Playtex Sipsters Stage 3 Super Friends

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BPA, lead, latex, phthalate free


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Only the stage 1 bottle is insulated

How it works

Playtex Sipsters have a sippy cup for every age and every stage. These sippy cups are designed to be convenient and versatile. With four stages all of the lids and cups are interchangeable. The sippy cups are leak-proof, spill-proof, break-proof for clean and easy use. All of the materials used are healthy and safe. The cups are BPA, lead latex and phthalate free. Also, they are specially designed to be ergonomic and fit in the little hands of your child easily. Plus these sippy cups are completely dishwasher safe for convenience. The Playtex Sipsters are a good option for a family looking for a cup with durability and versatility for an affordable price.



Playtex are the original makers of the Sippy Cup and with their Playtex Sipster they spared no detail to give you and your child a really well made and smartly designed cup.

Leak-proof design
The Playtex Sipster is designed with the ultimate leak-proof engineering. The Sipster has a twist and clicks lid which makes it easy to know that you have secured it correctly and firmly to prevent leaks. Plus it also has a leak-proof rubber seal around the lid of the cup to give the Sipster even more leak-proofing. The twist and click design also ensure that when your child drops the cup, knocks it off of a table, or throws it in a tantrum the lid will not pop off and spill the contents of the cup everywhere.

Break-proof design
The Playtex Sipster is also engineered to be break-proof as well. The cup is made from a tempered plastic that is BPA free. So the material is safe for drinking out of but still extremely durable and resistant to the hands of a child which can be very very hard on things like sippy cups.

Interchangeable Parts
All of the Playtex Sipster cups from stage 1 to stage 4 have interchangeable parts so you can have the perfect cup in the perfect style without spending a fortune on all of the different sippy cup options. The lids and cups are interchangeable so you can use the 5 oz cup with a straw lid or use the lid with the handles on a larger cup. This design feature gives the Playtex Sipster line so much versatility there is surely a combination that will fit all of your child’s unique needs as they grow.

Dish Washer Safe
The Sipster cups have been designed to give you a lot of convenience and ease of use as the parent or caregiver. That is why all of the Sipster lines are completely dishwasher safe so you don’t have to hassle with scrubbing the cups out after every use. All you have to do is disassemble them and stick them in the dishwasher when they get dirty.

Designed for little hands
Playtex knows that your child is clumsy and their little hands can struggle to hold things which can be really stressful and frustrating for you as a parent especially when those little hands end up making really big messes. That is why they designed the Sipster to fit a baby’s hand. The cup has an ergonomic shape that is contoured to better fit into their little hands. The cup itself has a no-slip grip to keep your little one’s hands firmly wrapped around the cup.


The Playtex Sipsters are made entirely from healthy and environmentally friendly materials that are safe for your little one to drink from. The Sipster cups are made from all plastic, but the plastic is BPA free, phthalate free, latex free, and lead-free. This healthy and natural material design means that you do not have to worry about whether these cups are safe for your little one to be drinking out of. Not only are the materials healthy, but the Sipster cups are also made with dishwasher safe materials. The cups are resistant to heat which makes them perfect for easy cleaning in the dishwasher. The cups are also made from really strong and high-quality materials that are resistant to the shenanigans your little one is sure to put the cups through. Overall the materials are durable, safe for your child, and dishwasher safe so they are easy to clean.


Cups, dishes, pacifiers, toys, bottles, there are so many things that you have to disassemble, sterilize, and wash all the time for your children. Playtex knows that as a parent or caregiver you spend way too much of your time cleaning and making things useable and not nearly enough time bonding and enjoying life with your child. That is why they designed the Playtex Sipsters cups to be super easy to maintain. The cups are dishwasher safe for super easy cleaning and maintenance. The lids and cups are also interchangeable in case something isn't quite working right. Other than washing your cup there is no maintenance you need to perform to keep these cups clean and at their best condition. Overall Playtex did a wonderful job at designing a cup that is easy to maintain, clean, and enjoy.


