Fred DINNER WINNER Kids’ Dinner Tray Supper Hero by Fred & Friends

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We like

A colorful, visually pleasing superhero themed eating tray

Board-game inspired eat-as-you-go design that captivates even the pickiest eaters

8 divided food compartments for a versatile and wholesome meal

1 hidden compartment for deserts as a motivational reward system tactic

Constructed of high-qualify plastic that won’t lose its original colors

Easy to clean and maintain, whether by hand or in the dishwasher

Made of 100% virgin melamine, both BPA and phthalate-free

Sizing allows the product to fit regular storing and traveling purposes

Affordable price for a well-designed and long-lasting product

We don’t like

The small compartments require constantly cutting the food in tiny pieces

How it works

Eating healthy is not an easy quest even for adults, however convincing your children to eat their veggies is even harder. Once they’ve tried chocolate and candy, it’s almost an impossible mission to get them to eat broccoli or anything that isn’t processed. In a society that is constantly battling with diabetes and obesity, it is beyond alarming to teach our children from a very young age the importance of finishing their nutritive meals and giving chances to smarter food choices.

However, toddlers can be incredibly picky and cranky when they are forced to eat stuff they find boring and tasteless. The whole process of convincing them to eat the lunch you’ve prepared with caution and care can be quite frustrating since children are known to be very stubborn and easily annoyed by almost anything that isn’t pizza or ice cream.

Parents can’t really change the way kale and lettuce taste, however, they can inspire their children to eat their healthy snacks by playing a fun game that has a delightful prize hiding at the end. Meet the Dinner Winner Supper Hero tray from Fred’s! A superhero themed tray that will inspire even the pickiest eaters to give chances to healthy home-cooked meals by turning regular lunch into a gaming activity.



The Fred manufacturers have been a reputable brand located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, which is a well-known area for the uprising of the American Industrial Revolution. Their products are meant to solve an everyday problem by providing a carefully constructed colorful solution that won’t damage your bank account savings. In fact, the product development specialists take pride in coming up with creative and affordable blueprints of regular, average items that would otherwise seem boring and unexceptional. These functional articles made by a group of talented designers are characterized by having a funny and personal note engraved on the durable materials in order for the products to appear genuine and unexpected.

The ideas that come from Fred’s renovated factory offices are undeniably amusing, useful and unique, which has led to making this brand one of the most recognizable and respected American companies. Fred & Friends are also devoted to beer, cake and putting a smile on the faces of their customers. They seem to have a ton of fun with their creations and it’s highly unlikely that you won’t have too, once you purchase their products.


The overall design is constructed in order to make regular nutritious mealtime seem like an enjoyable adventure. The eat-as-you-go action means that children need to follow the colorful guidelines in order to get to the covered section at the end which holds the ultimate price, a secret tasty desert. The tray looks like a base for a board-game in which everyone wins. The parents no longer experience a headache by convincing their children to eat the food they made with attention and care, the children are constantly amused and everyone is happy by the time the feeding game is over. It is carefully divided into 9 portions, and the last one is covered so the whole experience can be tempting and intriguing for children. This way, no matter how many times you use this plate it will always provide a surprising element and children won’t get easily bored with their new plate. The divisions also help that the whole meal looks versatile and eye-pleasing since it creates a colorful pattern that children need to follow in order to win their dessert.

With a visually appealing presentation in front of you, it is hard to stay indifferent to a meal even if you don’t want to give chances to greens or legumes. In fact, under each food section, there are cute messages that will continue to cheer your little one as the quest of eating the whole meals unfolds one bite at a time. There are multiple superheroes sticking out from the sides in order to make sure that your children identify with strong and healthy role-models that accompany them on each individual adventure.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

The whole entertainment value of these trays lies in the imaginary scenarios they provide with its unique designs. Ralph Cosentino’ illustrations make sure that children are truly captivated by the Pirates, Enchanted Forest and the Superhero themed trays that unfold a story as you eat your regular meal. This way you can choose a plate that matches your child’s personality even though you can’t always match their food preferences since let’s face it, children love junk food more than anything. However, the Dinner Winner Superhero tray puts back the “fun” in “fundamental eating habits”. The whole amusement comes from the cute colorful design that is accompanied by interactive divisions and superhero figures flying in the sky. If the children eat a section, they will see fields with comic headlines such as: “A call goes out for help”, “Crunch!”, “Pow”, “Oh No!”, “Zap!”, “Mmm…”, “Look Out!”, “Chomp!” and “Good Guys Always Win” at the end of the finish line.

