20 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Boys In 2018

Eight year old boys are becoming more competitive both physically and mentally. As such, it is crucial to choose gifts and toys that allow them to explore, experiment, and make full use of their new-found strength, stamina, and creativity. Choosing the best toys for 8 year old boys is therefore crucial for ensuring their optimum growth and development. When a boy turns 8 years old his mind and body are developing and he is no longer a young child. This can make it a difficult age to shop for. Many boys at this age stop liking the traditional toys and are ready to move into toys that can display their competitive sides. The development of their strength, stamina, and creativity should be able to be displayed through play. Choosing toys that allow them to display these new found skills and interests are ideal this also ensures growth and development occur during their childhood.

20 Top Toys & Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Boys

LEGO Chain Reactions
  • LEGO Chain Reactions
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Teaches Cause & Effect
  • Price: See Here
NERF Tactical Vest Kit
  • NERF Tactical Vest Kit
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stores 12 Darts
  • Price: See Here
Marky Blast Pad
  • Marky Blast Pad
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • All-Ages Toy
  • Price: See Here

Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

LEGO Chain ReactionsLegoLego For Boys
Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest KitNerfOutdoor
Blast Pad Missile LauncherMarky SparkyOutdoor
Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science KitScientific ExplorerEducational
RipStik Caster Board (Blue)RipStikRide-On
4M Doodling Robot4MElectric
LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 Building KitLEGOLego & Building

LEGO Chain Reactions

Ah the science of chain reactions; what a wonderful way to introduce your little fan of Legos to how a chain reaction really does work. An all time ultimate kit of ‘chain reaction’ creating pieces. Once they are assembled; play with physics and find your way at the peak of 10 total setups of different outcomes. The extra thorough instructions make it a smooth way through to an epic end result. Want to launch a ball? Build a pulley. Enjoy pivots and drops and continuous motion? This kit will is a truly ultimate and just over all neat toy for a kid to have. The Lego aspect alone is all about building and stimulating fine motor skill but that is takin to the entire next level when it comes to building Lego styled contraptions.

Benefits – Many kids are just fascinated by chain-reactions. This can actually entertain your kid for hours on end. It doesn’t get frustrating to them as the pieces are easy to assemble. Plus, the instructions are very detailed so there is a focus on reading for a purpose.

What We Like about It – The really neat thing is that your child can make up his very own chain reactions. Once the designs out of the 78 page booklet is all mastered your kid will have a blast making his own quirky reactions! Probably even with a friend who also enjoys to build with Legos.


  • Easy to set up and really neat to reach the results for kids
  • Sturdy pieces since It is LEGO high quality promise
  • You can work with the pieces to come up with your very own chain reactions atop what goals are instructed in the manual
  • Stimulates creativity while building


  • Your kid is better if he is a bit older and can hold attention for a long span of time or has an established interest in playing with Legos

N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest Kit by Nerf 

Kids tactical vest

When fun filled competitive play is the goal this vest will allow a young boy to load up for his mission on the Nerf field of playing. This kit includes a Tactical Vest, ammo, and Quick Reload Clips that allow you to stay heavily armed when on the move. The vest features storage loops that can hold up to 12 darts and a storage area that fit 2 Quick Reload Chips. There is a pocket that allows you to store the blaster allowing you to carry extra firepower. The vest also offers an extra pocket for carrying whatever we is needed to complete the mission. This vest allows you to carry all the firepower and ammo that is needed to be right at your fingertips. With the [G6] N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest Kit, your will be ready for any battle.

Benefits – The vest is an excellent toy to help provide any child with the competitive make-believe play that helps with problem-solving skills and exploring their environment. The extra storage within the vest allows for the exploration of the art of preparing.

What We Like about It – It provides for an excellent make-believe play which can help facilitate the development of divergent problem solving skills and counterfactual reasoning. It is also useful for exploration and experimentation as 8 year old boys will be tempted to use the storage pockets for a variety of purposes.


