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We like

Provides cozy sleeping time for infants while being placed directly in their parents bed

A soft mattress pad that easily removed from the metal frame and used for diaper changing

A fitting sheet that can be removed from the pad and cleaned in the washing machine

An overall neutral and eye pleasing design that would go well with any bedroom interior

Sturdy metal frame that protects the baby while it’s in the box

A white mash that allows air flow and protects from overheating

Foldable design for mobility or storing purposes

Affordable and durable product

We don’t like

It might seem too big for anything other than a king size bed, if the both partners share the bed with the baby sleeper placed in between

Due to its lightweight design, the object leans towards the parent who’s sleeping nearby

How it works

Having a newborn in the house can be very stressful for mom and dad and parents want their baby by their side so they can keep an eye of the most sensitive member of the family. Being blessed with an infant means an immense amount of joy and excitement however it does require sacrificing a lot of sleepless nights.

Babies are known as being notorious alarm clocks since they wake up in the middle of the night and immediately start crying if they feel alone or hungry. As a parent, your new responsibility is to feed them and provide comfort even if it means getting up at 3 am. It is definitely more convenient to have your little ones next to you at any moment so the whole nurturing experience can go as smoothly as possible.

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend parents co-sleeping with their infant being placed directly in their bed. It is undoubtedly a safety hazard since babies need a firm mattress, no loose blankets and sometimes we’re so tired that we go into deep sleep and we can accidentally roll over onto our baby. But even If we don’t want the baby directly in our bed, we still want to be close to it and keep an eye on them in case they end up bursting in tears.

There is a safer alternative to co-sleeping with your child while being in the comfort on your mattress thanks to the SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper. The name says it all! It is a convenient baby sleeper that provides a safe environment for the newest addition to your family while sharing the same bed.



The first few months can be very tiring for new parents so anyone who had a chance to use this product will even call it life-saving. The design is so thoughtful and well put together that it truly saves time and energy. The colors are very clean and neutral so they will most likely blend in with your bedroom. The sleeper has a soft comfortable mattress and a fitting sheet with white and gentle pastel grey stripes. The fabric surrounding it is a white net that enables air circulation and it won’t change the temperature in the bed. It will spare your infant from overheating and will also allow the parents to observe their little bean while it’s peacefully sleeping.

There is a metal frame that makes sure the sleeper is always placed in the same position and protects the infant if the parents roll over during the night. Even though there are metal components, the overall product is very lightweight for mobile reasons since you might want to fold it and take it with you. Even the folding process is very simple and easy unlike many other baby beds and strollers out on the market. The design of the SwaddleMe By Your Side sleeper is truly meant to make your life as a parent a more effortless and carefree journey.


This product is the essence of a calming environment for both the parents and their baby. It is very reassuring for moms and dads who want to be close to their little ones in the early stage of development. It allows them to hear the baby breathing, smell the pure baby scent in the air and snuggle them with their hands while laying right next to them. Babies are very intuitive so they will feel safer knowing there is a protective energy around them and they won’t feel scared if they wake up in the dark having no one around the cradle.

The sturdy metal frame makes sure the baby stays in the same position during the night so even if you turn around or move a bit during sleep time, the infant itself will stay intact and they won’t feel the movement of the mattress. Parents can also have their fair share of rest and a good night sleep while their infant stays within reach. It is truly a bonding experience when all of the family can spend the first months together and encounter the joy of sleeping next to an innocent bundle of cuteness.


The mesh around the metal frame is very flexible and gives a lot of air flow so babies won’t feel boxed and trapped into a casket as instead they will be able to breathe more easily and experience the environment. It is also very convenient for parents because they won’t have to move their heads and get up since they will have a glimpse of their little bean through the white net at any time. The metal is very sturdy so it is almost impossible to roll over while you’re asleep and hurt your infant. It comes with its own mattress that is easy to clean and sheet that you can easily take it off the sleeper and wash it in the washing machine. They mattress pad can be removed from the metal frame and can be used as a surface for diaper changing, while the fitting sheet can be effortlessly taken off the mattress for a frequent cleanse.

