The Best Crib Bumpers & Liners Reviewed in 2019

Plenty of things go bump in the night, but your baby shouldn’t be one of them. Crib liners are a safe, easy way to ensure that your child not only sleeps soundly but safely through the night. Made from various kinds of padding, these fabric liners fasten to standard baby cribs and protect little ones from rolling over and knocking their noggin in the middle of the night, as well as fingers and toes from getting caught between the bars.

When shopping for a crib bumper, often the most appealing factor is the aesthetic design. Crib liners come in lots of colors and with various prints. If you’re handy, you might even find patterns to sew your own! But if you prefer to buy from the best, we’ve got the market’s top 10 options right here.

Always ensure that your baby’s crib is sturdy and won’t slide open beneath wandering fingers. Buy the appropriately sized mattress to avoid the choking hazard that accompanies children sinking into poorly fitted corners. Invest in a sleep sack if you worry about them winding themselves in tangled, roomy blankets. And opt for a plush, durable crib bumper to avoid injury caused by restless legs and adventurous spirits.

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Crib bumpers and liners ensure that baby won't bump his/her head against the slats of the crib or get their arms or legs stuck between the styles. We have updated our top 10 list to include a number of new products that are sure to enhance the decor of baby's nursery as well as keep him or her safe during the night.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Crib Bumpers and Liners

The jury still seems to be out when it comes to crib bumpers. Many doctors, parents, health gurus, and bloggers have varying opinions. Some think that it’s the worst thing ever that can lead to countless baby deaths. More than can be accounted for since before the advent of penicillin and antibiotics. Then, there are the others who tell us to get a grip–it’s all good. We live in the 21st century and we can trust the products and technology that current manufacturers have to offer.

In our search, we wanted to take everything into consideration. Not just the main health concerns and fears, but also the comfort levels of both child and parents. There are options for both cotton cushion-style bumpers, as well as the polyester mesh protective coverings. The market includes a space for all the spatial and aesthetic considerations that many parents still have and refuse to sacrifice for the sake of Mickey Mouse and Goofy. We add that kind of variety and bring it to you.

In essence, the bumper of your choice can come from a variety of different choices. It’s not meant to be just one thing or a one-time shot. The perfect combination will never be achieved, or the right conclusion comes to, without shopping around, extensively researching, and taking a chance on more than a few options.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can crib bumpers be a contributing factor in SIDs?

A: While there is a risk of suffocation with fabric crib bumpers, there is no definitive correlation between the two. The cause of SIDS is varying and multifaceted. It could due to being born prematurely, low birth weight, brain stem abnormalities, sleeping on the stomach instead of the back, improper prenatal care by the mother-–i.e. if she was a smoker or drinker–the list goes on. If the concern of the parent is a deciding factor, we suggest buying a bumper of mesh material as opposed to fabric. It is also recommended that parents set up the infant’s crib in their bedroom for the first 6 months as a preventative measure.

Q: Is the mesh material crib bumper safe and non-toxic?

A: Yes. Most of the mesh bumpers are made from 100 percent polyester. They’ve been tested to be lead-free, latex-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free. Most are made with innovative A.C.T. technology for better airflow to your baby. Fair warning, though, mesh crib bumpers are used more to prevent your child getting entangled in the slats of their crib, as opposed to preventing bumps and bruising. For that, it’s best to purchase a cushioned bumper, which can have drawbacks of its own.

Q: Why should I even buy a bumper?

A: There is no reason that you should. Some parents like to live on the edge with their kids. For those who don’t, all kinds of possibilities and factors come up when it comes to the safety and well-being of their newborns and infants. We all know with kids that stuff happens. If your child gets tangled up in the slats of the crib, then aside from serious injury, that will lead to one cranky baby–which, in turn, leads to one cranky adult. While bumps and bruises are not good for your baby’s body, it also affects their sleep which can lead to more significant health problems.

Q: Are there any DIY crib bumpers out there that parents can have a say in designing?

A: The ones that we currently offer don’t have that option. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. With the number of manufacturers making crib bumpers, we’re sure you can find something that will satisfy. Many of the products that we included on our list don’t just stand alone, either. They’re usually part of a larger collection that can compose an entire nursery or playroom. You can be the artist in this creation, so any additional DIY items that could be added might blend in perfectly.

Q: Can you give any tips on how to keep the ties on the bumpers secure?

A: Sure. Many parents have the problem of having the ties be either too long or too short. Never just right. First off, before purchasing, estimate the thickness of slats on your crib. If you’ve purchased a fairly hefty, sturdy, crib you might consider longer ties. With thinner slats, there is an alternative. With thicker slats, simply purchase some extra fabric that you can sew to your ties to extend them. With the thinner slats, be sure to use double knots. In fact, always use doubles knots and tuck underneath any extra material at the end of the knots. It’s not a guarantee, but it will help to give you more peace of mind.

Q: Can the fabric on these crib bumpers be switched out?

A: Not that we’re aware of. On average, crib bumpers don’t act as a sort of pillowcase for a pillow. They tend to be more like couch cushions. The fabric encases the stuffing. So what you see and buy, is what you get. But, all that said, there are a great variety of crib bumper designs that can be mixed and matched. They range from the Goofy–such as from Disney–to the gender-neutral, to the understated chic. A lot of the attendant needs of parents and child can be factored into this. Alternatively, if you want to spruce up one of your already-purchased bumpers, then just go ahead and design another cover that can be placed over it like a pillowcase.


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