  • Lots of storage
  • Adjustable fit
  • Fits securely
  • Easy on and off
  • Inspires make-believe play


  • Larger fit
  • Velcro straps can be hard to use

Blast Pad Missile Launcher by Marky Sparky

Blast pad launcher

One of the essential developmental milestones of 8 year old boys is their increasing muscle strength. You can help them develop this further by giving them the Blast Pad Missile Launcher. The kit comes complete with a colorful launch pad kids can jump and stomp on to project one of three colorful foam-tipped “missiles” into the air. The Blast Pad Missile Launcher is a perfect gift for a fun and playful outdoor adventurer. As the missiles are launched from the pad and sore through the sky children will giggle with delight. The missile launcher is designed with a durable plastic that will create outdoor fun for many times to come. The simple yet sturdy construction allows everyone to be able to assemble it. The base is also a convenient place to store all the parts when not in use. The improved design of the missile allows them to fly higher than ever before.

Benefits – This is a perfect toy to keep a boy outdoors and engaged in play. To launch the missiles you have to use the jump blast pad. This is fun for all ages and encourages physical activities as well. This toy creates an excitement that they enjoy doing themselves. The design is not only well constructed but allows for storage of the parts. It can be neatly stored when not in use.

What We Like about It – The launcher relies on the strength and power of leg muscles. The sudden surge of pressure blasts the rockets into the air. It’s thus great for strengthening leg muscles while developing their stomping precision.


  • Encourages physical activity
  • Develops coordination
  • Good for many age groups
  • Stores neatly away when not in use
  • New and improved designed missiles soar even higher


  • Small parts can be a choking hazard
  • Missiles can lose tips

Disgusting Science Kit by Scientific Explorer

Disgusting science kit

One of the best and truly educational gifts you can give an 8 year old boy is the Disgusting Science Kit from Scientific Explorer. The kit comes with a variety of science laboratory tools and materials to help explain some of the more gross physiologic phenomena in the body such as gas formation in the large intestines, the slimy appearance of nasal discharges, and even the composition of blood.

Benefits – This kit offers an educational twist to science with fun experiments about the body. It will show kids what actually grows in their teeth and explanations on why it happens as well. With each experiment, your child’s mind will start the “whats” and “whys” of the body while learning fun facts and engaging in fun factual play.

What We Like about It – It’s a fun and interesting way of learning some of the processes that occur inside the human body. The kit helps foster exploration and the development of more complex cognitive processes.


  • Science education through fun play
  • Very entertaining
  • Fosters exploration
  • Learning of complex processes


  • For older children only
  • Experiment directions with guidance from adult


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Minecraft the Farm Building Set by LEGO 

Minecraft farm set.

Almost every other kid, and adult, plays with the computer version of Minecraft. Now, 8 year old boys can extend their digital fantasies with the Minecraft Farm building set from LEGO. It comes with more than 260 building pieces in pretty much the same fashion as the original digital version entails. The set comes with the Minecraft mini figure, Steve as well as other accessories. The LEGO Minecraft 21114 The Farm features a mini figure of Steve, along with a skeleton, cow, and a sheep plus 262 assorted LEGO pieces. This Lego set helps you understand the yielding of renewable resources. The pieces include everything needed to survive. You will need to fence up the livestock and nurture the crops. Just like in the game you are able to harvest your crops, craft items in the crafting area, and check on your livestock. This also means you need to watch out for the skeleton after nightfall. Use this and combine with many others to get an even bigger Minecraft adventure.

Benefits – The Lego set offers hours of inactive make-believe play that teaches life surviving skills. The features of this set offer the experience of farm life with crops and supplies. You can build and rebuild for hours of fun. Lego Minecraft Creations series allows you to combine many sets to add to the experience. The featured character Steve is included along with the skeleton and his bow plus a cow and sheep. This is an out of the box experience that only Lego can create.[

What We Like about It – Like its digital version, kids will simply love constructing, demolishing, and reconstructing the bricks of Minecraft to create newer and better worlds. This helps foster creativity and imagination.


