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We like

Very elegant and futuristic design

An electronic baby swing that imitates the movements of the parents

5 calming motions: Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock a Bye, Wave

5 speed options and a Volume up and down buttons

4 soothing built in tunes: Rain, Fan, Ocean, Heart,

Mp3 and Aux, Bluetooth, Volume up and down.

Interactive reversible plush toys equipped with a rattle, crinkle and a mirror

Incredibly easy to operate from the base and app

Durable nylon materials and high quality electronics

The seat’s fabrics are machine washable and easy to maintain

We don’t like

The company doesn’t sell springs and smaller compartments for mamaRoo 4, if damaged you will have to buy a whole new base

How it works

Remember those days when you used to move freely around the house and took a nap whenever you wanted? You know, back then before you had a smelly little rascal that starts crying if you leave it alone for 5 seconds to go to the toilet?

Before being a parent everybody warns you about the sleepless nights and the constant exhaustion due to sleep deprivation that slowly turns you into a walking zombie but it isn’t until you actually become one that you begin to face the harsh reality. Literally nothing can prepare you for it. It is impossible not to fall in love with an innocent little creature and in the same time it is almost impossible to stay sane while trying to manage work, keep the house in order and pay attention to your infant 24/7.

It might be because babies are truly adorable and mesmerizing that at the end of the day, every sacrifice is truly worth it, however there must be a way to find at least an hour for yourself and be able to stay functional in the midst of all emotional and physical chaos.

Many engineers, designers and pediatricians are parents themselves and have been trying to figure out a way to help other adults with children by creating many products for calming and entertaining the little ones. There are multiple beds, cradles and chairs that vibrate and swing your baby therefore it can be hard to make the right choice especially when you are not sure how your baby will respond to the motions. However, it seems like 4moms had figured it out. What you really needed all along is a product that imitate your movements while you’re away so your infant doesn’t feel lack of attention and nurture at any given moment. Meet the incredibly charming mamaRoo 4!



This high-tech swing has an elegant and futuristic charm to it. It looks almost as if Apple decided to switch from smartphones to smart baby equipment. When unboxing the product, you might find yourself intimidated by all the components which need to be assembled in order for the swing to come to life, however it’s easier than it appears. In fact, you are being greeted with a sticker from the manufacturer with information about the website and the customer service while inside the cardboard box you shall find a detailed and easy to follow instruction manual.

The swing is completed once you’ve connected the silver bars, the white base, soft seat and plush toys all together. The white stand has a big power button on it so moms can press it with their feet instead which is really more convenient especially if you experience some C-section pain from your delivery and bending seems rather uncomfortable.

The mamaRoo 4 has many versatile features and comes with 5 different swing motions and 5 speeds for the movements. It is also equipped with 4 calming sounds however if your baby finds them rather boring after a while, there is an MP3 plug in so you can play baby songs from your own personal collection and keep the baby entertained for hours and hours.


Babies feel most calm when they are in the hands of their parents. Therefore, when buying a product that holds your baby you have to keep in mind that it has to deliver the same movements that are familiar to the infant. Parents don’t vibrate like vibrating baby beds or swing back and forth like a classic electronic swing. Their bodies move from to side, bounce and swaddle while holding their baby. That is why infants relax more easily with similar motions that try to mimic the movements babies felt while they were in the utero. These sensual drifting is accompanied by 4 soothing tunes that give peaceful charm to the calming atmosphere.

You can experience the relaxing sound of raindrops if you choose the Rain mode, or the enchanting waves sounds by picking the Ocean feature. There is also a Fan mode since we all know how comforting can white noises be as well as a Heart feature that has emotional heartbeat patterns so the baby can feel if it is sleeping on mommy’s chests. These type of nature melodies are actually recommended by pediatricians and early child development psychologists since they provide a safe environment for a pacifying nap instead of complex and noisy songs that might disturb your little one.

Even the swaddling motions have been incorporated through detailed research and thorough testing in order to find the most calming movements that will not scare or make the baby feel dizzy. There is a Car Ride option because toddlers enjoy when they are being driven and fall asleep almost immediately. A Kangaroo motion is included since baby kangaroos and inseparable with their mommies and love the joyful bouncing while they are inside their mother’s pouch. A good old Tree Swing mode never gets out of fashion and swings will always be enchanting for children. There is also a Rock a Bye movement since rocking always comforts babies while they’re crying as well as a Wave mode because we all know how lovely it is to be floating on the ocean waves.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

This product is meant to create an amusing environment for your little one while keeping it in a comfortable position. It has many versatile options to keep your toddler excited which involve interactive plush toys, 5 different motions and 5 speed levels. Even though you can control it from the base stand, you can also connect it via Bluetooth that allows you to navigate the swing from a far.

