WowWee Fingerlings Baby Monkey & Mini BFFs

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We like

Easy to carry, lightweight and small

Makes more than 40 animations which are fun for the kids

Batteries are included

Reacts to touch, motion and sound

We don’t like

The sounds may be repeating and a little but annoying

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If you are looking for a fun toy for the upcoming special event or birthday for your child be sure that the kids will appreciate a toy that is interactive, small in size and hi-tech.  Being on a recent hunt for such types of toy we have come across to Fingerlings and discovered that Fingerlings is the newest must-have toy that is loveable, wearable at your finger, a kind of interactive pets. They are interactive toys or better said pint-sized robotic monkeys that can cling to your fingers and react to your voice and touch. If you look at the top toy lists of the year on many sites it is evident that fingerlings are on each of them.   The adorable five and a half inch interactive finger puppets are made by the toy company WowWee.

These tiny monkeys are made for being a companion and designed just right for kids’ fingers and are not ordinary toys but small cute robots in form of a monkey with curled tails that can be used to cling it on the finger. The toy can be also put on a finger because of its cupped arms and legs that create a kind of slot for kids to place on their finger. Once they are put on the fingers you can start interacting with these pets. They can make noise, blow kisses, and make adorable sounds by giggling or bubbling. Fingerlings are just adorable for playing and because of their adorable and cute face very popular among youngsters.

Since they are so popular and their popularity grows up every day we decided to review the WowWee Fingerlings Baby Monkey & Mini BFFs Ashley and Chance as one of the Fingerlings and see why everyone is buzzing about the popularity of this toy.

Product description

Product description

The product comes in small dimensions of 5.9 x 2.4 x 8.9 inches. This particular set offers one small monkey and one mini monkey that can cling on the tail of the bigger one. The item is lightweight and weighs only 6.4 ounces. The product requires 4 LR44 batteries that are included with the product. Fingerling Baby Monkey and its Mini BFF are robotic small and cute pets that can go everywhere you go because they can cling on your finger or on a pen, pencil, and related products.

This Baby Monkey can imitate more than 40 sounds and animations; they can do silly things, giggle, simulate sleep noise, go to bed, blow a kiss but also make farting sounds. There are similar monkeys in this Fingerlings line and if you decide to buy another toy like this they can interact among themselves. When you are tired from all the noise that the little monkey and its best friend make, you can just turn them off at a switch that is positioned on the back of the toy’s head. If you do not want to play with the Fingerling and he is still switched on, the little money will go into sleep mode or it will become idle if you leave it for 5 minutes without interaction. The mini monkey does not do anything just hangs on the best friend’s tail. This product is made from non-toxic, safe ABS plastic.


This product comes in a cardboard or plastic packing. To open and unbox them you will need a pair of scissors because the little monkeys are secured by plastic casings that are also easily removed. These monkey pets can be purchased with additional playsets, for example, one is the monkey- bar swing playset that requires easy assembling. Otherwise, the little monkeys come in a single piece and there is no need for assembling.

They are small and cute and come into life just with turning the on/off switch that is positioned on the Fingerlings’ head. The kids can start playing with this little monkey by putting it on a finger. This little toy has a sensor in its mouth and once you turn them on they can respond to your voice and movements and specific actions like clapping your hands or blowing kisses. The more you interact with the Fingerling it will vary more in its reactions, effects, sounds, and movements.
Age range

Age range

WowWee manufacturer recommends this toy for ages 5 and up. It also gives a recommended maximum age – up to 15 years old although definitely play is never strictly limited by age. Younger children at age of 5, 6 and 7 are mesmerized by these little monkeys especially because of all different monkey noises and sounds that they are making. Older kids will be interested in this toy because of the robotic elements in it.

Kids at 5-6 years can find enjoyment and humor in this toy because of some interaction features like farting and burping, although, little older kids like nine-year-olds can be put off by this type of interaction but can find enjoyment in other features like the cuteness and the technology in the toy and that they are wildly adorable by blowing the kisses back or blinking with the eyes.
Entertainment value

Entertainment value

Fingerlings baby monkeys are interactive finger toys that come alive and react on sound, motion, and touch by blinking with their eyes, turning their heads and babbling silly phrases. These adorable small toys are always fun to be with and one thing that is great is that you can take the fun with you because these toys cling to your fingers. They are pets that are asking for your attention and care. The fingerling baby monkeys can make more than 40 animations that will make the kids scream in delight.