  • Interactive make-believe play
  • Extendible sets also available to add to the experience
  • Detailed construction booklet
  • Rebuild in many configurations
  • Fosters creativity


  • Choking hazard
  • Small pieces

Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow by Zing

Curve bow

Think your 8 year old boy has what it takes to become the next Hawkeye? With a unique Z-patterned bow, the Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow is a great gift suggestion if you want your kid to have tons of make-believe fun. The set comes with a solidly-crafted bow and 3 suction cup-tipped arrows for improved safety. The design of the bow allows for the more accurate placement of shots.

Benefits – Zing Air Z-Curve Bow helps promote the arm muscle development and target skills.

What We Like about It – Pulling on the arrow prior to release requires arm muscle strength. It also requires absolute concentration and focus on the target. This toy is thus very beneficial in these aspects. Moreover, it’s a great way to stimulate imagination.


  • Made of soft foam
  • Great accuracy
  • Well construction
  • Easy to use


  • Takes some arm strength
  • Indoor play recommended

N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set by Nerf

Strike target set

Have your son test his accuracy with this Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set. Included in the set is everything your little guy needs to get in some target practice. It comes with the Firestrike blaster, a colorful target and 10 suctioned cupped darts with sets of two different colors. This adds to the fun when you can show your competitive edge against an opponent. The target can either stand on its own or be hung from a door for hours of fun. The Firestriker features a light beam for added accuracy and fun. The darts actually stick to the target so you can see how well you are doing. This set will help improve the dart-blasting skill of any 8 years old

Benefits – Encourages the practicing of aim for fun or competition. With the darts being two sets of different colors it adds to the fun when playing with a friend. This promotes the interaction of two friendly competitors. The set includes a great target that the darts stick to and came be used independently or hung on something.

What We Like about It – The toy set helps encourage imaginative play. It can also be turned into a competitive sport with other kids to see who hits closest to the target. It helps in the enhancement of kids’ precision and accuracy as well as focus and concentration.


  • Helps improve precision target shooting
  • Set includes everything need to play along or with a friend
  • Promotes friendly competition
  • Constructed of soft materials


  • Hard to pull back
  • Darts do not always stick

Doodling Robot by 4M

Doodling robot.

This is a 3-armed robot that spins around creating whimsical swirls with 3 different colors. The robot’s motor uses a spinning action with vibration to create a work of art. Inserting pens and adjusting the angles and heights change the design and allows for endless fun and creativity. There are no special tools or skills needed to operate the robot, just some simple instructions included. This robot’s simple design makes it ideal for young scientist ready to explore robotics.

Benefits – This robot will encourage the imagination and experiment with the adjusting of the height and angles of the colored pens. This is a great robot for young scientist ready to learn. It not only promotes creativity but teaches mechanical principles and functions. The kit includes all the necessary parts to get started right away.

What We Like about It – It stimulates experimentation and creativity among children simply by adjusting the height and angle of one or two or all of the coloring pens attached to the robotic arms. This helps create different patterns and can help stimulate counterfactual reasoning.


  • Challenges imagination
  • Easy to use
  • Teaches mechanical principles
  • Encourages creativity


  • Adult supervision
  • Requires use of screwdriver

Djubi Classic by Moonracer

Djubi classic game

It’s a slingshot and a catcher’s glove rolled into one. Each of the two Djubi racquets of the Djubi Classic comprises of a launching hook which slingshots the ball up to 100 feet and a catching net that resembles more like a shrunk version of a butterfly net. The racquets have an ergonomically designed handle for optimum comfort.

Benefits – This is a classic twist on the modern game of catch. It is fun and designed to be easy to use for all players. The unique design of the racket and ball give it a fun twist that is entertaining for many age groups. This fun outdoor activity encourages physical movement and helps with hand-eye coordination along with fine motor skills.

What We Like about It – It’s not just for kids; even parents and other adults can join in the fun. It’s great for encouraging physical activity while reinforcing hand-eye coordination and motor skills.