It is compatible with the most recent Apple products that are not iPhone 4s which work with iOS 9 or the newer versions. If you are an Android owner, you can use it with almost any Android device that has works with Bluetooth Low energy and operates with Android 4.3 or its newer versions. This is very important because even though the product has many different features, babies might still want to be comforted with their favorite sounds, for example the famous baby shark song that seems to be everywhere and now you can play it on this whimsical moving object.

It is also very fun to observe children playing with the colorful little plush toys that hang above their little heads. Each of the 3 oval shaped toys has a different interactive purpose which the baby can discover while gently swaddling in the mamaRoo 4. While being customized with fashionable patterns in different colors, the reversible balls come equipped as a rattle, a mirror and a crinkle which are known to mesmerize children in the first months of their lives.


This product is made out of a very resilient woven nylon fabric which feels very smooth on touch and has a luxurious eye-pleasing look. The seat is incredibly soft and comfortable so babies can feel as if they are floating on a moving cloud. The plush toys that come with the mamaRoo 4 are very incredibly soft and cuddly made of high quality.

The material of the seat is machine washable so you can easily clean it in case your baby accidentally throws up or experience a diaper leak. It is quite reassuring that you can easily clean and maintain this product since you can take out the fabric and put it in the washing machine, while clean the base and the surrounding stand with a towel. The electronic components are long lasting and durable so you even after you baby outgrows the mamaRoo 4, you can store it somewhere safe and it will be good to go for the next addition to your family.

The only downside however is that in case there is some potential damage and some of the smaller parts need to replaced, the company doesn’t sell them separately, as instead you will have to buy the whole base stand which is pretty expensive unlike a small component replacement. However, if you use it properly and keep it in good condition, you will have a product you can use for many babies to come without any need for repair or replacement.
Age Range

Age Range

This product can be used by infants from the moment they are born till they reach 25lbs or are able to sit up without any assistance, it doesn’t really matter which comes first, as long as you follow the guidelines for safety. The dimensions of the mamaRoo 4 are calculated at 19 lbs / 33” L x 19.5” W x 25.5" H, so you can rest assured your baby will have enough room to grow and spread in it spacious swing. The recline positions are infinite so you can adjust the most convenient setting for the baby as it postures develops from one month to another.

It is quite frustrating that many of the baby products can be used for a brief period of time since babies seem to grow up in an instance, however when the design is well thought of, you can borrow this wonderful swing to your friends and relatives and bring joy and comfort to another gentle being.
Price Range

Price Range

This product might seem a little pricey however by now you’ve probably figured that any baby swing that involves electronics is pretty much the same price. In fact, unlike regular swings, the Mamaroo probably has the most gracious movement of them all and it is specially designed to imitate the motion of a parent gently comforting his/her baby. It has so many interesting features for comfort, entertainment and amusement that it well worth your money since you can operate with all of the components from a far. It is definitely more convenient to be able to navigate the swing while you are preparing meals in the kitchen and your child is placed in the quiet living room area.

Moreover, the beauty of products of these kind is that parents can get rest without guilt tripping themselves because the baby will most likely be enjoy the wonderful swaying motion that it won’t even notice your absence. If you can purchase that kind of state of mind with an electronic swing, then it’s probably the best investment you will ever make. It doesn’t require any further expenses and it is quite convenient that it charges through an AC power adapter since you won’t have to buy a regular supply of batteries in order to bring the swing to life.


Is this product absolutely necessary for newborns? Some adults might say no, however we highly doubt those people are parents who need to guard their baby by themselves 24/7 or have ever experienced the benefits of the mamaRoo 4. In fact, even though customers immediately fall in love with its charming design, they are still hesitant whether to invest more money in baby products since children seem to outgrow everything pretty quickly.

When you’ve just welcomed a baby to this world you need to buy a baby crib, a baby chair and table for feeding, a stroller, baby car seat etc. Yes, parenthood quickly becomes financially draining however feeling mentally drained due to not having some time for yourself is even worse.

That is why products like mamaRoo 4 are undeniably lifesaving when It comes to finding time to read a book or check your emails while having a cup of tea. The baby needs its rest and you deserve a peace of mind, so investing in a swing that comforts and entertains your child is truly priceless.
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