Best Maternity Swimsuits Reviewed in 2018

Pregnant women love to go to the beach and hang out at the pool even in their last months of pregnancy, but they want to look great, be in style, and not be exposed in unflattering clothes. These swimsuits are all made for the pregnant or plus-sized woman to wear comfortably because of the special designs that will support her body, flatter her figure, and make her confident to uncover a bit. Most of these styles are a new design called a tankini. It is basically a loose-fitting top that covers the tummy area with a short dress or waist-length shirt pattern. They are flared in the stomach section to give plenty of movement room for activities and the growing baby bump. These are even popular with women who are not pregnant because they love the style and comfortable fit. These are super cute to wear at any age and come in a huge assortment of colors, color schemes, and patterns.

Several of these items also have a high waist which is very supportive and slimming for the pregnant woman. Because the top edge of the bottom section comes up higher on the waist than a regular bikini, it removes the stress from the tummy area and gives gentle support to that section. These products can all be combined with regular shorts or skirts for a cute outdoor look to go almost anywhere and stay fashionable.

These are all the top-rated and most reviewed items online with customers who loved them and gave overwhelmingly positive feedback. They would purchase these same items again because they were so satisfied with them. We highlight them for you on our buying guide pages to make your shopping experience enjoyable and productive. Here are the best maternity swimsuits and bathing suits for women in 2018.

12 Best Maternity Swimsuits Reviewed

1. COCOSHIP Vintage Sailor Pin up

This retro vintage inspired pattern with the coverage as modest is a terrific design for pregnant women or new moms after childbirth. It comes in a choice of nine colors schemes and patterns and has an adjustable halter-type neck with halter straps.
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This great suit must be hand washed and dried flat to remain in pristine shape. The tummy is covered up with a double layer which has a flared appearance to make the baby bump less noticeable. Included are soft cups that are removable and a slim flattering fit. The style is a cute sailor pin-up vintage skirtini one-piece swimdress cover-up, and you will look so adorable in it no matter which month you are in of pregnancy.

The special design of the bottom with a flair covers the baby bump without being tight. The double-layer bottom design is intended to make you look slimmer even while pregnant.

What We Like About It
This fabulous swimsuit is available in nine different sizes to fit the smallest to the largest woman in style. Even women in their ninth month will be able to go out and enjoy the pool or beach with this lovely suit that covers the belly well.

Choice of nine color schemes and patterns

Has an adjustable halter-type neck

Includes soft cups that are removable

Has a slim flattering fit

Available in nine sizes


May show too much cleavage

The white top designs may become see-through when wet

2. COCOSHIP Women's Retro Boho

With a Chic Retro Flounce Boho Falbala design, this fantastic bikini set is made of spandex polyester fabric. The bikini bottom is full-coverage, and the bra is padded with soft cups.
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It is high-waisted with a leg cut that is high and includes two shoulder straps that are adjustable. This item must be hand washed in cold water and line dried for the best care. It is offered in twenty color schemes with some gorgeous prints and florals. For a great look on the beach or at the pool that does not show too much, this is a wonderful suit for pregnant women and new moms that are still getting their shapes back.

You will certainly find a color and pattern you like with this great offering of twenty choices. This selection will allow you to pick more than one to always have a suit handy for the fun outdoors by the water.

What We Like About It
The design of this suit is adorable with all the ruffles and frills. The high waist styles are becoming popular again with women who want to cover their stomachs more at the beach and pool.

Offered in twenty color schemes

Includes two shoulder straps that are adjustable

Is high-waisted with a leg cut that is high

The bra is padded with soft cups

Bikini bottom is full coverage


Some said these have too much coverage in the bottom rear

The tops were not big enough for large-chested women

3. COCOPEAR Elegant Crossover

Made of elastane and nylon, this swim-dress includes a crossover back design and tummy control to flatter your figure. It is available in fourteen solid colors, prints, and floral designs sure to please.
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The different color patterns have women’s names, such as Mia, Hailey, Chloe, and Emma. This lovely swimwear must be hand washed and line dried, plus shorts may be worn under this for extra coverage when being active. The soft bra cups are molded and include an underwire for great support. this item is a one-piece suit that comes in seven terrific sizes. The company has a quality-check process of seven points for inspection to look for defects to ensure a top product you will love.

As a one-piece dress, this fabulous product will hide the baby bump well when you are out enjoying the sun and water. It will still flatter the body, yet not expose it to make you feel uncomfortable in public.

What We Like About It
For women who need extra support up top, this swimdress has bra cups that have an underwire. this will ensure that you have the lift with enlarged breasts from nursing and pregnancy.