  • Fun and easy to use
  • For kids and adults
  • Encourages physical activity
  • Reinforces hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • Ball floats in water


  • For outdoor use
  • Lightweight foam ball

Jenga Classic Game by Hasbro

Jenga classic game

This is a game of mental skill and a steady hand that offers a challenge that any 8 years old would be willing to accept. Jenga is made up of 54 high-grade hardwood blocks. The starts with them being stacked up and everyone take turns removing a block. Once the user removes the block it must be placed on the top of the stack. Everyone takes turns until the tower comes crashing down. The sound of the tower crashing down is one of the funniest things about this game.

Benefits – The game of Jenga requires great mental skill, a steady hand, and a block balancing skill like no other game can offer. The suspense in each person’s turn adds to the fun and then carefully watching them add the block back to the tower as it gets unsteady pulls you off your seat. This teaches you to stay calm, play it cool, and to stay steady.

What We Like about It – It’s one of the best gifts you can ever give to any kid, 8 year old boys or girls, or any age for that matter. As long as they have excellent control of the muscles of their fingers and they can work out their strategies in which Jenga block to remove next, then the toy is a must-have.


  • Great for family fun night
  • For 1 or more players
  • Includes an easy to “put away” and clean up package
  • Promotes hand-eye and fine motor skills


  • Packaging can become flimsy
  • Wooden blocks are unfinished

Deluxe Magic Set by Melissa & Doug

Magic set

Bring your kids imagination alive and inspire their inner magician. This high-quality set is designed and built to last for countless hours of rehearsals. This set includes 10 of the classic magic tricks for your child to master. The easy to read and simple instructions are great for kids. The professional quality in each of these pieces allows your 8-year-old to practice, practice until they have the skills down to perform their first show. The tricks included in this set are the classic tricks that we see at almost any magic show.

Benefits – This super cool magic show kit brings the show to your living room. It will help develop the skill set needed to perform in front of others while encouraging self-confidence. Mastering these classic tricks also require hand-eye coordination that will only get better with time.

What We Like about It – It helps develop self-confidence especially when your kid has already mastered one or two of these tricks. Magic tricks require deftness as well as superb hand-eye coordination.


  • High-quality professional magic set
  • Easy and simple to read instructions
  • Made of solid wood
  • Includes popular classic tricks


  • Includes small parts
  • Lots of pieces

Caster Board by RipStik

Caster board

Why give your kid a self-balancing hoverboard that explodes when you can just give him the Caster Board? This groundbreaking caster board will bring the balancing skills that it takes to ride a skateboard together with creativity to explore tricks and the environment around your child. The self-balancing board is safe and easy to use. The physical activity benefits from this board are very important to a young boy’s development. The fun comes when the special design of the board allows endless trick. The engineering of the deck with 360-degree inclined casters and the pivoting points create a unique motion is fun and thrilling.

Benefits – This board will help any 8-year-old master the art of balance and coordination. It helps bring out their creativity with designing and implementing tricks. It’s a fun activity for any active boy looking to show off his moves.

What We Like about It – It’s a skateboard and a snowboard, sans the snow, rolled into one. It’s ideal for helping kids to master balance and coordination while at the same time giving them the opportunity to become creative in their tricks. In turn, this can boost kids’ self-confidence.


  • Promotes physical activity
  • Designed to simulate the thrill of surfing or snowboarding
  • Fun twisting design
  • Helps fine tune balance


  • For outside or large indoor areas
  • Designed for children 8 and up

Epic by Perplexus

Epic toy

The Perplexus Epic is a neat crystal ball with a series of very complicated mazes incised. It has unexpected twists and turns that create a challenge. The object of the game, like most other puzzles is to get the small silver ball to the target. Flipping, twisting, and spinning the ball moves the silver ball along the numbered path. The hard part, it the ball can fall off the track, so keep your hands steady. It is a challenge that 8-year-olds love.

Benefits – This is a stimulating toy that using advanced problem-solving techniques and hand-eye coordination. It is fun for many age groups and is often enjoyed by the whole family. The series of mazes and puzzles are very complicated and the challenge encourages anyone intelligence.