This adorable baby monkey called Ashley comes with its mini best friend Chance both in bright colors (turquoise and pink combination) that are appealing for the kids. These fingerlings are monkeys and the best things that monkeys do is hanging by their tails and swinging upside down. When they are tired from staying upside down you can always take them and because of their size cradle them in the hands.

When you rock the small baby monkeys they close their eyes and fall asleep. When they wake up they will need all your love and care so when you are petting them you will be more than happy from the pleasant and lovable sounds that these fingerlings make.

Some other additional entertainment features that these fingerlings can perform depend on your reactions, too. If you clap your hands the little monkeys will make adorable head turns, if you blow kisses to the monkey it will blow the kisses back to you. Funny and crazy reactions that will make you ecstatic can be caused by touching its head or blowing into its face. If you touch the monkey’s head it will mimic farts. Rock it gently if you want the monkey to drift off.
Battery life

Battery life

WowWee Company states that the batteries have a long life and you can play and interact with this little monkey and its mini best friend for about 4 hours of continuous play before it runs out of battery. In reality, lots of kids get bored with playing with the Fingerlings after a few minutes of play, and the toy also becomes inactive if you do not play with it for five minutes. When the toy is in the auto-sleep mode it saves battery too. One thing that customers have to have in mind is that this toy requires LR44 type of batteries that are batteries usually used for watches. Although the price is not high for getting ones because of their size it might be little challenging to replace them.
Sensory stimulation

Sensory stimulation

This fingerling little baby monkey can give you friendship almost like a real pet. All they ask for is your attention and care. It is a toy that can assist in developing child’ senses and emotions because this is a toy that asks for you hugs, love and kisses. If you blow a kiss to this interactive baby monkey it will blow the kiss back, if gently swing or rock it, the little baby monkeys can open and close their eyes. This interactive pet stimulates a child’s senses in so many ways.

Depending on the action that the child does this interactive toy performs a different activity or makes sounds. Fingerlings as said has 40 realistic monkey sounds and the kids are more than certain to react to these sounds with energetic actions. You can take care after this pet in so many ways. They respond to your touch and they happily blink with the eyes. You can put the little monkey in bed for a short nap and the baby monkey will react with sleeping noises and when they feel the love this baby monkey makes soft cooing sound.
Annoyance factor

Annoyance factor

Although the manufacturer says that there are more than 40 sounds that these little monkeys make there are lots of customers claiming that what they can hear often is just repeating sounds or babbling noises that can be annoying. A good thing is that the noise that they make is not loud and if you are tired from listening to farts, burbs and monkey’s noise you can always switch the little monkeys off on the relevant button.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that because of its growing popularity, there are many imitations on the market and many of the customers are doubtful about the originality of the toy. In order to protect yourself from fraud make sure you buy it directly from retailer and websites like Amazon and before you buy it, make sure that the manufacturer is WowWee, the actual company which owns this brand Fingerling.


The price for this fingerling loveable little monkey is more than affordable which makes great news for parents. They do not have to spend a small fortune on buying hi-tech gadgets for the kids since this is perfect price for a toy that has to offer so many things and that can be used for kids ages 5 and up. Because of their affordable price these fingerlings set gets quickly out of stock and part of their popularity is due to the reasonable price that is offered for such a hi-tech toy. You child can have hours of play and interaction with this cute toy for a very good price.

The bottom line

Fingerlings Baby Monkeys are lovely interactive finger puppets that have been upgraded to little robot-like monkey finger puppets. This little monkey comes with a mini best friend that just stays there and can cling on the finger, or tail of the bigger monkey or even a pencil. They are interactive with the help of batteries-4 LR44 that are included in the package.

The recommended age group for this interactive pet is for children aged 5 and up to 15-year-olds. Once they are powered by batteries they interact with you if they are touched, petted or being talked to. These charming little monkeys can make more than 40 animations and sounds. Kids nowadays love receiving hi-tech gadgets for gifts and they can start a whole collection because there are more in the line of WowWee Fingerling Monkey Toys.

The particular one is a cute and adorable toy because it features a small nose, wide face and a large head, little monkey mouth and inky black eyes. It can swing upside down on its curly dangling tail. It is a fun toy to have because it makes realistic monkey noises that kids love. This little monkey blinks with its lovely eyes and turns it sweet head. You can hug, kiss, pet, swing, touch, and rock this pet to sleep.

All in all Fingerlings Baby Monkey & Mini BFFs Ashley and Chance are a product that has achieved a balance between simplicity, interaction and the price.

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