Available in many solid colors, prints, and designs

Made of elastane and nylon

Soft bra cups and molded with an underwire

Includes a crossover back design and tummy control

Comes in seven sizes


May have too much padding in the bra area

Sizes tend to run small

4. EVALESS Strips Sporty Double up

This Sporty Double-Up Tow-Piece Tankini is made of nylon and spandex and provides great sun protection and privacy for the tummy and hip area. It includes a flowing layer that is loosely combined with a bikini top and bottom that looks both fashionable and stylish.
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The bikini bottom ties at the sides and has boyshort coverage for some of the offerings, as you can opt for boyshort bottoms or bikini bottoms. It has soft bra padding in a non-underwire pattern and is offered in fifteen various colors, styles, and schemes. This fantastic swimwear can be worn as just a casual top out or in the water at the pool or beach. It can also be combined with active bottoms, swim shorts, or yoga pants for a varied look. This cute tankini features a sports bra built in with straps that can be adjusted and sides that are deep cut which is stylish yet modest. It contains a banded bottom and a flowy midsection for a terrific fit that moves with you for all outdoor activities. Hand-washing in cold water and line drying is required for this great suit, plus it is moisture-wicking and quick drying.

The choice of bottoms in the swimwear is amazing! Choose from boy shorts or bikinis in several color schemes to match your taste of outdoor wear.

What We Like About It
Instead of a one-piece suit to cover your growing baby bump, try this tankini that covers the midsection, but does it so uniquely with a loose flowing layer. It is stylish, yet effective in making you feel comfortable out in public.

Gives great sun protection and privacy

Has soft bra padding in a non-underwire pattern

Contains a banded bottom and a flowy midsection

Is moisture-wicking and quick-drying garment

Moves with you for all outdoor activities


Some received a different color pattern that ordered

The cross-back and tank-back designs were misleading for a few people

5. NoNoCat One Piece Shaping

Offered in four stunning vibrant colors with a floral print in the middle, this one-piece design has a comfortable relaxed fit. It is made of elastane and nylon and is available in nine great sizes from small to plus sizes.
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This is a wonderful cover-up for the belly area to hide the baby bump during pregnancy or after childbirth as you regain your original midsection shape. It includes a fashionable twist design in the bust area and has removable padded cups. This item can be worn anywhere and can be combined with shorts for a terrific comfortable look.

With plenty of sizes and several wonderful colors, you are sure to find the bathing suit that is perfect for you in this style. This is a very modern suit that is perfect for anywhere outdoors.

What We Like About It
This one-piece bathing suit has a lovely twist design in the bust area to add some style to the plain-colored area. It also adds some elasticity in this vital area when more give may be needed as you advance in your pregnancy.

Is a one-piece design with a comfortable relaxed fit

Available in nine sizes from small to plus sizes

Is a wonderful cover-up for the belly area

Includes a fashionable twist design in the bust area

Has removable padded cups


Does not have tummy support

The colors are not true to the picture

6. CUPSHE Halter Design Printing

With a tie in the back and a cutout midsection, this one-piece swimsuit comes in several colors and floral pattern schemes. It is made of chinlon fabric and has a removable halter.
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The bra area is padded well for wonderful support and the tummy area is covered well. It includes a high waist section and a cutout in the front to give the appearance of a bikini style. You will look fabulous in this anywhere, even in your later months of pregnancy because of the great coverage. It can be combined with shorts for a terrific fashionable outfit.

Pregnant women will love this suit because it has a high waist area that covers the baby bump well. You can feel comfortable that you are not exposing too much when out with others sunbathing or splashing in the water.

What We Like About It
This one-piece bathing suit is designed in such a way that it really looks like a bikini. Because it has a cutout midsection, people will think you are wearing a bikini that just has a high waist.

Is a one-piece design

Has a back tie and a removable halter

Bra area is padded

Includes a high waist section

Covers the tummy area well


Material is thin

Sizes run large

7. ZKESS Stripes Tankini Brief S

Made of spandex and polyester material, this lovely tankini allows plenty of free movement for your midsection during and after pregnancy. The fabric is smooth, elastic, and quick-drying, plus it comes in six terrific sizes.
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It has lace overlays, spaghetti straps that are adjustable, and a zigzag solid stripes pattern. This two-piece design is easy to wear and currently very popular with women because of its casual style. It lets you hide the problem areas without seeming like you are trying to keep them secret and is available in six bold solid colors perfect for outdoors.

Tankinis are very popular currently as women go for styles with more coverage. They are cute and comfortable, yet they are so fashionable and modern.

What We Like About It
This loose-fitting tankini will provide you with great coverage for your baby bump as you progress through the pregnancy. The top fits more like a very generous-sized tank top that is stylish enough to wear every day.