What We Like about It – The toy is perfect for stimulating convergent problem solving as well as for improving spatial intelligence and hand-eye coordination. It also provides tons of fun for everyone.


  • Stimulates problem-solving techniques
  • Fine turns hand-eye coordination
  • Easy to carry and take along on trips
  • Helps children learn and play with strategies


  • Small parts inside ball (marble)
  • Ball can get stuck from time to time

Suspend Game by Melissa & Doug

Suspend game

If your kid loves puzzle games, then you need to give him the Suspend Game. Imagine small rods with bent segments for hooking onto other rods, the Suspend Game offers a very unique take on puzzles. The kit comes with a wooden base, 24 game rods of varying lengths, and 4 frame rods. It also includes a colored die as well as a wooden connector. The kit can be conveniently stored in a tube container.

Benefits – This game can be played alone and with a group, which makes it a great gift for any 8-year-old boy.  It helps develop hand-eye coordination while developing interpersonal skills, and cognitive skills. This game will not only appeal to the kids, but parents love the challenge, too.

What We Like about It – The puzzle helps improve kids’ convergent problem solving skills as they attempt to figure out how to place rods to maintain perfect balance. This helps improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and spatial intelligence.


  • Development of hand-eye coordination
  • Uses interpersonal skills
  • Challenges the mind
  • Promotes balancing skills


  • Container poorly made
  • Has to be played on a very flat smooth surface

Water Balloon Refill Kit by Water Sports

Water balloon

Water activities are a fun way for kids to learn because it adds a new dimension to the learning experiences. With the Water Balloon Refill Kit, 8 year old boys will now have full access to 500 colorful and highly biodegradable balloons made of latex. The kit comes with a nozzle attachment to be connected to any type of faucet. The nozzle also comes with a shutoff valve for ease of balloon water refilling.

Benefits – This Water Sports Water Balloon Refill Kit is great for any party or just a nice afternoon in the backyard cooling off. This kit includes 500 biodegradable latex balloons that are safe for the environment and easy to fill. Using your imagination and some physical activity the games are endless.

What We Like about It – Excellent for large-scale kiddie balloon fights. Helps improve imagination and physical activity. It can also help reinforce mastery of different colors.


  • Made of biodegradable latex
  • Easy to use filling attachment
  • Promotes outdoor physical activity
  • Fun in the sun


  • Balloons break easily
  • Nozzle does not fit all faucets

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Mini Pocket Drone RC Micro Quadcopter by Cheerson

Pocket drone

With a very small yet powerful motor, 8 year old boys will surely love flying the Mini Pocket Drone RC Micro Quadcopter. Roughly 7 centimeters across or less than 3 inches in width, the quadcopter fits right in the palm of any 8 year old boy. It features a 6-axis gyro system, a one-key return function, headless mode, hand throw mode, and a 3D flip and roll mode.

Benefits – This super small and powerful drone with a ton of features gives any 8 years old the challenge they are looking for. It helps stimulate their imagination while reinforcing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, balance, and focus.

What We Like about It – One of the smallest quadcopters we have seen so far; it’s excellent for stimulating kids’ imagination. It also helps reinforce fine motor skills, balance, precision, and focus.


  • Small
  • Powerful
  • Awesome features
  • 360-degree version
  • Throw to fly mode


  • Charge does not last long
  • Hard to land

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Building Kit by LEGO

Millennium falcon toy

If your kid is still pretty much into The Force Awakens, then maybe you can give him the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Building Kit. Watch them as they try to figure out how to put this 1,329-piece set complete with 7 characters from the movie. This is a great addition to the other Star Wars collection from LEGO.

Benefits – Using the detailed instructions and time your 8 years will have countless hours of building and playtime with this set. Playing and building Lego set helps develop creativity and refine problem-solving skills. It also involves a lot of hand-eye coordination with finger dexterity.

What We Like about It – While LEGO claims the building set to be ideal for 9 to 14 years old, we have encountered quite a lot of parents who have given the building kit to much younger kids. This helps develop creativity and divergent problem solving skills. Also helps reinforce dexterity.


