Creating A Stimulating Environment For Your Baby

Here's how to create a stimulating environment for your baby.

Parents who are expecting should consider many things to think about and one is how to create a stimulating environment for their newborn. There are many issues to consider because parents will want to think about baby visual stimulation, infant stimulation, baby brain stimulation and the benefits of sensory play. It’s important your baby is stimulated visually when they begin to see you so they know who their parents are. Visual stimulation also enables them to develop the use of their sensory skills for the benefits of sensory play.

Touch is also another good way for infant stimulation because a massage feels good to a baby, and they can feel your love coming through their skin. Parents will choose mobiles for their sleep area for baby brain stimulation and certain colors like red, white and black are good for baby visual stimulation. Mobiles always have music when wound up, therefore parents are stimulating their hearing perception. In addition, reading and singing always encourage infant stimulation.

Parents are very excited after the birth of a new child. This is an important time in their life, and they should work on creating a stimulating environment for their child. This is why it’s important that parents bring in new sounds, different colors, smells and objects for baby to touch. Soft blankets and stuffed animals are nice for a baby to feel. Creating a nursery is fun for parents because this is the place your new child will learn how to develop the first year of their new life skills. You also want your child to laugh and have fun as well.


Remember parents, that your baby will begin exploring in no time and you want to create a safe environment for that. Parents should start considering baby-proofing their homes while they are expecting their new bundle. You will also want to consider babyproofing the nursery and your whole house. Watch out for stairs and doors that might be open to stairs. Stairs have to be baby-proofed as soon as possible because one tumble could cause some major damage to your child.

All babies need safety when they are ready to start exploring. In a simple 3 weeks after conception, your baby’s brain starts growing and developing. They are born with billions of untouched brain cells, which is a fascinating concept.

Your baby starts to feel stimulated long before they learn to crawl from just gazing around their own environment and taking in the sounds, smells, touch, and visuals. Your baby needs a place to roll around as they grow, so it’s good to create a safe place on the floor for them to start developing their motor skills.

You can also hug them and play with them as well in this designated space you created. Try to create a space that is calming and relaxed to keep the hormone cortisol under control. This hormone can put a child’s brain cells at risk because they can become easily stressed out if they are frightened and don’t see you. Think about the furniture and accessories you buy before you create their nursery. You don’t want to expose them with loud colors and loud rock music.

Choose Soft and Fuzzy

Take the words soft and fuzzy into consideration when setting up their nursery. Give their nursery a soothing touch by picking out soft blankets and crib sheets. Choose some nice cushy chairs in soft colors and throw some nice soft pillows around. Keep all edges round so they don’t hurt themselves when they learn to crawl. Throw in some colorful, soft patterns to help stimulate their feelings of touch.

Use the same ideas when you are buying toys when they are under three months old. When your baby starts crawling, rolling, sitting and does more exploration, then purchase more stimulating toys for them. Pick educational toys that are soft when they are young because they will grow into their toys when they start cruising around the house. Make sure everything you choose is safe to the touch.


Many toys are available that talk and sing, so it’s wise to purchase some of these for their nursery for brain stimulation. Music is very critical to young babies because music is very soothing. Some parents prefer to play classical music to their newborns, while others choose music from the bands they like. You can choose musical mobiles and bears that sing songs. Parents can also purchase radios designed for small children. Start music early in your child’s life.

Play Area

All kids need a play area even when they are just born and this is where they start to learn and play. Mom and dad are their sole teachers at the beginning of their lives, so create an area for reading. You can add a rocking chair, or any chair you are comfortable in. Choose books that are colorful and read to your baby daily. Dr. Seuss books are colorful and so are many other books that are available.

Create a space that is large enough for playtime. This is where you can add the nice soft blankets and pills for curling up and snuggling together. Throw in some stimulating and interesting toys that catch their eyes and watch your child explore. Make sure this area is safe and catchy, and don’t throw in anything with sharp edges for safety reasons. You can always buy new toys as your child gets older that are appropriate for their age. This is how your child learns.

Pick the Right Color Sequence

Color is important for babies and parents don’t always have to follow the traditional nursery colors. Look at other colors and think about what they mean to you as a parent. Bright colors are great for visual stimulation and you can add some color blocking in as well. Blues and greens are good for calming colors. You can look at happy colors as well and choose the reds, yellows, and oranges in different shades. Red is stark and means love, greens are very calming, purples are deep and mysterious and white centers everything.


Parents have to realize what they choose can and will influence part of their child’s personality. They will learn about their likes and dislikes. The nursery helps create your child’s personality so choose wisely when picking out all of the things that will stimulate your baby. You can start way ahead of time though, just by talking, reading and singing to them when they are in the womb.

Make a list and shop around when you start working on the nursery. Do some research and see what you feel will work for your new baby. Don’t forget to have fun decorating with your significant other!