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We like

Child friendly materials

Child friendly portability

Child friendly accessible

Keeps food fresh

Can also carry ice pack


Very attractive Zoo animal designs

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Some parents preview a bag with an external bottle pouch

How it works

There was a time when a child’s lunch bag was a basic model but in these times a lunch bag will come with a range of useful extra features. These extras are a result of brand bag makers looking to increase the performance and usefulness of a lunch bag. The Skip Hop lunch box/bag is up there among the best products and the Zoo version offers a huge range of fun creatures.

The range of arty Zoo animals used in the different designs on these products are all tastefully done and will certainly appeal to all young children. Not only do they get a fun friend from the zoo to carry around but they easily will carry their lunch safely. The bag has a handle for the top so that it can be carried comfortably. This brings color and diversity to simply carrying lunch to school, a routine daily tasked perked up with color and fun animal shapes from the zoo. Children will love seeing their favorite animal each time they are eating lunch.

The fun bag is built at a size which is great for children to handle and carry a delightful healthy lunch. The interior consists of a spacious compartment which can hold all types of sandwiches and snacks. Take a look at this great useful child’s product and decide if you want to add it to your child’s school kit.

<h2>Materials and features</h2>

Materials and features

Built from durable long-lasting textiles and designed to look attractive with the inclusion of animal features covering zoo creatures, this is a great option for young kids. The inner textile has good insulation properties which work to keep stored food cool and fresh. This means that sandwiches are not quick to dry out, fruits can be safely carried and will retain freshness. The interior compartment is spacious and allows lots of room for thoughtful storing of foods and drinks.
A second compartment made from breathable mesh means that money for other expenses can be securely stored and will not be lost. A detachable handle fits onto the top and can be attached to other zoo bag products. The animal faces incorporated into the designs are colorful and very cheerful. The product features durable strong zippers which can comfortably take a lot of handling by a child when she or he is eager to eat lunch. This is a USA manufactured product and reaches the levels required under California law for safe storage of food. Inside the product, there is a nice name tag feature which allows the owner to tag the bag with her/his name.
All materials used to make the bag are Phthalate and BPA free, so safety for materials has been a high consideration in the production process for this product.


The bag is thoughtfully designed and offers an average volume of capacity for children when they take lunch and other treats with them out to school or on a trip. The standard food such as sandwiches, other snacks, fruit and containers of drink can easily be carried due to the good carrying capacity designed into the bag. The spacious compartment can securely store good amounts of food and drinks while having the capacity of temperature control through the inclusion of an inner insulation material which works to keep anything carried in the bag nice and cool. A second storage compartment is specifically built to carry money, keys, and other small everyday personal items. Overall the carrying capacity of the bag is very good and efficient.

The second mesh made pouch or compartment can be put to further use for holding an ice pack to ensure even more cooling capacity for keeping food fresh.


This product is designed for prolonged durable use on a daily basis. It means that this product is built in anticipation for lots of use and children are very sure to test the durability level of any product. The daily uses for this can, of course, mean regular carrying, holding weight securely without the food and delicious choices of drinks being damaged. The materials are synthetic and have a good high level of dependable durability. The first compartment is the spacious option for carrying drinks, fruit, and food while the second small compartment is built from a durable mesh so that coins, money, keys etc are safely housed in a durable protective pouch style compartment. The zip features are robust and will easily deal with regular daily usage. All these features mean that the bag will withstand many wears and tears through its use.


Safety is not a major factor for a lunch bag unless we consider the functionality of particular features. This item has an inner lining of insulation so that perishable products such as fruit, bread and the different things put into a sandwich can stay reasonably fresh for same day consumption. The zipper though robust it is a child safe design and child-friendly to little fingers. All materials used for the bag are synthetic, child friendly, offer protection from the weather for any food being carried.


A lunch bag can seem to be something which has a limited and specific function and therefore one might assume there is not much in the way for options to include innovative appealing design work.