Made of spandex and polyester material

The fabric is smooth, elastic, and quick-drying

Has lace overlay and spaghetti straps

Allows plenty of free movement

Straps are adjustable


Side wires come out easily

Does not have much support for large-busted women

8. Aleumdr Solid Ruched Tankini

This Tankini Top Swimsuit with Triangle Briefs is flattering to the figure and made of spandex and polyester. It has a shirred bandeau and bikini bottom design that is offered in six gorgeous vivid colors.
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The top has a wrapped twist fashion, and the straps are adjustable allowing an open back fit. Included are molded cups and a triangular bottom. This tankini is waist length, has a lining that is tummy controlling, and features a slim trendy silhouette. There are no underwires for support, but this piece does have bra paddings that are unremovable.

The wrapped twist fashion of the top section adds a lovely touch to a solid-colored garment. This adds an elegance to the item that looks lovely on women of all ages.

What We Like About It
The adjustable straps and padding in the upper section of this swimwear ensure a great fit that is supported well. Even with no underwires, this tankini will give you the amount of support needed for a comfortable fit.

Is flattering to the figure

Features a lining that is tummy controlling

Has no underwire but does have bra paddings

Includes molded cups

The straps are adjustable


The material was too thick for a few women

Sizes run quite small

9. JOYMODE Halter Swimwear One Piece

Perfect for most outdoor events, this swim-dress can be worn with regular shorts for everyday wear. It has a high waist and is a one-piece item that includes shorts attached underneath.
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This is a cover-up skirtini swim-dress that features a halter neck, removable padding without underwire, and a color-block design. It must be hand washed in cold water and air dries quickly. This terrific swimwear is made of nylon and spandex and is offered in six sizes from medium to plus sizes. It is available in nine color variations with a black bottom section and a colored top or in a solid colored style of blue or black.

The high-waist design takes the emphasis away from the tummy area and lets that area be free of any seams or stress in the fabric. This allows you a wonderfully comfortable fit you will love.

What We Like About It
The flared tummy area is a big help for women who are starting to show in their pregnancy, as well as those that are in their later months. It allows you to be in on all the fun at the pool and the beach, while still maintaining your privacy in those expanding body areas.

Available in nine color variations

Six sizes are offered from medium to plus sizes

Made of nylon and spandex

Includes removable padding without underwire

Has a high waist


Padding shifted a lot for some women

As a one-piece, it was hard to get on and off

10. Newbely High Waisted Retro

Featuring a padded bra section, high cut leg area, and shoulder straps that are adjustable, this lovely tankini swimsuit slims the waist and tummy because of the high-waist fit. It has no underwire but does have removable padding, plus the bottom has a side rucking design and a moderate back that is sexy.
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This item must be hand washed in cold water and air dried for the best care. It dries quickly and is comfortable and stretchy. Choose from a low-cut halter top or a ruffled fuller top in this swimwear product made of elastane and polyamide materials. It is offered in eighteen fabulous modern color combinations to give you a terrific choice.

These tankinis are popular today with women everywhere and of many ages. The high waist is fashionable because it covers the tummy and slims the mid-section for a thinner look.

What We Like About It
Within this one design, women have a choice of the top for this tankini swimwear. Choose from a regular halter top with a low cut or a ruffled regular cut with a full top.

Dries quickly and is comfortable and stretchy

Shoulder straps are adjustable

Has no underwire

Padding is removable

Slims the waist and tummy


Too much padding with no support

Sizes were an issue for some

11. Halter Tankini Floral

With a pull-on closure and neck halter straps that are adjustable, this Maternity Tankini Swimsuit is available is seven different gorgeous color patterns. It is made of nylon, spandex, and polyester, plus it includes a wire-free padded built-in bra.
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The sides are ruched for a terrific fit that will expand as your pregnancy advances, and the bottom has side ties for easy dressing and a cute look. This swimwear will flatter your figure even in the later months of pregnancy and can be paired with shorts for a wonderful outdoor outfit. It must be hand washed in cold water and air dried to keep it is great condition and lasting a long time. The top is loose fitting at the bottom and sits below the tummy area for a comfortable fit that is not binding to wear.

The pull-on closure and ties on the side of the bottom piece make this swimwear easy to put on and take off. It will not be bothersome to get in and out for the numerous bathroom trips that pregnant women have to take.

What We Like About It
This maternity tankini has plenty of features that make it comfortable for pregnant women to wear whether they are in their first few months or the last few. The loose fit and the support in the bust area are two wonderful things about this great swimwear design.

Includes a wire-free padded built-in bra

The bottom has side ties for easy dressing

Will flatter your figure even in the later months

The top is loose fitting at the bottom

Can be paired with shorts for a great outdoor outfit


The Fabric was baggy for a few women

Padding not helpful for some

12. Oceanlily Ruched Front Tankini

The Ruched Front Tankini Top from Oceanlily has a full bra section with wonderful support and is chlorine-resistant. It comes in five terrific sizes and is made of spandex and nylon.
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The bottoms are sold separately from Oceanlily to match the tops or this item can be matched with shorts or skirts for a cute outdoor outfit. It has shoulder straps that are adjustable and wide and is only offered in this one-color design of white and charcoal print.

