10 Best Magic Kits for Kids Reviewed in 2019

The world of magic can be pretty amazing to children. It can provide them with an amazement that engages them for hours and sometimes even years. Watching magic, learning magic, and completing the illusions on their own can give them some of the strongest developmental benefits. Performing illusions and tricks takes lots of practice. It requires children to master several skills that benefit them both physically and mentally. The challenges will benefit them with a skill set that gives them hand dexterity, excellent fine-motor skills, gross-motor skills, and self-confidence that cannot only be seen in a social setting but also in the classroom as well.

Giving your children a magic set will allow them to experience the art of illusions first-hand. The kits usually have everything that is needed to complete many illusions or provide all the information for them to be able to make the props to complete them.

Then we get to the part where you figure out what magic kit is best for the kids. We have put together a list that features the 10 best magic kits. This list highlights the products, their benefits, and why we liked it. It is a helpful guide that will amaze you from start to finish.

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Our Top 3 Picks

Stupendous Hocus Pocus Magic Show
  • Stupendous Hocus Pocus Magic Show
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Learn Professional Tricks
  • Price: See Here
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set
  • Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 10 Classic Tricks
  • Price: See Here
Ideal Magic Show Suitcase
  • Ideal Magic Show Suitcase
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 100 Great Magic Tricks
  • Price: See Here
Magic toys encourage pretend and imaginative play

It is important to encourage pretend and imaginative play in children. Pretend and imaginative play is important because they help prepare children for the world outside of their homes. Whether pretending to cook a meal or dealing with a crying baby, their minds are developing and preparing them to deal with real-life social environments. Pretending also allows children to play out new roles for themselves. Performing and entertaining a crowd is a self-confidence-building activity that few classroom activities can teach a child.

Learning to perform magic is a great way to encourage pretend play and use imaginative play. Learning to perform at a young age helps prevent stage fright and builds self-confidence. Both skills are awesome social skills that will help prepare a child for real life and dealing with people. Any experience is an experience to learn from when young.

Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Magic Kits for Kids

Only the best of the best magic kits made our list. What makes one magic kit better than the other you ask? The answer is simple. When choosing magic kits for our list, we keep the creativity, age range, and accessibility in mind.

Creativity and Critical Thinking

We definitely want your kid to have a good time, but we also strongly believe that fun should always be accompanied by learning and should encourage creative and imaginative skills and critical thinking; the art of magic does just that. Yes, magic kits are an absolute blast, but they’re also great for developing the mind of your child. Given that we put such a strong value on creativity, we selected the best magic kits to get your kid thinking in ways you never thought possible.

Age appropriateness

We also took into consideration age appropriateness. People of all ages love magic, which means that certain kits have to be geared towards certain age groups. We made sure to include kits for young children, elementary school-aged children, and even preteens.

Skill level

It’s also important to us that kids of varying skill levels get the best magic kits they deserve. We understand that some kids are beginners and that some kids already have experience in the world of mystery and illusion. It’s important that every kid gets the opportunity to explore the realm of magic, and giving you a wide variety of kits to suit any skill level is the best way to do just that.

The Bottom Line

We want to make sure your kid gets a magic kit that stimulates the imagination, has easy-to-learn tricks for both novices and seasoned magicians, and that are accessible to a variety of age groups.


Frequently asked questions

Q: Will learning magic give my kid confidence?

A: Absolutely! In fact, learning the art of magic is one of the best ways you can instill confidence in your child. Magic is meant to be performed; none of the tricks will even be deemed as tricks if no one sees them. The point is to wow an audience; not just to learn how a trick is done.

Q: What are some of the kids’ favorite magic tricks?


  • Card tricks
  • Disappearing coin
  • Levitating card
  • Bending spoon
  • Magnetic pencil
Q: Are magic kits safe?

A: The safety of a magic kit all depends on the age of your child (that’s one reason that kits are geared to certain ages after all). If safety is something you’re concerned about, then you should definitely supervise your kid while she starts to learn new tricks. And of course, keep the magic kits out of the reach of babies and toddlers.

Q: Can magic teach my kid valuable life lessons?

A: Magic can without a doubt teach your kid valuable life lessons. Magic requires dedication and hard work, and your kid will learn those values whether she realizes it or not. If your kid can’t get a trick at first, well, she’ll just have to try again. Magic will teach your kid that perseverance is needed to accomplish so much in life and that giving up will get you nowhere.

Q: Will magic help my kid become a more creative thinker?

A: Magic is all about creativity. It makes us question what’s possible and creates new ways of thinking about the world.

Q: Can magic help my child develop critical-thinking skills?

A: In addition to developing creative skills and teaching valuable life lessons, magic is a great way to foster critical thinking. In order for your kid to learn a new trick, she’s going to have to use her brain quite a bit. It may seem as if magic is the sort of talent that just comes out of thin air, but it takes tons of thoughtful dedication and smarts to successfully pull off a trick.

Q: How can parents help kids learn to do magic tricks?

A: While your kid is probably very smart and is an independent thinker, she might not be able to figure out how to do every trick on her own right away. But, helping your kid learn magic is kind of a tough subject to tackle considering your kid doesn’t want you to know how a trick is done. So if you notice that your kid is having some trouble, just show some encouragement and reaffirm her intelligence. If you believe in your kid, she’ll believe in herself.


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