Although the seat is low to the ground still it is raised a little bit so when the baby is put inside the sit-me-up floor seat it can easily and freely bounce and kick around with the legs. The baseline of the sit-me-up-floor seat is wide enough to provide stability and sturdiness for older babies too who are more active and move a lot. The seat holds the baby in proper position –upright, which is provided by the high back of the floor seat.

The seat itself is pretty deep and the leg holes are not tight but provide enough space for the legs. However, it’s worth mentioning that it is much easier to put the baby inside but it is much harder to take the baby out of the floor seat. The high back of the floor seat, the wide base, the raised seat above the ground, and the removable cover that can be machine washed are all characteristics that provide safety and security for the baby. The safety is enhanced by the toys which are chewable and not small so there is no danger of choking hazard.


Although the product is used for a short and limited time, the sit-me-up floor seat has an affordable price taking into account the child's independence that is achieved in the floor seat where the child can sit by itself in a comfy seat and play at the same time. The price is in the price range like other related products from the same product line but the quality of this product, fabrics, durability and the pleasure it offers to the babies is incomparable. So, considering all in all the sit-me-up floor seat is worth the price.

The bottom line

Fisher-Price toys offer innovative baby gear with a simple design and high functionality for the parents and more important for babies. One of their products is the Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat that has been a bestseller and much popular among parents. Although sit-me-up floor seats might be of limited use regarding the age and weight limit they are more than certain frequently used during the period. The floor seat's popularity is due to many reasons and characteristics of this product that we have reviewed.

It is a floor seat that offers great support for the baby's back because of the high back of the seat and it provides upright sitting position for the baby which allows the baby to interact with the surrounding and play in a safe area with the two linkable toys on the floor seat. The seat has a wide baseline which reinforces the stability of the floor seat for the active babies and safety of play for the babies who are seated in the floor seat.

At the same time, the removable seat pad of the floor seat is a machine washable, which is extremely convenient with babies since babies are always keen on creating a mess. The soft fabric styled with froggy design and bright and eye-catching colors makes the seat comfy and cozy for sitting and playing for the babies. The two linkable toys are promoting gross development because the babies are curious for the toys and want to reach and pull them up. When you want to store the sit-me-up floor seat or take it with you, you can easily fold the seat flat because of its compact size.

All in all this product keeps your baby entertained and supports the baby in upright sitting position. Just like all infancy and baby products the babies grow out of it very quickly so you will have to decide by yourself whether you need this product or you can simply live without it.
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