Best Personalized Baby Blankets Reviews & Ratings

Choosing a baby blanket that your baby as well as you will appreciate is not as easy as it sounds. You have to consider the texture/feel of the blanket, the color, ease of washing, and drying time. The texture/feel depends on the material used in manufacturing the blanket, the color aids development in babies, and ease of washing and drying time is simply for your convenience as the baby’s mother.

Our Top 3 Picks

Custom Catch
  • Custom Catch
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft
  • Price: See Here
Berry Bebe Boy
  • Berry Bebe Boy
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft
  • Price: See Here
Berry Bebe Girl
  • Berry Bebe Girl
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft
  • Price: See Here

Now, the only difference between a personalized baby blanket and an ordinary one is that you’ll have the name of your cute baby embroidered on the blanket. This ensures that you’ll have a piece of memory in the form of your baby’s belongings as he or she grows up (or a keepsake). So, are you up to picking the best-personalized baby blanket for your little one?

Benefits of Using a Personalized Baby Blanket

There’s really not many benefits except that it will provide care for the little ones. You, as the mother, will be able to wrap the aesthetically pleasing blanket—around your baby and it will not irritate or cause any hazard. This has an added benefit of providing a sense of security for your baby and hence, he or she will pick a security blanket that you simply can’t separate from him or her. Also, competent baby blankets like the ones above are simply remarkable in terms of comfortability for your baby so they’ll sleep and relax better. And seeing as they’re suitable for all seasons, it will provide warmth during the cold and it will negate heat (act as an insulator) during periods where it’s persistent.

This is because babies do not have much fat to act as insulators while young—so a baby blanket will be used in that regard. As a result of that, you’ll worry less as the new mother of the baby. Still, despite all the points above, there’s still one area where personalized baby blankets as specified above shine the most. It can act as a keepsake/memento/souvenir. The sheer memory and thus, sentimental value imbued in that one piece of clothing has an emotional gravity that is staggering. It’s a customized piece that your little one can use for many years before it will finally expend its lifespan (so to speak). On that front, pick any of the above if anything in this piece appeals to you.

How to select the best personalized baby blanket

Selecting one can be a bit harder than you expect. Especially when you consider the factors at play which will guarantee a smooth experience in terms of lifespan, comfortability, development, and safety on the part of your baby. So, a competent baby blanket must boast of this things. Alas, most products online can only make claims. Delivering on the claims, on the other hand, is where they all fail spectacularly. Nonetheless, these are our methods which we employed when we picked the baby blankets above.

Materials and their effectiveness

What do you think happens if you use wool, cashmere, fleece, etcetera in making a baby blanket? The results are usually spectacular and the best of them have been listed above. On the other hand, using a material used in making jean is wholly incapable to boast of the same effectiveness as the aforementioned ones. It won’t insulate heat like fleece (for example) and it’s definitely not as comfortable to sleep in as cotton (another typical example). Now, we made sure that all the products we picked were made from quality materials with guaranteed effectiveness. They’re simply functional and your baby won’t feel uncomfortable (i.e regardless of the weather or even during sleep).

Color of the baby blanket


Colors are one of the most important aspects of life since we use it distinguishing a lot of things. To put it plain and simple, using colors means using another language entirely. Now, colors play an important role in the development of a baby. Let’s go in-depth; the colors yellowish-red and thick blue can be associated with fire from a matchstick and gas cooker respectively. Children, by teaching them colors will associate the colors above with danger and thus, will avoid them. In fact, even adults avoid or stop after glancing at certain colors. Red, for example, means stop when driving and there are numerous others that act as a means of communication. Now, by using the correct colors, you can improve sensory development (and more) in your babies.

Babies under three months of age should only be introduced to the colors white and black because that’s what they’re receptive to. On the other hand, use of certain colors after three months is advised. Colors like pink and blue which are prevalent in the products above are very beneficial and you should introduce them to your baby if he or she is older than three months. Essentially, we checked the color of the blankets above before picking them as the most suitable for child development.

Safety of the blanket

Safety always comes first and in the case of our little ones, that’s especially true and in fact, more important than other factors. Hazards and faults must be prevented and to that point, here are the things we used in ensuring the safety of the blankets we selected.

  • We ensured the blankets chosen didn’t have any ribbons or strips of clothing hanging out at the edges of the blankets. Why we do this is simply to prevent the baby from swallowing the ribbons/strips and thus, choking. This is a serious potential hazard that should be minded by you.
  • Avoidance of blankets with holes in them is another thing we did. This is so that you can prevent your baby from inserting his head, arms, and legs into the holes. An incident such as that is wholly uncomfortable and should be taken care of. Ideally, this is one of the reasons why the products above are present on this list.
  • Avoiding quilts and other heavy blankets can go a long way in preventing deaths. Both of these objects are suspected of contributing to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS or otherwise called crib death) so we avoided them.

Price and value

We can’t discuss one aspect without considering the other. It’s simply not done that way. We go through hundreds of products anytime we compile a list of products to review and the price is the first determinant. If the product is unreasonably priced, we avoid such a product simply because we’ll be recommending a poor product to customers/users. And that, in the long run, will hurt user experience especially if the product in question isn’t functional/useful enough. Now, we move on the product’s value. As you can see, the products above are highly functional and hence, valuable since users will appreciate their presence. We’ve seen poor products that have literally no benefit and as a matter of fact, it will be cheap as opposed to the previous instance (above).

On the other hand is where you’ll find reasonably priced products with top-notch value. We selectively investigate for such and sometimes, we even find ones that have a cheap price but with exceptional value. For the latter, we assign the term ‘exceptional value for money’. To run all of this off, price is what we (as potential buyers) must investigate before we buy it. After which, we test it, and we give our results in the form of lists.

Users reviews and ratings

We take the time to go through the individual opinions of various people so as to proof our results. We rarely miss anything but still, we admit that there are times where we didn’t review a product from a particular angle until we see a comprehensive (or otherwise) review from a user who breaks down his or her thoughts into the form words. That sometimes might coerce us to maybe increase the item’s position on our list or even include it. Opposite of this is that a user’s review might be one that’ll remove a product from our list or simply reduce its position. The former is especially true when we find products with collective reviews of side effects. As you know, our very obvious choice will be to exclude that kind of product from our list.


Where can I buy one of these blankets?

A trip to a baby store will definitely help you out in that regard except if you prefer an e-commerce website. In that regard, kindly use Amazon since they have the best prices with a myriad of user reviews that should show you exactly why you should get or avoid any product you fancy.

What are the benefits of using one?

Other than the fact that personalized baby blankets can provide warmth and act as a keepsake/gift. There are others that are iterated in our comprehensive piece focused on the benefits of personalized baby blankets (which you find can above).

How to select the best baby blankets?

Kindly visit the section directly above this to learn a bit about how we picked out the best baby blankets for you. And hence, how you also, can at least filter out bad products and select the one fit for your baby.