The product is made of 100% polyester and child safe materials which are proven to be more durable than natural fibers. Synthetic materials are known for their longevity and are easily cleaned since babies can accidentally vomit on the mattress or experience a diaper leak. Since some babies might outgrow this product in 3 months it is still important to take note that due to its carefully selected fabrics you won’t have to throw it away as instead you can use the sleeper for many generations to come.
Adult Supervision

Adult Supervision

Unlike many products out there that require adults to help and observe their children while using them, this sleeper is actually designed to make sure the parents monitor their little ones in the most effortless way ever. It is so helpful to finally meet an object that makes adult supervision a calming experience especially with infants who need constant attention and nurturing.

Moms who delivered through C-section surgeries might experience pain in the abdominal area and have difficulties being on the move, so this sleeper will truly be your best friend since it will allow you to lie in bed and just reach out your hands if you need to feed your baby. It also helps parents who’ve been working all day and feel very tired during the night, be present for their infants without constantly getting in and out of bed. Adult supervision is very important when It comes to newborns however being well rested for your daily job is a must and this will definitely save a lot of your energy during the midnight struggles.


Staying at home with an infant can get rather boring and it is recommended that the parents take their newborns on regular walks and introduce them to the outside world. However, since babies sleep most of the time you might want to have a proper solution whenever you take it to the grandparents’ house, visit a friend, or go on a holiday trip. This sleeper is easily foldable and very light so you can have a baby bed with you if you want to leave the house. It is very reassuring that you will have a clean mattress for your infant even if you are staying in a hotel or if you want to place it on a friend’s couch. The SwaddleMe By Your Side sleeper provides the same familiar environment which your baby already knows so it will be so much easier for the tiny creature to rest and fall asleep. Once folded, the sleeper can be easily put in a traveling bag or a larger purse and it is so light you won’t feel like dragging a heavy cradle with you.
Age Range

Age Range

This sleeper is meant for newborn babies and you can use it until the baby outgrows the sleeping space and it becomes rather uncomfortable for it to be placed in the box. It is very spacious for infants and quite convenient for the first years of the babies’ development. Its dimensions are calculated as 32"L x 14.5"W x 11"H. That means you will be providing enough room for the baby to move its arms and legs and not feel stuck in between the parents.

This could mean however that your regular bed might not leave a lot of space for you and your partner to experience the original wide sleeping space unless you have a wide king size bed, however it is definitely more convenient than having your baby directly in the bed and being stressed whether you will accidentally hurt it with your unconscious movements. Even if you little one outgrows the sleeper faster than you thought, you can still use the folding mattress as a cozy pad while changing diapers or when your baby is playing on the couch or the carpet.
Price Range

Price Range

There are many similar products on the market and most of them share the same purpose however they are unfairly overpriced. Being a parents means learning to live on a budget and constantly looking for cheaper alternatives. This is a very affordable product made of high quality and durable materials and it’s truly priceless when it comes to investing in a good night sleep. It is also comfortably priced in case you are looking for a baby shower gift since you will be buying something that moms will definitely look forward to using. Even if we take into consideration that babies grow fast, this sleeper is still something you can borrow to your relatives once your infant outgrows it. It will also be good as new for the next addition to your family since it is truly a long lasting product which you can fold and place it somewhere safe from damage.


It is very normal to experience anxiety when you have a new role as a parent and feel constantly overprotective over your child. Products like these are meant to help the parents go through the process of adapting to their new found roles in a less stressful way. Adults who have infants are known to feel insecure and overthink each decision regarding their babies so it is important for their mental health to feel rested and in control of the situation.

Even though newborns bring so much joy to the world, the first months can be very hard and tiring. Moms can be dealing with C-Section pain or postpartum depression so moving around can cause them fatigue and leave them feeling drained by the end of the nurturing experience. Even if you don’t face this issues, sleeping with the baby next to you is an unforgettable memory lane and will help the infant form an emotional bond with its parents. It is undoubtedly an enchanting journey of pure loving cuddling with your loved ones and you will appreciate every moment of it.

The SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper will help you and your child adapt more easily to this new adventure you’re about to embark to as a family and you will also have a product that you can share with many babies to come. Imagine giving your grandchildren the same tiny bed their parents used to sleep on. Due to its foldable design you will be able to protect It from damage, place it somewhere safe and look back at those lovely nights that you’ve shared together every time you open it. It is something that you will cherish for many years to come and look forward to unfolding new memories with it.
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