Following the rules doesn’t seem fun, however, following them when you are playing a board game is essential in order to be acknowledged as a true champion so this concept indeed shows that even the most irritating requests can be answered if they are presented in the right way. The tray is even more fun if children have their siblings or friends over during the mealtime activity so they can share the food or race till the end on their separate trays in order to crown a winner.
Physical Development

Physical Development

Teaching your child to sit and eat properly is vital especially during the phase of early child development when children need to practice their cognitive abilities and motor skills. Even though children love exploring new things and learning to be independent, if a toddler is used to being fed it can be very difficult to convince them to take things in their own hands. In fact, everyone can share a story of when their cranky little rascal refused to eat the meal and pretended to be incapable of eating in order to get their parents attention.

That is why shiny colorful objects that motivate the child to observe and discover their purposes are crucial when it comes to learning new activities. Children will enjoy picking up the food in order to reveal the message inside and will learn to respect boundaries by following the rules of the game in order to get a treat. The sooner they learn that rules apply to everyone and everything, the less effort parents will have to invest in the future when faced with far more serious challenges.

The divided food compartments are rather small so they would require cutting the food into smaller pieces which can be annoying for parents if the children can already eat a whole banana by themselves, however, it does teach them to take smaller bites and chew properly before swallowing the food. It is a great way to teach children table manners and moderation so you have a polite and well-behaved dinner companion when you go out in a restaurant or at a family gathering.


When purchasing a food tray, you have to be extremely careful of the materials that it’s made of. Especially when it comes to amenities that will come in contact with your child’s sensitive body. Many products on the market are made of cheap and toxic materials that could be hazardous for your child’s health so it is important to focus on providing safe and high-quality items for your little ones. The Dinner Winner by Fred & Friends is made from 100% virgin melamine, which is certified as food-safe, BPA-free, and phthalate-free. This is crucial when it comes to feeding your toddler because children need to eat healthy food however it does have to be placed on a healthy nontoxic plate that won’t damage your child in any way.

It is important to note that this tray is also dishwasher safe, so the maintaining process is quite effortless and it can easily be cleaned whether by placing it in the sink or inside the dishwasher. Parents have busy schedules so it’s hard for find time to prepare lunch, let alone clean the dishes, so it is truly helpful when cleaning the baby products is a frustration-free process.


The looks and materials of the Dinner Winner are by all means great and well-thought-of, however, for a product like this to be truly effective, it has to be the right sizing and weight in order to be portable and child-friendly. The plate’s dimensions are calculated as 11.75 x 8.25 inches, which means the tray is big enough to fit a wholesome meal, carefully divided in separate compartments but not too big so it doesn’t fit a regular kiddy table. It weighs around 8 ounces which makes it perfect so children can pick it up and bring it to the kitchen for washing since you want to teach them well manners from an early age. It also means that in case it falls out of hands, it won’t be too heavy like porcelain, glass or metal plates and your children won’t accidentally hurt their tiny toes.

The overall measurements are perfect when it comes to cleaning the tray since it can fit in regular sinks and dishwashers without taking too much space and its lightweight nature allows it to be very portable. You can easily place it in the suitcase or a traveling bag and take it on vacations, summer camps or a trip to your parents’ house, so children can be accompanied by their superhero friends and enjoy a nice meal on any occasion.
Price Range

Price Range

Fred and Friends are known to create affordable everyday products and this tray is not an exception. It’s fairly priced for its unique design and entertainment value and it is also made of high-quality durable products which means that you can wash it countless times, and it will not lose its original colors and shine. Even if your child gets bored of it, which we highly doubt since we all have a childhood cup or plate that we treasure to this very day, you can store it for the next addition to your family. You can rest assured that every time you introduce this tray to another child, it will be greeted with equal enthusiasm as its previous owner.

It is an excellent gift on the budget for baby showers, birthdays and loving relatives and friends that will most likely face the dread of having a picky eater. By purchasing this product for them, you are providing a solution to a very frustrating feeding problem and therefore you are the definition that not all superheroes wear capes. Some bring superhero trays!


Almost every child wants to be a superhero when they grow up. Children deeply appreciate and idolize Batman, Catwoman, Superman, Spiderman and they want to be identified with their role-models. They want to act like them, look like them, talk like them and fight crime and evil just like their favorite fearless heroes. That is why the DINNER WINNER Superhero tray focuses on conquering your child’s biggest fear – eating veggies for lunch.

If your little ones want to grow up to be strong and mighty as their idols, they have to learn to make the right healthy choices from an early age. In other words, they have to choose good old fashion fruits and vegetables over evil processed food. This tray will remind them that although the quest isn’t easy, it can be fun, colorful and amusing.
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