The makers have given these products a design theme, the features of popular animals, many of which live in local zoo’s and are very well known among children. This takes this product into the range of offering collectible choices, some parents feedback that they choose animal designs to try and match their child's favorite animal and sometimes even her/his personality. These arty-cartoon style animal features are colorful and without a doubt bring a nice edge to the concept of carrying lunch in a child size carry bag. The designers have given good consideration towards the age group who will regularly use this bag and they have ensured the product is designed to be child size, and very portable. The actual synthetic materials are simple to keep clean with a good wipe or a wet cloth. This ensures that staining or discoloration are kept at bay.

In terms of collecting different designs, the different zoo creature designs mean that children can have fun comparing their bags and even choosing to collect several different animal versions.
<h2>Entertainment value</h2>

Entertainment value

Entertainment comes via the design features, because these are all interesting, appealing designs which children will like. The friendly happy animal features mean that a child is greeted with artful child appealing design work each time they carry it. These products give a fun element to lunch breaks in which children can show off their colorful choice of zoo creatures and compare these with others. Children may want to collect the different animal choices and this would be an impressive collection of well designed and child appealing products.
<h2>Ease of Use</h2>

Ease of Use

Four types of ease of use are featured in this product. Firstly for parents, the bag can be easily packed with a nice choice of food and drink options for a small child. The built-in insulation will serve to keep foods cool in the main storage section and the small mesh pouch can be utilized on very warm days to carry a pack of ice which will further promote this product's ability to keep food tasty and fresh. Some feedback from parents has suggested that the bag will not carry large portions of food and this is noted because the bag is designed to carry food amounts which are suitable for a child. Thoughtful easy packing will allow the safe carrying of a good range of options such as sandwiches, a fruit drink in a carton or small bottle, some fruit and possibly a few other small treats. Secondly, children can very easily access all the food and drinks carried in the bag through one simple and easy zipper system.

Thirdly, ease for carrying by a young child is thoughtfully provided through the product being a child-friendly size. A detachable carry handle is provided which means that carrying is very easy as the handle attaches to the top of the lunch bag. This handle can be removed and very easily attached to any of the ZOO bags offered by this brand.

Fourth, ease of use is consistent in all weathers. The synthetic and tough materials used to create this product are good for protection against the rain and the inner insulation ensures protective cooling in the warm weather, for very warm days an ice bag or pack can be inserted into the mesh pooch to ensure even more capability for keeping drinks and tasty food fresh.


An impressive range of versatile animal designs is created to give the product a higher visual appeal. This can be used for daily trips to school or even for family trips when child sized food needs to be carried and kept fresh. The insulation layer will serve to keep food fresh and the product has the capability to add and carry an ice-pack for more cooling power in warmer weather. Easy to carry, lightweight and offering reliable durability combined with user-friendly features. This item offers a versatile and consistent method for keeping food fresh, it is easy to transport while also including cute Zoo creature designs.

Good for carrying child sized lunches, this can also fit money, keys, utensils and other small but important items.
<h2>Age Range</h2>

Age Range

When thinking about the age range of this bag, the straightforward fair point to mention is that this is suitable for any young child who needs to carry lunch and some additional extra useful items. There are not any real age restrictions unless you consider a very young toddler who would not be needing this item. Reviews show that there are parents who also choose to use the bag, especially mothers who want a convenient, easily portable method for carrying a snack or other items in a cheerfully designed bag.
<h2>Price range</h2>

Price range

The price being asked for this product is buyer compatible, consider the use of durable materials, the creative artwork showing adorable animal features, the good range of functionality and features and the money laid out to buy this really is set at a buyer-friendly rate. This is versatile, durable, very portable for all ages and represents a good purchase.

Bottom Line

We started this review by looking at a lunch bag being a basic product without any extra features or needs but we have found that current technology allows designers to be creative for the visual appearance and also for the features and functions. The bag is perfect for transporting children sized lunches and can carry sandwiches, different fruits, fruit drink cartons, snacks, treats, keys, small, money while being very easy for a child to carry.

Protection of any food carried comes from a strong durable synthetic materials shell, a large compartment backed-up by a smaller mesh style pouch for carrying smaller essentials. The additional layer of inner insulation is a very good feature for keeping food fresh and further cooling can be achieved by putting an ice pack into the mesh hold inside the bag. There are not any external pouches for a bottle or other items and the intention is clear by the designers - they believe all items can be carried inside the structure for good protection, good food preservation while being easily accessible for a child.
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