FurReal Friends StarLilly Review: A Lifelike Unicorn Toy

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We like

The design is undeniably charming and visually appealing for children

Boosts imagination, responsibility and social interaction

Made of high quality child-safe materials and soft velvety plush

Impressive life-like fluidity movement

More than a hundred sound and movement features

Sensory stimulation followed by immediate adorable response

The motors are quiet so they do not disturb the surrounding

The app adds up an educational and entertaining value to the product

We don’t like

The app designed to use the toy is larger than expected and it requires using a device with enough memory.

Batteries are not included

How it works

An enchanting pet companion toy for children from 4 years old and upwards.

If your child wants to get a pet, yet you cannot afford the messiness that comes along with a real animal, and stuffed puppies and kittens just won’t do the trick anymore, look no further. Prepare to meet StarLily, the magical unicorn. With one of the FurReal Friends’ best inventions, you can embark on a whimsical journey filled with movement, emotion, and interaction.

StarLily is designed to capture your heart with its long velvety lashes and the ability to respond to your presence. Even adults find it irresistible. It is hard to stay indifferent to her cuteness since she gazes upon you with her glittery eyes and her horn lights up every time she hears your voice. It is undeniably one of the most charming unicorn toys out on the market and her looks are just the beginning. This cuddly friend comes with more than 100 joyful sound and motion effects and it will glow up her horn every time she hears your voice to make sure you know she’s paying attention.

As a pet, this FurReal Friend offers comfort, playful times and unconditional love. Children can easily relate to StarLily since she enjoys hugs, affection and being granted a sugarberry treat. As a magical companion, StarLily lights a spark of imagination and the play pretend scenario quickly turns into an adventure in a mythical world filled with fantasy. The toy comes with a specially programmed My Magical Unicorn app which allows children to get a glimpse of the FurEver Forest by following StarLily in her astonishing escapades. Amongst all places, children can travel to the Sugarberry Orchard to get more treats for StarLily and once they get off the app, they can use the plastic sugarberry toy to treat their pet for playing with them. This process will have a lot of repeat play as children develop an imaginary relationship with their pet.



The design of the FurReal StarLily unicorn really comes as close as legends describe these magical creatures. It is by far one of the most romantic and heart-melting plush toys you can imagine. StarLily has long silky purple eyelashes and blue sparkly eyes. She has a long smooth mane and a beautiful silky tail which can be braided and combed. You can separate the blonde, pink and purple parts in cute pigtails, or you can combine them to make a colorful braid. The fur is in snow-white color and it’s super-soft on touch.

The wings are made of a purple velvety material with glittery details and blue swirls and dots. The size is perfect because it’s not too small so you can really notice all the carefully crafted details yet not too big so children can easily pick her up by themselves. The measurements of the product are very child-friendly since they are calculated as 8 x 20 x 17.5 inches and it weighs just over 3 pounds. It’s big enough to seem realistic and close to the size of a real-life pet such as a dog or a cat. StarLily even comes with a purple heart-shaped pendant around her neck as a collar and shiny sugarberry treat which really helps the imagination to soar in the pretend pet role-playing experience.


The real magic in owning a pet unicorn comes with the many features of instantly and immediately reacting to their surrounding friends in many forms and ways. With more than over 100 movements, you can never be quite bored with this toy as you begin to discover hundreds of possible combinations. Children can tell StarLily their secrets and she will nod her head and tilt and bow to acknowledge their presence. Her legs are posable, all four of them, which allows StarLily to keep you company sitting, standing or just lay next to you and she will occasionally lift her right hoof to joyfully salute you. She spreads and flutters her wings up and down as if she’s really to fly you off to a new adventure.

This FurReal friend will even dance with your child and respond to the sound of music. Its features are very interactive and playful since StarLily is very energetic and engaging. She does run out of steam so it is expected from the child to perk her up by giving her a treat almost like owning a real pet. This brings an educational value in terms of adding a sense of responsibility from an early age. It also comes with an app that is a fun and safe way to introduce your children how to engage in the technology world we live in.


Hasbro's apps are quite large in memory usage however through the StarLily’s app, you can play with it, in both the real and virtual world. Once you awake the toy by petting it’s back or giving it a sugarberry treat make sure you place it on a flat surface, with your mobile device on the left side, so it can scan its presence. Your child can enjoy musical gaming experiences while exploring the colorful Crystal Caverns and redecorate StarLily’s magical home which is called The Wishing Tree. Whether it’s taking trips to the Rainbow Falls for a splashing water adventure or picking up treats at the Sugarberry Orchard, this cute virtual world offers countless possibilities for educational and entertainment purposes.