The wide adjustable shoulder straps are a wonderful feature of this tankini top. They will not cut into the neck or bind but will support the bust area well for a comfortable fit.

What We Like About It
Even though this product is just the top tankini part, it will fit women from the first sign of a baby bump all the way to the last few months of pregnancy. It can even be worn after childbirth as your shape regains its normal size.

Has shoulder straps that are adjustable

Made of spandex and nylon

Is chlorine-resistant

Comes in five terrific sizes

Has a full bra section with great support


Not made for larger busts some women stated

May be tight in the armpit area

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Maternity Swimsuits 

Top-rated and most-purchased items

Each swimsuit featured on this page is a top-rated and most-reviewed item online of this category. These are the best items according to customers who purchased them online and left overwhelmingly positive feedback for future consumers who are interested in these products. Because our buying guides highlight only the best of each category, we save you plenty of shopping time in looking for that perfect swimsuit. We take the time to search for the best items to make your shopping experience great and trouble-free. We want only the best for our families and know that you want the same for yours.

Will provide coverage well for the growing baby bump

These swimsuits all flatter the pregnant woman’s body with either a one-piece design or a tankini pattern. These have extra material in the belly area that provides a loose fit that will give with movement and not be binding on the stomach. They cover the mid-section well or allow it an open area for expanding during the pregnancy months. These are all meant to be very comfortable as well as stylish and modern to be worn with confidence in public areas.

Made from durable, soft, comfortable materials

The softest materials of nylon, polyester, and spandex make up most of these products, which are wonderful to wear for long periods and even every day. They are stretchy yet supportive in all the right places to give pregnant women the confidence to wear swimwear in public areas and look wonderful. These pieces can be combined with shorts or skirts for great outfits even when they are not worn near the water.

Fits well for the pregnant woman’s shape

The bra area of all of these items are padded for support and to make them not see-through when wet. Pregnant women want a design that is still sexy, but not in bad taste to be worn in public with their families. These will complement the shape of the pregnant women and make her feel as beautiful as she looks. Some of them have wire supports, while others do not. We make note of the ones that do so you can find these quickly by looking in the pros or summary sections. The bottoms of these wonderful suits allow the freedom for easy dressing and most of them have the high-waist design. This brings the edging of the bottom piece up past the baby bump and prevents stress on this area. The high-waist design also slims the waist and hip area for a better look and feel.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these items for just pregnant women or can they also be worn by new moms just after giving birth too?

A: Any female can wear these items, whether they are pregnant or not. Plus-size women wear these as well as those that are not large or pregnant. Some women just like the patterns, styles, and colors of these as well as the loose fit. The tankinis are very popular with women of all shapes, sizes, and ages to wear in public places and even at home. They are very comfortable and flattering to the figure.

Q: How are these best cleaned and cared for?

A: Most, if not all, of these, must be hand washed and air dried. To keep them from stretching and getting teats in the delicate fabrics this care is best for the swimwear to last a long time.

Q: Can these be worn by plus-sized women who are not pregnant too?

A: Sure, they can. Some reviewers online even stated that they were not pregnant but loved the styles and the loose fit that these swimsuits offered.

Q: Which ones can be worn with shorts for more bottom coverage and not look terrible?

A: Any of these can really be combined with regular shorts or a skirt for better coverage and a look that would be great almost anywhere.

Q: Do these come in plenty of large sizes for extra-large bellies and breasts?

A: Yes, most of the products come in at least six different sizes, with a few of them offering up to nine sizes that at varying amounts of extra-large. They are all for plus-size or pregnant women, so you should be able to find that perfect fit.

Q: For the bikini products, will the manufacturers allow you to purchase different sizes for the two pieces? Some women are larger at the top than the bottom and need different sizes within the same garment.

A: Unfortunately, no the two-piece items cannot be purchased in two different sizes to accommodate apple- or pear-shaped women. Some comments were made online about this very thing because some women needed a larger top than the bottom or a larger bottom than the top. These are not sold separately in varying sizes. To solve this problem, some women bought two suits in different sizes and used the pieces they needed from both to make the perfect swimwear that fit them well and made them feel absolutely the best. This is an expensive alternative to a suit not fitting well, but it will get you the pieces in the sizes you need.

Q: Why are the waists on some of the bottom sections so high up the body? Would this be uncomfortable for a pregnant woman whose tummy area is constantly expanding?

A: The high waist pieces are specially made for the plus-sized or pregnant woman and served two basic purposes. First, these slim the waist and hip area making women feel not so big and bulky. Second, the high waist gives gentle support to the tummy area to make you feel comfortable. These are mostly with the tankini-type products that try to flatter the expanding baby bump and make women feel confident about their beautiful pregnant bodies.


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