Melissa and Doug Wooden Blocks Building Set Review

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We like

Stimulates logic skills

Stimulates creativity and imagination

Promotes a natural understanding of math

Encourages planning to reach objectives

Aids dexterity skills

Made from environmentally friendly sources

High level of durability

Innovative design

Consumer friendly cost

Offers a lot of fun

We don’t like

Some consumers would like to see a set with even more blocks

How it works

100 high quality wooden block offered in a nice range of colors, children’s imagination and creativity will be let loose with this popular toy-set. All children will enjoy constructing the standard usual shapes such as towers, castles, house shapes, apartment blocks, walls but these blocks offer more versatility because they are not all standard squares. There are also half-circle blocks, blocks for arches, triangles, rectangle plank designs, prisms, cylinders, cubes, in fact this set offers such a good variety of shapes which allows a child to expand his or her imagination and creativity to a higher level when comparing this set to standard block toy-sets. The age range starts at three years and goes up to any age, fine motor skills will be motivated while children can use the different shapes to challenge or work with the laws of physics.

These blocks are super durable, nicely designed to offer variety and very much child-friendly, note that the block edges are rounded-off to ensure a smooth surface for safety, the paintwork is smooth and durable and these are solid blocks which will not shed wood or cause splinters.

Every child will go through a phase of wanting to construct and they do this as a natural part of whole child development because they are following a natural instinct to exercise creative skills in conjunction with experimentation. The way to encourage this development is of course to provide a set of construction/building blocks but it makes sense to also include a good range of different shapes in the toy-set so that children can be creative and they can expand upon imagination. This block-set from Mellisa-Doug offers the perfect opportunity for children to play, learn and develop their skills.



For materials the product offers 100 very well made blocks which come in nine different and very useful construction shapes. Wood construction blocks are generally better than cheap light-plastic versions which lack structural-integrity because when used for constructing the lack of weight lends towards a lack of stability. Plastic block makers design to get around this by creating inter-locking features which does work but puts limits on creativity in terms of children using imagination to create non-standard constructions.

These 100 durable nicely weighted blocks do not create restrictions, with 100 pieces, children can put together intricately shaped constructions, they are not constrained with which types of constructed features they can experiment at creating. The materials used for the blocks comes from nature, wood is environmentally friendly, it is durable, it is easy and safe for children to repeatedly handle.

Featuring a nice selection of colored blocks so that children can be creative and bring in color diversity while they build. Construction of objects, building, walls, bridges, arches require activation of logic-skills, math skills, planning ahead and a good range of additional child development skills. Most parents can recall being given a block building set when they were children and when they think back, the toy-set was very likely made from solid durable wood because this works very well. Using blocks for creative building has been with people for thousands of years, not just children but also adults. It is logical that all children should be given access to this type of toy and that it is very much an important part of overall child-development. The materials used for the base production of these blocks is natural and very much child-friendly, the features an imaginative child can produce are only limited by numbers of pieces available, this set features one hundred pieces which is a good number for allowing children to play and develop creativity, imagination and planning abilities,


Very impressive functionality, the concept of enabling a child to play is obvious and enjoyable yet this toy-set goes much further. Creativity in combination with patience and planning are skills which are gently promoted, as a child plays, as he/she sets objectives for what is to be built, these skills are being increased and how to use these skills is retained in the memory for future use. This is playing that sits close to occupational therapy/development and this is exactly a young childhood phase which must be nurtured in young children. Development for an understanding or perception of math skills is subtly included because we cannot construct or build with triggering the math functionality within our brains and this toy serves to stimulate naturally an understanding of numbers, weight, design and planning ahead. The design of this set is simplicity, pieces are designed into shapes and colors and children are able to set out and see what they can construct successfully, the more they play the better they imagine, plan and create, this is easily up there as a top option for functions when looking at toys for young children.


The different shaped building blocks are made from wood, a gift from nature, very environmental friendly and seriously durable. With beveled edges designed into all the blocks, these smooth edges cannot damage young fingers. The blocks are painted and this is to offer variety of colors which can be built by children into whatever they choose to construct. The makers have ensured the use of chemical free paint and used a type of paint which is hard wearing and will not flake away from a wooden surface.

When choosing wood as the core material for these pieces the creators of this product have ensured that durability is not just designed in it is in fact a guaranteed natural part of the toy-set.


Full safety has been taken into consideration when designing this product, no sharp edges, only rounded smooth edging on all the pieces, the size of the blocks discounts any potential chocking threats for young children. The weight of each block-piece is heavy enough for the intended design purpose but not at a weight where a dropped block or blocks can harm a child. The paint used to give each piece individual coloring is child safe and toxin free. This traditional toy-set does not present any safety problems.