The app that allows you to play with StarLily is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play store. It’s quite easy to use once the parents download it on their mobile devices since the virtual representation of the pet is leading your child’s way through it. The app does require having more space on the device you are planning to use, which can be a quite annoying experience if your smartphone has a lesser memory capacity, however, it is totally worth it since it will help your child discover StarLily’s background and bond more easily with its pet.
Sensory Stimulation

Sensory Stimulation

This toy is specifically designed to allow children to unlock StarLily’s magical powers by interacting with her. StarLily is very sensitive to touch and voice and her powers will grow stronger the more you communicate with it. The FurReal friend is equipped with sensors in her horn, her back, her mouth, and her cheeks. She will respond when children are trying to approach her whether it’s by gently petting her or talking to her.

She loves being cuddled and will show appreciation by twinkling her horn or sounding off cute voices. The crystal horn glows in various colors which seem to reflect StarLily’s mood at the moment. Although Hasbro, the manufacturers, have not shared a key to which color implies on which mood, the beauty of it all is that children get to discover that by themselves. The point is to allow the customers to bond with its pet by learning their characteristics step by step and to be inspired to imagine their personality.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

It is rather important to get your child a toy that can capture their full attention and keep them safe and entertained while you are taking care of the house chores. If we take into consideration all the features and app possibilities, it is almost impossible to get bored with this toy. StarLily’s cuteness and an undeniable charming design make it even harder to grow apart from her. It does seem like Hasbro found the perfect recipe for a toy that will remain a great childhood friend and your child will always hold fond memories of their time together.

This is hardly your average stuffed unicorn toy or a singing teddy with basic electronics. It has been crafted in a very peculiar way in which children really can feel magical around StarLily. They can even introduce StarLily to their other dolls and toys and give them a unicorn ride. This toy is meant to boost imagination and emotional expression and that means limitless ways to incorporate your fluffy pet in everyday life. It is quite entertaining since the communication comes from both sides, your kid and the pet. Every action is followed by a cute reaction which can keep your kid occupied for hours.


This adorable pet is built to be your best friend forever since its made of child-proof synthetic materials that allow long term durability and has been properly tested as child-friendly. You can rest assured that the synthetic strands on StarLily’s body will stay attached whether you comb or braid her hair and you won’t find a furry mess on the floor when your child is finished grooming the pet. In fact, it’s custom made to be durable by using synthetic fibers in order to make grooming a fun and easy process which could also encourage children to learn how to develop personal grooming habits on regular basis.

As an electronic toy, StarLily is not a machine cleaning toy, since the water can damage her electronics, however, her fur is spot cleanable and you can use baby wipes to give her a fresh look. Since it is made of synthetic materials, drying it will be a faster process and a less soggy experience. Unlike cotton sourced toys which seem to be a breeding foothold for bacteria since they absorb more moisture, you can rest assure you are not inviting any type of harmful germs near your children. The synthetic fibers appear to last longer and retain the original color more efficiently than natural fibers. While natural fibers are easily damaged, synthetic materials are known to be heat resistant, which you would prefer in case there is a potential fire hazard.
Price Range

Price Range

The price might seem too high for your average toy budget, however, if you look at the toy as being a pet replacement you might discover it’s actually more affordable than getting a real puppy, kitten or a bunny. With StarLily, you can forget about the vet appointments, the regular pet food supply or any other costs related to taking care of an actual live being.

Your new FurReal friend is fed with a plastic sugarberry that is a part of the packaging and through an app that is free to download. Having all the movement and interaction components, it does add to the value of the product since it is manufactured with electronic components. The only future financial requirement will be to make sure you have enough battery power. The product packaging does not include 4 C-sized batteries which are essential in order for the toy to come to life.


Unicorns are known from all the legends as creatures with magical powers that can make your biggest wishes come true. And if your wish is to surprise your child with a pet that will leave no mess behind but will form an emotional and interactive friendship, StarLily is the right choice. It is really hard to be disappointed in a toy that has been so well put together. Imagine your first pet being a magical unicorn with superpowers to communicate and dance with you.

A child can easily develop a connection with a pet who loves to be nurtured, hugged and groomed even if it’s not real. And the best thing about it is the more you play with it, the more it unravels its personality traits and it gives you a sense that you have a loyal companion. Your child can play with it in real life and in the magical virtual world created by Hasbro. Their adventures will be safe and filled with laughter and cuddles.
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