  • Fun parent, child activity
  • Detailed instructions
  • Develops creativity
  • Fine tunes hand-eye coordination


  • Small pieces
  • Meticulous

N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster by Nerf

Blaster gun toy

If your kid already has the Elite Tactical Vest, you will also need to give him the N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster to complete his set. The blaster comes with a rotating barrel which can be flipped open to be reloaded with the foam-tipped darts. The blaster can shoot these darts up to 90 feet away.

Benefits – This well designed and easy to use dart blaster puts the performance in your hand. The speed and easy loading system make it fun to take into any Nerf battle. The blaster encourages imaginative and interactive play while enhancing focus and control.

What We Like about It – The toy is a perfect addition to other N-Strike products. It’s therefore excellent for encouraging imaginative play. The blaster requires motor skills while targeting requires concentration and focus.


  • 6 dart rapid firing
  • Easy to load
  • Shoots up to 90 feet
  • Quick open barrel


  • Requires batteries
  • Not accurate

Hamper Hoops by Wham-O

Hoops game

When laundry is fun how doesn’t want to participate? The Hamper Hoops turns putting your dirty clothes into a game. With a 2-in-1 over the door basketball that has a detachable laundry bag, it turns messy floors into fun chores. To get the clothes out get simply unzip the bottom and empty into a laundry basket. The set includes a basketball-themed backboard, the hoop, a net, and a large removable laundry bag. It fits over any door with its easy to set-up design.

Benefits – Getting an 8 year old interested in chores let alone, laundry can be a huge challenge. This great gift turns messy rooms into a fun time to make some hoops.  The over-the-door design is great for any boys’ room and promotes make-believe play while loading up the basket.

What We Like about It – It’s an interesting way to encourage your 8 year old boy to place his dirty clothes right into the laundry bag. We cannot think of a better way to do this than playing make-believe basketball with one’s dirty and soiled clothes.


  • Easy to set up
  • Makes laundry chores fun
  • Promotes make-believe play
  • It is easy for kids to make the ball in the hoop


  • Large amounts of clothes at one time can get stuck
  • Rim is high

Prepared Microscope Slide Set for Basic Biological Science Education by AmScope

Microscope slide set

This set includes 25 prepared slides. The slides are of plants, insects, and animal tissue. This is a great set get an 8-year-olds biological education started. The samples are well preserved in cedar wood oil and then sealed. This prevents contamination and preserves the samples forever. Each slide is individually labeled for identification and is made out of optical glass that is clearly making it easy to view the samples. The set comes in a wooden storage box for easy transportation and to help protect during storage. For 8 year old kids who are naturally inclined to biological sciences.

Benefits – The 25 Prepared Microscope Slide Set is an unusual gift that promotes educational learning and stimulates curiosity. This is a fun gift to give a boy who already has a microscope and is looking for new things to explore.

What We Like about It – It’s a very unique gift suggestion especially for kids who already have kiddie microscopes at home. This can help stimulate their curiosity for living things as well as help augment the learning of biology.


  • Science education through fun play
  • Great storage container
  • Individually labeled
  • Great collection to add
  • Well prepared


  • Slides can be sharp, handle with care
  • Need microscope to view slides

Youth 2015 Octane 20 Complete Hard Tail Mountain Bike by Diamondback Bicycles 

Mountain bike

With growing minds come growing bodies and 8-year-olds love to ride bikes. This 20-inch mountain bike is a great size to upgrade to. The bike is composed of aluminum alloy and heat treated for durability throughout the years. It also includes a [G89] [G90] [G91] replaceable derailleur hanger for durability. The super suspension fork is added to this model for a smooth ride. Equipped with linear pull brakes those are simple to use and stop strong. It is a 6-speed drivetrain giving it a wide gear range for those steep mountains and long hills.

Benefits – This bike is an excellent gift for an 8-year-old to get out and explore along with promoting physical activity this bike helps build muscle tone. It can also help bring out their competitive edge.