The designers have designed and sized each piece-block to be friendly in terms of dexterity use by children. Further thoughtful innovative design is evident through the variety of shapes which are included in the selection of one hundred pieces.

It is noted that the design concepts applied into this toy-set are such that they have a positive knock-on effect which allows children to be imaginative in terms of that which they build and design.
<h2>Ease of Use</h2>

Ease of Use

Ease of use combined with educational development value is a difficult combination for most toy designs to achieve. These combinations have been achieved for many years through block-set which are created and marketed towards children who want to develop a range of personal skills while enjoying many positive and fruitful hours of enjoyable play.

Full marks are easy to give when it comes down to enabling creativity from young children, block building sets have been around for many generations and this is because it is known that these toy-sets spark creativity among children. The makers have taken the concept much further through varying the design of the blocks so that children can build a wider choice of creative constructions. Further innovation for prompting children to explore more creativity is through the inclusion of different colored blocks which can be strategically included into anything a child builds to give their construction more color and emphasis.


Beyond any doubt this toy has portability qualities in that the collection of blocks are easy to take into a child's bedroom or out in the garden during nice weather and the child can easily hold and place blocks ( dexterity) while building an imaginative structure. Note: Completed building projects are not portability, the resulting structure is not fitted together with any fitting, the structure holds together via weight, size and gravity only.


Bags of versatility, via one hundred pieces, many of which are presented in different shapes and a good range of different colors to allow a child to be more versatile and creative for whatever they intend to build.
<h2>Logic Skills</h2>

Logic Skills

This is a product which sits among the best choices for promoting the development of logic skills among children. When a young child builds through using toy sized blocks the child is experimenting, learning about weight, how gravity holds carefully placed blocks into position. Learning to understand what can be built, in which shape and size and built via a given number of different shaped blocks. The brain is stimulated towards math combinations, planned conclusions and strategies naturally, logic skills develop naturally and are remembered through the child playing and learning via trial and error.
<h2>Environmental Friendliness</h2>

Environmental Friendliness

100% environmental friendly not only in the home but at any location. Wood comes from nature, most types of wood are toxin free, this product is fully free from any harmful toxins. When we look at plastic products we know there is an eventual negative impact on our local and global environment. Wood products will never impact in a negative context in the way that plastic products do. Wood is a product which it is very difficult to predict a life span for because wood has extreme longevity and durability and when it does get discarded it breaks down naturally and returns into the environmental cycle positively.
<h2>Age Range</h2>

Age Range

Great inspirational toy-set for children from a starting age of around three years old, as a child ages he/she will not get bored with this product because as they progressively play and age they will be interested in improving on creativity and imagination with regards to the types of block structures they choose to build. The younger the age the better it is for a child to play and while enjoying the play, she or he will be developing logic skills. Add to those skills, math comprehension in terms of weight, balance and size distribution, practicing dexterity, visual perceptions, planning ahead to achieve an aim and many more skills which all children benefit from when developing these skills through the medium of playing. When a child enjoys something, they remember, they learn and they are developing.
<h2>Price Range</h2>

Price Range

This is a product which inspires creativity and imagination in combination with dexterity, an understanding of Math and logic and tons of really good fun. This set of different shaped blocks has a high durability value as it is made from natural environmentally friendly wood. The price in comparison to the positive concepts involved with this toy and how children use it is set at a buyer friendly amount.

Bottom Line

Any toy which steers children into developing such a good range of developmental skills while providing lots of fun filled hours can only be classed as very good. Variations on block building sets used by many generations of children have demonstrated via the test of time that toy-block sets are a win-win for young children and there are so many positive benefits.
The majority of positive key criteria applied when seeking out a skills enhancing toy for children are easily met by this type of toy-set. This review has listed many of the good development traits which will result for children playing with this but there are more.
In our current times many products are made with plastics and that's because these products cannot be offered without including the use of none-biodegrade plastic. All people should think about products for children which are offered in natural environmental forms because it is generally the case that environmental products are not only good long term news for our environment but they also tend to be child-safe.
Our great great grandparents played with wooden block toys, we know our great grandchildren will do the same, this is a globally long term tried and tested toy for children and offers so many beneficial whole child development aspects which each child will need as they grow older into adults.
The use of environmentally materials not only assure safety and ease of use but this use also ensures very long term durability.
This particular block-set has added innovation from the product maker designed into the blocks to make this product even more child-friendly then standard block sets and yet it is available at a consumer friendly cost.
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