10 Best Dr. Seuss Books & Stories for Kids Reviewed in 2019

Dr. Seuss is one of the most beloved authors of children’s book of all time. His books bring joy to children all over the world. He is one of the best authors when it comes to presenting some tongue twisting rhymes to children in a way that provides them with a meaningful story. Many of the stories present familiar ideas, but what they all have in common is the choice of silly and wonderfully simple, yet complex words and sentences what he uses. This is true to every book that he has written. You could pick up one of his books without a cover and know from the first few pages who the charming author was. We have created a list of the best Dr. Seuss Books and Stories for kids. The countdown begins with 1 and ends with 10, so let the fun begin.

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Each book on this page has been reviewed. One book has been replaced and the benefits section for 7 of the items has been updated. Each book on the list is one of the best Dr. Seuss books on the market and displays all the criteria set forth by the website.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Dr. Seuss Books & Stories for Kids

Levels of Dr. Seuss Reading Books

There are six levels of the Dr. Seuss Book series. They are Hardcover Classics, Beginner Books, The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library, Bright & Early Books, Bright & Early Board Books, and Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection. The stories are sorted based on the age level of the reader. Each is different in word choice, sentence structure, and story length. As children gain reading skills with Dr. Seuss stories, their confidence levels increase because they are aware of their success in reading by themselves. Vocabulary increases and then full sentences are read in their entirety. The illustrations are not just to decorate the books either. They add immensely to the child’s understanding of the written words, so they can visualize the action of the plot.

Age Appropriateness / Skills Learned or Developed

Each level of the different books graduates kids to the next reading odyssey of skills to master. At the highest stage of the books, the Hardcover Classics, children should be reading independently to themselves or to others. Kids 6 to 9 years of age are most comfortable with these Classic books. The Beginner Books and the Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library stories are most-suited to children who are 5 to 8 years old. This is where the confidence to read learned words self-sufficiently starts. Ages 3 to 6 can fully enjoy the Bright & Early Books because matching the verbal sounds of words and the printed words happens in the stage. The books at this level are best read by an older person to the child as they look at the words and the fantastic color pictures. The Bright & Early Board Books and the Nursery Collection are to be read to children in the age range of birth to 3 years old. They enjoy the gorgeous pictures and the verbal, rhyming delight of the words as the stories are read numerous times. The pages of the board books are thicker than regular book pages to entice kids to turn the pages themselves. Thus, teaching with the physical book demonstrates exactly how a story is read from cover to cover.

Moral / Life Lesson in Every Story

Every single Dr. Seuss book and story has at least one moral or life lesson in it that makes it a unique teaching tool. Abilities such as independent thought, determination, self-actualization, perseverance, and responsibility are expressed in the timeless, written treasures of Dr. Seuss. Along the path of learning through his books, kids are at the same time developing great reading skills and partaking of the exquisite drawings that explain the rhyming, fun phrases to young readers. Dr. Seuss believed that reading should not only be educational but most of all enjoyable. Some wise words the author left for all to understand, “Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained, and delighted,” are a credit to his monumental literary legacy.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Which Dr. Seuss book should I give for a present to a child who is 6 years old?

A: All of the Dr. Seuss books are divided into categories for different age levels. For a 6-year-old, look for books on any of the levels except the Bright & Early Board Books and the Nursery Collection. Those are for infants to 3-year-old kids.

Q: Why do the Dr. Seuss books contain words that are made up and not in dictionaries? This could be confusing for kids just learning words in the English language.

A: The invented words of Dr. Seuss should not be a problem for kids just learning how to read. Most of the words are spelled exactly how they sound, so they encourage children to sound out words they do not know. It is a brilliant teaching mechanism that kids can utilize throughout their reading lives. Besides, those unique words make the stories what they are and the reason they have been so popular with parents and kids since the 1950s.

Q: Did Dr. Seuss illustrate the books himself as well as write them too?

A: Yes, he wrote the stories and drew the graphics for all of his books, except for one. That story is My Book About Me. Dr. Seuss was a truly gifted educator of small people.

Q: Which of all the Dr. Seuss books was the very first one he wrote and published?

A: The first book that Dr. Seuss wrote was The Cat in the Hat, which was publicly printed in 1957. It contained 236 words that are suitable for first graders to be able to read comfortably by themselves. The story was a breakthrough in reading material for kids.

Q: Which Dr. Seuss books will improve the vocabulary of a child who is reading already?

A: Any of the Dr. Seuss Hardcover Classics, such as McElligot’s Pool or what Pet Should I Get, has challenging words for the ages 6 to 9 years of age. The stories tend to push the young reader to accept harder material in order to increase overall reading abilities.

Q: Which book would be a good book to give for a newborn baby? I want to start their child’s library with a really good book the parents can read to the infant.

A: Any book in the Bright & Early Board Books, such as Are You My Mother? or the Nursery Collection would make great choices.


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