What We Like about It – It is excellent for working those leg muscles while at the same time encouraging increased physical activity in young boys. This can really ring out their competitive spirit.


  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • Promotes physical activity
  • Tones leg muscles
  • Exploration of environment


  • Gear shifting can be difficult to learn
  • Tall seat

Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Toys for 8-Year-Old Boys

During the development of an 8-year-old boy, there are physical and mental changes that take place. When choosing the toys to list above these physical and mental changes are taken into consideration and make an impact on the toys that are selected. We want to make sure the list consist toys that will grow and challenge any 8-year-old boy.
During playtime, 8-year-old boys should be using their minds and bodies. So, displaying toys on the list that bring those elements together is what we focus on. Some toys impact their bodies more while others inspire their minds to explore. We want to offer toys that keep both these in mind.

Toys that let them explore

This list is made up of toys that allow 8-year-old boys to explore the environment around them. Getting out and about is important for their physical and mental development. When they receive toys that not only encourage them but also inspire them to explore it is a win-win situation.  Some of the best toys on the market are designed with this in mind. Some of the toys above inspire them to explore with the toys themselves while others encourage them to explore with the people around them.
Exploring the environment can be done alone or with others. Through this list of toys whether the 8-year-old you are buying this gift for prefers to be alone or in a group there are things listed above for both. We keep both kinds of personalities in mind when completing the lists. The lists also can offer some toys that encourage children to come together and explore.

Challenging their skills

When toys for 8-year-olds are making the list one of the criteria they can be looked at is, “does it create a challenge of their current skill set?” When toys are challenging they are not typically labeled as “boring.” Whether the toy challenges their mental or physical abilities the challenge is typically what they are looking for.
Buying a toy that is great and also creates a challenge can be hard. So, we take the guessing game out of gift buying. With a great list comprised of great mentally and/or physically challenging toys, you are able to select and read about them before making a decision. This allows you to buy the best gift for the 8-year old that you have in mind.

Encouraging healthy competitiveness

During the development of an 8-year-old boy, competitiveness is making its way into their daily lives. In school and at home they see competitiveness on daily basis. Using toys and teaching children to be a good competitor is a skill that can last a lifetime. Selecting toys that encourage and support healthy competition is a great way to support their growth.
With joining sports, playing a family game, or be selected to be in the local spelling bee children face competitiveness all around them. Using toys and interaction with people can teach them to be great competitors without having to put others down. A simple family game or bike riding competition is a great way to see how your child deals with this. We include many toys on the list to help demonstrate being a good competitor.

How the toys make the “list”

Toys make the above list for 8-year-olds by being age appropriate, safety rated, and fun for any boy of this age. We research the toys and they are selected with the help of a board of experts. We take the toy lists very seriously and only want to offer the best advice for gift buying. Each of the toys the list above are toys that offer both physically and mentally challenges for an 8-year-old boy. Along with the research and the advice the board we also take into mind the experience of the child. Many of the toys are tested by children and the experiences they have with them help us choose the best toys on the market.
We hope that you find this list not only helpful but something that you refer to each time you need a gift for a child. Our suggestions are well researched and the best suggestions that we can make.

How We Came Up With Our Most Popular List

If you are still thinking of gifts to give to your 8 year old boy, then you have come to the right place. Our team of dedicated researchers have scrutinized every gift idea and every toy that are intended for this age group particularly looking for their benefits on the overall development of the child. It is very important that these playthings will help children reach their full growth and development potential expected of this age. We also had to consider the quality of the design including the safety of the different raw materials used in the manufacture of the toy. Safety is an ever-growing concern among parents and as such we would not want to recommend any toy or gift item that can undermine this need. Additionally, we looked at the feedback of countless other parents and have listened to what they have to say. Of course, we also considered the trustworthiness of the manufacturers of such toys and playthings.

These steps we have taken ultimately led to the creation of our list of the 20 best toys for 8 year old boys, whether they are your own children or those of a relative or a friend. You will simply love these gift suggestions.