Versatility is a key feature that parents look for in a product. The Playtex Sipsters are designed for versatility and utility. For starters, the cups themselves have a design for versatility. The ergonomically contoured shape is perfect for little hands. The cup has several features, a spout, straw, and spoutless drinking design so your little one can choose whatever way feels the most comfortable and makes drinking the easiest for them. Another key feature for versatility is the interchangeable parts. All of the cups and lids in the Playtex Sipster sippy cup line are interchangeable. You can put whatever liquid you want in the cups from water, milk, juice, to warm drinks as well. While the stage 2 cup is not non-insulated, the stage one cup is insulated for breastmilk or whatever you may need to put inside the cup. Plus the cups are also dishwasher safe but can be hand washed. This is great because if you are traveling you can clan out the cup on the go without needing to depend on a dishwasher but if you are at home, or have a dishwasher at hand the convenience is unbeatable.
Age Range

Age Range

The original inventors if Sippy Cups, Playtex made a cup that is perfect for every age and for every stage so the cups can grow with your child. The Playtex Sipsters cups come in four unique stages. Stage 1 is designed for children who are 4 months and up, the cup is 6oz and it comes with a soft spout straw. Stage 1 cup is designed to help promote independent drinking by having removable handles. Stage 2 is designed for children who are 9 months and up, this cup is 9oz and has a straw, a spout, and a spout-less design for drinking. This stage is meant to be an intermediate stepping stone for your child as they grow and gain independence and confidence when it comes to drinking from a cup. Stage 3 is designed for children who are 12 months and up, this cup is also 9oz, it has a straw and a spout. This cup is intended to be just as active as your child, it is sturdy and durable as your little one plays and experiments more with their growing self. The 4th stage is meant for children who are 24 months and up, this cup is 12 oz, and only has a sports spout drinking option. This last stage is designed to help your child transition from a sippy cup to a regular cup by helping them to grow their independence and confidence. Overall the Playtex Sipsters sippy cups are intended for children from 4 months to 24 months and up which means there is always an option that will fit your child’s stage of growth.
Environmental Friendliness

Environmental Friendliness

Playtex Sipsters sippy cups are designed with natural, healthy, and environmentally friendly materials. The tempered plastic material is BPA, phthalate, lead, and latex free which makes it not just safe for your child but safe for the environment as well. The sippy cups are also good for the environment because they are reusable. By reusing the sippy cups you are reducing the amount of plastic trash that accumulates in the environment when people do not use reusable sippy cups or bottles. Playtex as a brand also supports sustainability. They are committed to providing their employees with a healthy work environment and ensuring that they use healthy and sustainable ways of producing their products as well as getting rid of them. Playtex is a part of Edgewell which is a sustainability-based employer that focuses on ensuring their company leaves a smaller carbon footprint on the environment in every way that they can, including using buses, having environmentally friendly offices, and supporting causes when and where they can.
Price Range

Price Range

Families who purchased and used these Playtex Sipsters cups have attested to how much they love the cups. They have said time and time again what an amazing quality cup this is and that the price is reasonable. Playtex as a brand aims to provide you as a parent or caregiver with products that are high quality, durable and sold at a really affordable price. The Playtex Sipsters are an amazing sippy cup line because they have so much versatility with all of the interchangeability. These sippy cups work for every age and every stage of your child. The price is really affordable so every family can purchase these cups without feeling like they are going to break the budget in any way. These sippy cups are a great investment and not only are they good quality but by spending your money with Playtex you can be sure it is going to good use that will be only beneficial and not used in a negative or disappointing way.


The Playtex Sipsters sippy cups are meant for every age, for every stage, and to grow with your child as they learn to be more independent. These cups are designed with versatility, convenience, and adaptability in mind. The sippy cups are designed to be leak-proof with the twist and click design as well as the leak-proof seal, they are spill-proof thanks to the high quality and durable design the top will not pop off in case the cup gets throw or dropped. The sippy cups are also break-proof due to their really durable design so the cups will withstand a lot of use from your child. The Sipster sippy cups are completely dishwasher safe for convenience. The cups are made from healthy, safe, and quality materials that are BPA, lead, latex, and phthalate free to keep your little one safe from harmful chemicals. The Sipster Sippy Cups are also super versatile.

Playtex Sipsters come in four stages for every age and stage your child goes through, the lids and cups from all of the stages are interchangeable with each other so there is always color, style, and function that works perfectly for your child. Playtex as a rand is a wholesome and honest company that focuses on sustainability as well. They ensure a healthy and safe workplace for their employees as well as supporting projects in the environment when and where they can. The sippy cups are also small and portable so you can bring them with you on the go in a diaper bag or in a stroller cup holder. Plus the cups are ergonomically designed to be perfect for small hands to be able to hold them easily. The bottom line about the Playtex Sipsters is that they are a versatile line of sippy cups designed for every age and every stage of life your child grows through. The sippy cups are healthy, leak-proof, spill-proof, break-proof, and versatile. Plus the sippy cups are also really affordable which is great for families.
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