Toys That Start With A

Please find our complete guide to popular toys that start with A:

Criteria Used to Evaluate The Toys that start with A

When choosing the toys that are included in this list it’s obvious we started with the name. Though we limited it to the letter A, we didn’t stop there. To further curate the best list possible we considered a couple of additional factors as described below.

Learning Through Play

Children learn by playing. Research shows that the greatest way to teach any child is to encourage them to play. This is true no matter the subject. A great example is to look at what happens when children play with others. The act of taking turns with a toy teaches social skills. It also provides a chance to practice language. No matter the toy this is true and so we chose those that are engaging enough to keep attention while those skills are built.


Some of our favorite toys on this list are the ones that encourage imaginative play. Imagination is a hallmark of childhood and we think it should always be encouraged. The toys that you see above that allow building, role playing, creating, etc. all help children express their imaginations. We suggest allowing play time to bring out your imagination as well.


Q: Can 1 liter bottles be used with the Aquapod Bottle Launcher?

A: No. It was designed to work specifically with 2 liter bottles.

Q: Can the A-Frame Art Easel be folded for storage?

A: Not easily. It is small enough to fit in most spaces though.

Q: Are the magnets in Abby and Emma dress up dolls safe?

A: Yes they are not the strong magnets that are a health risk when swallowed. Even so children should always be supervised when playing.

Q: How long does the Air Hogs RC batteries last?

A: That depends on the speed at which it’s driven. It can be charged using USB which makes it more convenient.

Q: Can an adult hand fit in the Animal Puppets?

A: Depending on the size, yes some adults can fit the puppets onto their hands.

Q: Can the AquaDoodle be erased?

A: No. The drawings fade quick enough that you don’t ever need to erase them.


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