The Active 8 Year Old Boy and His Toys

If there is anything that best characterizes an eight year old boy, then that would be his increasing sense of competitiveness. This is very evident in his engagement in physical activities particularly sports. This competitive spirit will begin to show in the different social games and sports that they play with their peers. Their stamina and strength are now quite remarkable, fueling them to become more active. It is therefore important to provide toys that do not only encourage physical activity but also stimulate their competitiveness. Role playing games important in this regard.

Speaking of role plays, 8 year old boys will already begin carefully planning the different roles they have to play in a particular game. The objective is quite simple: to make the playtime activity more interesting and fun. As such, they will often experiment with a variety of ideas. Experimentation is best accomplished through trial and error, however. The good part of this method is that it is often complimented by the 8 year old boy’s predictions and expectations. They are now beginning to show counterfactual reasoning, that type of problem solving where they have to answer the question “what if”. This lays the foundation for more complex cognitive process such as scientific problem solving, hypothesis formulation, and even logic and critical thinking.

Eight year old boys already have the confidence to provide short yet meaningful answers to questions posed by an adult. Their speech and language skills are already sufficient for them to verbally express what they really mean. It is therefore important to provide toys and other gifts that will help them expand their vocabulary and further strengthen their language and communication skills. While playtime activities allow them to create their own lingo, it is in school where they learn new words as well as phrases on a daily basis. They require gifts or toys or playthings that are descriptive as possible so they can better improve their language.

It is important to understand that while an 8 year old boy may show that he is already confident on his personal abilities, sometimes, he may still be swayed by his peers as well as other external influences. Friendship issues will arise and this can be frustrating to kids especially of this age. It is therefore crucial to consider toys or gifts that will allow them to express their feelings and their thoughts in a more constructive way. Playing games is one hassle-free way of encouraging children to talk about what they have in their minds. It’s one sure way to keep the lines of communication open.

A particular characteristic among eight year old kids is that they may already start thinking about what they would like to become when they grow older. This is the perfect opportunity to help children decide who they would like to be. This gives them a sense of direction and something for them to focus on.

The many developmental changes in this age range require a slightly different set of toys, gifts, and playthings. Choosing the most appropriate ones has never been this crucial. With our list of the most popular products for eight year olds, you can now choose the best one for your own little boy.


Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the best way to find great prices on birthday gifts for 8-year-old boys?

A: The best and simplest to get the best price is to determine what gift you would like to give then starting browsing varies stores on the internet. You can also use a search engine to perform a search for the product and typically it will return results with a list of stores that have the item. Just start clicking away. If you would like to see and touch the item before buying, you can visit a local store and try out the item, before making your final purchase.

Q: How do you know if the gift you are buying offers the latest version, model, or technology?

A: This can sometimes be harder than you think. Using the internet is one of the fastest and easier ways to find information about a toy model and technology version. Each toy manufacturer has a website that contains information about their products, the technology used, and previous model/version listed on their site.[G101]  For more information about the products you can also contact the manufacturer. Typically each site lists the best ways to contact them.

Q: Are there toys on the market that grow with boys as they mature physically and mentally?

A: Many toys on the market now tend to be marketed to a larger age group range making them adjustable, have the ability to change challenge levels, and offer different skills that can be refined. When searching for a gift with these features the package label will contain the features of the toy. Look for toys with these specifications.

Q: How do I find safety ratings for gifts that I buy for children?

A: Toy manufactures follow strict guidelines that make them have to include a label on all new toys that specify an age group. All toys made after 1995 must comply with this standard. Like toys with small parts must always be labeled as a choking for children under 3. Each package will include this information right on the label and should be clearly marked.

Q: How do I know what range group a toy is best designed for?

A: When a toy is created it is marketed to an age group that it is not only safe for them to use but also is for their current their physical and mental capability. Toy manufactures label this information in the toy’s description on their website along with including the information on the label for the store. You will find the safety and age suggestion on each toy on the market. The age suggestion is the market age group that the company designed the toy for and the safety age is a regulation saying that the toy is safe for children that age or above.

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